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From autumn to the end of winter


This is a guide aimed at helping the player surviving his first winter. Disclaimer: The game should be played several hours before reading this one because it can deteriorate the game experience by disclosing too much. As don't Starve is classified either as a “Rogue” or survival game; any death is permanent (even if there is some respawn options as we will see). There is many way to die from this game and the die and retry mechanism is a plain part of it. At least two prominent deaths will be spoiled here and also be part of the structure of this guide: An unprepared night leads to a certain death. An unprepared winter leads to a certain death. The game will be set at autumn till the last day of winter. Autumn is the “easiest” season in the game and winter is considered easier than summer. Another guide will cover those two for a full year cycle.

Set up

Mode: single player
Reign of Giants: on
World: default + autumn as a starting season.
Character: any

general points

In this game planning brings success at surviving. There will be always two time lapse to think about: day by day survival and long term survival. The day by day survival is for the most part covered by monitoring the three gauges for every character:

  • Life: Life is lost by receiving damage from monsters for the most part. Freezing is also an important matter during winter as the life drain triggered while freezing doesn't allow much additional survival time. There is many way to recovers it especially specific healing items and food.
  • Sanity: Sanity is lost by either being awake during the dusk, the night and being too far from a light source in these periods. A Close encounter with monster (aka fighting at close combat range) also decreases the sanity gauge over time (insanity aura). There are some items allowing the character to recover sanity over time (hats) and some way to recover it instantly: crafting a new recipe, picking up flowers or eating specific food among others things that will be covered.
  • Hunger: Hunger will decrease by not eating (orly). Finding and later farming food is a daily concern and kinda the core of the game (guess the title). There are different approaches at feeding the character over time. One key is the crock pot allowing cooking with several ingredients bringing unique recipes for enhanced effects most of the time. Also a 0 Hunger gauge will start draining the life gauge pretty quick.

There is also an additional and occasional gauge.

  • Wetness. It appears when it's raining. It will normally doesn't matter a lot during autumn (but it matters a lot during spring). And during the winter it's mostly snowing and it doesn't trigger the gauge. This gauge is kinda special as it will mostly impact other gauges especially sanity and life. It's also affects items directly. If the gauge climbs up too high the player will lose sanity and also start freezing which will lead to a HP drain if it's too much. There are items to prevent wetness such as pretty parasol or umbrella (main hand) or a Rain hat (head). Beside the Gardland every hat provides a little protection against rain. There is also the rain Coat (chest) for full protection but I'm always wearing the backpack as main chest. Natural elements like trees are also reducing the effect of the wetness gauge but not nullifying it alone. Crafted element like Firepit and Firecamp will also reduce the wetness till the character is dried, if he his is wearing wetness clothes already. Example an umbrella is nullifying the wetness gauge increment by itself and being near a fire camp will make the character dry pretty quickly if he was wet. Once the character is dry the gauge disappears till the next unprepared rain on his head.

Note: WX-78 is affected directly by rain that makes him losing HP overtime.


The map is made of several biomes with distinctive resources and fauna. The overall map is generated semi-randomly as for the biomes. But there are some items which will be found only in a particular biome or will have a higher chance to be found in those.
Ex: The Glommer's Statue can only be found in the Deviduous Forest (the one with many birchnut trees and Catcoons). The Chester's stick has a pretty high chance to be found in the “ponds” biome or near a route. There are friendly biomes like the one you will always spawn in: Grasslands or more hostile ones like Marsh. There is also usually 3 entry points to the caves on the map with its own biomes inside. It's materialized with a specific dark rock to dig. In the caves there is another entry point to the Ruins even deeper materialized by a Thessonite rock.
There is also the adventure mode leading to a complete new and specific map. The guide will focus on the first 35-36 days of gameplays covering the general map and the caves a bit.


Never missclick again by not clicking on stuff at all! The beginner will use the mouse a lot to ensure actions. It will work while not being in an emergency situation otherwise it may leads into errors then death. There are two useful controls to automate your actions.

  • Space bar: for most actions in game like picking up chopping with an axe equipped, mining with a pickaxe or any other action with a collecting item equipped. By maintaining the bar pressed the action will go on till it's finished (chopping a whole tree in one go). Furthermore if there is another action to do in a restricted area the character will hop to the next one like chopping multiple trees or switch to pick up flower, sapling etc… Almost anything that can be clicked can be replaced with the space bar. The worm holes are one of the few things that still need a click on it to work (cost me one life trying to escape from the hounds).
  • F to fight. Clicking to the mob's direction the pressing F will lock the target. Then a “hit and run” style can be done by clicking away. On this particular point every mob in the game has a recovery rate between two attacks. The number of attacks one can lend between the next swing from a mob is fixed as every weapon has the same attack speed. The amount of hits needed to take a monster down varies from character to character as most of them have damage multipliers. And it also depends on the weapon equipped. So for each character tests can be made using a log suit or football helmet + log suit. Then once the refresh rate of monster is known a hit and run fighting style with only a back pack is allowed (meaning receiving no damage from the monster by avoiding every attack).

Example: A spider can be “perma locked” meaning once it's attacked it won't be able to counter attack ever if the character chains blow. A Beefallo can be hit five times before striking back. A Tentacle can be hit once safely or twice with close timing. A hound can be hit two times etc… Gaining experience in the hit and run still allows the character to only wear the backpack and never switch to a log suit. Anyway a Football Helmet already negates 80% of incoming damages.

  • 1-9 on the keyboard are automatically addressed as short keys for the items in the main inventory from left to right.

Overall directions and thinking process

A game plan is needed to pass through the winter roughly 35-37 days. My first winter was a near instant death not knowing what happened. I made it through the second one but feeling miserable all the way. The third one was planned from day 1 and made it easy. First as an overall point there is no sleeping simulation in the game. The character can't even sleep naturally without crafted items! The thing that comes close is sanity management. In fact a character can and should be awake 24/7 doing stuff or routine even during the night. It leads to the need of portable light sources and sanity recovery items.
Beside the Gardland a top hat (X6 spider silk) will keep the sanity in check for the most part. The recovery of it during daylight will compensate the smaller loss during dusk and night even when the winter is near and days are heavily weighted through dusk and night. Sanity fixes will also be used like crafting new recipe from the science or alchemy machine (+15 sanity), by picking up flowers (+5) or eating cooked green mushroom (+15). It will also compensate the use of the miner hat switched from the top hat.
As said the daylight will only reduce from the start of the game as the season cycle is simulated meaning the value of the portative light source is increasing even more till and through the winter. Once both Miner Hat and the Lantern are crafted it will allow the player to almost do anything he can do during daylight for no down time at the cost of a little greater sanity drain.
The fauna also have a day/night cycle. The spiders are coming out at dusk while the Pigmen are going back their house.

The backpack build is covering most cases:

  • Upper line from left to right, autumn: 1 Daylight working/exploring (BP + top hat or upgrade to Tam'o Shanter). 2 Daylight fighting (BP + Football Helmet).3 Night working/exploring. (BP+ Miner's hat)
  • Lower line from left to right, winter: 1 Daylight working/exploring (BP + Beefalo hat). 2 Night exploration (BP + Lantern) 3 Night working (BP+Lantern on the ground switch turned on).

Autumn night fighting can be done with a switch from backpack to a log suit. Winter night fighting is not covered and should be avoided (or a switch from backpack to puffy vest will be needed). Or a Lantern on the ground turned On and “wearing” mastered skills or armor.

The characters

There is different characters to play the game most of them need to be unlocked which can be done with little to no effort in most case. Most of them beside the default character have perks and drawbacks.The default and the main character for the scenario is Wilson.

  • Wilson

Stats: 150 HP 150 Hunger 200 Sanity.
requirements: Available from the start.
_Grows a Manificient Beard.
Drawbacks:\ _None.

The perk sounds ridiculus but is useful in two cases. A fully grown Beard allow an insulation factor of 135 (the equivalent of a winter hat.) It's perfect for the beginners as the cold during the winter can be difficult to deal with. A fully grown beard is up after 15 days (winter coming after 20 days usually). If shaved using a Razor the Beard provides Beard hair used to craft the meat effigy. The Beard hair is a very rare ressource for the other characters under normal circumstances as they are not shaving. The meat effigy is a ressurection item like tomb stone that cost a permanent loss of life when used. I never do the Meat effigy as I think it is contraty to the main goal of the game.

  • Meat Effigy

From the Magic Tab.
Requirements: The Prestihatitator.
Materials: X4 Boards X4 Cooked Meat X4 Beard Hair.

Wilson is the perfect character to go through the first games. He has no drawback relative good perk and also Huge gauges. 150Hp 150Hunger and especially 200 Sanity are all around good stats. The sanity must be more difficult than other to keep in “check” as a new comer to this game.

