Elder Scrolls Online Bug: Cyrodiil Party Crashers

One of the worst bugs that is currently plaguing Elder Scrolls Online is that of crashing parties. This bug is in relation to the PvP area, known as Cyrodiil. In it, players will often (when grouped) come across one of two scenarios: either a flat out crash of the game or massive stuttering (not to be confused with lag, as there is not a disconnection from the server; instead, the game itself starts to move sluggishly, making it nearly impossible to do anything for a short while).

It took a while before players were able to figure out where the bug stems from, but it appears it is from parties and taking in players that are not currently in the zone at the time. Usually the stuttering or crashes will occur as soon as a player either enters or leaves Cyrodiil while in a group. What makes this bug a little interesting, however, is that it only happens within that PvP zone. Doing the same grouping style (like adding in someone that is in Cyrodiil when the rest of the group is not there) does not appear to cause the same problems. Instead, this is a one way street.

Until the bug is cleared up, if you find that you are crashing or stuttering really bad when people are in your party, the best plan is to simply wait until you are all in the same zone before inviting. As long as everyone is already within Cyrodiil at the time, these issues do not show up.



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