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If you are like me, my homepage is, and always has been, a search engine. For as long as I can remember, I have had ‘Google’ as my front page on the internet. Also, I use my chosen search engine hundreds of times per day. I wonder how much Google makes from a single person each day in advertisements.

Well, a few days ago I came across something very, very intriguing. A search engine, which donates 80% of its revenue to planting trees. Yes, that’s right, 80% of what they make goes into the rainforest, planting trees. What is so awesome about this fact is that you, the user, is the one planting the trees (well virtually anyway)!

By visiting their site and searching, or by installing their browser add-on for Firefox, or for Chrome and using them as your default search engine, you will be helping the Earth, and can feel good knowing that by using something that you are going to use anyway, you can repay your debt to our Earth, that we all owe, naturally.

One thing I really like about this whole thing, is the fact that it actually shows you how many trees you helped plant, in a nice little interface that automatically ticks up, every time you made them enough to plant one. I have had the extension for just over a day and this is what the little counter is showing me:

I know, pretty cool right?

Besides the fact that you can directly view Google, and other search engine results from the search page itself, you can view images, videos and other types of media with their engine alone. The search engine results are the same, if not better then Google’s. I also have found that with this engine, you are not stuck in the ‘filter bubble’ that most other engines subject you to.

The interface for ecosia is actually very nice. It is easy on the eyes, sporting the ‘minimalistic’ look, and it does it well. You have the option of using different search engines right inside of the interface, so no matter what you are always helping our planet, even if you decide to view Google's results, inside of their engine.

So, if you are at all concerned for our planet, or you just want a little extra good karma, use ecosia, if not for the planet, for its great features and the sense of well-being you get from watching that little counter go up.

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