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Dragon Power, even though it might not be in the English title, it is actually a Dragon Ball game. In Japan, the game is called Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo. In Europe is was only released in France, as Dragon Ball: Le Secret du Dragon in France. It was the first translated game, but contained a lot of spelling mistakes. It is similar to the Japanese version.

The American version also has different graphics, Goku doesn't exactly look like Goku, as he does in the other versions, but more like a stereotypical martial arts fighter. Also Master Roshi looks different. The names for a lot of characters are also different: Bulma is renamed “Nora”, Master Roshi is simply “Hermit”, Yamcha is renamed “Lancer”, Oolong is renamed “Pudgy”, the Kamehameha is the “Wind Wave”, the Flying Nimbus is the “Swift Cloud” and the Dragon Balls are referred to as “Crystal Balls”. They also claim to made the game after Journey to the West, and not after Dragon Ball.

It was released in 1986 in Japan, and 2 years later in Europe and America. It is the second ever Dragon Ball game, the first being Dragon Ball: Dragon Daihikyou, released on the Epoch Cassette Vision exactly two months earlier. It is however, the first Dragon Ball game produced by Bandai, famous for producing all of the Dragon Ball video games except Dragon Ball: Dragon Daihikyou.

As of today it has been added as a bonus on the Japanese version of Dragon Ball: Origins 2 for the Nintendo DS, and is playable on the Nintendo 3DS game 'J Legend Retsuden'.


You play as Goku, and when you start the game, Bulma tells you that you are going on a trip. She gives you the Dragon Radar and you're off to go. You now start in a side scrolling game, a simple land filled with enemies, which look like karate cats. You can jump using the A button and punch using the B button. When you beat the monsters, they drop some sort of bomb, and after you walk over it it will explode and items might drop, which gives you points, 'power' (health points/time), or other power ups. From time to time you will get into 2D 'boss fights', where you only see you and your enemy on the screen, the controls remain the same except you can now do jump attacks.

The story follows the first two volumes of the manga in big lines.

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Dinkleberg's experience

Well, this game is terrible. Absolutely terrible. It follows the story of Dragon Ball, which is fun, but it is so corny. The game itself doesn't even work that bad (except for some weird stuff which I talk about later), the controls are simple but do their job. The fighting is very NES-like, but nothing special. I hate that they renamed everything the American version, and thus am looking for a Japanese or French version, even though I won't be able to read it, I already know the story very well.

Other than that, the game has its weird things. There are flying birds who drop bombs, and you can jump, but you can't punch in the air (except in Boss Battles), so why can you even jump? It doesn't do you any good. Also, in the Oolong chapter (Chapter 2), you can enter a house, this house is filled with maids (?) with question marks as their head. When you punch these a couple of times, a bomb will drop, and when you walk over the bomb somebody pops up. I've had a girl pop up who seems to be in love with you (hearts all around you), and when she touches you, you take damage, from the other maid, a cloud popped up, which just flew away. What? Some of these houses have moving fires, and one of them has stairs. When you walk up you see bombs circling, and when you walk over them a cutscene pops up. You are on your flying nimbus and fly across the screen, then you end up outside the house. That's it..

I mean, I had fun playing the game, but mostly because I was so confused. I said “What?” so many times..

Boss Battle

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