Blood trickles thick 
Running and hiding 
In the crevices 
Of your mind 

Darkness shall devour 
All the light form which you hold 
Don’t think so quickly 
Don’t run so slowly 

Your past will catch up 
Your future will fall behind 
And the blood will run 
Down your body 

Wash away the red 
Wash away the sin 
Wash away the blood 
Wash away yourself 

Don’t think 
Don’t try to understand 
Just know 
Just realize 

Stand still 
As the spiders spin their web 
While the roaches swarm 
And open your eyes 

Scream aloud 
Salvage the friends 
Gather the intelligence 
Faster than the blood will spill 

And soon you’ll give in 
To the horrors you know 
To the nightmares you believe 
To the blood that runs cold 


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