  • Willow

Stats: 150 HP 150 Hunger 120 Sanity
Requirements: 160 XP
_Has a Lighter from the start as special item.
_Is immune to fire damage.
_Regains Sanity faster near fire.


If we take Wilson as a reference her Sanity gauge is a downside. There is also a bad synergy with her natural drawback Pyromania. If she fall below 60 sanity she will start lighting on fire random stuff (especially the inflamable base camp…) Even if the lighter is unequipped. To counterbalance this she regenarates sanity faster near any kind of fire. She is also immune to fire damage wich is good almost only against the Giant from the summer which wont be discussed in this guide.
The lighter is a starting item found in her inventory allowing a perpetual source of light with a smal radius around her. It can also light things on fire like the torch. Willos is potentially immune to Charlie the monster that come during the night if the character isn't near a light source.

I didn't played her much as I didn't find her perks and drawback very interesting. It's all about keeping sanity in check at any moment so she will need stuff like cooked green mushrom to be set.

  • Wolfgang

Stats: 150-300 HP 300 Hunger 200 Sanity.
Damage Multiplier: .5X to 2X
Hunger Multiplier: 0 to -200%
Sanity Multiplier: -10%
Speed Multiplier : .9X to 1.25X
Requirement: 320 XP



Wolfgang is a far more interresting character as some special mechanics are applied to him. Basically Wolfgang will turn into a strongman or weak man depending on his Hunger gauge. The more he is fed the stronger he becomes. THe most impressive point will be the damage multiplier up to X2 (compared to Wilson 1X as reference) that will allow one shoting mobs like spiders with a Tentacle spike. The more Wlfgang is close to 300 Hunger the faster the gauge is emptying. At 300 Hunger a -200% hunger multiplier is apply decreasing as the gauge decrease. Under 100 Hunger Wolfgang turn into a wimp form being slower .9X speed hitting softer down to .5X. This form can be chosen as a way to save ressources in some way so it can be seen as not a drawback at all. The other important point is a maximum HP reduction will Wolfgang turns into a wimpy form. The player should keep an eye of this (from 200 to 150). As this guide is solving the Hunger probleme efficiently playing Wolfgang is quite easy.

The only real drawback of Wolfgang is Nictophobia which drains 10% additional sanity during the night and also from monsters with an insanity aura (all of them).

As we see Wolfgang can be a powerhouse compared to Wilson through his hungerm management. He has Bigger gauges, can hit harder and can move faster. His draw back only requires to be more careful with the sanity.

There is an item that can nullify most of the Wolfgang fast decreasing hunger gauge:

  • Belt of Hunger

From the Magic tab
Requirements: Shadow Manipulator
Materials: X6 Slurper Pelt X2 Nightmare Fuel X2 Rope.
Perk: 40% Hunger loss reduction.

This is an high end item using the Chest slot. This guide is revolving around the use of the Back Pack for more inventory slots. Replacing the Back Pack by this can be mitigated when Chester is fund (more about all of this below).

  • Wendy

Requirement: 640 XP
Stats: 150 HP 150 Hunger 200 Sanity
Damage Multiplier: .75X
Sanity Modifier: -25%

_Abigail's Flower
_Sanity Modifier

_Damage Modifier.

Compared to Wilson Wendy has the same stats but lose sanity 25% slower and hit 25% softer. The drawback is counterbalanced (in some case in a big way) by her perk: Abigail's flower. Abigail is Wendy's dead sister returning to her in a ghost form. From the start of the game Wendy has Abigail's flower in her inventory but it will need to flourish in order to summon Abigail. The flower blooms after 2-4 days. When it is mature Wendy need to put it on the ground and to kill any mob then Abigail will appears making the flower disapearing from the ground. If Abigail “dies” (dismissed) she turn back into her flower bulb on the ground ready to be picked up. If Abigail's flower is lost for whatever reason (it shown on the map when it's on the ground). Going to the Caves will generate a flower back. saving and launching the game also. Once summoned Abigail follows Wendy. She emoits a slight light radius but it can't be abused as Wendy can't geet to close to the ghost. Abigail will engage anything Wendy attacks. Abigail has an AOE (Area of effect) attack around her that is perfect to stun lock multiple spiders and to fight bees. Abigail power even grow as it turn darker. Abigail doesn't retreat on herself if needed; Wendy will need to step back for a pretty good distance until Abigail disengage the target and return to Wendy. Abigails has quite some HP but isn't a pure tank. She can't fight a Tentacle alone and will be dissmissed if left without help. She usually keeps the aggro. An animation is shown when Abigail is low hp (sad eyes). She regenerates her HP quite fast.

  • Abigail

Requirement: Mature Abigail's flower.
Stats: 600Hp no Hunger no Sanity.
Attack Period : 1.5.
Damage: 10 at Day 20 at Dusk 40 during the night.
Special: AOE attack

So I always liked heroes that require more micro-management in any given game containing multiple class choices. Like The Lone druid, Keeper of light or Furion in DOTA or the Hunter in WOW. As a game design choice Abigail isn't fully manageable. I can understand it that's not the philosohy of the game but Wendy is still my favorite character. The drawback of Abigail is thats we are unable to disengage her through a keyboard shortkey but again it was certainly done on purpose. So Wendy will need to run away and take care about this if another 2-4 days cooldown in unwanted. As shown in the stats Abigail has quite a lot of hp and is hurting really bad during the night. That makes Wendy the perfect character to farm spider and bees really fast. Abigail really overcompensate Wendy's weakness in most case as she will hit like 10 spiders at the same time. Abigail costs 50 sanity on cast.
The other perk from Wendy is her big sanity gauge and her lower sanity drains that elects her to be the best candidate to set a permanent base in the caves.

  • WX-78

Requirement:960 XP
Stats: 100-400 HP 100-200 Hunger 100-300 Sanity
Speed: 1-1.5X

_Upgradable through Gears.
_Can eat stale and spoiled food.
_Powered by lightning.

_Damaged by rain.

The base stats are low compared to the other characters but can be upgraded with Gears setting WX above everyone else. Each gear upgrade the 3 base stats as follows : +20 HP +7 Hunger +14 Sanity. WX is fully upgraded after 15 Gears eaten. This is quite crucial to find a Chess patch early in the game to upgrade WX. WX can also eat stale and spoiled food without penalties. It enables WX to travel with large quantities of food without carrying about it. The last perk is the most impressive but won't happen often during the autumn (much more durinf spring). WX is turbocharged by lightning strikes. On hit WX will lose 33 sanity but regain 100 HP. WX will travel 50% faster and will emit light this status is called System Overload and is displayed on screen when it happens. It lasts approximately 1 day.
The drawback isn't that bad during autumn as it rains rarely (but much more important during spring as one of the first items needed for WX will be an Umbrella and a Hat). WX is damaged by rain overtime. He will lose .5HP every 3 seconds wich can become rapidly nnoying especially if he is not upgraded yet. This drawback also has its own perk (…) as WX will emit a spark when he is damaged by rain.
Overall WX is a good choice to start the game at Autumn. The drawback will happen rarely (but also the System Overload buff) and when the spring comes WX will have enough stuff and upgrades to take some minor damage from the rain and profit fully from the System Overload especially the big speed buff that looks even more insane with a Walking Cane. It can be considered the characted that “scales” with the timeframe of this guide.

  • Wickerbottom

Requirement: 1280 XP
Stats: 150 HP 150 Hunger 250 Sanity

_Self publishes books.
_Doesn't need to build the Science Machine.

_Can't sleep
_Has additional maluses eating stalled and spoiled food.

Wickerbottom has her own special tab called the Book tab. This is unique items she can craft for her own use. The list is as follows:

_Birds of the world: Summon 20-30 Birds sourrounding Wickerbottom.
Requirement: Available from the start.
Materials: X2 Papyrus X2 eggs
Uses: 3

_Applied Horticulture: Grow plants around Wickerbottom to the next step.
Requirement: Available from the start.
Materials: X2 Papyrus X1 Seed X1 Manure.
Uses: 5
Cost: 33 Sanity.

_Sleepytime Stories: Put all mobs sourounding Wickerbottom into sleep.
Requirement: The prestihatitator.
Materials: X2 papyrus X2 Nightmare Fuel.
Uses: 5
Cost: 33 Sanity.

_On Tentacles: Summons 3 Tentacles around Wickerbottom.

_The End is Nigh: Summons 16 Lighning strikes around Wickerbottom.

