Dr.Mundo jungle guide

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This is a guide for a character in League of Legends.

Dr.Mundo the Madman of Zaun.

Dr.Mundo can fill either Jungle, top and can be a niche support.

This guide will cover the jungle.



  • Good sustain after lvl 6
  • No mana
  • Can become unkillable


  • Healing reduction → ignite, morello, skills etc…
  • Vayne :s
  • Average speed in the jungle before lvl 6

Summoner spells

  • Smite: The mandatory spell for jungler. Smite mechanics were reworked not long ago. It's now benefic to smite right away on neutrals monsters because it's providing instant buffs as follows:
  • Gromp: Gift of the Toadstool poisons enemies when they are attacking you (creeps, neutrals and champions) dealing DOT as follows: 10+(5% bonus hps) magic damage over 3 seconds. It doesn't refresh.
  • Crimson Raptor: Razor Sharp provides free true sight for 90 seconds. It fades rapidly once a ward is spotted. Checking the brush is still mandatory (The true sight icon will pop above your head without revealing the ward until you go in. It will just indicate a ward's presence in the brush).
  • Ancient Krug (minor golems): Gift of the heavy Hands provides a 1 second stun against creeps and neutrals every 6 hits. It lasts 90 seconds. There is now some routes starting by this camp depending on champions (mostly ad and as champs; WW, Pantheon etc…)
  • Greater Murk Wolf: Smiting the main wolf will release a living ward going to the crossroads of this side of the jungle. The ward will chase every enemy penetrating the jungle and will go back to its initial position when one leaves. It lasts 95 seconds. It can't be attacked. It is useful to prevent counterjungling.
  • Blue Sentinel: Smiting it restores mana over 2 seconds for 25% of your max mana. Note: this bonus is different from the one received by killing Blue Sentinel (mana regen + CDR).
  • Red Brambleback: Will restore 20% of your max health instantly upon smiting. Note: this bonus is different from the one received by killing Red Brambleback (DOT + slow).
  • Flash: Flash is good on everyone. There is an option to switch with teleport. The more your mates aren't teamplay friendly the more flash gains value. The more you counterjungle the more Flash is valuable.
  • Teleport: You can also pick it to ninja/tele/gank bot. As a giant meatball teleport can be an alternative to flash as it can be less needed. Dr.Mundo isn't the best ganker but a good cleave can seal your ennemies fate during a telegank. Teleport gains value against flash climbing the elo.

It means having mates aware of teamplay and basic teleganks. At some point Mundo will need flash lesser often. The tightest spot will to be able escape from an enemy jungle being spoted and suffering damages. It is possible to trigger the escape if you know the stuns (from heroes in general) and if the enemy damage is less important than the time required to cast it.


  • Adrenaline Rush (passive): Dr.Mundo regenerates for 0.3% of his max HP each second.

Even if this passive synergizes with the whole kit, it's an average passive.

  • Infected Cleaver (Q): Dr.Mundo throws his cleaver forward dealing AP damages as follows: (15/17,5/20/22,5/25% of target's current health). Infected cleaver also slows the target by 40% for 2 seconds. Dr.Mundo heals himself for half the health cost on hit. Infected cleaver has a min damage threshold as follows: (80/130/180/230/280) and a max damage cap vs monsters and minions: (300/350/400/450/500). Range: 1000 Cooldown: 4. Cost: (50/60/70/80/90 health). Projectile speed: 2000.

Dr.Mundo's skillshot. As you can see it's more a rail-gun shot (like Ezreal's Q) than a ballistic one. It's your engage for the ganks. With some practice you will chain Q your enemy once you hit. In the jungle it's not super-efficient as it will often hit a lesser minion. So you better position yourself well before starting a camp. This skill can become very annoying when you master it.

  • Burning Agony (W): A toggle. Dr.Mundo deals AOE AP damages every second around himself as follows: (35/50/65/80/95 +20% AP). Burning agony also decreases crowd control effects as follows: (10/15/20/25/30%). Range: 162.5. Cooldown: 4. Cost: (10/15/20/25/30 Health per second).

This is your farming skill in the Jungle. It's quite efficient. In a team fight you can toggle it on and off when you can see a hard CC coming. On super late game you can almost let it on forever.

  • Masochism (E): Dr.Mundo buffs his own AD with a base stat depending on his missing health as follows: (20/40/60/80/100 +.2/.4/.6/.8/1 per 1% of missing health). Cooldown: 7. Cost: (25/35/45/55/65 Health).

