Earning Giftcards With mPoints Apps

If you are like me, you might find joy in earning micro payments from mindless activities every time you find yourself idle or needing a break. With mPoints apps for the iPhone I have successfully been able to accumulate a decent amount of Amazon gift cards in the spare time I find throughout the day. Whether I’m waiting in line or listening to podcasts, any time I find my hands idle I open up the apps and start tapping away to earn more gift cards. Don’t worry Android users, there are mPoints apps for your platform as well.

However, please keep in mind, it is easy to get carried away and want to spend too much time earning money through low-value tasks like this. From personal experience, this activity is for when you are idle or have free hands and don’t feel distracted multitasking. Always complete the highest value tasks on your daily to-do list first before working on earning gift cards, you don’t want to end up wasting time!

mPoints Apps

mPoints applications are simply apps whose developers opted in to include the mPoints service to their application. The mPoints website describes their service as a loyalty program for app users to have incentive to continue using their favorite apps. It’s a novel idea but at the moment very few of the apps are productivity-oriented and therefor I personally use the apps solely for earning gift cards and a couple of the game apps for quick five minute breaks.

There are many apps to choose from, some of which reward better than others so it’s important to try out a few to see which apps are more efficient for each individual user. You can see some of the apps that are associated with mPoints on the Mpoints website here.

The apps I currently use for earning mPoints are as follows:

Of the apps listed above only Swap Da Gem is a game I find myself playing for pleasure because it is slightly challenging. The rest are a bit silly, as you can tell from the names but they are very easy to earn mPoint rewards on and don’t take much thought at all if any. The easiest app to earn points on from the list above is Bone Counter because of the easy achievements which I’ll explain shortly. Every app listed is relatively easy to earn points on though and there are a ton of “bonus opportunities“ that pop up when collecting rewards that add to your mPoints balance.

Ways To Earn

When opening an mPoints app the easiest way to find out what needs to be done to earn mPoints is to find the mPoints logo and tap it. Once the mPoints screen opens up you can navigate down to the area that says “achievements” and there will be all of the tasks listed that are mPoint rewardable. Keep in mind that if your main goal is to only earn mPoints, exploring each app may not be the best use of your time, it’s important to know which tasks create value and which don’t.

Twitter Check-in is one of the easiest ways to earn mPoints. The mPoints screen has a twitter button that you can tap to tweet about the app. After tapping it automatically tweets for you and you earn +5 mPoints for doing so. This can be done once a day on every mPoints app making it a very easy way to rack up mPoints if you don’t mind clogging your twitter feed with tweets or going through creating a dummy Twitter account.

Daily Tap ins are another way to earn mPoints easily, the best example of this would be the Birthday Countdown Clock app. Though there aren’t many tasks available on that app for earning, it is very easy to open up the app once a day, collect the tap in points, send a tweet, and navigate out and on to the next app for more earnings.

Task completion is the best way to earn mPoints, though not the easiest because sometimes you do have to interact with the app you are using. For example, Flip Da Coin awards mPoints for flipping the virtual quarter a certain number of times per day or for getting specific combinations of flips in a row (i.e. three tails in a row)

mPlaces is also a very quick and easy way to earn mPoints because you don’t need to do anything at all. Once you are in the area of a location listed on mPlaces you can tap the check in button once you have navigated to the mPlaces section within any one of the mPoints apps. These rewards vary, but again take no more effort than simply tapping to check-in.

Bonus Opportunities pop up every once and a while when collecting mPoint rewards in the form of pop up ads. These ads pay out handsomely in points because the sponsors who provide the ads often want users to watch a short clip or interact with a game. These bonus opportunities should take no more than 30 seconds in almost every case and have on occasion paid out mPoint rewards as high as 160 (Axe Body Wash Game)

Cashing Out Your mPoints

The rewards available for redeeming mPoints can be viewed in the mPoints store section of any one of the mPoints apps. The prizes are composed mostly of gift cards and random tangible items like the Roku Player or an Apple TV. I do think it is very unlikely that many people will have the patience to accumulate and earn enough mPoints for any of the tangible rewards though, considering the unrealistic price associated with them and the earnings power behind the mPoints platform.

It is much easier to cash out with gift cards and I have done exactly that many times, having always cashed out my mPoints for Amazon gift cards, which have been available and in stock every time I use the mPoints apps.

Strangely enough though, as the gift card values increase, the purchasing power of your mPoints will decrease. To illustrate take a look at the following chart.

Gift Card Value mPoint Value Points Per Dollar
Amazon $1 2,000 2,000
Amazon $5 12,500 2,500
Amazon $10 25,000 2,500
Amazon $25 62,500 2,600

I don’t understand the reasoning behind this, I can only assume it has to do with the costs or fees associated with buying higher value gift cards. The only other reason I can imagine is that the mPoint platform is trying to incentive spending of mPoints sooner rather than later. Perhaps mPoints is still in it’s infancy and trying to get the money flowing from advertisers, regardless keep this in mind when using your points for rewards. Though it might be more convenient to buy higher value gift cards with your saved points, it may not be cost efficient.

Once you have accumulated enough points simply navigate to the store section and pick the reward you would like to receive. Once you have chosen which reward you would like, simply login in your mPoint credentials and then enter a captcha to prove you are human. mPoints will then thank you for your redemption and send you an email confirming your redemption. Since I redeem my points for Amazon gift cards my redemption process looks as follows.

First mPoints sends me the confirmation email describing that I have redeemed my accumulated points for the reward I have chosen. These emails come fairly instantly but they do not mean you have received the reward yet, the reward normally takes about 24 hours to be delivered.

Once 24 hours have post, more often than not the reward will be in my email inbox. An email from Amazon comes with the code needed for redemption and thats all you need. Once you click the link that opens a new tab with the code, simply copy the code and paste it in to Amazon under “apply gift card balance to my account”

The email you receive about claiming your gift card should look very similar to this:

Once you click the link it takes you to the Amazon gift card page where the code needs to be copied in order to be pasted in to the Amazon website for redemption.

Finally, once you have pasted the code in to Amazon after logging in to your account, the code balance will appear as having been redeemed.


Unfortunately for the mPoints super user, the mPoints platform is limited to award only 1000 mPoints per day. On some days this limit seems to glitch and users can earn more than 1000 mPoints but they have gotten better about restricting users. I have found that if I earn 1000 mPoints through app rewards only and leave all of the tweeting rewards open, I can then collect more rewards past the 1000 mPoints mark just by opening up all the apps over again and tweeting each one for my daily tweet reward.

Additionally, mPoints allows for only one redemption per gift card per week users are limited in achievement potential. As you get better at accumulating mPoints quickly, you’ll notice 2000 mPoints is not a tough target to reach and in a weeks time, once you have redeemed your points for a $1 gift card users must wait 7 full days to the minute in order to redeem again.

In the past I have accumulated mPoints so quickly that I was able to redeem my points for the $1 gift card and still accumulate another few thousand points. When this happens the excess accumulated points can be redeemed for higher value gift cards to take advantage of the points instead of letting them sit there idly.


When you find yourself sitting on a bus, standing in line, or just needing a quick mental break from working, using mPoint apps can be a great way to accumulate points and earn gift cards on the go. Over about a 6 month period having collected mPoints randomly I have redeemed well over $40 dollars worth of Amazon gift cards.

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