To profit fully from her main perk “Self publishes books” ther is several adjustments needed to her overall gameplay. As we see every book needs Papyrus as a base material to be crafted. X1 Papyrus is obtained by refining X4 Reeds. Unlike the Twigs the grass or most growing natural stuff Reeds can't be dug with a showel to be replanted elswhere. So Wickerbottom will need to set her main camp near or in a decent sized Swamp to farm the Reeds for her book. Somme books looks useless at first glance but combining Birds of the world and Sleepytime Storie already solve the Hunger Problem. Wickerbottom has the highest Sanity gauge but will need good management as any instance of casting an effect from her book is cost sanity is costing between 33-55 sanity. Her other perk is “Knows many things” as she doesn't need to build the Science Machine at all to profit from all the recipes. This means no need to go after the “Quest for the first golden nugget” (see below). It's a time saver and it is also in itself tweaking her gameplay from the start. Wickerbottom can craft a Back Pack as soon as she has the mats and also a showel. This is the early important items. As she will try to find the Swamps she will gather and dig any kind of stuff to replant it into her main camp (grass tuff, berry bush, Sapling etc). By combining those two perks Wickerbottom will be able to set a base with a plant farm rapidly and grow stuff faster through Applied Horticulture if needed. On Tentacle can be used to farm monster meat or obtain some tentacle Spikes and Skins. Most of the time it can be used as a trap like the toothtrap setup or like an easy means to set a farm by replacing Rabbit hutches (see below) with those tentacles.

First day: gathering materials and preparation for the first night

Check list:
Flowers: 12 into a Garland for early sanity recovery.
Grass: at least 6. 3 to make the first Campfire and another sample for the next one.
Wood: at least 5. Same thing here 2 for Campfire X2 plus 1 more to feed the fire during the first night.
Twigs: at least 3. 1 to craft an axe 2 to craft a pickaxe. Flint: at least 3. Complement for axe and pickaxe. Food: at least 10.

Spawning on the Grasslands there will almost always be flowers right around the character. Carrots can be picked up right away alongside berries from berry bushes. Chopping grown birchnut trees will provides 2 birchnuts (must be cooked). As a first winter planning the player can let the carrots on the ground. As it's not “respawning” or growing again unlike most food. Once a twig and a flint are gathered craft the axe to chop trees. Alongside picking grass it will enable the craft of the campfire making the first night safe. The Campfire can be “stored” in the crafting bar instead of the inventory (and it can't be put in). So always have a fire camp ready at any given time it takes no room (left click to craft then right click to cancel and store).
This is the minimal setup for surviving the first day. Complementary actions are gathering 12 flowers to make a Gardland and start gathering stone with the pickaxe (2twigs+2flints). Gather enough to store another Campfire once the first one is set on the ground for the night. Better be safe than sorry (and dead).

First night: Some materials were gathered, camp fire is set near trees to be active during the night, next one is stored and Gardland is preventing sanity loss over times(not fully).

Day 2-7: finding the right spot to set the primary camp

Finding a good spot for the primary camp requires some experience and once it's set and developed it will be a bit of a waste of time and resources (a hammer can redeem some) to go somewhere else. So here are the shortcuts:

  • Future sight spot:

The most profitable activity that can be done during winter is to hunt Mactusk to obtain material required to craft the most useful item in the game and to obtain another top tier item in its category.
_Walrus Tusk; needed to craft the walking cane one of the best item in the game only second to its upgrade: The Lazy Explorer.
The walking Cane is an indestructible low damage item but giving a +25% travel speed which will change character's life.
_Tam o' Shanter: The best hat for sanity regeneration and a tier 2 warm clothing (like winter hat) It can't be crafted other way but can be repaired using a sewing kit.
Mac Tusk alongside his hunting party will respawn several times during winter and even if a “farm” (MOTL) can be setup, a primary camp close to its Igloo will save again time and resources. Then the player will greatly enhance his gaming experience with those two items for the next season or next year.

  • Overall good spots:

Traveling the map to find a spot is done at risk. Every day that pass with an unset camp may leads to a difficult winter. The default map is pretty huge and is likely to not be fully explored on the first two seasons. There is good but not perfect spots that should be taken on sight.

_The natural farm.
There is a natural farm on each map that can be found in pretty much every biome. This is a solid place to set the base as it provides: twigs, carrots, grass turfs, a free fork and 3 basic farms.

How it looks like

_ Spots with mixed elements:
There is some spots combining either materials fauna or structure easing the daily survival:
They need a little bit more of experience as it's about the right amount of gathered good places and resources.

Example of an overall good spot: Next to grasslands, in between three roads (circles) near worm holes (blue arrows) both to make traveling easier, close to touchstone (red arrow north) and caves' entry (red black arrow south-west). The Savana biome contains Beefalos (rectangle). The closest spider den was brought here but the natural one isn't far away (yellow arrows).

As an additional note on this game; traveling on any kind of route, from the trail to the paved road is enhancing movement speed. The “better” the road is the faster the character can walk on it.

The quest for the first gold nugget

The Science Machine is the base structure of the permanent camp. It requires X4 logs X4 stone and X1 golden nugget which can be difficult to find from the start. There are several ways to obtain one or many. The boulders with gold veins loot golden nuggets once mined. They can be found in the rocky biome in abundance. But it can be itself hard to find. The other biome with many gold boulders is the Desert but it will be always kept by hounds. An occasional gold boulder can be found at the far end of a map especially on the Deciduous Forest or the Forest. The graveyard is also a particular biome often fund only as a 1 of per map. There are gold nuggets are lying on the ground but the tombs can also be dug to find useless items at first sight (hardened rubbers, robot toy, buttons etc…). This action requires a shovel. Then it can be traded to the Pig King against gold nuggets in a varying amount. So finding a rocky or Graveyard biome then trying the luck on the far ends of map must be enough. Gold nugget can also be found underground either through mining or picking it from ground after an earthquake. At the beginning of the game it's barely unreachable as special equipment will be required and crafter from the science machine (Miner Hat especially).

1 The Graveyard with gold nugget on the ground and junk dug from a grave. 2 The occasional gold vein at the far end of the map.
3 The Rocky biome: Abundant and safe to mine gold veins. 4 The Desert biome: Abundant and unsafe to mine (at first) gold veins.

Trading junk to the Pig King for gold nuggets. (Certainly a criticism of the first settlers trading shit against gold to natives in the new world :x)

Building the camp

The science machine is the structure allowing the character to gain access to many useful recipes either items or additional more advanced structures. As any structure it can be stored as a 1 of in the “crafting tab” on the left on the screen (it contains 12 categories). Once crafted, right click to cancel instead of left click to set on the ground. Then the icon in the bar will turn blue indicating a stored item here. In don't Starve a structure is anything that can't be picked up once put on the ground. The science machine is a structure the alchemy machine is one but the Campfire is also a structure. Everything else once crafted goes into the inventory.

When the science machine is set numerous exclamation marks will appear in the crafting tab meaning new recipes being able. Those marks will appear only if the materials needed to craft are already owned by the character either in his inventory or backpack. (not in Chester not in a chest and not lying on the ground). Once crafted a new recipe from the Science machine is learned and the character can craft them again anywhere. Whereas most advanced building machines like the Alchemy Engine will require the character proximity anytime something is crafted (indicated as a requirement). Here is a list of things to do first.

  • Refining raw materials.

Some raw items can be refined as intermediate components for more advanced structures or tools. Must be done right away as the first instance will be learned and can be crafted again anywhere. From the refine tab.

4 Logs will be turned into a plank.
3 Stones will be turned into one cut stone.
3 grasses will be turned into a rope.

Those three are pretty much all it is needed at the early stage of the game then will come the papyrus from 4 Reeds and that's will be pretty much it for a long times.
Those items take room into the inventory and are not really needed in the everyday exploration. So they can be laid on the ground or if a clean camp is appreciated from the player they can be put into a chest crafted from 3 boards with the help of the science machine. It contains 9 inventory slots.

  • The Back Pack:

From the Survival tab.
Requirements: The Science Machine.
Mats: X4 grass X4 twigs .

It allows 9 additional inventory slot and it’s mandatory as the primary inventory will be full even in the early days.
In this game the character has 3 slots outside its primary inventory:
_Main hand for tools and weapons.
_Head for hats.
_Chest for clothing and armors. The Backpack goes there.

Of course those three slots can only yield 1 item at the time (a log suit will replace the back pack, a Miner Hat will replace a Gardland).

For obvious game design reasons a filled backpack can't be stored in the inventory, a chest or another backpack.

  • Crafting numerous tools:
  • 1 The shovel.

From the Tools tab.
Requirements: The Science Machine.
Mats: X2 Twigs X2 Flints. The shovel allows digging the ground to extract additional or specific items. As it was covered it can dig the graves. But it can also dig almost every plant to displace them and create a “farm”.

