Embiid NBA Draft Impact

Joel Embiid has been in the news a lot over the past couple of weeks. Teams considered him a great prospect with lots of upside. Many had him as potentially the top pick overall. Then the news of a foot injury surfaced. Joel Embiid’s injury would require surgery. The surgery for the stress fracture, which was considered a success required 2 screws and will take 4 – 6 months to heal. What happens now is Embiid still the top pick or will he drop? We will explore how the injury could affect how the teams below draft.

  • Cleveland Cavs: They have the top pick in the draft. Last year’s #1 pick Anthony Bennett did not have a good year. Some consider him a bust. He could bounce back and live up to his potential so its wait and see. With that being, the Cavs have missed the postseason the last four years and desperately want to return. Jabari Parker is considered by many to be NBA ready and is a solid scorer. Teaming him with Kyrie Irving would give the Cavs a solid go to duel. I doubt that the Cavs will make another risky pick in draft Embiid. Jabari Parker is the safest pick and the probable choice.
  • Milwaukee Bucks: They have the second pick in the draft. They need a scorer and a face for the franchise. Andrew Wiggins seems to fit that mold. He has lots of upside and is probably the most hyped prospect since Lebron James. Wiggins would be the starting Small Forward on day one. Wiggins and guard Brandon Knight would be a solid foundation to build the on. Andrew Wiggins is the best pick here.
  • Philadelphia 76ers: They have the third pick in the draft. Last year with their first round picks they drafted Nerlens Noel who missed last season due to injury, but can play power forward or center and they have Michael Carter-Williams at the point. They also have a solid power forward in Thaddeus Young. The 76ers have seven draft picks so they could draft a bunch of contributors. You can never have too much depth upfront. Noah Vonleh is a good option. He is a solid rebounder and is a nice perimeter shooter. This pick would solidify the 76ers front court. Noah Vonleh would be the best pick here.
  • Orlando Magic: They have the fourth pick in the draft. The Magic have a need for a point guard. Jameer Nelson is not guard he once was and last year’s top pick Victor Oladipo is more of a shooting guard. Dante Exum is a point guard from Australia. He’s been compared to former Magic guard Penny Hardaway. He has tremendous upside. Exum will probably need some time to adjust to basketball in the USA, but in time Exum and Oladipo could form a solid back court for years to come. Dante Exum is the best pick here.
  • Utah Jazz: They have the fifth pick in the draft. The jazz need a rebounder in the biggest way. The top available player that could address this need is Julius Randle. He’s an aggressive power forward that can rebound and score. Watching Randle in the 2014 NCAA tournament reminded me so much of how Charles Barkley played. Teaming him with last year’s #1 pick Trey Burke and current star Derrick Favors gives the Jazz a solid foundation that will help them compete with the top power forwards in the Western Conference. Julius Randle is the best pick here.
  • Boston Celtics: They have the sixth pick in the draft. The Celtics are in the process of rebuilding the process will probably take some time so this is an opportunity for them to take a risk that could eventually yield a big reward. Joel Embiid is available and should be considered for this pick. Teaming Embiid with last year’s #1 pick Kelly Olynyk who came on as the season progressed would give the Celtics potentially a solid front court for years to come. Embiid probably will miss some portion of the season healing from his injury, but the Celtics have enough upfront t depth to manage till Embiid arrives. The Celtics also have the 17th pick in the draft, which they can use to add more guard depth. This gives the Celtics the security to take a chance on the 6th pick. The best pick for the Celtics at this point is Joel Embiid.

As you can see I believe Joel Embiid will drop in the draft. I don’t think the drop will be too dramatic as he will likely still be a lottery pick. The team that drafts him could get the steal of the draft or the bust of the draft. What will the result be? No one knows now, but check again in three years. We should have a clear answer then.



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