Donald Sterling Proves That Racism Isn't Logical

If racists have been holding onto any hope that their bigoted beliefs and attitudes are going to become more accepted by society at large, the L.A. Clippers basketball team owner, Donald Sterling, has just taken the wind out of their sails. The public is rightfully incensed by recent statements he made when engaged in a conversation he thought would remain private.

One of the first things that came to the mind of this writer upon hearing the surreptitiously recorded conversation is the following question: Didn't that guy learn anything from Mel Gibson?

From now on, people in the public eye who have outrageous belief systems and who are expressing those beliefs, over the phone, in arguments to their trophy girlfriends, (whom they would never be with if they did not have the trappings of fame, power and fortune), should realize there is a good chance they are being recorded. Yes, it's possible to record someone in person, but it's usually more difficult to conceal. The fact that the person doing the recording could be caught red handed, often is enough deterrent to keep her from doing it.

It is incredibly ironic for a racist to own a professional sports team, especially an NBA franchise, because the most valuable employees that make it possible for the owner to be successful, are black. Incidentally, it can be considered racist to state the following observation, but the truth is that blacks athletes tend to genetically gifted.

That doesn't apply to all black people. From the perspective of this writer, it seems that from the genetic pool of black people, some of the best and worst genes on earth can be found.

On the negative side, there are several diseases that afflict black Americans many times more than they affect white Americans; a lot more than the other way around. The disparity can not be totally explained by social and environmental factors. It is not racist to state the scientific fact that part of the reason for the disparity is due to genetic factors. 1)

Additionally, on the negative side, while obesity is found in every subdivision of the human race, it seems to strike hardest, at least in the US, among black people. It is popular for non obese people to say that there are zero genetic factors that contribute to obesity in any of the racial subdivisions, in general, 2) that's simply not true. Genetics play a part, and many black people seem to be downright cursed in that regard.

On the other hand, many black people are likely extremely blessed with what has to be the best of the best of human genetics. The reason blacks excel at most professional sports over their white counterparts can't be explained totally by culture or environment.

At the risk of being “Jimmy The Greeked”, 3) I'm saying that most black athletes are more genetically blessed than most white athletes. Yes, they are genetically superior. No doubt, many black athletes, due to racism, feel their best shot of improving their financial lot in life is by pursuing the dream of professional sports, but their dreams are disproportionately made a reality due to their natural superiority over most white athletes.

For those who may be thinking that I'm insinuating that black athletes do not work as hard as white athletes, or any thought process of that nature, please know, that is not what I'm saying. I'm just keeping it real.

Also, it is absolutely true that a team of white all stars can compete with a team of black all stars. However, it is also true that there are a lot more of the latter than there are of the former.

The whole point of this is to state that due to this fact, Mr. Sterling's best employees, the ones that make it possible for him to be successful with his basketball operation, are always going to be predominantly black. That makes it all the more mind boggling that he would continue to maintain his disgusting attitudes about minorities.

On the recording, you can hear him state that he doesn't want his girlfriend to make it public knowledge that she associates with black people. (The unstated reason is because he believes it is a negative reflection upon himself, since people know that she and have a relationship.)

He says she can hang out with whoever she wants to, but he doesn't want her to go out of her way to let people know about it, (as in, posting pictures of herself in the company of minorities, online.) He even states that he doesn't have a problem if she has sex (“sleeps”) with black people.

To make this even more surreal, it should be noted that she is a mixture of Latin and black. Therefore, he is telling her it's okay for him to be seen in public with minorities, (since he is often seen with her at the basketball games), but that it is wrong when she does it with people who have the same color skin as she does.

She even said as much to him on the recording. His answer was that they are two different people.

Gee thanks for that observation, Sterling. She never would have known without you telling her that you two are not one in the same person. There are many pictures of the two of you in the same room Donald, so yes, there is evidence of the veracity of that statement, but one wonders what in the world it has to do with anything.

Of course, what he was stating was that their relationship was one of a double standard, and that he is the one who decides the standard, at least, if she wants to continue deriving the benefits of being the girlfriend to such and rich and powerful man. It appears as if she could no longer go on dealing with those parameters and decided to take him down with her.

