The Entrepreneur's Logs

The following is a log of thoughts, experiences, and lessons to be had. I will be updating this log daily on this exact devtome page through a daily edit as I've seen done before on devtome. I intend to provide useful information and or lessons for those individuals who are similarly working towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. Eventually I hope to expand on this post to the extent that it becomes almost a guide book towards success…assuming of course that my effort and determination are sufficient enough to foster success. In the case that I'm not successful in my endeavors this post can prove to be a lesson to all entrepreneurs and offer insight on how to avoid the mistake I make myself.

Entrepreneur's Log Day 1

Date: 4/25/2014

I've started this devtome post as a way to foster productivity, creativity, and ultimately success. As I'm writing this I am downloading several audiobooks which I plan to listen to and hopefully gain useful knowledge to guide me on this process of growth. The first book I've started playing is a book called Manage Your Day-To-Day and is the catalysts for this devtome article and related blog. You can see the book here From this devtome article I hope to gain a following of like-minded individuals who offer input, insight, and constructive criticism as I continue to work towards bettering myself. I welcome all comments and communication and am open to talking to other entrepreneurs about the challenges they face in their pursuit of personal fulfillment.

From the knowledge I have gained so far from my research into productivity and becoming an entrepreneur I find that it's important to make yourself accountable. That being said I would like to make my self accountable right now by saying this blog is intended to be a daily blog. Whether several hours or only 15 minutes I will work persistently to keep this blog up to date and current in my experiences by writing at least one post per day.

In addition to logging about my experiences and whatever adversity I might face I intend on summarizing any useful lessons I learn along the way. By logging the mistakes I make I believe that other entrepreneurs can learn from me and avoid doing the same. Furthermore the solutions I provide to the mistakes might prove useful for setting the foundation for a plan to avoid my mistakes.

Lastly, I will provide any and all content that I find useful along the way so as to make myself somewhat of an aggregator for productivity/success information and material. With this I hope to make it easier for people like me to find the resources they need to be empowered and successful in their own lives.

If you would like to contribute, talk, or offer insight please don't hesitate to reach out to me. You can contact me through the email I have set up for these posts and the related blog at or by commenting on the blog here

Entrepreneur's Log Day 2

Date: 4/26/2014

In an effort to make sure this post is written before the midnight mark I'm writing it slightly prematurely. Currently I'm working on contributing an article to a freelance writing platform that I'm experimenting with (I'll create a detailed post on my findings at a later date). The article is going to be about something that caught my interest this morning when I woke up.

Last night I fell asleep listening to the audiobook I linked to in my last post and woke up with an extra sense of inspiration and determination this morning. I knew I was going to write about something as soon as I woke up but my creative juices weren't flowing the moment I opened my laptop. One of the lessons I learned from the audiobook is that it's important to block off your most productive hours in the day for the most valuable tasks you have ahead of you. I woke up ready to write but with nothing to write about. Eventually I find myself on scrolling through the business and finance sections looking for something to spark my interest. As I was scrolling I found the article titled: 5 Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Starting an Ecommerce Website. It got me intrigued, as I have often thought about opening a web store-front to sell the paintings I make occasionally.

I figured I would delve in and do some research. After several hours of compiling source links and reading up on the features offered on different platforms as well as the options available to e-commerce entrepreneurs I came up with somewhat of a report. I will link to the report as soon as it's complete, at the moment the material is written but the formatting needs to be optimized.

I find that with Day 2 coming to an end, the extra effort I have put in the last couple of days has definitely helped me to feel a greater sense of motivation and determination. Though it's only Day 2 my passion for success seems to be at a higher level than it was prior to starting this blogging/writing experience and I look forward to continuing this journey.

Until tomorrow


Entrepreneur's Log Day 3

Date: 4/27/2014 (technically the 28th because of the absurd hour but I won't get in to that!)

I've noticed lately my habit of procrastinating on getting to bed at night more so than usual. I would most likely consider myself a night owl and tend to get to bed relatively late. Often I owe this to my inability to close the computer when it starts to get late, and when the computer is open I'm constantly checking, browsing, and reading anything and everything all over the internet. I wanted to give myself a bit of a shock of sorts. I figured if I could look in to sleep schedules and their correlation to productivity I would be introduced to some studies or articles that outline all of the horrible effects of bad sleeping habits. Additionally I was intrigued, I have heard a number of different theories about sleep throughout my life and never really took the time to look in to any of them despite how drastically different they all seemed to be. i.imgur.com_jijmn3o.jpg The first of the many claims that immediately popped in to my head when I started to think about it was the claim that as humans, we only need about 4 hours of sleep a night. In the past, hearing something this drastically different than what I am used to (8 hours average if not more) I would have simply dismissed it as impossible. Though lately I find that the more I believe I can accomplish, the more I end up accomplishing so I figured I'd give this claim real thought.

