Einstein Visits

One time, I got a phone call and it was from someone who claimed to be Einstein. I laughed at this because this was obviously not possible because he had been dead for some time now. I laughed at him and told him goodbye and then promptly hung up the phone because the notion that he was really on the other side of the phone was absolutely absurd. I did think about it for the rest of the day though because he did have an accent like Einstein’s and that did get me thinking. The thought actually crossed my mind once or twice that that could actually have been Einstein and that actually got me kind of scared. However, the logical part of my brain then started up and reminded me that this was actually impossible because even if Einstein had somehow gained the ability to call someone of my time after he was dead, then why would he choose me? There were far better people to call if he actually had that ability so this seemed to confirm to me that that person on the other end of the phone was not Einstein but an impostor instead. I did think about that for the rest of the day though because I really wanted to talk to Einstein and I had so many questions from him. In any case, if Einstein had really developed a way to call someone from my time, then that was monumental because that would surely involve some kind of crazy technology and I really wanted to know about that technology partly because I was interested in it but partly because I was going to try to patent in and then try to sell it because the sheer impact of it would be tremendous. For example, if we could really make contact with anyone we wanted to over the phone, then think about all the people we could call! We could call Newton, Galileo, anyone we wanted to and learn about anything we wanted to.

After I had thought about this phone call for a while, I eventually dismissed it as not being possible. However, the very next day he called again and precisely the same time and this really got me thinking. This time, instead of hanging up and laughing in his face, I asked him for proof that he really was who he said he was. I told him that I wanted to see some proof because this was really important to me because I really wanted to talk to him for real and because I wanted to know how he had managed to talk to me after all. He said that he would think about some proof that he could provide for me and he said that he would call me back tomorrow with it. So I waited another day for this proof and then true to his word, he called tomorrow. He said during the call that he had figured out how to give me the proof that I had wanted. He said that he was going to time travel to my time in person and actually appear in front of me. He explained that the method he used to contact me was by time traveling only his voice forward in time to me and that is why I was able to hear him, after he was supposed to be dead. This fascinated me and I could not believe that I was actually about to meet Einstein and this was certainly going to go down in history as one of the most famous meetings of all time and I was extremely excited. He gave me the exact location that he was going to transport to and I said that that was acceptable and cleared that area of the room. About five minutes later, a great white light came from that area of the room and blinded me. When I could see again, I saw an old man in that corner of the room and I had to admit, he looked a lot like Einstein. I was speechless, this was a huge occasion! He was the one to start talking and asked me which year he was in. I said he was in the year 2052 and he was shocked. He said the reason he had contacted me vs contacting other people was because he just picked a person at random, the device he invented did not allow him to choose who he contacted yet, he had to just pick one person at random and talk to whoever he contacted. I said that that invention was still awesome and I asked him how it worked.

Since it was Einstein after all, he explained it to me and I did not understand a single word of what he said and my eyes kind of glazed over while he was explaining it to me. He said that he was going to transport back to his time and then he was going to try to hone his invention because he wanted to transport to someone who could really make use of him and not me, who could barely understand anything he was saying. I said that that was probably pretty smart of him but I did ask him to sign a few things before he left because I always wanted to have a memory of this moment because not every person could meet Einstein. True to his word, he left in another bright flash of white light after bidding me goodbye. I said goodbye to him and I told him that it was very nice to meet him and wished him good luck in his future travels to this time period. He said that he would try and he hoped he could visit my time again.

Before he left, I gave him the coordinates of NASA and MIT so he could have a target to transport to in the future after he honed his invention. I went on for a few more months and only looked on Einstein’s visit as a distant memory. I did tell a few people about him: my parents for starters. They believed me especially after I showed them his signature on the things I had him sign. They were very impressed that I was actually telling the truth but they did not want to tell anyone else because anyone they told might think that we were lying or call us crazy or something bad like that. In short, we just kept the entire thing to ourselves and rarely gave it another thought until about six months after Einstein pais us that visit.

I was doing my homework and my parents were somewhere else doing something when I decided that I would watch the news for a change. I turned it on to a random news channel and I was completely shocked. There were reports out of a man looking like Einstein who had appeared in a ball of white light at the laboratory of MIT. This was completely possible and I could verify that this was the same person who had visited me because he was in the exact coordinates that I had provided him when he had visited me all those months ago. This really shocked me because that meant that he had been able to modify his invention and was able to control where he appeared and this meant that controlled time travel was finally possible. Since he appeared in my time it also meant that he could control the exact time of his destination. Of course, all the scientists at MIT were completely shocked as to who this person could be because they did not believe even for one moment that this person could be Einstein.

Like I did, some people asked him for proof and he said that he could provide the proof they asked of him. He disappeared for a few minutes and brought back one of his writing tools he used in his lifetime. Since of course this writing tool was on display in a museum, it magically disappeared because he went back in time to get it so it could not be available in the future to be placed in the museum in the first place. Since it did in fact disappear from the museum, they knew that this had to either be the real Einstein or this had to be a really good fake. Since they really had nothing to lose, they decided that they would go along with this and pretend like this was the real Einstein. Since in theory they now had a wealth of knowledge from one of the smartest people to ever exist, they began to ask him questions about his theories, all of which he answered perfectly. This only served to cement the notion that this really was Einstein because this man certainly seemed to have all of the knowledge that Einstein would have.

Since in the span of roughly 50 years a lot can happen in the field of science, some problems had been found with some of Einstein’s equations so the scientists who were talking to him began to ask him about those issues and see if he could resolve them or not. After talking to him about the equations that he had written, it became clear that he really was Einstein because he knew things that were never written down and that only Einstein could possibly know. After they talked about his equations for a great long while he straightened out almost all of the errors that people of my time had found in his equations. They thanked him for his valuable insight and then the news people decided that it was time to move on to a different story so that is all I heard about them for a long time. Eventually, roughly 3 months later, there was a knock at the door and I opened it to see who it was. To my utmost surprise, it was Einstein and the people from the show on the news! As it turns out, they somehow figured out that Einstein had teleported to my house before he had gone to anyone else and they wanted to know why. I completely understood why they did not know he had gone to me first because I did not understand either when Einstein had originally came to me on the first day and told me who he was.

However, all of this was cleared up when I told him that Einstein had no ability in the first place to control where he teleported to and this was the reason why he had come to me first, namely that it was simply a function of random chance and he had no control. After he controlled the invention’s ability to deposit him anywhere he wanted to go, then he went to MIT because that is where he wanted to go and I provided him with the proper location so he could go there in the first place. At this point, all the scientists wanted to see this invention that Einstein had constructed which made it possible to time travel to any point of his choosing. Upon hearing this, Einstein said that he would transport back to his lab in his time and attempt to construct a second one and beam back with the second one in hand. Then he would still have the original but the scientists would have one to examine. In any case, he could provide the scientists with the equations he used to construct the machine so even if he could not provide them with the actual machine, if the scientists got the equations then they should be able to reconstruct the machine with modern day materials.

With that, Einstein transported back to his own time, and unfortunately, was never heard from again. However, when someone got the bright idea to go to his lab in the present time, they found a note taped to the underside of the desk saying someone had found it in the past and had the machine destroyed for all the horrible things it could do. Luckily, the scientists found the equations and began attempting to construct a new machine.

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