Dreams of a Dreamer


Day one: THE PERSON IN THE WINDOW.. I woke up in my friend Taylor's apartment, I didn't know what was happening but it was a really unique but familiar feeling. I went to the oven to see what time it was, I looked at the microwave first. Strangely the microwave clock was out. Weird, I wonder why. As I looked down at the oven clock I ask myself what's going on I feel weird and no one is at the apartment. I'm okay with it though, I'm not scared I'm feeling great. My teacher mr sabot once told me to look at a clock, blink and if the time changes times, your in a dream. I did just that… I was here, in my dream. Conscious of being here. I knew lucid dreams are not forever. I had limited time. Therefore it was a race to figure out everything I could about this awkward place (that I now believe is the fourth dimension), I first went to the closed glass door. I told myself I was going to put my hand through the glass itself, I in fact did just that. Next I proceeded to tell myself I was going to walk through the glass door with my full body. Once again I did exactly that. I was now outside on the second floor balcony. I looked at the building that was parallel to the building I was at/in/on. I looked up and instantly thought I wanted to jump as high as I can. I put my thoughts into action. I jumped and something stopped me I'm not sure what, maybe a thought/myself (I guess their one in the same) I looked down at the asphalt and told myself I was going to fall, I was going to be okay, and once I got to the floor I would know what to do. All at once I was at the ground and landed as if I had springs in my knees, or I understood how to fall without getting hurt. At that same moment I had a feeling that I wanted to be in front of one of the windows that I had seen, i don't know why, but I was there floating (I believe) looking at this window. I told myself I wanted to see through this window. I did it, I was seeing through this window, with an orangeish redish tint. While viewing this room, I saw a person. Female I believe, it had hair in a bun. All I remember after this is waking up.. I think. I was back in my body, with drunk friends all around me. Back in reality.. Wow..

Saturday June 16 2012 7:59am Day two: Hair Cut I walk out of Taylor's wells bathroom to be greeted by 3 girls and one guy. They start admiring my hair, as I put my hair cut down and bash myself on the looks of my new hair cut. One girl says “ no it looks good, look at his eyes, he's (fuckin) really cute”

Monday June 18th 2012 7:37am Mountainous I am in a mountainous region of the planet, I drove myself here and met friends in a huge house/condo of some sort. I'm not sure why I'm here but I'm set on a series of obstacles, I believe someone is chasing me.. I'm not sure but what I do know is I have a set goal, something I need to do. As if I were a villain set out to unfold my master plan. Some how I got a ride back to highlands ranch, of course it's been mangled and mushed with some other awkward place I've never seen before (a farm -village, there's one main road, green massive trees all around, lots of open space, a small shopping center{liquor store, kings}) the drive back from this mountainous region was acceptionaly amazing, the views are not of this human conscious mind world called, earth. The views are so emaculent, the depths I can see are so intense, the colors I see are colors unimaginable to your mind, the feelings and emotions I feel towards these sights are not physically, mentally, or emotionally possible.. How am I feeling them? Because I am here, my world. I am who makes the decisions, who calls the shot, the one in charge. I am god. only because this is my world. No one else can perceive it like I do, awake and conscious or asleep and subconsciously.

-Same night, June 18th 2012 7:44am I'm in a house with very familiar people. The only name I remember is Katie Ohh (I've know for a while now that she likes me) I'm walking into this room, Katies on a bed, laying on the corner closest to me, sprawled out. Two girls watch her as they sit further back on the bed, watching. they are familiar as well, however I cannot identify them. Katie's friends, more than likely. Katie Ohh says something along the lines of “can you hook up with me already,” no matter what it is that she said, she wanted sex. I'm not going to give it to her. Partly cause there were others in the room, and partly because I know Katie has slept with many many people. That isn't the kind of girl i would chose to lay with. And also because she like a sister to me, not a mate.