The skill that makes Dr.Mundo more than a HP sac. This is one of the best steroids in the game.

  • Sadism (R) (Ultimate): Dr.Mundo regenerates a percentage of his max hp over 12 seconds as follows: (40/50/60% of max HP). Sadism also enhances Dr.Mundo's movespeed as follows: (15/25/35%). Cooldown: 75. Cost: (20% of current Health).

You will have to activate his ultimate with a perfect timing in team fights. The lower HP you are the more DPS you will do with E. Sadism will help you to stay at your current health while fighting multiple opponents. You can also use it to chase or escape, thanks to the improved movespeed. In the Jungle you can activate it when you are almost dead (beware of counter jungling!).

Skill sequence

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Q y x x x x x
W x x x x x
E x x y x x x
R x x x
  • One level of W is now enough early on as the lesser monsters are weaker (from previous seasons).
  • A level 3 Cleaver is possible alongside an early gank opportunity.
  • The cleaver is maxed last due to its flat movement speed debuff utility from level 1 (40% mov speed reduction for 2 secs on hit).


You don't need CDR. You calculate the optimal CDR for Dr.Mundo from his E: 100-((duration/cooldown)x100) 100-((5/7)x100)=28.57 You will reach an easy 30% CDR only from items. So you will “perma” E.

  • Cunning: 12 points.
    This tree is the complementary to the Resolve tree. So this is the place where the masteries will fit the less.
  • 5/5 Savagery: +5 dmg to minions and monsters from AA and single target spells.
    This is still a little dmg boost for Mundo.
  • 1/1 Secret Stash: 10% elixirs and potions duration + 20 instant hp on use +10 mana.
    This one is a little more interesting. At least it will fix your regeneration problems on the first clear.
  • 5/5 Merciless: +5% dmg to heroes being below 40% of their Hp.
    A bit disapointing as it wont synergise with anything.
  • 1/1 Dangerous Game: +5% hp and mana per hero kill ans assits.
    Not dangerous at all, pure bonus. Pretty efficient on Mundo.
  • Resolve: 18 points.
    This is the primary tree for this build.
  • 5/5 Unyelding: +5% bonus armor and magic resist.
    So this mastery scales with the bonus armor and resit magic gained from your items. Dpending on the enemy team Mundo will always build a mix of HP and armor/rm. Anyway the other option Recovery absolutely sucks for Mundo; 5 Points for +2hp regen every 5 secs…
  • 1/1 Though Skin: Minus 2 damages taken from heroes and monsters.
    Polyvalent mastery that remains worthy the whole game but on this raw a switch can be made with Explorer (+15 movement in brush and river) depending on your playin style.
  • 1/1 Veteran's Scare: +45 Health.
    A basic. It helps with the early game.
  • 1/1 Perseverance: +50% base health regen. Boosted to 200% when below 25% Health.
    A calculation is maybe needed on this one. It can be not as good as it seems on Mundo. A swap can be made with Insight.
  • 5/5 Legendary Guardian: +3 armor and RM for each enemy heroe.
    I prefer this one over Swiftness as Mundo is less sensitive to crowd controls with his Z. It's a real mastery for the teamfights.
  • 1/1 Strenght of the Ages. Killing a large minions or monster provides a permanent +20 HP and +10 HP up to +300 max. Once maxed siege minions provide +100 hp healing.
    The last mastery will need more testing. This one will fade late game whereas Grasp of the Undying (3% of your max health stolen from enemy heroes on the next single target attack every 4 secs.) will remain efficient. Even Bond of stone can be discussed.


The rune page is set as follows:

  • x9 flat armor (seals): I tried some + flat %hp but they are not worth even on mundo so don't buy.
  • X9 mr per level (glyphs): The usual.
  • X9 hybrid penetration (marks): Usefull on Dr.Mundo. AP is almost useless but MPen scale with cleaver and agony.
  • X3 Flat HP (Quintessences): Flat HP are good, MS too.


