Elder Scrolls Online Bug - Logging In To Other Characters


In an odd turn, being that it is April Fool's day, Elder Scrolls Online has been facing one of the worst bugs of all time. Let us forget about the bugs that affect game play (like the messed up mounts). Let us go a bit deeper: logging in to other people's characters. Yes, you read that right! Today the servers had to be taken down for maintenance because, after doing a separate fix to the game, multiple players have reported being able to play the characters that other people own. Talk about a pretty big bug! But what does this mean to us?

Well, back when Rift was released, that game had a similar problem. The only difference is that with Rift, the people who were exploiting the system were doing it on their own and had control over what characters they were logging in to. With Elder Scrolls Online, it was just luck of the draw. Basically, someone would log in and find that they were on a character that they did not recognize, and on an account they have no association with. This was not just a visual glitch, either; the players who ended up with this bug were able to control everything in relation to the characters they were on, including wiping out banks and inventories. Multiple people made reports about their characters being wiped clean.

I think that something this big is a huge issue and needs to be dealt with before it becomes a bigger problem. I am not sure what caused this bug or where it came from, but what we can do is assume that it is related to the fixes announced just yesterday. This leads me to believe that this game patch was not properly evaluated, bringing with it a bigger issue than the ones that were supposed to be getting resolved. Hopefully the updates are tested more thoroughly going in to the future.

Update 04-09-2014: The problem has been found and fixed, although some players that have not really played since the bug happened are still running in to empty inventories. Sadly, because the game is still so new, for most of these people it is worth just continuing on from where they left off, gearing up as they go along, rather than waiting on replacement items or some sort of other fix. This has been leading a bad taste in the mouth of many players, and has led to a lot of irritation. I just hope that another problem of this magnitude does not show up in the future, because it could have much many more consequences if players are geared up and have a lot of expensive materials and such. Waiting days for a fix at that point would be a major hassle, and trying to ignore the problem would only result in a harder time gearing.



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