Evil Agenda 21 United Nations Directive Forcing Citizens Off Land Is Behind The Feds Disgusting Cattle Land Grab Attempt In Nevada

Sometimes the same story told by two different sources can seem completely different. There is no better example of this than the saga of Cliven Bundy and his missing cattle.

If you've been following the real life drama of the Nevada rancher who has had his cattle taken by the federal government's Bureau of Land Management (BLM), you might be aware to two entirely different perspectives. One comes from the mainstream media (MSM). The other is provided by independent media, that is largely, but not entirely Internet based.

Don't let that fool you, in terms of actual popularity. Mainstream media's rating have been in free fall for years,1) to the same degree that independent media's popularity has been skyrocketing. For instance, millions more people go to Matt Drudge's, The Drudge Report daily, than tune into any single network news show.

If you have exclusively heard about the Cliven Bundy saga through MSM, then you probably believe that he and his cattle are “trespassers” on federal land. You may also feel that he has been illegally using the land his whole life in a reckless and selfish manner, and that when the government finally tells him that they have had enough of his criminal ways, he is obstinately refusing to leave government property that he has no legal stake in.2)

You may even have felt good as you watched videos of the BLM cops and SWAT team slamming women to the ground and repeatedly tasing people who have the unmitigated gall to stand up to those sworn officers who are there to do a thankless job.3)

If this describes you, it is really important for you to start taking a more balanced approach regarding the manner that you choose to be informed of what is going on in your world. The sad truth is that when you watch mainstream news, with very little exception, you are being fed the government perspective. In other words, you are being lied to, almost constantly.

In the case of this story, here are some facts that you aren't likely to hear from MSM. If you do, it's only because the truth has gotten out from independent media sources to such an extent, it can no longer be denied.

Most of the land in the west is owned by the government. it has always been controlled by the individual states. For hundreds of years now, the states have given water rights and grazing rights to many families in every state who are ranchers and who improve the land and raise cattle, supplying the state and the nation with beef.

Cliven Bundy was on of 53 families in Clark county, Nevada who own such rights. Those right have been in his family since the 1800s. The government has systematically created so many rules and regulations for family ranchers, they are almost all out of the business.

Bundy is the last rancher in Clark county. Even though he is barely breaking even, he does not want to give up the work he loves in the state and country he loves. The federal government has offered to buy his rights out from him on multiple occasions. If he was indeed a trespasser, they would not have offered to buy his rights. Period!

Since he is unwilling to sell, they decided to try a different tactic, which is simply to lie and to try to strong arm him. They started stealing his cattle and preventing him from entering the land where his cattle is.

They are saying he is some kind of criminal, when it is, in fact, the Bureau of Land Management that is breaking the law. The Governor of Nevada has told the BLM that they are in the wrong, but he is not calling in the state police to confront them in an effort to make them leave.

Hundreds of people have gathered in the area to show support for the Bundy family. The BLM has started denying the first amendment rights of the citizens to express their thoughts. They built what amounts to two small pig pens, out in the middle of nowhere and designated them as, “free speech zones.”

They have stated that anybody who wants to exercise their freedom to assemble, and freedom of speech, must do so in those two penned in areas or they will be subject to arrest. Of course, this is nothing new, but it is always appalling when the United States government stoops to such level.

At presidential conventions, this kind of, “free speech zone,” is a common occurrence. Even when people actually go into such penned in or fence in areas, it is not uncommon for police to beat them up and arrest them.

The country we once lived in, no longer exists. We are losing our rights incremental, year after year. If the citizens simply accept what is happening, tyranny will soon win out altogether.

It is very important that everybody learn about a United Nations program known as Agenda 21.4) On the surface, it is said to be a global effort for, “sustainable” living. Whenever you hear government official use words like, sustainable, or, smart, you should be weary.

In this case, sustainable, really means, controllable. The powers that be, do not want people spread out. They do not want people living in rural areas. They want to put everybody in metropolitan areas where they can keep tabs on (and micro-manage) every single person.5)

They want to make people live in small box apartments, sometimes called, coffin apartments. They square footage is 200 to 300 feet. In many areas, there are plans to outlaw private vehicles for most citizens. Private single family homes would be a thing of the past for most people if Agenda 21 has it way. Forget about ever being independent, off the grid.6)

Of course, there are always exceptions. In every communist style setting, the leaders are exempt from the inconveniences of, “sustainability.”

The excuse they give to close off rural areas is that it is important for the environment. For instance, they are telling Mr. Bundy that the desert tortoise is endangered, and that Bundy's, “trespass cattle” are a threat to the tortoise.

The fact is, the BLM has been killing the desert tortoise because they say there are way too many of them. Nothing is as it seems when it comes to the United States government, or for that matter, any government under the control of the globalist cabal that is running the most of the world.

There is a window of opportunity for the masses to wake up and realize what is happening and to stand up for their rights, but that window is quickly closing. The globalist have plans to kills off 90% of the inhabitants of the planet, and totally enslave the remaining 10%.7)

They publicly write about these plans. Start looking them up and reading them as soon as you are done reading this. Go to your NSA tracking tool, known as Google, and enter, “population reduction.” Also look up, “eugenics,” as well as, “poison in the food and water supply,” and “viruses in vaccinations.”

Once you realize what the globalists have in store for you and your family, you should gain some natural human courage that is your birthright. The supporters of the Bundy's realize that things are not right and many of them are willing to put their lives on the line because they know that there is no future worth experiencing with a system that is willing to do what it is currently doing.