Jan 16 2013 8:52am I wake up in a very odd place, I'm with my friends, we are know as the “outcasts” we are known as the losers. This place seems like a place I know very well (highlands ranch) every house is the same as the last as if they were copy and pasted all around the city. I visit my old middle school…. Something's off. But I let it go and continue to my old English class room (mr. Stokes) the room seems much bigger than I remember, which is odd because as I grow the things I see from my past usually seem smaller and not as interesting. I'm sitting next to Katie oh and an unknown boy to my left and a blonde shy girl (shy from what I remember) to my right. I start having a conversation with her, I finally ask her for her number and she hesitates… I say “ if you don't want to then just say it, be blunt with me, tell me the truth” She chuckles as she looks down and replays “you're gross” After that I just laugh and walk away. I walk to the front entrance of the school, once again everything is off from what I remember, but I just assume it is because I haven't been there for so long.. And it's changed in my mind and has been rearranged. As I walk out of the front door there is a double door, you walk through one, pass an older lady and then pass through the next door to get outside. Before passing the lady I say something and give her a hug. As soon as I gave her a hug her attitude and face go blank. She doesn't say a word, I ask her what is wrong. No reply. A man in a dark, maybe black suit and what I believe was his child walk into the small transition room, from outside to inside and I walk out. What seems to be a skip in my brain, I'm back in the odd city with the cookie cut houses. Running, no sprinting towards a destination that was unknown but instinctually I know exactly where I'm going. I arrive at a place that has a humongous circular rock on the ground. Then a portal opened up and all of my friends jump through it. I end up in “my” bed room but its no place that I've ever seen before I just know its my bedroom, my friend right alongside me. The portal is still spinning with a blue tinge on my bed, some how my friend fell back into the portal. I put my head down, chuckle, and say his name. - Rabbit huntin, - Practice shooting, group killing, chase, kill, praise, more practice. - Wrestling naked, Lydia, Katie, Tyler, odd house. Katie and Lydia fight, Lydia keeps hitting Katie. Red Cologne “pink” bottle, pillow fight.

Jan 19th 2013 Apocalypse It started out, normal day as ever. Called my friend jake to see if he could hang out. Like usual he said yeah, we met in a familiar spot, not much passed Taco Bell on wildcat going west, for some reason there were parking spots on the north side of the street. I parked my car and hopped into his. From there we proceeded down wildcat west. But literally only for a few hundred yards. Maybe 4 or 5 hundred to be exact. From there I believe we heard an explosion. So jake pulled the car over so we could step out and see what in the world had happened. We got out. Looked east, and from the position we stood, we could see the city, Denver. The sight of what we were witnessing was breath taking, the only way to describe it was the beginning of the end, the apocalypse. As we tried to tear our eyes from the magnificent sights, hundreds of helicopters, massive amounts of police cars swarming our way we ran up to the sidewalks to gain a little bit of cover behind ANYTHING we could find, but not before stealing a glance at each others eyes. It had seemed that instead of our earth bringing itself to an end, this was a planned attack by our government to wipeout all americans. or at least all of colorado, what lead me to believe this was the only catastrophic event happening seemed to be coming form humans, but not the public. the government. All in the spur of the moment we had lost ourselves in this literally breath taking minute or two. Being me, I looked over fences to make sure if we had to jump a fence we didn't jump into one with a dog. The first had a kennel,one you put a dog into for the night. That's a no go. The yard next to it seemed to be a decent plan B, no signs of a dog and a clear shot to there front yard. Perfect, I thought to myself The next thing I knew there are huge trucks dumping large, and I mean LARGE amounts balls down near the streets to the east, about where we had dropped off my car off, what we had seen was literally any and all types of balls, medicine balls, bouncy balls, workout balls, basketballs, baseballs, tennis balls, any type of ball you can think of was, oddly enough, being dumped by the hundreds if not thousands. From there we regain our composure and once again look at each other. The first thing in my mind was getting home. I grab my phone but for some reason am not able to dial or even bring myself to open the phone. I yell to jake, “I need to get home” He replies, “me too” But as we look east towards the massive amounts of balls, we remember how this all started in the first place, an explosion. Seemingly to come out of nowhere at all there were hundreds of kids trying to catch all these balls. And as I focus on an area of my vision, to my left and on the far northside of the street in front of me, I see some children pick up and start to play with some of these oddly placed balls and not too long after they explode, blowing up a 50 foot radius of children and balls. This scares the shit out of me, and I would imagine jake as well. The only way back home was towards these balls that seemed to be exploding. Shaken and nearly killed by the amount of breath taking moments we once again gather our thoughts and continue, for the first time we move forward with trying to get to our families. As we walked east down wildcat, there was no way to avoid running by these thought to be exploding balls, every one that passed my feet made my heart drop, only for the simply fact that we had just witnessed them blowing about 6-20 children to nothing. From that point we got passed the parking lots of all the stores right off of wildcat and mccarthur, making it into the outskirts of jakes neighborhood. I believe he went on his way and I went on mine. I believed I was being chased, so I looked for a house that I could run to for cover. I saw a young man,probably about my age, 20. He was directing me into this old, abandon looking building. Now to see such a tore up house in highlands ranch was a very weird sight. But at this point, what choice did I have?! I didn't have any choice, so I took the help that was being given to me from this unknown person. Once I had gotten into the house I was, for a lack of better understanding, briefed on what the f@&$ was happening. From there I had told them my ultimate goal was to get back to my family. I had been informed of how difficult it would be to go just a few blocks to my house. In my mind I asked, why?! Why would it be hard to get to my family that was so close? Without even asking out loud, I was taken to the roof of this building and shown military bases hidden in normal houses that I had seen everyday. The only difference was there were people going in and out of the houses all around us. Strapped up with m16, m4 and other noticeably lethal weapons. Once my plan of action was ready to execute, I was helped out with a route for the safest way to my house, that is so I wouldn't get caught. After thanking the group for helping me out I was on my way. My first destination was climbing to the top of a bamboo hut, standing about 20 or 30 feet high. As I climbed to the top I could tell there were going to be government officials walking and swarming all around me. Once at the top I had to be quiet because I was right on the dot to think there would be flocking gov't personal below the hut itself. It seemed to take me forever to get just a few feet. I had much longer to go and that was simply trying to get across the roof of this bamboo hut. As you can imagine the building as a whole was very flexible and shaky. As two people walked under the hut I managed to make too much noise and they looked up, at what I thought to be directly at me. One said, “do you see that?” The other promptly replied, “yeah, it's like a shadow or something!” I seemed to have scared them and not be visible for some reason. The person that had helped me and came up with the exit plan that was unfolding, seemed to come out of nowhere. He was at the other side of the hut. My ultimate destination.he looked me in the eyes, grinned and All at once he jumped down, 20-30 feet, Mind you. I believe his soul purpose of doing this was to distract the guards from me. All the while that this was happening, I looked for the quickest route to continue my journey. The rest is a blur.

