Part VII-B: The Importance of Endurance

Author's Note: This article is part of a larger course for new players. Course links are provided at the bottom of this page.

Endurance is an extremely important quality for any Texas Hold Em player to possess. Especially if you are just starting out, or are returning after a long stretch, you can expect to get beat your fair share of the time. Poker is a game in which real gains and losses occur over long stretches of time. If you are getting beat up in the beginning, or feeling lost as to how to turn the game into a profitable venture for yourself, you just need to have patience, keep striving for correct play, and continually analyze your own playing experience in the form of a poker journal. Find your trouble spots in this way and continuously update and improve your strategy and playing style. Also commit yourself to continually learning new strategies by reading about poker when your not playing. No player can really do more than that.

There is an aspect of poker playing that is just impossible to teach by any method available, and that is the experience of real money play itself, and what that experience comes to mean to you individually, over time. The words that you read about poker can be guides for you, but the unique experience of each live playing session will always hold its own character and its own subtle aspects.

In the end only live playing experience can teach you how to take the things that you've learned here and elsewhere and apply them effectively to meet those unique aspects in such a way that the game becomes profitable for you. You can only be certain that without understanding the fundamental things that have been taught throughout this course, and without the commitment to make correct out of game choices and in game decisions, that you have a vastly diminished chance of achieving this success.

The following links for this poker course are listed sequentially. Beginners may want to go through in the order in which they are listed to get the whole rundown. More advanced players may want to skip around to the parts which hold interest for them.


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