One of the articles I came across was this article about a professional project manager named Eugene Dubovoy who claims he has slept an average of 4.5 hours per day for the last 2 years. If that is the case Eugene has been able to gain approximately two months of extra waking time per year. I couldn't help but get reeled in, two months extra? I'm listening. The article claims that through polyphasic sleep cycles one can essentially train their body to sleep 4 hours a day as long as several naps throughout take place. The idea behind it is supported with evidence of our ancestors and genetically similar animals sleeping in more than just one block per day and often having several naps a day no longer than 30 minutes. An article with a little more detail and clearer scope can be found here and it does look interesting. If I decide to give this one a try I'll definitely be writing about it.

I've often heard of people saying that they missed a few hours during the week and needed to make up for it by sleeping in on weekends. Though I am guilty of doing just that quite often, I think it's a bit silly to assume this system of “rollover sleep minutes” is really benefitting us in anyway. I was surprised to find that “sleep debt” is actually a real thing and scientists believe that chronically missing hours of sleep can lead to some pretty serious problems including heart disease and poor vision. However the solution here doesn't seem nearly as difficult as training your body to adapt to a new sleep cycle. According to the article here those who have sleep debt need to simply make a point of it to get more rest, letting your body get somewhere between 8-10 hours a night while taking the alarm clock out of the equation.

Lastly, the very popular “you should sleep 8 hours a night” claim. I wanted to see some real evidence to support this claim, considering I had never looked in to it and I think we tend to just follow what we are told most of the time by supposed experts without question. Though I didn't delve too far in to the issue (I need to get some Z's myself) I did find a brief article and audio clip explaining a study of college athletes. The study concluded that when comparing the athletes normal sleep schedule with a schedule that offered a bit more, more sleep was the better option. Apparently adding more sleep to a basketball player's schedule results in faster sprints, increased energy, and a higher likelihood of scoring.

That being said, I'm considering trying out some change with my sleep habits. Though I can't say I necessarily shocked myself in to trying something drastic, I can say that I am thinking about it (soon to be dreaming) and will inevitable put a plan together that adds conscious thought about responsible sleep to my schedule.

Until Tomorrow


Entrepreneur's Log Day 4

The Power of Self-Encouragement

I've now reached day four of this journey of accountability and personal development and I am very happy so far with the resulting motivation I seem to have. Once I have made a goal clear as day in my mind and set aside time for achieving that goal, it seems I am able to feed off of my own success.

What I mean is, the feeling of satisfaction from being able to check something off of a to-do list gives me an extra sense of gratitude or fulfillment. This tiny surge of accomplishment helps to boost morale and keep me motivated to continue the goal I've started. While this may sound a little silly at first to some, Brian Tracy the famous time management and success speaker details in his book Eat That Frog! this exact feeling. If you are looking to break free of a procrastination I highly recommend eat that frog. I listened to the audiobook over the course of several car rides and have changed the way I plan and set goals for myself since being introduced to Brian's experiences.


As I continue to work towards developing this blog I notice things here and there that I want to develop or expand upon. For example, the template I'm currently using is a free template from a web designer whose website is in what looks like Russian. Though it's a fairly simple and minimalist template I don't know if I'll be able to build the blog I want if I can't understand the instructions for manipulating his code.

I thought it would be useful to have another explicit description of what I've been thinking about doing as well as what I would like to do to the blog and posts for optimization. So far, holding myself accountable by communicating my desire to write daily has lead to me doing just that. Essentially I want to test out this accountability system, and as the day's pass the page views keep increasing and multiplying (though I'm not exactly sure at this point how many readers I have) making the sense of accountability feel that much greater.

Potential improvements/changes include: -Optimizing the page tabs to have tons of useful resources and information -Creating an identity for my readers that is helpful and engaging -Offer Daily lessons as I have been doing but with clearer concise problem/solution formulas, not just logging -Visiting the idea of ad revenues, and figuring out how to get around Google's new ridiculous TOS for Adsense

For those of you who want to get started earning revenue with a blogger profile or by using Google Adsense be warned. Google has the most cryptic way of telling you “hey, we know we are way too important to you to care about responding to your problems, but go on our support forums and get advice from the many trolls who go about giving misinformation!”.

No but seriously, check out the following quick reference pages that give you an idea of the massive changes that have occurred recently to the blogger, youtube, and adsense platforms. I do understand that Google is a mega business that can't respond to millions of customer emails, yet only giving email support as an option to those who currently earn at least $25 in revenue a week seems a bit unfair. After all, how do I get to the $25 dollar a week mark if I can't get setup?

From the posts I was reading it's tough to get approved for Adsense on a blog that competes in a saturated market. I read a few times over that Tech and Fashion blogs were very troubling to get approved. Though Google never seems to come out and say that explicitly.

Despite the frustration some might have with adsense I have used it before on other platforms and it seems to get the job done fairly well. Additionally I personally think the advertisers with google are a bit more professional and create overall better ads than the competition. If you have too much trouble or don't want to deal with the google headache, have no fear! There are plenty of other options including Chitika which is said to be a very competitive platform.