Berry bush will loot a berry (if able) and the plant with a shovel. It can be replanted somewhere else. Same goes for grass and twigs. Grass and Berry bush will need fertilization once replanted whereas sapling from twigs will grow again naturally.

1 A double Berry Bush plant (harvested). A Grass and sapling plants (also harvested).
During the autumn season and once fertilized the plants will grow and can be harvested multiple times till the winter where they won't grow anymore till spring.

Easy to find fertilizers are: Manure from Beefalo “looted naturally” or from Pigmen (feeding them with a vegetable is needed first). Guano from bats which can be found in the cave or at the cave's entry points once as the bats go outside at dusk. Rot: the final form of food if left alone too much time. Berry Bush should be harvested at dusk or night because during daylight it is likely to spawn a Gobbler that will eat berries at a rapid path in front of the character (can be hunted). At dusk the Gobbler will still spawn but will go immediately in another bush hiding from the character. At night it won't appear at all.

  • 2 The Fire pit.

From the light tab.
Requirement: None.
Mats: X2 Logs X12 Rocks.
It doesn't even need the Science Machine but will be the core of the camp. It's the upgrade from the Campfire. The Campfire will die leaving ashes whereas the Firepit can be refueled anytime with logs once extinct. Also a Firepit fueled at its maximal capacity stay safe unlike a CampFire which can set near stuff on fire (RIP backpack laid on the ground too close). The fire can't propagate to structures from a firepit.
Both firecamp and Firepit will prevent the character from freezing during the heart of the winter even without wearing any warming clothes (need to stay close to it ofc) .

  • 3 The Torch.

From the Light tab.
Requirements: None.
Mats: X2 grass X2 twigs.
In fact it can be done on day 1 as it doesn't require the Science Machine. It's the first portative source of light for emergency situations mostly, like when it's needed to run away from the campfire at night (this is a mistake the main camp must be safe). It can also light things on fire. It will go from the inventory to the main hand slot unlike the Miner's Hat. The torch will be needed fairly early to gather materials for the Crock Pot which need 6 Charcoal. Charcoal will be obtained by setting trees on fire and harvested with the axe once burnt. The torch also turn little objects like flowers grass logs etc into ashes. Ashes are also needed early to craft the healing salve (main source of instant heal early).

  • X PitchFork and Razor.

From the Tools Tabs.
Requirements: The Science Machine.
X2 Twigs X2 FLints (for both).
It's already quite luxury items at this stage.
_The pitch fork allows to dig turfs directly from the ground. Every type of biome has it. It can be useful as a cheap fire fuel. It's also meant to convert certain type of biome as viable ones. Plants can't be set on the Rocky Biome until the area is dug. The same goes for the Marshes.
_The razor is used by Wilson to cut his beard or by anyone else to shave beefalos to obtain Beefalo Wool (only do this while they are asleep).

In the end it's better to not craft those items right away as they ain't needed in a hurry and will provide a sanity boost if needed later.

  • 4 The bug net.

From the Survival tab
Requirement: The Science Machine.
Mats: X2 spider silk X4 twigs and X1 rope.
It's used to capture bugs such as: Butterfly, bees, fireflies or even mosquitos.
The primary use of the bug net on this guide will be about capturing fireflies to craft the Miner's Hat. Fireflies are found during the night especially in the Forest, the grassland and the Desciduous Forest (and few other spot less often). The fireflies are not visible during the day but are a requirement to craft the first real portative light source How to dow ? Either by switching from the torch to the bug net on sight and swtching back to the torch at a rapid path to avoid the night monster (Called Charlie). Or by doing an approach with the torch and setting a firecamp to do it safely or… By capturing them during the daylight while they are invisible but still there ! Thanks to pressing the spacebar. In fact going in the deciduous Forest and pressing the space bar at random location (or a bit less random with experience) will allow moderate succes at capturing invisible fireflies. The deciduous is the biome with the biggest concentration but can be done in other place obviously like the evergreen forest or Grassland.

  • Special: The hammer.

From the tools tab.
Requirements: None.
Mats: X6 grasses X3 rocks X3 twigs.

The hammer is tagged as a deconstruction item. It can smash existing structures and redeem some mats from them. example from a Science machine the gold nugget + half the other mats will be redeemed. It's usefull to save rare components such as gold nugget or gears as most of the time they will be fully able again. Otherwise it 50% of the mats usually.
The graetest perk from the hammer is to deconstruct already existing strucutures looting “free” materials. Such has Pig House Rabbit Hutch any kind of wall etc. Oddly enough an inhabitant will not care if his house is detroyed and will trigger no change in its behaviour. There is also three other less known uses for the hammer. It can smash skeletons for specific mats, Moleworms as it will them down only (reference to the famous game whack-a-mole). Living Moleworms will be used as mats for specifics items (or slayed later for food). Finally it is used to hammer Pigmen head on a pick (4 are sourounding every touchstone) or Merm Head on a pick. Boith specific “structures” will loot an additional Nightmare fuel if hammered during a full moon.

  • Special: Finding Chester.

Chester is a personal living chest following the character. It contains 9 slots.
Chester will join the character once the last pick up the Eye Bone wich is kinda like Chester's control. It's stored in the character's iventory and Chester will follow it more than the character. If it is dropped on the ground Chester will stay near it.
Chester has numerous uses beside storing items only.
It can be used as a tank and will keep the focus a bit and has a large pool of health points and regenerates them quickly. If Chester “dies” it will loot the items stored in it and the Eye from the Eye Bone will shut down for several days, being the equivalent of Chester's respawning time.
The stored items in Chester won't affect the player. A Thermal Stone won't work but it also works for negative effects. Any meat stored in Chester won't trigger the agressvive state from the Bunnymen. The character can even feed himself by right clicking on it from Chester with a Bunnyman around. Chester can also be turned into a portative fridge by puting 9 gems (1 per slot) in its inventory during a full moon.
The same goes for 3 additional slots by putting 9 Nightmare Fuels in it during a full moon, albeit only 1 upgrade can be done.
The Eye Bone (spawning Chester) can be found with a decent rate in the “ponds” biomes or alongside a Paved Road (up to 1 screen aside). There is always 1 Eye Bone per map.

A Lucky day 1 find.

Building more structures

  • The Lightning Rod.

From the Science tab.
Requirements: The Science Machine.
Mats: X1 Cut Stone X4 Gold Nugget.

As an introduction on weather and game design: The lightning will never strike offscreen even if it can be heard far away through a sound animation. The character will never witness the effects of an offscreen lightning strike suchs as a burning forest. The lightning will always strike on screen. A ligthing strike in a main base or any kind of base while the character is in it leads to a fire disaster. The ligthning rod is a must. It's not raining much during the autumn but lightning strikes can happen. As said previously if it happens when the Rod isn't crafted yet the character should run away from his camp to prevent an on screen strike. Once build the Lighning Rod will capture every strikes. Once stroke it emits a bit of light and specific sound.
More on lightning strikes. The character can be struck by lightning. It will only deal a bit of damage to most character. WX-78 is charged by lightning he will regain most of his health points, lose some sanity and will gain a travel speed boost about +50%. WX-78 is also damages by rain over time.

Day 7-8 The Alchemy Engine

  • The Alchemy Engine

From the science tab:
Requirement : The Science Machine
Materials: X4 Boards X2 Cut Stone X2 Electrical Doodads
A Gardland rots after 6 days. The Top Hat is the natural upgrade from it. The top Hat requires an Alchemy Engine. The Alchemy Engine is a tier 2 construction structure. Unlike the Science machine where items are crafted once for good and then can be crafted anywhere most items from the alchemy machine will require the presence of the character around it for every craft even after the first one. The Alchemy Engine unlocks new recipes from most tabs. The Electrical Doodads is an items to craft in itself.

  • 0 Electrical Doodad

From the SCience Tab.
Requirements: The Science Machine.
Materials: X1 Cut Stone X2 Gold nugget.

The Electrical Doodad has no use in itself and is required to craft more advanced items.

  • 1 The Top Hat.

From the Dress tab.
Requirements: Alchemy Engine.
Mats: X6 silk.

The Top Hat is the early solution to refill the sanity at a sutainable rate. It needs finding a spider den early on but as most of this guide will revolve around making spider dens useful it will be one of the most important objectives in the first days. An used Top hat (near 0% durability) must be set aside as it can be recycled into a Prestihatitator later on.

  • 2 The Miner Hat.

From the Light tab.
Requirements: Alchemy Engine.
Materials: X1 Straw Hat X1 Gold Nugget X1 Fireflies.

