When it comes to MMORPGs, taking a break is fairly common. Between things like school, work, and family and friends, it’s not always possible to cut out a piece of the day for some gaming. Along with this, most players will eventually do everything a game has that they’re interested in, and depending on the replay value going forward, may end up taking a break after. Returning to EoS after an extended break, however, results in a rewarding experience that really gives the feeling that they miss you and want you back.

A Surprise Message and Reward

When you first log in after a break, a popup comes out that says “(Name), thanks for coming back to EOS after such a long time!” It also lets you know that there’s an item for each character in the mailbox. The item received is a “Returning Soulkeeper’s Boost Box,” which comes with a stipulation that you need 8 empty inventory slots to open it. With the size of bags in EoS, this can be a bit difficult for players that hoard a lot of materials and jewels, but once you clear enough spots the item can be used. What it includes are: • 5x Appraiser’s Pouches • 10x Server Loudspeakers • 15x Returning Soulkeeper’s Blessings • 1x Returning Soulkeeper’s +5 Vivid Jewel Box • 1x Returning Soulkeeper’s School Uniform Set (15 Days) • 1x Premium Buff Ticket – 15 Days • 1x Safeguard None of these items are going to make or break the game, and they’re all quality of life enhancers that can be obtained from the cash shop or auction house. That said, for anyone that’s playing the game and plans to keep progressing, these are of a great benefit, and being given them for free is an awesome bonus for returning.

Temporary Guilds for All

Being that a long time away from the game leads to a lot of missed updates (for example, level cap increases, new things to do, etc.), having an easy way to get caught up is of great benefit. To help create a more social environment for players, when you log in, if you’re not part of a guild already it will put you in a pre-made one specifically for new and returning players. While not everyone wants to be in a guild, it can be a great place to ask questions and get to know some other players (when they’re actively chatting). And it’s still possible to drop, so the worst case is those that don’t want to take part can simply leave. Do note that these guilds can be considered as somewhat inactive, since they’re made automatically and are not voluntarily joined. As a result, the communities within them will differ greatly, and you will also likely experience a decent amount of joining and leaving (as players return/start the game and others choose to drop out). Daily Login Bonuses EoS employs a daily login bonus that gives various items for each day you log in to the game. While it’s not necessarily a bonus that benefits those who have been away for a while, it is still a good way to get a free item on the first play after a break. And, of course, you can continue logging in daily for the new bonuses each day. Do note that these bonuses are, over time, much more valuable than those from taking a break. As a result, it’s much more efficient to keep logging in (even if just to snag that day’s reward) than it is to wait it out and try to get the hiatus package.

Valuing the Rewards

The rewards that are given after a hiatus are great because when you return to a game you haven’t played for a while, there’s a lot of catching up to do. Giving consumables that make this a lot easier lets you get caught up to the other players and helps set you on the right track. None of these are going to make or break the game, and it’s not worth logging in randomly just to get free items if you aren’t planning to play anyways. But for those that do, the free option is there and it only takes a minute or so to take care of!

Checking Out the Additions

As part of coming back to EoS, there are a ton of updates that have been added to the game. The best plan is to head to the main site and check out each of the patches that have occurred since the time you last logged in, estimating the time period if needed. This will help get a better grasp of what all is new, what’s been removed or altered, and a general idea of what your path should be once you’re in the game. It may not cover everything you need to know and there are likely some things that will be missed along the way, but for the most part this will help open the doors to experiencing everything the game now has to offer!


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