Engaging Is Much Better And Effective Than Advertising

Advertising for you site, and yet not getting enough returns? Is that your problem? No, it not your problem actually, it’s a major problem that many other internet marketers owning a site faces every day. Most site owners, who want some attention to build their mailing list or to sell their product, advertise. And this is nothing unnatural too. Advertising has been a part of selling products, and has come up as an age old tradition now. But does it help at all times? The answer is “No”.

Change In Consumer Behavior

Things are changing fast, and the way adverting used to be; when companies did branding, and sent their brands to the consumers to capture their minds and get sales, is not the pattern anymore. Now consumers themselves decide what they want, and how they need to be approached. The whole pattern of reaching to the customers has change, based on consumer behavior against ads and branding efforts.

Earlier when Internet wasn’t popular, or actually didn’t come to common man’s life, the only way ads came before common man was through TV and print media. Then they never had the choice but to see the ads in between their favorite shows, and if they didn’t want to, they would simply switch off the TV set, or shut the magazine or newspaper etc. But that was not always the best way as people had to see TV programs, and had to read news and articles on papers and magazines.

Now the story has changed drastically. Now consumers, who are in total command of themselves and their preference of sites and WebPages, just close those pages or pop-ups which they do not want to see. They block or filter those email messages as spam, which they do not want to read. It means consumers are at command now, and you just cannot make them read or go through an ad forcefully if they do not like it.

Why And How Engaging Became A Practice

Thus the next level of promotion came to effect which says you to engage your consumers rather than advertise to them. Engaging has shown remarkable results for several site owners and companies, who are now busier than ever with record sales and great goodwill before their consumers. If the concept of engaging is new to you, then now is the time to grasp it fully so that you may never again lose your customers. But, before all that, you must learn and understand it from depth, that it will need you to work hard to earn revenues, and whatever sales and popularity you will gain on future will be based on the hard work that you will be putting on now to captivate and hold your customers.

The whole concept of engaging revolves around delivering something fruitful, something useful to your target customers. It may be a good informational ebook, or some nice information rich posts; may be some good downloads, or helpful resources, some application or software or small patches etc for software or games – all which serves as engaging material.

How Engaging Brings Dedicated Consumers To You

Now, the thing is we all love free gifts, and we love the concept of getting something nice and useful for free, and then getting it repeatedly from the same source. If you continue to get something useful that you actually are loving from a source, won’t you go back to the same source, which is otherwise harmless and yet quite promising, to help you with more resources in future? You will. And this is what the site owners want you to do, when they offer you something nice for free. This is how they win reputation and a good name in the market, as the site grows fond and favorite in your eyes, because of the useful resources it is delivering free to you every time. These is how they are engaging you to come back to them, download or read their resource, and use them further as and when you like.

The goodwill and nice reputation you earn as a free and useful resource provider on net, could never have been achieved by you, if you invested that much of time and money, and energy on advertising for the same site. Advertisement could bring you only interested visitors, while engaging will bring you both interested and satisfied visitors, whom you have won over time through your apparently selfless helping attitude and resources.

But actually the biggest reason behind engaging is to gain your site and name a huge popularity gradually. There are many examples over the net, where sites gained immense goodwill through engaging. Some offered free downloads, other offered important information, while some other offered free services, sample products, access to small applications and software etc.

Don’t Commit The Same Mistakes That Others Did

While offering engagements and free services, many sites do the same mistakes. They forget the motto and objective of engaging the target customers, and start sending company newsletters, subscription emails, and such stuffs which are actually much annoying and ends up getting piled up in the spam box of consumers. For successful engaging of consumers, you must ensure that the products you are offering for free must tempt the consumers, and must be useful to the customers, or else they won’t visit your site again. The care and effort that you gave to design and market your main product should be given if not fully, yet partially, to the free products that you will be giving away to your consumers as a token of your reliable and trustworthy nature.

If you get successful in grabbing the attention of your customers, then there will be more steps to follow, which will involve marketing the free products you are offering for engaging. This will again demand for the same internet marketing steps to be followed. If the site gives away really good stuff to its readers, then eventually the site will earn a great name and reputation, trust and reliability within its customers, without the slightest need for advertising.

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