The camp is already advanced enough at this point. In fact the game can be played by eating berries, cooked morsels and setting fire camps after fire camps if needed. But the experience won't be great at all. The Miner Hat is my favourite item because it allows more productivity to the character. If built badly; a camp (or a game plan) will lead to non-optimal game experience with many down times where the player just wait for the next day…
The Miner Hat allows a complete day of actions anywhere on the map and free the character from the base camp and the Fire Pit During Dusk and night. As already said the Dusk and night will only take more shares of the full 8 minutes daily cycle in the game till the end of the winter.
It also allows the conquest of new territories in the Caves and give the access (by being underground) to the mats needed to craft the second portative light source needed in this guide, the Lantern.
Both items are indestructible but will eventually be fueled out. The ressource to refuel them are their mats: Fireflies and light bulbs which can be filled in both items with no distinction. The light bulbs are growing naturally in the cave in graps from 1 to 3. They provides lesser fuel power than fireflies. I don't know if the fireflies are even “respawning”. I think not.

Special: Setting the main base in the Caves.

This is an alternative and more advanced (it can be skept to the next chapter) play as setting a main base in the Caves will need a preminilary base sophisticated enough to be able to build the mandatory Miner Hat before going into them.

So why would one goes to the Caves as more ressources seems to be needed only to be able to go in ? SHort answer: This is some kind of investment and an alternative way to play.

Location on the external map.

In any map there is three entrances to the caves which are uniques. One entrance lead to a different Cave. The entrance is a specific rocky boulder which reveal a Hole once mined. As a plan to set the main base in the Caves it's better to set the “pre base” near the hole but not to close because bats will exit from the hole at dusk and can be annoying. The rocky boulder leading to the caves can be found at certain locations:
_In the decidous Forest usually close to a Pigmen village.
_In the Swamp among an evergreen forest patch (containing a lot of rock lying on the ground) in the middle of it. _In the regular Evergreen Forest. I never found a Caves' entrance in:
_The desert.
_The Grasslands.
_The Savana.

The specific boulder leading to the Caves. Before and after being mined.

Once the “prebase” is set and the miner hat is crafted the character can go exploring the caves.
The first goal will be to find the “natural base” which will be the primary basecamp once found.
There is at least a natural base in one of the three caves. So it can be a gamble or time and ressource consuming but The natural camp is worth it.
There is a limited alternative about skiping the crafting of the structures required for the Miner Hat and going in the Cavess with a torch only. The torch has the downside of being a hand portative light source allowing only few actions. It's also more ressources consuming if the natural camp isn't found early.

An example of a lucky spot found early with a Torch only. It will be the main camp for the whole game.

What is changing from the main map ?

  • General conditions.

The cave are vasts at list 2/3 the surface of the external map each (with 3 samples so).
The biggest change is the permanent darkness (that's why the Miner Hat is mandatory) Which lead to zones dark enough to allow Charlie to attack the character even if it is before dusk or night outside. There is some rays of light in the Caves (allowing underground thress to grow) but usually the darkness prevails. The sanity loss is bigger while being in the cave. and extra actions will be required to prevent this.
Overall everything is mitigated in the Caves which can be considered as the perk when the character can avoid the “heart” of seasons with a main camp in the Caves. Especially winter and summer. So there is a day and night cycle and a season cycle in the caves which is the same as outside but the winter will be warmer and the summer cooler. It can also “rain” in it but with lesser streams. There is no lightning strikes. Accounting this kind of weather the agiculture will also be mitigated. The crops won't groq as fast as outside due to the lack of light and rain but as the temperature won't reach the same extreme opposites as outside it will still work during the winter.
The specific event will be the earthquakes which will make stuff falling from the “celling”. It is usally some rocks gold nuggets flints, or even gems, bunnies and moleworms. As the boulders from the biomes outside don't respawn(regrowth). Earthquakes make the different kinf of rocks some renewable items (even if the deposits outside will run out only after hundreds of days). In addition there is also an equivalent to the rocky biome in the caves setting those ressources at a too high count to be mined out in a reasonable time.

  • About the Biomes.

There is other biomes being the equivalent of the ones outside.
There is an Evergreen biome in the Caves with some ray of lights penetrating from the surface. The threes are usually “packed” really tight and if one is set on fire, everything will burn. This biome also usually contains Berry bushes, Sapling and turfs. They are usually quite tiny too not more than a screen wide but are often found in several instances close to each others.
There is an underground Swamps and it's a ripoff from the outside one.
There is some specific biomes too.
One containing giants mushrooms that provide log and mushrooms (as it is the case outside during a full moon). There is a biome cointaining light flowers (looting light bulbs used to craft the Lantern). There are sometimes also found mixed in a biomes with giant tentacles.
The bunnymen village is a specific biome on its own.
There is to kinf of rocky biomes that cointaines a different sort of spiders and bats in the other one.

Setting the camp.

The natural camp is alrady well developed in the cave. It's often missing a Crokpot and an Alchemy Engine only. Another perk about going early on the Caves and finding the natural camp is about gaining profit from the perishables ressources contained both in the Ice box and the chest ! Otherwise only rot will be found later.

The discovery of a natural underground camp. At this point nothing was craft by me there but the Fire Pit. It contains two advenced farms a chest an Ice box a Fire Pit a Science Machine a Tent and a fork on the ground. The inside of the chest is diplayed. . The natural camp will always spawn in this configuration whith tree threes and a pond among them. Multiples frogs will spawn from the pond as it is the case outside. It can be dealt with one or several traps which work for little mobs.

To save some mats the Alchemy Engine from outside can be deconstructed (through the hammer) and rebuilt at its final place. AS it's only purpose was to enable the craft of the Miner Hat.
As there is spider the spider farms will also work. Berry can be find from bushes but it's maybe not efficient to move them as the plants will grow (back) slower in the cave. There will be no ice block spawning in the Caves so it will be a mandatory trip outside at least for this overall build.

  • Special Item the Moggles

From The Light Tab
Requirements: The Aclchemy engine
Materials: X2 Electrical Doodad X2 Moleworm (alive) X1 Glow Berry.

To take a Moleworm alive it must by wacked with a hammer. then picked up from the ground where it is knocked out. If The character is Wendy with Abigail “alive” she must be sent away or dismissed as she will automatacly kill the Knocked Moleworm. It is better to spot both Moleworm before whacking them as they will starve if left in the inventory for too long.
The Glow berry can be fuund in the Caves by killing a Depth Worm (it's the equivalent of a lure). The Depth Worm has too phases of attacking he is always switching it 1 by 1 . The first time it emerges deals domage then go back underground It can be hit until it will hit itself. The second time it will emerge and go back underground without making any damage so it can be chained this way. The location of the “mark” on the ground should not change or it is reseting its phase starting with the first one with the damage. THe depth worm travels underground with an animation similar to the MoleWorm. Once the pattern for its attack is Know it's quite easy to face. Also the Depth worms are the equivalent of the Hounds outside. Some times they will attack the character coming from outside the screen (it's like an event in the game). The first attack will be easy only one single Depth worm willa attack but like the Hounds they will come in larger groups as the days pass.
Unlike The Miner Hat and the Lantern the Moggles are refueled through Glow Berries which are kind difficult to find. Unlike the Lantern and the Miner Hat the Moggle will dissapear if it reaches 0 duration !
The perk of the Moggles is a full sight on the entire screen while wearing it at night or in the Caves. It means it's not limited to the radius of the light emitted through the other light sources. It will applies somes kind of infra-red filter where the player must accustom to. There is no rain protection on the Moggles.

Taking advantage of mother nature or how to farm with no farm

A solid place was found on the map with proximity of essential ressources. Somes ressources where even brought at the base camp and gathered as plants. Now an advanced solution is to use the beahavior of the fauna into the favor of the character easying his life even more. It's called the farms and they are differents from the “crafted farms” from the food table. Every monster has a predictable (even if some randomness is put in some monsters) and specific behavior which can be turned into the player's advantage instead of suffering from it.

The spider farms

The loots from the spiders are the key to many things in the game. The spiders loot spider silk which will be used early to craft the Bug-net, the Top Hat and the fishing Pole. they loot Spider Gland that will be used to craft the Healing Salve which will be the main instant healing source early. And monster meat which is the meat that gains the most value from the Crockpot. Easily staked monster meats are also an easy source of rot to fertilize plants brought to the base camp. So here some solutions to ease the gathering of those mats.

  • The basic spider farm.

The spiders are dumbs and will go straight at the character. That's where the player puts traps between the den and the character to profit. Whereas the traps are “naturally” used to capture morsels it's even more useful to farm spiders as they will instantly die and loot if they are caught.the character should Line a number of traps equals to the level of the den +2 to profit (3,4,5). The player can even “jungle” with less traps but it's nullifying the concept of the farm aka doing it's stuff alone without interaction (or minimal) from the character. The spiders can be pulled once for good (until their respawn) or traps can be gathered around the den waiting for the spiders to randomly go outside at dusk. this kind of farm still requires a bit of management and player's action. But there is a solution.