1/22/13 Sewer run, every time I got caught I would respawn to the beginning but slowly the time got shorter and shorter FBI and Feds vs state gov't. I believe it was just a game but who knows -Older man is at the pool, takes an initial shower before getting in, his girl/wife is in a pool cap and an older black one piece swim suit(Marilyn Monroe), he's fantasized by his women. They are at a pool all alone, or so they think. There is a man on the slide behind the fantasized adult watching as if he is intrigued. Both the man and women are oblivious to the man at the top of the slide, the women finally starts to make her way into the pool at the shallow end, where there is a hand rail and stairs. The man swims from the deep end to the shallow end to greet his women. Before meeting in the water the man goes under water as if to get there faster. shampoo comes off his head from the rinse he just took before jumping in. As they come together and he grabs her and it seems as if there isn't a care in the world.

-nap dream I start out in the the middle of what seems to be war zone. Two men, minorities from so where in South America shooting at a bench that my little brothers currently sit, as the two men take cover behind an oddly placed tank, darkly camouflaged. I look down and see i have a gun in my hand. For some reason unknown to me the bullets that are flying our way seem rigged, being ricocheting off the pavement below my feet and off the metal parts of the bench. I grab my two brothers, fast as i can and make myself a human shield so if one does happen to be on target I am able to take the bullet in my back rather than either of my two baby brothers getting hurt and shot. After what seems like forever, I happen to get my brothers behind the bench and tell them to stay down. Seemingly out of nowhere, my father and one of his friends (a man that looks like the russian on gus's crew from breaking bad) run toward me, all the while I've held a real gun in my hands but had no bullets, this killed me inside because I would like to take target on the two bastards that tried and are still trying to take out my family. I cry to my father in a shriek, “I need bullets!!” As my voice cracks from the terror unfolding before my eyes. He hands me the only bullet he has, seems to be an FMJ from an A.K.47 (being the only bullet I've personally seen in “this world” to size it up to) but the bullet he hands me is not compatible with the hand gun I posses. It's 2x longer than a bullet that would fit into the gun. I take the clip out and check to see if it can fit somehow anyways. Reassuring myself that this bullet in no way can be used against these terrible men, I move on to my dads friend, I scream, “I need bullets!!!” He quickly replies in a stern tone, but calm demeanor “all I have is a grenade” I respond almost in tears from the anger, “I'll do it, I'll do anything, give it to me!” He hands over a fragmentation grenade, I pull the pin and throw it toward the tank after waiting a second then realizing that the max amount of time I have to release it and for it to explode is a max of four seconds. They are too smart and realize they have just had an explosive thrown their way. Of course they run for cover away from us. And get away. Some how we end up about a hundred yards away on, me standing over one of the men, him half dead me with an empty chambered gun in his mouth, yelling “I'm going to kill you mother fucker!” And all of a sudden an illuminated man with four arms pushes me off, he is fully equipped with four guns, one in every hand. He was dressed like a drug dealer. A red illuminated Dress shirt with the first few buttons undone, gold chains hanging from his neck, and a cigar in his mouth. My dad is also with me but is on the ground from the scuffle between the men and us minutes before. My father says, “we must show him respect” The alien like man says, “ I'm going to terminate you, go over to your family, I'll be over soon, DONT TRY AND GET AWAY.” I pull my dad out from under this odd man and we both look at each other even more terrified now that this seemingly unstoppable man is going to assassinate us. Then we look up at our family that was present and they seem to be in a spot light coming from the heavens, jumping up and down in peace with all the chaos that had just unleashed upon us. This sight warms my heart and puts me at pure peace with everything past and future may happen.

