Elder Scrolls Online Why Having Multiple Mounts is Important


When it comes to having mounts in games, it is usually important because they help increase the run speed of players, letting them move across the world faster and therefore also progress more quickly. In Elder Scrolls Online, it goes a step further, in that mounts grant bonuses to run speed but also have other bonuses as well. This makes it important to have multiple different mounts to choose from, and it is pretty easy to set yourself up like this.

The Bonuses

The bonuses that are available for horses are:

  • Stamina
  • Speed
  • Carrying Capacity

Carrying capacity is good for when you are doing things like dungeons. You do not need to have the horse mounted in order to get the increased carrying (which would deplete its purpose if this was a requirement, being that you can not be mounted while out and about looting things and taking part in combat). By simply having the horse as your “active” mount (the one that would normally be summoned by hitting the H key), you are already getting the bonus. This bonus is added on to your normal inventory slow count. If you have 80 slots, for example, and a horse with 3 carrying capacity, that will bring you up to 83 slots.

Stamina is one of the more widely ignored bonuses, but it has its place as well. When a horse runs at its faster speed, it utilizes its stamina (in the same way that players do when running on foot). Increasing this stamina means more running at high speeds. This comes at the cost of letting go of some normal speed or carrying capacity, though, and this is why it is usually ignored. What is important to note here is that while it might not seem like it has any use, it really does. What for, you might wonder? Moving short distances. While the stamina runs out when doing long treks (and the normal speed boosts are going to be better), for short bursts the stamina helps out a lot. Generally speaking, the shorter your run is going to be, the better off you are going to be going with the stamina. The longer your run, the less stamina matters (although technically it still does, but horses have enough stamina by default to make it better to go for faster speed if you are going to keep running it out anyways).

Speed is what I would argue is the most important stat for most players, at least out in the open field. This is what makes you get from one place to another quicker, which makes things much easier when it comes to getting around. This is especially true when taking part in PvP in the zone of Cyrodiil, but it is also helpful even when roaming around in the various villages and cities. We could also argue that by being able to move faster, you are earning more money in the game and leveling quicker, being that you spend less time running and more time questing, farming and killing.

Having Multiple Mounts

You can purchase more than one mount if you have more than one stable slot. These are purchased through the stable NPC, and each one allows for having another mount. With each one, you are able to feed it every 20 hours, so you do not have to choose which mount to feed each day; you can do all of them at once. It is worth noting, however, that you can only have one of them “equipped” at the time for usage. If you want to swap between them, this requires going back to the stable NPC again and choosing the horse you wish to have active.

It is important that if you have multiple mounts, you cycle through the list each day to feed all of them. This will speed up their progress when it comes to bonuses. It does come at an increasing cost, however, in that each one adds on to the price you must pay each day. Always make sure you have enough money available at the end of each day to pay for the next feeding for all of your horses.

Mixing and Matching

One of the cool things about having a horse in Elder Scrolls Online is that you can mix and match their foods as you see fit. While there are three different stats, this means you can completely customize them the way you want. If you want some extra slots and some extra speed, you can feed them that way. If you would rather have stamina and speed, you can do that as well. The choice is completely up to you. It is worth noting, though, that you can only give them a total of fifty food. So when you plan out their stats and how you want them to work, you need to take that in to consideration as well.


The way Elder Scrolls Online handles the mounts is awesome. It gives players the ability to choose how they want them to work, and choose the benefits that come along with having them. This is a great addition to a game that is based on being able to customize a lot of things to tailor to each player's needs, and it is very welcome. Adding in the ability to have multiple mounts just makes things that much greater, and adds to the awesomeness that comes from owning and taking care of mounts within the game.


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