Dr.Mundo Support guide

/!\ Due to the latest patch this article is now outdated and needs a rework /!\

This is a guide for a character in League of Legends.

Dr.Mundo the Madman of Zaun.

Dr.Mundo can fill either Jungle, top and can be a niche support.

This guide will cover the gameplay as a support. I'm playing Mundo as a support most of the time now as I saw the new support items for the late S3-S4. With the gold income item providing health Dr.Mundo become very good. In fact if Vayne wasn't in the game Dr.Mundo would be a top tier support.



  • Excellent itemization.
  • No mana.
  • Tanky support with some damages.


  • Healing reduction from skills, objects and summoner spells.
  • Vayne :s

Summoner spells

  • Ghost/exhaust: It is a standard combination top but I rather take teleport everytime as its potential is so huge.
  • Flash: Flash is less needed top. You will start to be really tanky after lvl 6. At some point you will be able to run away from any threat just by… running away.


  • Adrenaline Rush (passive): Dr.Mundo regenerates for 0.3% of his max HP each second.

Even if this passive synergizes with the whole kit, it's an average passive.

  • Infected Cleaver (Q): Dr.Mundo throws his cleaver forward dealing AP damages as follows: (15/18/21/13/25% of target's current health). Infected cleaver also slows the target by 40% for 2 seconds. Dr.Mundo heals himself for half the health cost on hit. Infected cleaver has a min damage threshold as follows: (80/130/180/230/280) and a max damage cap vs monsters and minions: (300/400/500/600/700). Range: 1000 Cooldown: 4. Cost: (50/60/70/80/90 health). Projectile speed: 2000.

Dr.Mundo's skillshot. As you can see it's more a rail-gun shot (like Ezreal's Q) than a ballistic one. It's your engage for the ganks. With some practice you will chain Q your enemy once you hit. In the jungle it's not super-efficient as it will often hit a lesser minion. So you better position yourself well before starting a camp. This skill can become very annoying when you master it.

  • Burning Agony (W): A toggle. Dr.Mundo deals AOE AP damages every second around himself as follows: (35/50/65/80/95 +20% AP). Burning agony also decreases crowd control effects as follows: (10/15/20/25/30%). Range: 162.5. Cooldown: 4. Cost: (10/15/20/25/30 Health per second).

This skill will help you to “harass” your enemy from melee range. It will aslo help to suffer less from his CC duration (less damages taken and less momentum).

  • Masochism (E): Dr.Mundo buffs his own AD with a base stat depending on his missing health as follows: (20/40/60/80/100 +.2/.4/.6/.8/1 per 1% of missing health). Cooldown: 7. Cost: (25/35/45/55/65 Health).

The skill that makes Dr.Mundo more than a HP sac. This is one of the best steroids in the game.

  • Sadism (R) (Ultimate): Dr.Mundo regenerates a percentage of his max hp over 12 seconds as follows: (40/50/60% of max HP). Sadism also enhances Dr.Mundo's movespeed as follows: (15/25/35%). Cooldown: 75. Cost: (20% of current Health).

You will have to activate his ultimate with a perfect timing in team fights. The lower HP you are the more DPS you will do with E. Sadism will help you to stay at your current health while fighting multiple opponents. You can also use it to chase or escape, thanks to the improved movespeed.

Skill sequence

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Q x x x x x
W x x x x x
E x x x x x
R x x x

I like to maximize Q first then W to deal more damage as you will be often at melee range.


  • The new defensive tree will suit Dr.Mundo very well. Almost everthing will help you here. Block, Unyielding and Hardiness are made to face the AD carry. Perseverence will give you a good sustain improved with Second wind after level 6.
  • I take Fleet of foot for even more movespeed as I like it on Dr.Mundo but you can go on a 0/30/0 if you want.


The rune page isn't engraved in stone either:

  • X9 hybrid penetration (marks): You can tweak it with basic magic penetration. I prefer hybrid penetration over magic penetration because i like to go at close range even in laning phase. Your are still the off tank front line later on so you will have to enhance the efficiency of your steroid (E).
  • x9 flat armor (seals): You must tank the damages for your carry.
  • X9 mr per level (glyphs): as usual.
  • X3 movement speed (Quintessences): I like some movespeed with Dr.Mundo as I have no real issue with my HPs most of the time so more of them is an overkill. You can tweak it with flat HP if you want and if you are not comfortable early.


You start the game by buying a Relic Shield (365), a HP pot (35), a ward (75) and the free totem. On your first trip to fountain you have to buy a Sight Stone (950) and boots 1 (325). Then I start building the Aegis of the Legion (1950) by a Ruby Cristal (475) and a Cloth Armor (300). Your core will be: Relic shield (365) + a Sight Stone (950) + an Aegis of the Legion (1950) + Ninja Tabi (1000)slash Mercury's treads (1200) if the enemy team is AP heavy. If you need more sustain for you and your Carry; upgrade Relic shield to Targon's Brace first (850 total). If you already do some teamfights; upgrade Aegis of the Legion to the Locket of the Iron Solari (2550 total). Then you will buy accordin to the enemy team composition. Randuin's Omen (3000) is a basic like Spirit Visage (2750) as well. You can build an a Liandry's Torment is the poking phase before the teamfight is long. It's a marginal investment most of the time. Face of the Mountain (2000) is ultra-late is it 1150 more from Targon's Brace. If your team is Ad heavy a Zeke's Herald (2450) can do it but honestly this item needs another buff. A selfish item is Sunfire Cape.

Gameplay as a support

Abuse your cleaver. You need to throw it every time you can as you will not lose health (only if your aim is really bad) even early thanks to Perseverance and the support items. Use your Runic Shield's ability any time you can, Help your AD to regulate the wave if he does't do it correctly. Trade as much as you can with Q. Target the AD try to deny him a bit. You will stay afloat around 40/50 % HPs. On level 6 you will regenerate the whole missing health then you will have an opportunity to score a kill based on the difference of your HPs and their. Manage your sustain and your regeneration that's how you can become dominant as a Dr.Mundo Support. This will work with every composition without a strong heal like Soraka. The most important bush to ward is the nearest one from your tower. You will miss less Q with the vision on it. Then dependending on your camp you can ward the tri-bush or the one in the river. You have to camp the bush near your tower if you play aggressive. You can zoom out most comps just with Q and your natural regeneration. The enemy carry will expose himself the most when he tries to score a last hit. Look out for these moments. Once you have a sightsone ward the Drake it's important. As a support you just have to ward the 4 ways out from the enemy jungle to cover everything you need.

General guidelines

As you see Dr.Mundo doesn't works like most champions. He is heavily built around health. You have no mana but you spend a portion of your own health to cast skills. The more %HP Dr.Mundo is missing the stronger he becomes. So you stake HP as much as you can. However +100 armor and MR are welcome. During team fights you will soak the most damages. Try to protect your carry with your cleaver. Once you engaged do not try to inflict damages with your cleaver; use it wisely as a slow to protect your carry from anyone trying to bother him. Outside team fights when you are facing the enemy team poke relentless with it.

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