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Dragon's Tale (DT) is a MMORPG casino style game that is based around the bitcoin currency. Currently the disclaimer is that the game is in alpha testing at the moment and should be moving to Beta soon, but if you loose any bitcoins from a bug then the developer “Di” or “Teppy” on bitcointalk.org will refund the coins for you.

The game is a fully 3D interactive world where everything you can click on you can place bitcoin bets (or fractions of bitcoins) each game with its own odds and payout variances. Below are a list of some of the games and an explanation, some even with insider tips for so be sure to read this fully before checking out the site.

There are some free givaways in the game (designed to keep u playing if u loose all your bitcoins, but also designed to enable you to level up to level 2 without requiring a deposit if played well). There are various tasks that you are required to complete if you are to advance levels, and there is the added bonus that if you are level 3 or higher you start to earn Dragon's Treasures (bundles of 8btc which again you can collect or gamble in a double or nothing flip once you have 100% on your dragons treasure. As you increase your level, the rate at which you earn your dragon's treasures increases, and you earn dragons treasures by placing bets in the game whether you win or loose that bet. It is about 800BTC that you need to place in bets at lvl 6 to get a full Dragons treasure and win the 8BTC reward (which is factored into part of your “rakeback” earnings from the game). Overall the house takings is about 5% overall for all games and bets, so expect 95% return over long periods of play.


One of the free giveaways is through soldiers. Soldiers are placed on various islands throughout the game and can be asked as often as you like to see if they will give you any free Bitcoins. The soldiers can give out up to 5BTC, however with the recent increase in value of BTC the soldiers have also been programmed to give out as little as 10,000 Satoshi.

1BTC = 1000BTM 1BTM = 100,000 SAT (Satoshi)

Each time you accept a gift from a soldier, you will have to wait 2 minutes before you can accept a gift from another soldier, and for each gift you receive you will have to wait 10 more seconds for the next gift to be able to be received. So the 2 minutes between each gift will increase, and some of the older players are already on about 45 minutes between collecting from soldiers.


Another way to get free BTC in the game is through herbs. Herbs spawn at random throughout the main islands and each herb is worth a value in BTC which it tells you when you click on the herb. You will need a license to pick the herb (this costs 100BTM and lasts for 24 hours) however anyone can “Spot” herbs, basically if you find a herb, call out herb in the chat window and its value and someone with a license will come along and pick the herb for you, and as a reward for spotting the herb you will be given half its value.

Cigar wiffs

Another rather nice little game in Dragons Tale is the smoking of cigars!! You can buy cigars from the humidifiers that are located next to most of the bars in the game, and these can cost anywhere between 50BTM and 120BTC. Each cigar has its own variance and payout will vary depending on the type of cigar you buy. Some even offer you the chance to win a Real Life DT cigar which will be posted to you by entering in your addresss once you have won one (system message tells you that you win a real life cigar after smoking the in game cigar). But the cigar like in real life has smoke that can be smelt or “wiffed” by others that are standing nearby, and if someone else is smoking a cigar then it is good to be standing next to them in the off chance that you may get some free btc from a wiff off their smoke.

Drinks at the Bars

In the game you can also buy yourself a wide range of drinks, or buy drinks for others, and now even buy a round of shots for everyone at the bar. Each drink has its own payout tables again and cost varies so you should be able to buy a drink no matter what your BTC is in hand. Drinks are usually bought for others when someone wins big and wants to share some of the winnings with others, and often bought by your mentor when you level up.

Coconut Trees

A very simple game here, find a coconut tree (there are many just scattered throughout the game) and click it. You will get a screen like the one shown below where you can “Read about coconut trees” or place bets in a range depending on the tree. Bet ranges can be from 10KSat-90KSAT, 1btm-9btm, 10btm-90btm, 100btm-900btm, 1btc-9btc, 10btc-90btc or the crazy 100BTC - 900BTC coco tree.

By placing a bet you will see the coconut tree be shaken, and then coconuts start to fall to the ground. there will be anywhere between 2 and 20 coconuts that fall to the ground. If the number of coconuts that fall to the ground is an odd number then you double your money. If it is an even number then you loose your bet. As a point of noting here there have been many win streaks and loose streaks recorded so be careful when playing coconut trees. I personally have see 18 losses in a row on coconut trees.

As a little bonus there is an easter egg built into the game where if you win more than 100btc in a coconut tree shake (so minimum 50BTC bet and win) then the coconuts turn golden and you unlock a special drink that is available to buy for 24 hours. This drink costs 1btm, 10btm, 100btm, 1btc, 10btc 100btc (depending on the price you want to spend and payout is again double your money.


Again dotted throughout the game are benches. Much like the ones you will see in parks where you enjoy a nice sit down, however in Dragons Tale you are not supposed to sit on the bench, you are supposed to kick it!! You will need to unlock benches and this can be done by “Inspecting the inscription” on 8 different benches, and then you will notice that you can select different amounts of bitcoins to place a bet on kicking the bench. Payout for bench is usually 1.5 x the initial bet… so betting 1btm will win you 1.5btm, however you can do “perfect kicks” of the bench and you cn win up to 2.5 x the initial bet. Again be VERY careful on benches as they have also been noted to have long win streaks and loose streaks. One player recorded 28 losses in a row in kicking a bench!

Bamboo Pond Fishing

A nice simple luck game here with fairly high variance. Pond price to play ranges from 10kSAT, 1btm, 3btm, 10btm, 30btm, 100btm, 1btc. The game themselves are called “Slider Ponds” where you have 8 fish on the screen at any one time and by clicking fish you get one new fish on the right of the screen and the last fish on the far left hand side disappears off the screen. Payouts are awarded for any 3 or more matching fish of the same kind (except snakeheads), 8 different fish or 2 or fewer types of fish.

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