5/10/13 High school Soda, drink Keys Teachers Weed, Marijuana Muffin, food Fight Pee Bathroom Pants, jeans Car Decorations Stealing, thief

5/13/13 Ants, insects Hike, walking, exploring

1/7/2014 I don't remember much of this fraction of memory, here, we call a dream. But what I do remember is spectacular and awing. We are in a very large building, not a house or a motel. We are in a building big enough to be called it's own city. The halls are never ending, yet no one seems to see this as odd, but myself. Im with a group of friends that range from old friends to recent friends. We are all walking in somewhat of a broken line, but a line none the less. Where we are heading is unknown, but seems to be we are all very excited to reach our destination. Patricks ahead of me in a line that seemed to go straight into a large walk-in freezer. The kind you see at a very elegant restaurant. Patrick proceeds towards the door. A heavy set Italian male opens the massive hinged aluminum door. He's looking at Patrick as if to signal him in through the door. I'm observing the door handler so I can get even the slightest idea of what's to come. Before the Italian door keeper swung the door shut I see a very bright purple flash. This purple surge is unlike anything I've ever seen or heard. The light that is emitted from this “flash” is contained into an orb no bigger than 5 feet in diameter. From within the orb I now see, what I can only relate to as small lightning bolts, initially starting in the center of the sphere and expanding outward maybe a foot past the diameter of the orb. Simultaneously, the sound of a tesla coil rings through my ears. Loud electric screams. While still being awed by this miraculous sighting, I remember that one of my best friends had walked into that room mere seconds ago. Recollecting my thoughts and looking up at my friend to make sure he's not harmed by this… Thing… This orb. What I see was less than comforting. Patrick didn't seem to be in pain or feeling anything at all, but the light reflecting off of him was dissipating. The best way I can describe this is when you are in the car and the windows fog up. You can see the silhouette of everything but no detail. This is happening to my friend right in front of my eyes. The door closes. Leaving me to my sinking thoughts. I'm unable to see or hear anything beyond the chatter of the people behind me. No electric booms, purple emitting lights, Italian man or my friend Patrick. This has happened in a matter of seconds maybe about 5-10. Quickly looking back towards my friend Ryan for comfort, he only allows me silence. The door swings open. Slowly looking up from my feet to the mans eyes. I know, Now is my time. My turn to experience what has just happened to my friend. Relentlessly I walk towards the door. My curiosity has the best of me now. I barley have a foot in the door and start to feel a static energy, not around me, but within me. Looking up at the room around me, It's empty. The freezer is empty. But why? Then what's the purpose of this whole thing?! Before I know it, the flash is upon me. I feel myself start to become lighter in weight and lift off the ground. My atoms feeling as if they were being crystalized (or atomized) and broken all at the same time, surprisingly it tickles, doesn't hurt a bit. At that moment my vision changed. Everything now has a purple tint. Not only that but I can see through the freezer. As if I was given The sight from the perspective of a single atom. At this point I'm okay with what is happening but still dumbfounded by the events unfolding not in front of me, but at the things happening TO me. My body's feeling so… Revived. So… Full of health and life. By now the happening is in full effect and without my consent, my body starts floating away. I'm Not out of control though, seems I'm on a path that is set by someone other than myself. Where am I going? The only thought that crosses my mind is, “who cares.” And I proceed to laugh uncontrollably as I fill with happiness and life. Looking around with my new found vision, I see my friend Patrick! He's not far ahead of me. For some reason I'm not able to speak or even control the direction I want to look, the feeling I get is an uncaring one as for the actions of my normal self. (talking, hearing, etc.) Something tells me the journey is going to end soon, an internal “clock,” if you will. All at once I'm once again embodied into my physical being. All that seems to have happened is that I blinked and once I opened my eyes my body fell 6 inches to a foot down to the floor beneath me. As if all that had happened is that I had jumped… Looking up, I see Patrick, and realize Ryan is not far behind. I quickly and excitedly ask Patrick what the hell had just happened. As Ryan came out of finishing up his experience through the “wormhole” he simply stated “that's the new virtual reality man”

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