A basic spider farm. The setup is done to pull all the spiders in one go. Otherwise traps can be set around the den to avoid having anythin to do but picking loot and seting traps again. If lined the traps must be spaced like this otherwise a spider may triggers two traps at once.

A semi-automated spider farm. As the spiders randomly go out at dusk they will trigger traps. The character/farmer will only have to pick the loot and reset the traps once a day.

  • The advanced spider farm.

A pighouse set on a den will make the spiders and the Pigman fight. But the pig will eat the monster meats which are in a better place in the character's fridge. So there is an alternataive.

  • The end-game spider farm.

A Rabbit Hutch is the perfect structure to put on top or near the spider den. The rabbit will only go out at night like the spiders and fight directly. The rabbit won't eat the monster meat so all the loots will be gathered by the character. He only need to avoid the rabbit during dusk or night if any kind of meat is in the player's inventory as they will attack on sight (unless the player wan't to kill them as they provide rabbit's puff and carrots). The rabbit respawn after 1 day only whereas the pigman needs 4 days to respawn if killed.

An end-game spider farm. Notice the silk growth on top of the den indicating a tier 2 den.

As an additional tip once tier3 and if destroyed a den will loot a Spider Eggs (among spider silks). That can be replanted elswhere as a tier 1 spider den. So it's useful to set a spider farm near the base if no natural den is already there. There is often early tier 3 den in the caves. It also spawn yellow (or warrior) spiders. they have twice the hp of regulars spider are faster and can hop at the character from a reasonable distance (it can be avoided). The yellow spider don't roam at dusk they go outside their den only if a regular spider is attack on while stepping on the web or if the nest is attacked directly. Yellow spiders have the same size as regular spiders so they also triggers the traps.
In it's final form a spider den (post tier 3) will spawn a spider queen wich is a boss or mid-boss. The queen will loot monster meats silks a spider Eggs and a Spiderhat allowing the character to manipulate spiders once worn. The spiders will then follow the character.

A Spider Queen pulled into a group of 3 tentacles in the caves. Notice the daycount removed from the HUD as the character is underground and also The huge sanity loss over time generetated by the combination of being in the caves, the malus that suffers Wolfgang naturally into darkness and the insanity aura from the Spider Queen. In this case again only little efforts to do as the monsters are fighting each other. At the end only one low life tentacle will remain.

The Mac Tusk farm

Mac Tusk will spawn only during the winter. He has a hunting party formed by two blue hounds and his son Wee Tusk. Mac Tusk is aggressive to anything.
They will occupy an igloo at set location.
During the other seasons the remains of the Walrus camp is only its base.
By planting spider eggs near the camp before the winter it creates a “Mac Tusk farm” where they will try to hunt the spiders on their ground once they spawned. Enough nests should be there to kill Mac Tusk and his party or at least to ease the slaying enough.
As Mac Tusk is a ranged hunter and can run away pretty far I tried to souround the farm with hay walls and wood walls but the spiders are able to destroy them. It may work with stone walls but it will surely take too much ressources.
Mac Tusk is using blow darts at a decent rate so some protection is welcome at least when the player is unexperienced. Beyond this there is some kind of flaw in his Behavior. If Mac Tusk is chased too far away from his Igloo at a certain point he will just turn back walking to it… Then the character can chain blow him to death. The hounds are faster and must be dealt with first if the player is unexperienced. Otherwise they can be (almost) ignored. Wee tusk doesn't do anything but running away. He still must be slayed to activate the respwn phase which must last for 2-3 days.

If the conception of the farm is effecient only loots (and spiders) will remain.

Early in the winter the Igloo has spawned. It's already sourrounded by 4 spider dens. I tried to close it with wood wall but the spiders can destroy it.

In addition two flocks of Penguins established their camps (the frozen water patched on the ground) near the Igloo. Mac Tusk is agressive to any other mob but the penguins are a powerhouse when gathered.

After killing MAc Tusk (with a bit of help from me) the penguins are gladly returning to their ice patch. I picked up the Tam o'Shanter already and a Walrusk tusk is lying on the ground next to a blow dart (which is another loot from Mac Tusk). It's a lucky loot as both items dropped at once. A Blue Hound is still fighting the spiders (so the purpose of my farm isn't completly defeated by the mighty penguins ^^).

Mac Tusk loots two specific items.

  • Tam o'Shanter.

This provides the highest sanity regeneration in the game: twice the Top Hat one.
It can nullify by itself the natural sanity loss from the Night or rain (heavey rain).
It's also a Tier 2 warm clothing on par with the Winter Hat.
The tam o' shanter can't becrafted but the sewing kit can repair 20% of it's max durability.

  • The sewing Kit.

From The Dress tab.
Requirements: THe Aclhemy Engine.
Mats: X1 Log X1 Silk X2 Hound's Tooth.

The hound tooth can be found on the corpses of the dead blue Hounds from the Mac Tusk hunting party. Otherwise they can be collected from the hounds attacking the character randomly once or twice before the winter. Or by going into the desert finding Hounds next to their den.

  • The Walrus Tusk.

This is the key material required to craft the Walking Cane.

  • The Walking Cane.

From the Dress Tab (oddly enough).
Requirements: The Alchemy Engine.
Mats: X1 Walrus Tusk X2 Gold Nugget X4 Twigs.

So it's under the dress Tab but is worn on the tool/weapong slot. It's indestructible and has a little damage output.
The perks is the enhancement of the movement speed by 25% (up to +50% on a paved road).

It can be upgraded to The Lazy explorer (allowing teloport) later in the game.

The result, displaying an equiped Tam o'Shanter and a Walking Cane once crafted !

Mac Tusk can be “farmed” with this huh farm several times during the winter. Obtaining several Walrus Tusks is useful for later Lazy explorers as they aren't indestructible anymore especially through the use of teleport (20 charges only). Obtaining several Tam'o Shanter bring comfort and delay the need of a sewing kit. Obtaining several blow darts can be the part of a strategy aimed to take down the giants.

Once in a while during the map generation a Mac Tusk “village” with 3 camps can spawn. They can be handled one by one so in the end it's only more loots at the same location.

More monster manipulation

  • The clockwork Rook“farm” or tree plant.

The mechanical raging bull/rhino can look scary at first destroying everything in its path but it can be turned into charcrater's best friend (while still being hostile) if used wisely. It's all about behaviour manipulation. First it can be used to pick up gears from the other pieced of the chess patch such as mechanical bishop and horse. It's needed to line them up (A Rook another piece and the character). Then two charges from the rook into its mate will do it. They won't strike back at the Rook.
The other way to use the Rook's detructive power is to plant a forest near it. Especially birchnut trees as a fully grown tree loots 2 birchnuts 1 to be replanted and the other one for personal usage. Once the forest the character made is grown just lead the Rook into it and pick eveyrything up.

The final charge of a Rook into a horse making it loot its gears.

1 Planting a new forest of Birchnut trees (through brichnuts) next to a chess patch. 2 Leading a Rook into it when fully grown. 3 The result.

Was lucky enough to have a chess patch spawning onto a Rocky biome. So the Rook is also helping with the mining.

Ok this time it's too much of a mess…


There are 3.5 neutral (in normal conditions) mobs that can be befriended in this game. They will help you in different way and can provide bonuses.

  • Pigmen.

The most common, with early accessibility and also the most useful among them all. The pigmen is the most versatile one once befriended. First it needs meat to be befriended. But giving them vegetables will make them poop manure which can also be an useful way to obtain some (there is an “internal cooldown” and they won't eat several vegetables in a raw). The most valuable meat to feed Pigmen with is of course monster meat as it has only little value to the character until it's cooked. If the Pigman is fed with too much monster meats in a raw (and it's seems to be as long as 4 in 4days). It will turn into a Werepig and attack the character.

The pig has a special behavior once it's befriended. It will normally run away if the character comes too close when it's still “wild”. It will do the same when befriended but only if the character come really close otherwise the Pigmen will start following the player at a reasonable distance.

The Pigman has several abilities:
_It can fight with or for the character if he aims at a monster pressing F. The Pigman has a natural “Hit'n'Run' style attacking only once before retreating then coming back to repeat the cycle. So beware if the character “uses” the Pigman to tank says a tentacle, if the Pigman goes away; the tentacle or any other monster may switch target to the character if they are both attacking it. The pigmen has a Head slot so it can wear any hat especially the Football helmet and benefit from the defensive bonus !
Another task that pigmen can do is helping with the chopping. A befriended Pigman will imitate the character if he starts chopping trees. It will even switch to the next tree automatically if the “command” isn't cancelled. The Pigmen are only working during daylight !
At dusk the Pigman changes it's behavior and run away from the character (panicking) even if it's still befriended. It will rejoin the character at day if the befriending effect is still ongoing. That's because Pigmen usually go back to their house at Dusk. As a countermeasure to this behavior the character should bring a light source. The Pigmen will follow the light source (Torch miner's helmet etc…) or stay near a Firecamp or Pitfire.
At night the Pigman will fall asleep near the Firecamp.