It's true that many people are talking about what an unfair thing it was for her to do. The honorable thing would have been to walk away, especially since she has received almost two million dollars in gifts from the billionaire.

Some people are saying that if she even wanted to go public and seek interviews with media to talk about his racist ways, that would have been alright, but to secretly record a conversation he had every right to believe was private and then give it to TMZ was a low class thing to do that shows she is no better a person that he is.

People who feel that way are likely never going to change their opinion of her, but there are probably more people who are going to side with her and thank her for bringing this to the sensational light of day. Whatever ethics and law she may have violated, most people seem to be grateful that she took this action, even if they personally don't think much of her, as well.

Even though it is being said by people that knew him, that he could be shamelessly vocal about his racist beliefs and attitudes, he probably was never as forthcoming publicly as he was in the phone recording. Ironically, he is scheduled to receive an NAACP award in a few weeks. (Anybody want to bet those plans get scrapped?)

The very fact that he was going to be awarded by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People shows the meaningless of awards in general. The group had access to news stories and public records that showed how, as a real estate tycoon, he was fined millions of dollars for housing discrimination against minorities, yet they still chose to honor him.

The award is evidently because he has given some scholarship money to the organization. The question arises, did he do it to clean up his reputation? Was it quid pro quo? (In other words, was it pre arranged that if he would make a donation, the NAACP would give him an award?)

This world needs two rules to be enacted, starting immediately. The first is, no more pictures of what you are eating will be allowed on Facebook. The second is, no more awards. They are jokes, like, Did you hear the one where Donald Sterling got an NAACP award?

For now on, the reward for really doing something good and for being a good person, is the natural feeling that comes from really doing something good and for being a good person. If you want to give some deserving person, or group, a donation, the check has to be the normal size, as opposed to 6 feet by 2 feet, and there can be no pictures, cameras, press releases or other witnesses.

It would be awesome to be able to interview Sterling, but only if he was under the influence of an effective truth serum. Obviously, we now will never get the peek into his world that his ex girlfriend provided for us. From this point forward, we are likely only going to hear the type of things he thinks we want to hear, but it sure would be fascinating to see how his twisted mind works.

Think about it! His sugar baby girl toy is half black, yet he doesn't want her publicizing the fact that she has black friends. Nothing strange about that; right? He probably feels like having blacks comprise most of his team's roster is a necessary evil, but what evidently bothers him to no end is that black people attend his team's games.

Most racists can probably squeeze room for minorities when the minorities are giving them their money, but it really seems to look like Sterling would rather not have sell out crowds if it could keep the people of color out of the building. This guy is so racist that he doesn't even want a success story and inspiration like Magic Johnson to come and watch games, even though it can only help business to have an NBA hall of famer of his stature to be there.

On the other hand, he doesn't seem to care less if his sugar baby has sex with these same minorities that he is so offended when he sees them in the Clipper's arena. He is realistic enough to get that at 81, he isn't going to be able to be everything she wants or needs in that department. It's a shame he couldn't use some of that kind of ability to open his mind, in regard to how he views minorities.

The level of denial that is going on in this soap opera is mind boggling. In one recording, we hear Sterling tell her, “You think I'm a racist.”

She answers, “No, I don't think you're a racist.”

In the meantime, Sterling estranged wife (who would attend Clipper games sitting on the other side of the arena where Sterling would site with his mistress), released a press release distancing herself from his views and stating that she is not a racist herself. Yet, then, 24 hours later, she is having dinner in public with him, and reporters catch up to them in the parking lot, and she starts telling them that her husband is not a racist.

Yet, reporters who have gone back and looked at some of the discrimination lawsuits he lost regarding his apartment empire rentals, it turns out that Mrs. Sterling would visit tenets, identifying herself falsely as a government working. One of the main reasons for her visit was to record and report the ethnicity of each tenet. (Suddenly it's beginning to make sense that she put out a press release denying that she is racist.)

A small percentage of people in online discussions are coming to his defense. They usually couch it in terms of personally finding him disgusting, but they champion his right to free speech and free thought. Insomuch as legalities are concerned, of course, they are right. In the USA, you can't be arrested and imprisoned for being a racist piece of crap and espousing the belief system that puts you in that category.