That is why they marched out into the land where BLM cops were waiting at gun point. BLM officers bull-horned orders like, “One more step and you're dead,” yet the Bundy supporters, along with infowars.com reporter David Knight and a currently unnamed Fox news cameraman, all kept walking, willing to die, if that is what it took.

They did not appear to look to even defend themselves. Some wore guns, but they were holstered, and nobody had their hands on them. Many hands were held up, some with signs, others without signs.

They simply took to the land to try to get to the building when they believe the BLM were holding the stolen cattle. They showed no force. They simply told the BLM to give them the cattle back and get off the land they have been occupying illegally.

In the previous days, Bundy had been saying he would do whatever it took to get his cattle back. BML officials asked him exactly what he meant by that, wondering if it was a threat to instigate violence. Instead of specifying, he merely repeated the statement, whatever it takes.

It appears the answer is he was (and remains) prepared to defy orders at gunpoint and die if they choose to shoot him. Indeed, men women and even children made the same decision. They were ready to die, if that is what it took because they understand that life is not worth living as a slave.

Thankfully, the BLM did not shoot them. In fact, they ended up backing down and giving Mr. Bundy his cattle.

The next day that announced that the Bundy victory is temporary. They have promised to revisit their plans to take away his rights to graze cattle on the land that his family has held the rights to for 140 years.

To give you an idea the kind of people the Bundy's and their supporters are dealing with. the BLM set up sniper towers and surveillance on the Bundy house. They had 200 foot poles with high tech cameras and audio recording devices, totally invading the family's privacy. The snipers are a direct threat of murder against a good citizen not breaking any law.

You may hear things like Bundy has not paid the fees he owes to the government. That is not true. There were never any fees for his family. He says he would be willing to pay the state or the county, but that the federal government is violating the constitution to suddenly demand fees after 140 years

He improved the land by setting up and maintaining water infrastructure, that includes windmills and underground piping systems, making the desert an oasis for many different types of animals who drink from the water. The BLM has been going through the area with a backhoe, taking out the water pipes.

In the era of Obama, even more so than Bush (as hard as that may be to believe), the law does not matter. The federal government just makes things up and pretends that the law has changed or never existed in the first place.8)

As long as we keep allowing these people to continually move the line of what we are willing to put up with, we will continue the march into tyranny. That is why, after millions of people have given their tacit permission to be molested, and have their families and children be molested, or be irradiated with naked body pictures whenever they want to fly, we are now seeing a trend for police to start doing roadside body cavity searches.9)

In some instances, they take their victims to local hospitals, where they are forced to endure several medical procedures to their anuses and colon. They are forced to defecate in front of the police, who are pretending like they really believe they caught a drug smuggler who swallowed some balloons of heroin.10)

Of course, nothing is found because there are no drugs, and the cops know it to begin with. It's one big mind fuck, also known as a psyop (psychological operation.) And by the way, after it's all done, the hospital sends them a humongous bill for thousands of dollars. How's that for a, “Wham bam, thank you ma'am!”11)

Supporters of the Bundy's have been thrown to the ground, just for getting out of their cars and exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights. They have had the boots of BML cops step on their head and their faces got smashed into the gravel.

They have been handcuffed severely tight, as punishment for refusing to be a slave, cutting off circulation and causing intense pain for hours. They have been held for a day or two and then let go, without ever being charged with a crime. They have been tased, repeatedly.

Besides Agenda 21, there is of course, an added corrupt political deal that goes right along with this effort. As the public gets kicked off of rural land, that opens it up for the federal government to sell it to corporations and other countries. Yes, you read that right; foreign countries.

You must understand that globalism and Agenda 21 is all about the lack of sovereignty. Corporations rule and boundaries disappear. One of the senators from Nevada is Harry Reid. It turns out that he has a highly suspicious deal with a corporation from communist China that is supposed to put up solar panels on the land that Cliven Bundy's cattle graze on.

While we all knew this wasn't really about protecting the desert tortoise, it was unsure what the real plans for the land were, but Alex Jones had a hunch that Harry Reid must be behind it, so he instructed his staff to search for a connection, and man, did they find one.12)

It turns out that Reid's former senior adviser, Neil Kornze, now heads the BML that is “coincidentally” trying to get Cliven and his cattle off the land. True to Agenda 21 tradition, the plan is to replace land used by sovereign citizens of the United States into the control of foreigners.

In this case, the foreigners are Chinese. The company has a Western sounding name, ENN Energy Group, but you can rest assured it's either directly controlled by the communist government of China, or in close partnership with them. Another “innocent coincidence” is that Reid's son, Rory Ried, happens to be the chief representative for ENN Energy Group.

At this point, no one will be surprised if it turns out that the senior Reid received, or will receive, “coincidental” campaign contributions from the communist Chinese company. Wait! Isn't that illegal? Let's put it this way: It didn't stop millions of dollars in campaign funds to Barack Obama's coffers from Internet donations received from foreign Internet Service Providers… (and, there is no doubt that republicans also get foreign, illegal campaign contributions, as well.)

It can be definitively stated that it was the exposure of the highly suspicious Senator Reid's involvement in this tyrannical land grab that got the BLM to back down, for the moment. That not withstanding, Reid has vowed they will be back.13) That's one political promise he will likely actually make good on. We get the feeling that part 2 will commence just after the midterm elections.

NOTE: When Reid made his vow to the TV news reporter, the reporter did not bother to ask about the suspicious looking deal between the Chinese corporation, and the ties to his son brokering the deal and his former senior adviser going after Bundy. The reason for not asking that obvious line of questioning aptly demonstrates the difference between mainstream news and independent (aka alternative) news.

To view the video of the Nevada cowboys putting their lives on the line, click here.


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