Another perk from the pigmen is their big Sanity aura (unlike hostile monsters with an insanity aura). The player needs to be very close to benefit from it. As said above even a befriended Pigman will step back if the character comes to close. So how to do ? There is two or tree tips about this. While chopping the Pigman can chop the same tree as the character being close enough or the character can chop the same tree as the Pigman as it won't stop to move away in this case. During the night while the Pigman is asleep near a Firecamp the charcater can stick to it, it won't notice. Another trick that may work even if I didn't experience it is to imprison a Pigman into a set of narrow walls right around it (while sleeping). If it's not able to destroy the walls (maybe it is) the charcater will be close enough to profit from the aura through the wall.

  • Rock Lobsters

The rock Lobsters can be found in the caves often near the underground equivalent of the rocky biome. To befriend a RockLobster any rock but marble will do. The Rock Lobster will then start following the charcater at a very slow path (but will eventually catch up with the character from the “offscreen” if left too far behind). The RockLobster can be brought outside (wheareas the Pigmen can also follow the character in the caves if needed). The Rocklobster doesn't chop, the Rock Lobster doesn't provide any sanity aura but it has a great perk during fights: The Rock Lobster has a huge natural health points pool and can even adopt a defensive stance nullyifing most of the damages received. So the Rock Lobster is the equivalent of a tank. The hostile creature attacking it -even when it switch to its defensive stance- will still focus the Rock lobster. So the character can spam his attack with no risk. It means faster fights compared to the Pigmen where the character either tank himself or should adopt the same Hit'n'run” style as the Pigmen. Once a Rock Lobster lost its befriending effect while being outside it tends to join the rocky biome.

  • Bunnymen.

They are also found in the caves but they are more like the Pigmen. They have rabbit Hutch which his the equivalent of the pig house (both can be crafted under the structure tab). They have the same daily cycle as spiders (going out at dusk see advanced spider farm). And they can only be befriended if the character doesn't have meat in his inventory or backpack (but it can be stored in Chester safely). Otherwise it will attack on sight. Carrots are needed to befriend bunnymen. A befriended Bunnyman will turn hostile again if the character pick up meat (huh monster meat picked up in the Caves with 4 bunnymen around…). The bunnyman fights straight at the hostile creature and has a sanity aura. It doesn't help whith the chopping. The perk of the bunnyman is it's daily life cycle as shown on the spider farms chapter and it's respawn rate from the Rabbit hutch which is 1 day only instead of 4 for the pig men. So even the bunnymen can be farmed by the character to obtain carrots, Meat and Bunny Puff to build more Rabbit hutches pretty quickly. A bunny Puff can also be traded against 2 gold nuggets to the Pig King if needed.

Day 8-15 More comfort

The Crock Pot, the Ice Box and the Bird Cage

  • The Crock Pot.

From the Food tab.
Requirements: The Science Machine.
Materials: X3 Cut Stone X 6twigs X6 Charcoal.
As already covered the Charcoal is obtainable throught lighting trees on fire then chopping it with the axe.

The Crok Pot allows coocking meals from 4 combined raw ingredients. The utility is to add value to those raw foods. The most valuable recipe is to turn monster meat (no good value, give malus) and 3 ice cube as shown in the picture below. It's great during winter especially. There is many recipe from the crock pot and any miss will turn into monster lasagna wich will be only good once rotten. Here the waste of elements will tryin is to much so it's ok to look for a recipe list somewhere.
Main cooking recipes with helpful value: 1 meat + 3 fillers = meatballs.
This is my personal most used food as it refill the hunger gauge quite well and is really to cook as a monster meat will do it. Fillers are usually fruits and vegetable with the occasion of 1 twig allowed in certain recipe. The monster meat is also allowed only as 1 of in many recipe (if more than 1 meat is required). As said the ice cube are considered fillers too and can be “mined” heavily especially during winter.
1 meat + 3 filler (containing 1 twig) = Kabobs
The variation from meatball. It restore a bit less hunger but will rot slower.
1 fish + 1 twig + 2 fillers = Fishsticks.
This one has a high instant healing value. Fish can be caught through the use of a fishpole in a pond or can be loot from merms mainly. 1Dragon fruit + 3 fillers = Dragonpie
The “utlimate” regular food (only the mandrake soup with its rare ingredient is better). Is on par with fishtick for healing but has an even better hunger refillment than meatballs. however it will require a special setup on the base with crafted farms, birdcage, and some luck/time involved.
I may had an occasional recip but htere is way to many to list all here search the net for “crock pot recipes”.
Most cooked meal will restore either health hunger or both almost every recipe offer little sanity gain (5-10) with the excpetion of special meals.

  • The Ice Box.

From the Food Tab.
Requirements: The Science Machine.
Materials: X1 Plank X2 Gold Nugget X1 Gears.
Here the need for Gears will trigger the second quest similar to finding early Gold Nuggets. Gears are rare but needed in many crafts. They are mainly lootable from the mechanical mobs such as Clockwork Horse, clockwork Bishop and Clockwork Rook. It can be also dug from graves at a low rate and from Tumbleweeds at an even lower rate.

The ice box enables longer conservation for food or most decaying items (light bulb, flowers etc). Delaying the value lost from rotting is needed especially to survive the winter (even if the winter act as a nutural fridge for the perish process). There is different stages for food condition. It can be saw on the icon of the food it's a decaying gauge with different colors.
Green, Fresh: The food has full value restoring eveyrthing if able (Hunger health sanity).
Orange, Stale: It refills less hunger 2/3 less health 1/3 and no sanity ! A stale fishstike lost almost all it's value already.
Red, Spoiled: 1/2 hunger no health and 10 points sanity loss.
WX-78 Doesn't care about Stale or Spolied food (full bonuses as it was fresh food), whereas Wickerbottom has even more malus if she eats stale and spolied food.

A double setup of cropkot/fridge. if placed close enough both “inventories” can be opened at the same time. On the left's side Crock Pot a cooked but not harvested meatball (or any meal) won't rot if left there.

  • The Bird Cage

From the Structures tab.
Requirements: The Alchemy Engine.
Materials: X6 Gold Nugget X2 Papyrus X2 seeds.

The Payrus is obtained through Reeds from the refine tab. To obtain an eggs any kind of bird emprisoned in the Bird Cage must be fed with any sort of cooked meat. (This is another useful way to recycle monster meat). Eggs are virtually never rotting if used this way: Cook a rotting egg (not a rotten one) then fed the bird with it to obtain a fresh egg back.
The bird can replace the ice cube for the best filler in the game through eggs
Gather 4 Monster Meats cook 3 on the Fire Pit then feeds the bird in the Bird Cage. It will lay 3 eggs. The 3 eggs are now considered as fillers for the Crock Pot recipe ! 3 eggs + 1 Monster Meat = 1 Meatballs.
The the bird cage effectively turn monster meat into meat balls !
The combination of a Spider farm + a Crock Pot + A fire Pit + Bird Cage is solving the hunger problem once for good. It is even better than the ice cubes as fillers because they can be used for more useful recipes and also as the location of the ice patches are statitics and non-renewable it will take more and more travel time if used as a filler for coocked meal. On the other side the spider farm is providing unlimited monster meat at a good respawn rate.
The Bird cage can also be used to refresh rotting seeds.

A 2X Crock Pot + Fire Pit + Bird Cage setup. This was done one the natural base underground (only an Alchemy engine was added prior to this setup). The bird was captured from outside as there is no birds in the caves. The inside of the Crock Pot is displayed: 3 cooked monster meats turned into fresh eggs + 1 another monster meat (raw or cooked it doen't matter) will be cooked into a MeatBalls.

How to imprison a bird into a bird cage (once crafted the bird cage is empty).

  • Bird Trap

From the Survival Tab
Requirements: The Science Machine
Materials: X3 Twigs 4X Silk

Bait suchs as seeds, fruits or meat (monster) can be put on top of the trap but I usually never use them. Enventually a bird will be trapped. If the rate is not fast enough build several traps instead of putting baits on top of them. To capture a bird faster put the trap in an area where birds actually land. Then everytime a bird land on the same screen as the character and the trap just chase the bird, running into it. The birds are landing quite randomly but by chasing them every time they will land into the trap eventually. Capture it then go back to the Bird CAge to emprison it. The bird can be fed with various foods then.

