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Elise the Spider Queen.

Elise is played as a jungler and as a top laner.



  • Versatile in her build
  • Good cleaning speed.
  • Good assassin capability


  • The hard CC is based on a skill shot.
  • Squishy.

Summoner spells

  • Smite: Mandatory for a jungler.
  • Flash: As a jungler Flash provides many opportunities to escape easily.


  • Spider Swarm (passive): While being in human form Elise's skills will load a Spiderling for her Spider Form. When she casts her Spider form, Spiderling will come alongside. Spiderlings deals physical damage. The number of Sperdeling available is increasing with Elise's level. Spiderlings take reduced AOE damage.
  • Neurotoxin (Q): Elise spits a corrosive poison to her target, dealing magic damages based on a initial amount plus a percentage of the target's current health as follows: (40/80/120/160/200 +8%, +3% per 100 AP of target's current HP). The damage is capped against monster as follows: (60/120/180/240/300).
    Range: 625 Cooldown: 6. Cost: (80/85/90/95/100 mana).
  • Venomous Bite (Q): Elise bites an enemy dealing magic damages based on an initial amount plus a percentage of the target's missing health as follows: (60/110/160/210/260 +8%, +3% per 100 AP of target's missing health). The damage is capped against monsters as follows: (60/120/180/240/300).
    Range 475. Cooldown: 6.

While Elise is in her human form this skill is meant to be used as an engage and as an Execute while she is in her Spider Form. It will usually be the first and last skill of your sequence. This is Elise's main ability damage wise.

  • Volatile Spiderling (W): Elise caste a Spiderling to targeted location. It will automatically follows the nearest target and will explode on impact or after 3 seconds as follows: (75/125/175/225/275 +80% AP). The spiderling prioritizes heroes and gains incresaed movement speed as it comes closer to its target.
    Range: 950. Cooldown: 12. Cost: (60/70/80/90/100 mana).
  • Skittering Frenzey (W): Passive: Spiderlings gain increased attack speed as follows: (5/10/15/20/25% bonus AS). Active: Elise and her Spiderling gains increased attack speed for 3 seconds as follows: (60/80/110/120/140% bonus AS). Elise and her Spiderling heal herself on auto attacks as follows: (4 +4% AP as HP per hit).
    Cooldown: 12.

The second skill to level up. In the human form it's a special skill with aoe damages. Under the spider form it will provide a great sustain even early.

  • Cocoon (E): Elise throws a web in front of her that will stun the first enemy it encounters for 1.5 seconds.
    Range 1075. Cooldown: (14/13/12/11/10).
  • Rappel (E): On enemy cast: Elise and her Spiderlings Jump in the air and become untargetable for 1 seconds reavealing a large AOE around her. Then she will land at the targeted enemy.
    On Ground cast: Elise will do the same for 2 seconds and will land at her initial location.
    Range: 1075. Cooldown: (26/24/22/20/18).

It is Elise's utility skill. In her human form it's a skill shot. The well known moto is “a Cocoon, a kill”. The 1.5 seconds stun is really useful to perform your whole casts. On her spider form it's an escapinp/avoiding skill. As it reveal a large area once you are in the air it can be used to leap over the obtascles in the jungle. If this skill isn't aimed at a target Elise will stay a bit longer in the air and will fall at her initial location. This last possibility can be used to avoid any form of attack directed to her.

  • Spider Form / Human Form (R) (Ultimate): Toggle: Elise transforms either in a spider or back into a human. In spider form she will cast spiderling alongside her. Once she is in spider form she becomes a melee fighter but deal bonus magic damage on her auto attacks as follows: (10/20/30/40 +30% AP on hit as bonus magic damage).She also gains 10 movement speed.

Spiderlings deal Physical damage from their auto attacks and take 25% reduced damage from AOE.
Spiderling stats: Health: (80+10xleve) AS: 0.665. MS: 370. attack damage: (10/20/30/40 +10% AP). Armor: (30/50/70/90) Magic resist: (50/70/90/110). Number: (2/3/4/5).
Cooldown: 4.

It's available at level 1 like Nidalle, Karma etc… This skill mages elise very versatile. It will be needed ton transform her in almost any encounters to cast each of her skill at least once. Elise charges her Spiderling while she cast skills in her human form.

Skill sequence

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Q x x x x x
W x x x x x
E x x x x x
R x x x

I put 1 point in W for the first blue/red then 1 point in Q for an early gank possibility then I maximize E for the farming in the jungle and the slow in the ganks.


  • On the offensive tree pick everything hybrid and ap related. Spell weaving and Blade weaving are great on her as you will mix long distance cast and many auto attacks. Arcane Blade follows the same purpose like Devastating strikes. Sorcery is tweakable with Fury.
  • On the defensive tree you take the jungle's masteries + Unyielding and Juggernaut for more sustain and resitance against heroes.


The rune page is set as follows:

  • X9 Hybrid penetration (marks): It provides a better cleaning speed early. It can be traded with magic penetration which is more useful on late game
  • x9 Flat armor (seals): More sustain in the jungle from start.
  • X9 Magic resistance per level (glyphs): To suffer less from the teamfights.
  • X3 Flat Movement speed(quintessences): For a faster clean and easier ganks. It can be tweaked with Hybrid penetration, magic penetration or Flat AP.


Start with a Hunter's Machete (300) + 5Hp pots (35*5). On the first trip back complete the Spirit Stone (700) + boots (325). Then buy Haunted Guise (1485) and complete either Spirit of the Spectral Wraith (2000) or Spirit of the Ancient Golem (2000). The core will be: Sorcerer's Shoes (1100) + Spirit of the Spectral Wraith + Liandry's Torment (2900). The after core is usually a Rylai's Crystal Scepter (2900) as it will synergize so well with Liandry's Torment. Some end game items are : Zhonya's Hourglass (3260), Abyssal Scepter (2560) or even a Frozen Heart (2900).

Jungle Route

Begin with the blue camp most of the time. You have 2 Spiderling loaded from start. Call the spider with w then transform into spider form to gain 1 Spiderling. Go at wolves then do the red at level 2 with smite on. Elise can start ganking from level 3 with her 3 skills up. Otherwise you can put a second point in Q to farm more. You kill the wraiths camps and even the wolves a second time as the camp may be reswpaned now. Then you can make your first trip back and start over again without the major camps. The blue will respawn around 7.15. You repat the process you can lock up to 4 camps easily. As She is set up in this guuide the cleaning speed will kinda snowball.

General guidelines

The standard sequence is (h)E+(h)Q+R+(s)W+AA…+(s)Q.
Under the spider for casting Q will make your spiderlings flying to the target. It will be the same if you caster (h)W right before.
You can gain sight on Baron and drake with (s)E then try to steal it.
Elise has two spiderlings from start. Use you spiderling to tank when you are cleaning the camps on the jungle. Monitor your mana pool as you will have to cast under the human form to spawn more spiderlings once they died.

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