Epicduel is a free Player Versus Player (PvP) MMORPG game. It is played directly from the browser without the need to download any game client software or do any installation. To make it more exciting, there are now two Players versus two Players mode and Juggernaut mode which is one Player versus two Players.

The games are extremely fast with each battle taking only minutes and hence is suitable for players who do not want to play long winded adventure games. There are quests in Epicduel but these are limited to simple tasks which will not take too much of a player's time. Playing Epicduel can be very addictive for both children and adults. I would suggest moderation and not go into extremes when playing any games.

The Epicduel itself has undergo a lot of changes throughout the years. Previously there are super powerful players who accumulated a lot of rare items as well as extremely strong build that are near invincible. The changes are more or less to adjust such unbalance to make the game fairer and more unpredictable. The latest version actually make it such that they aren't really any dominant player.

Initially, the character classes are only Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries and Mages. However to add variety, there are subsequent changes to allow for more classes. Cyber Hunters are added in addition to Bounty Hunters, Tactical Mercenaries are added in additon to Mercenaries and Blood Mages are added in addition to Mages making a total of 6 different classes with different skill sets.

Epicduel is extremely fast in One Player versus One Player mode, it is slower in Juggernaut and slowest in Two Players versus Two Players as these require four players taking turns and all are human players. The aim is to “kill” your opponent. But the skill sets are such that a game typically will not last more than ten turns.

There are two basic components in the game. Attack and Defence. For Attack and Defence, they are separated into Energy and Physical. Hence there are Physical weapons as well as Energy weapons, Physical Armor that protects the Physical build more and Energy Armor that protects the Energy build more. For Attacks, after distinguishing between Physical and Energy attacks, they are divided into Weapons, Auxillary, Robots attacks.

Winners will receive ranking and achievement points. Ranking are divided into Civilian, Rookie, Fighter, Soldier, Veteran, Warrior, Champion, Hero, Warlord, Commander, Emperor, Grand Emperor, Legend, Epic Legend, Eternal Legend and Demigod. Personally I have not seen any Epic Legend and above rankings. For Achievements, it is divided into one to seven Gold Stars, followed by one to seven blue stars. Personally I have never seen any character with more than two blue stars.

The latest changes introduce the concept of Skill Cores which complement the attacks and defences and make the battle far harder to predict because of the variety of defence and attack strategies that can be combined and mixed. Epicduel is essentially a free game. But there is something called Varium which is purchased with money. Varium is used to buy Varium only weapons and armors which are more powerful than the free versions giving a slight edge to those who pay money to get the Varium. Previously, there was a huge edge for Varium players, but these have since been toned down a lot. With or without Varium the fight is more or less evenly matched.

The game will never finish as new plots are invented and for Christmas, Easter and other holidays, there are special plots. So there are always a lot of quests for players who may be bored after fighting too many duels. They are also miscellaneous items like cars, bikes, houses, hair style etc. But the essence is still PvP fighting. The Battle is made more interesting by having two rival groups, the Exile and the Legions. Each player must choose their allegiance , though they can change it later. Within the group Exile and Legions, there are also factions. These consist of a Founder, his officers and normal members. There are group awards in addition to ranking and achievements. There are also daily awards for the players with most wins in One Player versus One Player, Two Players versus Two Players and Juggernaut. For Factions, they are also ranked daily adding together the total scoring for all their members in One Player versus One Player, Two Players versus Two Players and Juggernaut. Such scoring will allow them to rank ahead of each other. The Factions are also ranked according to Recruits, Initiates, Militia, Squad, Enforcers, Syndicate, Coalition, Veterans, Guardians, Harbingers, Champions, Grand Champions, Duel Masters, Legendary Duelists and Immortals. I have never seen anyone Faction above Champions. There is also a special effect section where you need to use Varium to attack Rivals Exiles or Legions using Mortar, Heavy Turret, Artillery Barrage, Goliath Cannon and Satellite Destroyer.

The Game Builders have actually build Epicduel from just a PvP MMORPG into one that requires group work as in Factions, Faction work as in rivalry between Exiles and Legions. All these rivalries captured the imagination of the Players. Even though the story line is extremely vague and inconsistent, there are a lot of players in Epicduel. Epicduel is consistently evolving also, with new weapons that can be seasonal, Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn or can be theme based. Basically every month or so there are new campaigns and new themes as well as new plots so that it adds on to the fun and add diversity to the main PvP battles.

The highest individual Player grades are Level 35. Players that reach Level 35 have to wait for the system to upgrade and add on more armory and weapons that are suitable for even higher levels as well as to allow those that are not that fast to catch up to the highest grades. For me I have a Player Bounty Hunter that is at Level 35. It is an extremely fun game which I strongly recommend to all. Do visit Epicduel at http://www.epicduel.com.


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