The devtome affiliate marketing program sends devcoins to publishers for links to devtome. This program is only available to people who received devcoins from generation.


People who are receiving devcoins from generation can get marketing devcoins. This is to provide extra devcoins for people who do stuff, and to filter out scammers. Ways of getting generation devcoins include earning devcoins by writing or by going on the bitcoin share list for open source development.


A publisher must have a devtome account to get marketing devcoins. If you do not already have an account, you can request one by sending a message to Jasinlee on the the bitcoin forum. The request should include a brief description of what you did to get devcoins, and/or a link to the post announcing that you are getting devcoins for an accomplishment.


Publishers can get earnings for a link to devtome on their web site, for a link in their signature, and for a link in their posts. The income is in fractions of a generation share. Open source developers on the bitcoin share list or the devcoin share list get double the income, to pay popular developers more.

Publishers get 1/5 of a generation share for a devtome link on a subpage or subdomain, 2/5 for of a share for a link on a domain name, and 3/5 of a share for a devtome leaderboard (728 x 90) banner on a domain name.

Links or ads on up to five domain name homepages will be counted. Only one subdomain link or ad will be counted, and it will not be counted if there is a homepage listed.


Publishers get 1/5 of a share if the first five listed posts on the bitcoin forum, with devtome links in them, total more than 100 words, and 2/5 of a share if those posts total more than 1,000 words.


Publishers who put a devtome link in their signature get 1/5 of a share. If the publisher has made more than 1,000 posts, they get 2/5 of a share. An example of a signature with a devtome link follows:

[url=]Earn Devcoins by Writing[/url]

Writers should also have a link to their user page or best devtome article. An example of a signature with two devtome links follows:

[url=]Earn Devcoins by Writing[/url] | [url=]Cardiovascular Disease[/url]


To earn coins, the script will parse the user page, then count the words in the articles and calculate the payouts. An example snippet of the publisher part of the invoice is pasted below, condensed from the unthinkingbit user page.




Coin Address: 17vec4jQGCzMEsTnivizHPaowE715tu2CB

Please add links to your site, posts, and signature in the same format on your user page. Also, if you are on the bitcoin share list please use the same coin address, so that if a dishonest writer edits your coin address the discrepancy will be noticed.


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