The build is pretty standard as a jungler: You start with Hunter's machete (350g)+ 3 HP pots (3X50g). (transmuted into 3 biscuits through secret stash mastery). + 1 warding totem (free).
On your first trip back (725 golds) you buy Hunter's Talisman (350g) + boots (325g). If you can clean at least half a cycle more you can complete Tracker's Knife (Machete + talisman + 350g).
On your next trip back you usually complete Cinder hulk through Balmi (1100g) and ninja tabi (boots 325G + cloth 300G + recipe).
The next item will be Jaurim's Fist (long sword 360g + ruby cristal 400g +recipe 450g = 1200g).
As the game goes on you will have to build according to the opponents. The Enemies are hard to chase: Frozen mallet. The enemy team is AD heavy: Randuin's omen. Your team lack DPS: Atma's Impaler etc… A luxury item is Sunfire cap.

Jungle Route

As Dr.Mundo you have several options regarding jungle path. A standard and strong opener is to start with the red camp then the wraiths, the wolves and you give the blue to your middle's mate for an early game domination. Another and more selfish path is to start with the blue and then counterjungling enemy's red. Beware in pre S4 ward system was remade and the mid player will have a free ward from the start. As bot is always warded, a competent mid will ward the other way to prevent counterjungling. Watch out for this. I usually don't start ganking with mundo before lvl 6. Your engage isn't super strong so they will escape easily. After lvl 6 you will be more successful. As your engage is a skill shot you really need to engage enemies from their back. They will have no option but to come back at you so you will throw easy cleaves. At this point you will also have the survivability if they focus you back.


URS = Upper Right Spawn
BLS = Bottom Left Spawn
ADC = Attack Damage Carry

Compared to the other junglers in general this is his “weakest” area. Dr .Mundo has no gap closer and no lock in skill to gank. The only tool to engage is a skill-shot; Infected Cleaver (Q). At least the “missile speed” is among the fastest. The slow percentage is set at level 1 already (40% for 2 secs). The cleaver as any skill shot has a learning curve which can lead to decent ganking ability. A basic ganking sequence is to come behind the target to squeeze him with your mate(s)then hitting with Q+AA+E. E is reseting the auto attack. W should be activated right before the rush in. Q can be spammed for a near perma slow. This is this phase of the game where a Frozen Mallet is optimal (and a bit less during team fights but still useful). If this is done right it will hard for the target to escape. A gank success relies on timing: Less efficient in pubs and more in premade games.
Teleport is easying the ganks at the cost of a pretty high cool down and not a great stealth component due to its casting time.
There are different approaches to ganks for every location and they are not even the same at any given location depending on your spawn. (The map isn't a pure symmetry from the river.
Starting in URS the easiest lane to gank will be the ADC lines (bottom right) because there is an additional path to back stab the enemies; the “three bush” point leading to the front of the enemy tower (so most often behind their back“. The bush is usually warded with a visible ward or free ward, so ask your mates to unward or time it before you come.

Starting in BLS the same scenario applies with the upper left lane (top). BLS benefits to a three bush leading to the front of the URS tower enabling back stab ganks. This is even the best lane to gank in theory. The path between the towers is way longer than bot and a gank will lead to a 2v1 fight instead of 3v2. In reality bruisers are at top and killing one even 2v1 can be more difficult than focusing an ADC bot even with his support around. (Also in game theory killing an ADC is more profitable than a bruiser to avoid hyper carry situations).

In both situations a more surprising gank is the telegank also called Ninja gank. It's about using Teleport (to a ward in a brush) to squeeze the enemies without them noticing you until you lend an infected cleaver at the target. To work it needs: a ward (preferably a natural ward) placed in the brush closest to the enemy tower for a maximal range of effect. This brush also needs to be unwarded first. Then the same routine applies. The perfect picture is to lend the initial Q from the brush itself so they will notice you only when it's too late. If the setup changes during your cast teleport can be cancelled by pressing the key again at the cost of a reduced cooldown.

Don't make a move without expecting a high success rate because every gank is done at the expanse of the farming so the anticipated reward should be worth the time “lost”. If you are not so confident with Dr.Mundo and/or the timing of your mates it's ok to skip the ganks and rely on later team fights secured by a good amount of jungle farming. (At least at lower ELO).

General guidelines

As you see Dr.Mundo doesn't works like most champions. He is heavily built around health. You have no mana but you spend a portion of your own health to cast skills. The more %HP Dr.Mundo is missing the stronger he becomes. So you stake HP as much as you can. However +100 armor and MR are welcome. During team fights you will soak the most damages. Try to protect your carry with your cleaver. Once you engage do not try to inflict damages with your cleaver; use it wisely as a slow to protect your carry from anyone trying to bother him. Outside team fights when you are facing the enemy team poke relentlessly with it.

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