Going to wrap up, I plan on switching to more research oriented tasks and will be analyzing some investments soon. Keep an eye out for that and don't hesitate to comment or reach out to me with tips or suggestions.

Until Tomorrow


Entrepreneur's Log Day 5

Date: 4/30/2014

I missed a day. There's really no good excuse, priorities were out of line. Yet I don't necessarily feel too bad about it anymore. When I woke up I was upset, discouraged, and overall not ready to have a happy productive day. It was if in effect I had created the exact opposite of the environment I so deeply intended to foster through this blog and my writing. 

What Can We Learn From Failure?

As a result of my negative demeanor I began to list the things I don't agree with about my behavior. It's funny to say, if I don't agree with my behavior, then why not change it? Is it not my behavior after all? Though I don't know yet how to describe this phenomena in biological or psychological terms, I'm fairly certain many entrepreneurs will experience something similar. So I wanted to address it, I wanted to figure out why I behaved in a way I didn't normally condone and why I was feeling sorry about it.

Naturally I pointed my browser to google and set off to search the first words that came to mind. On the first page of search results on “failure” I found the link to another search results page. The second resulting page was the match for all videos indexed on about failure. Needless to say this was all I needed to spend several hours entranced and mesmerized by some brilliant people explaining brilliant ideas. I have heard two opposing views on these talks before, one claiming the talks are too radical or “silly” and should be for entertainment only, the other claiming TED offers nothing outside of what is already known in mainstream thinking. Despite these claims I proceeded to form my own opinion and watch what I believed to be interesting.

Kathryn Schulz, an author and incredibly smart individual has two talks listed. The first described the feeling of wrong, or lack there of really. She goes in to depth about how we obsess about being right, we can't stand the thought of being wrong or making mistakes and therefor we follow a standard set of beliefs or template for success if you will. A theme of change and simultaneous embrace moves the audience as she provokes thought and introspection. I would recommend that anyone interested in gaining motivation and understanding failure watch the video seen here. In an effort to keep this post free of ramble I won't describe all of the videos (considering I watched all of them rapid fire…) but I do want to note one other speaker I felt was exceptionally moving. Larry Smith as seen in the Q&A in forbes linked here talks about why you will fail. He goes failure in a serious yet ever so slightly comedic tone. He gives fantastic examples of both paths, each ending in failure, but only one leading to the deeper meaning of work ethic. I encourage anyone to watch Why you will fail to have a great career

The message behind the videos seems to carry an overall theme that the world has passed us, and we desperately need to keep up. Through technology and innovation we have gained a seemingly incomprehensible amount of connectivity and opportunity. Yet the principles that we behave by are simply out of date. Failure it seems is essential, we need it to think, learn, and grow. Do things you love, that you know you will fail at. That failure will compel you to succeed in the future, eventually turning failure in to lessons learned. 

I have no intention of quitting, I will continue to write and consciously do my best to exceed what I feel is possible in terms of my writing and creative abilities. Missing a day is not going to slow me down or cause me to put this experiment aside. I encourage any entrepreneur to do the same and think positively about failure, think about what aspects of each failure allow you to learn. Act on those lessons and pursue a goal that is meaningful for you to achieve.

-Until tomorrow


Entrepreneur's Log Day 6

Date: 5/5/2014

So I haven't written consistently recently because of a few external factors that's have made it difficult to be consistent. With final exams it may have been slightly ambitious to aim for a new article every day in addition to the massive amount of studying I was doing. i.imgur.com_8rartx3.jpg However I did write an article about the idea of doing something for enjoyment and allowing for the financial incentives to follow only as a result not as the main anticipated outcome which can be seen here. Unfortunately I didn't have time to write an accompanying blog post hence the “playing catch up” title for this post. I don't want to necessarily say that I have been failing with this blog. If anything I'm more motivated to continue writing and improve my writing skills as a result of seeing my efforts pile up with every post and article on devtome.

I am now currently in Texas on a trip to visit someone very dear to me and scout out some Bitcoin entrepreneurs in the process. I'm excited to say that I'll be visiting the Bitcoin ATM at Central Texas Gunworks while I'm here and I hope to talk to the owner of the machine about his experiences so far with Bitcoin. I think the concept of a Bitcoin ATM is very interesting and have looked in to pricing myself. Though I don't know where I would put it I have talked to some owners who claim that the machines placed in generic places like coffee shops have been able to net millions in fees so far.

I'm interested to see how quickly these machines change and adapt as the alt-coin economy expands and finds it's place in the world. I think there is plenty of utility behind alt-coins and from the conversations I have had with others the best theory we have been able to come up with is the theory that each alt-coin will stand for something specific that tailors to an individuals personality in some way. Essentially I think people will use alt-coins to say something about themselves when they make purchases. I think it will follow a pattern in much the same way Bitcoin's following has grown. Those who believe in a free society with less restriction prefer Bitcoin over Fiat.

I'll be posting another article with pictures and my experiences with the machines as soon as I am able to get a ride out to them.

Until Next Time



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