Yet, the people who are quick to recite his rights, by and large, seem to be missing a crucial point. Yes, he has the right to be ignorant, disgusting and intolerant of minorities, but the rest of us get to be intolerant of him and his ignorant, disgusting words and attitudes. Free speech doesn't mean free or consequences.

His right to be prejudiced does not preclude our right to tear him a new one, in the court of public opinion. Of course, there are plenty of people who would love to put laws on the books that would allow the government to imprison him. Those are the people who are pushing for hate speech laws.

Hate speech laws are a slippery slope. In many countries, people are serving years in prison, often even getting worse treatment in those prisons than rapists, killers and child molesters. They are there because there are laws stating that certain types of conversations and expressions of opinions are not permitted.

In some cases people have publicly stated the fact that the numbers of Jewish people that Hitler is accused of killing have been inflated, which is actually historically proven, 4) but nonetheless, these people are spending years behind bars. In other cases, there are preachers who have read some of the verses in the Bible's book of Leviticus that are seen to be too intolerant of homosexual activity, who are also doing years in prison.

In another conversation published on this wiki, I have dealt with the ridiculousness of some Bible verses in regard to people who engage in homosexual intercourse. In Leviticus, chapter 20, it calls for their public execution. I ask Christians who oppose gay marriage on the grounds that the Bible says that gay sex is a sin, why they are not trying to make gay sex a capital crime, if they truly believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible and that God doesn't change, yesterday, today and forever.

As much as I disagree with fundamentalist Christians on the self asserted right to deny a minority group of people equality under the law, I would be mortified to see hate speech laws enacted in the United States, like they have in Canada and various European nations, that would give the government the right to imprison people who publicly read those kinds of Bible verses. I don't agree with most of what real holocaust deniers say, but the United States was founded on the principle of allowing people to express unpopular opinions. By the way, though, many people who have been charged with holocaust denial, aren't even denying the holocaust as a whole.

They are stating that a lot of the information we've been told regarding the holocaust is not true. They are serving time in prison for stating facts like Stalin killed more Christians than Hitler killed Jewish people. However, my point is, even if someone wants to lie and state that Hitler never killed a single person of Jewish descent in his life, they should not have their freedom taken away. Any country that puts people in jail for being inaccurate about historical events is well on it's way into tyranny, if it is yet to get there.

Of course, a country could be well into tyranny even if it has yet to enact such hate speech laws. The United States is a perfect example of that. There is likely not a single day that goes by in the USA that some so-called peace officer doesn't murder, or at least, use deadly force upon, a citizen in an act that is in no way self defense. In almost every instance, the officer or officers involved are supported by their police chiefs as acting within department policies.

Police brutality is just one of many signs that a nation has crossed the line into tyranny. The US has crossed that line years ago. It would only make things worse to create laws that could be used upon the likes of Donald Sterling to take his freedom away. The free speech guarantees that our forefathers enumerated in the Constitution were not for people making popular speech.

Popular speech is usually not needed to be protected. It is unpopular speech that needs protection, so the people defending Sterling on those grounds are right on that principle. They are wrong if they are basically telling those who strongly disagree with Sterling that they should not use their free speech rights to publicly state their disgust with Sterling, though.

The NBA came down swift and hard on Sterling, banning him for life and fining him 2.5 million dollars, the most they are allowed in the internal bylaws. He is said to be banned for life, yet as the owner, he stills gain the fiscal profits. When the other team owner votes, they can ostensibly force him to sell if 75% vote for it, but Sterling is a lawyer and he knows how to work the legal system. At 81, he may be fighting the ruling in court, and thus remain the owner.

On the other hand, who is to say that the level of peer and public pressure won't inspire him to have some significant personal shifts? Ex NBA player Tim Hardaway made a public statement about hating gay people. As you can imagine, and may recall, the public pressure was so severe, Hardaway went on record claiming ignorance that his attitude was so hurtful, but seeking forgiveness for being so offensive.

He then waged a personal program of sensitivity training and broadening his horizons, that left many of his biggest detractors speechless. Indeed many of them became supporters of Hardaway. Naturally, plenty of people still doubt his sincerity, but most of them tend to find, at least, partial victory, in what they believe are his insincere attempts to show contriteness.

Only time will tell if the old dog that is Donald Sterling can learn a new trick or if he can be persuaded to leave the NBA.

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