Got my Dragon speech recognition software in the mail today so I'm using this to write this. This article is my first article written using my voice, but I'll probably be doing a lot of them like this now because it's actually pretty cool. I'm just sitting watching TV right now talking into a headset smoking and bowl of bud. I do have the correct of every once in a while but it's not a big deal because you can actually do that and was also. It was picking up the sound from the TV but I put some bubblewrap on the back of it as well as a headphone cushion from another pair of headphones and a hemp wire. I have a tendency to preload but I can still hear it. Key & Peele is on right now and they are doing their Obama and Luther bit where Obama says one thing and his anger translator says what he means. They were on the daily show Thursday and they said the limit Obama he told them that he needs Luther, then John Stewart told them that Obama had been on his show but had never spoken to them off the air. The metta world news bit on Key & Peele really weird and doesn't really make any sense. How come the Chicago Bears picked up Super Bowl Shuffle so long ago but they haven't franchised their music, they could be making a lot more money they make their players not only players but rappers on their off time as well. Just saying that because there was just a skit about the Super Bowl Shuffle. They also did something about the Super Bowl Shuffle on the league on FXX.

At my old apartment I had FXX but when I moved and asked them to transfer my package they said I don't have that channel all of the sudden, even though I didn't ask them to change things just transferred. I called them and I talked to a manager then I asked the manager if I can talk to his manager, so I got transferred to some guy that answered the phone like it was his personal cell phone. I told him my situation and he said will figure out if we can get this fixed, and told me there was over 80,000 packages pick from so there was no way we would get it solved. I have read about people being jerked around via comments online but I really had the channel so I wasn't worried about that, then he came back saying that I was going to have to pay 30 extra dollars for a package that had worse Internet and I have now. The only reason I got Comcast in the first place was our Internet and when I turned on the TV I started watching three channels and nothing else Comedy Central, TruTV and FXX then I started making videos about them on YouTube, and I am currently the only person on YouTube that even has a video about FXX. I can't believe that they would ask for your Social Security number and then change things asking, what is the point of asking for a Social Security number if that is the case.

A new key & Peele design that I've never seen so I'm going to watch that for a while and order something to eat.

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