Defensive gears (just in case)

Skip the grass armor it's almost as bad as the farm to the advanced farm.

  • The Log Suit.

From the Fight Tab.
Requirements: The Science Machine.
Mats: X8 Logs X2 Rope.

This must be the first defensive items for beginners or extreme situations. It will replace the Back Pack in the chest slot. As a general tip the Back Pack must be filled with non-essential items just in case (running far away from it when switched to a Log Suit with the night coming etc…). The Log Suit is also needed for a fight again the Giant if the direct approach is chosen (X2 most of the time). There is another defensive item that is a better combination with the Back Pack.

  • The Football Helmet.

From the Fight Tab.
Requirements: The Alchemy Engine.
Mats: X1 Pig Skin X1 Rope.

So this one is 1 tier upper but the Science Machine and Alchemy Engine are crafted almost in a raw in this guide. Finding Pig Skin can be tricky at the start as it can require to kill one or several Pigmen. A safe solution is to hammer a Pig House or The heads on a pick around a touchstone. But the last one also loots an additional nightmare fuel if hammered during a full moon and can be saved until then.
The Football helmet is enough for most situations as it provides 80% damage mitigation ! The sole problematic situation is fighting during a winter's night which should be avoided (as the cold mitigation/delaying is done through another head slot).
The Football Helmet also provides a 20% water resistance as many other hats but doesn't restore sanity over time. Unlike most hats it doesn't lose durability outside battles.
If the character gives the footbal helmet to a Pigmen (or any other hat) it will worn it. And the damage reduction will apply on the Pigman ! This can be a starter for a strategy against the boss.

Day 16-20 Final preparation for the winter

The "not feeling miserable" winter kit

The temperature will start droping from time to time annoucing the winter. It's displayed with frost all around the screen. In its first instance it will appear breefly and then return to normal. The closer the charcacter is to winter the longer freezing periods will last. If a “frozen screen” last too long the character will start losing health points at a rapid path. Specific items are needed to prevent this.

  • The thermal Stone.

From the survival tab.
Requirements: Alchemy Engine.
Mats: X1 Pickaxe X10 Stone X3 Flint.

It's one of the few that provides effect to the player while being in it's inventory (either backpack or base inventory) it can't be worn or used. The thermal Stone captures heat from a heat source (almost always a fire pit or camp) when the character is near or when the Stone is left on the ground near a fire. The Thermal stone has several “stages” of stored heat from grey to orange (indicating an higher level of heat captured). Once the character leaves the fire sources the Thermal stone will lose its heat overtime back to a neutral status (grey). Also note that it can be used to store “cold” during summer when it's put near an endothermic fire (again )pit or camp. It will then turn from grey to blue for a maximum cooling effect. Overall the Thermal Stone will provide the last amount of heat needed during the winter but it needs to be monitored.

  • The Winter and Beefalo hats.

From the Dress tab.
requirements: Alchemy Engine.
_Winter Hat: X4 Beefalo Wool X4 Silk.
_Beefalo Hat: X8 Beefalo Wool X1 Beefalo Horn.

So both require Beefalo Wool. It can be scalped from the Beefalos when they are asleep with a razor (Tools tab). It can also be looted from the Beefalos. Anyway the Horn required to craft the Beefalo Hat can only be obtained by slaying Beefalos. As their names tell it they also loot vast amount of meat. Three or four Beefalos killed provide enough meat for the whole winter (if something went wrong with the spiders).
Both hats give freeze protection, the technical term in the game is “insulation factor” (delaying the freezing screen by X seconds). The Beefalo Hat being a top tier protection has twice the insulation factor of the Winter Hat (240 against 120). If the player is playing Wislon he will grow a magnificient Beard providing 135 insulation factor which is better than the Winter Hat (don't shave till the spring !). The Winter Hat restores sanity over time when the Beefalo Hat doesn't. Sanity management can become a problem during winter due to the longer dusks and nights and a Beefalo Hat worn often. First a fire pit/camp always allow enough warm even at the heart of winter by itself. So the player should always switch to a top Hat or better when the character is doing stuff in the main base. Also If caught off-guard the always ready Campfire© stored in the Fire tab will save the day. Another way to keep the sanity in check is to craft more new recipes during the winter (+15 instant) and to have a stock of cooked green mushrooms (also +15). As the flowers were not useful beside the early Gardland, picking up flowers still provides +5 sanity.
Both hats will last the whole winter (approx 15-17 days) if not worn 24/7.
A Beefalo Hat + a Thermal Stone at full or near full capacity will be enough for most situations. But if not only a firecamp will stop the ongoing freezing from the character. As the build still revolves around the permanent use of the Back Pack the hats will be the main source of protection from the cold. It is a problem as during the night it's even colder and the character usually wear a miner's Hat. Which leads to the next item.

  • The Lantern.

From the Light Tab.
Requirements: Alchemy Engine and Miner Hat.
Mats: X3 Twigs X2 Rope X2 Light Bulb.

The Miner Hat is required because the Light Bulbs can only be found in the caves. It will be the only mandatory trip in the caves for those two seasons. There is usually a biome in the caves with plants growing Light Bulbs naturally. Light bulbs can also be found in chests or fridges in the caves which are “natural base camps” allegedly left there by previous characters/explorers. The bulbs are roting over time, they can be stored in a fridge to last longer. They can't be used as a filler in any cooking recipe but they can refill any portative light sources (less than the fireflies but are found more easily and in bigger quantities once the character explores the caves).
The Lantern is not a Hat it takes the hand/tool slot in the inventory.
The Lantern can be set on the ground and turned on or off which is great to work during the cold nights (chopping, mining etc).
The Lantern + Beefalo is weak to fight monsters during the winter nights. The character will have to switch to a weapong with the Lantern turned on on the Ground but it will require a mastered hit'n'run figthing style as the “arena” formed (being the Lantern's light radius) will be narrow. If not the player must have a Logsuit ready

Gathering more mats and food

As a preparation for the first winter, having an additional stake of any given basic mat stored in a chest is recommanded. Two stakes of logs are recommanded as there is a X20 limit per stake and the player must use the Fire Pit way more often during this season.
The food will not be a real issue with this “build” at least some cooked meals plus 40 monster meats stored in the fridge will be ok. During winter crafted farm aren't providing anymore and that's why they aren't really cost effective in the autumn winter cycle. During spring the seeds grow faster due to the weather conditions (more rain and heat). That's why a spider farm + berry bushes are vastly superior and requires less efforts. Berry bushes won't provide neither during winter but an unexpected new filler will go to the Crockpot.
As an overall tip it's better to gather ressources far away from the base as the movements during the winter will be (more or less) limited.

Around day 20: First day of winter

The first day of the winter is recognizable as several aspects of the nature will change. The ground will be frozen or snowy then some birds will “turn” (or be replaced by) blue. This is for the cosmetical aspects.
On a survival matter The temperature will decrease and extra measures will be required for the character. the ponds will freeze negating the ability to fish in them. The crafted farms won't produces vegetables anymore. The plants won't grow back fruits neither. The dusk and night are lasting longer. The fire is lasting less time. In the other hand the spiders are still there and the rabbits too. There is several mandatory things to do during the winter and as the preparation was good it can be done efficiently.

Day by day survival during the winter

As the insulination factor only delays the character being affect by freeze the movments away from the base will be reduced (in theory) during the winter. This is were a stored Campfire gains even more utility. To nullify the downside of the coldness, more ressources will be needed. Example: More fires will be set and more fuel should go in them. In this case another item to carry (or craft when needed) is a pitchfork as it will allow to dig turf anywhere especially when an emergency Campfire is set (righ around it). The turfs dug from the Pitchfork have a high fuel value, they can spare the use of logs in this case. The Pitchfork also has a high durability. By doing this the exploration won't be too degraded.

As the spider farm is still active during the winter (and the stock already stored in the Ice Box must be enough anyway) There will be no problem cooking the meat based meal. Then the vegetables gathered during the autumn and stored in the Ice box can cover most of the winter. As we speak about a MeatBall diet plan. If the stock of vegetables run out there is an alternative that will take the best part of the Crock Pot potential:

1 Monster Meat + 3 Ice = 1 Meatballs.
2 of the less valuable items regarding cooking will be enough to obtain the base of the diet when put in the Crock Pot.
So 1 spider farm and 1 Crock Pot solve all the hunger problems even during the winter and even if no stock were made which is a great time saver.

The ice is found from mining the ice blocks which will spawn when as and on the Penguins camp. To spawn the penguins themselves one will only have to follow the edges of the map (which is sourounded by the ocean). Then the penguins will jump outside the water to their (spawned at the same time) camp. Some depleted Mini Glacier can also be found right from the start on the rocky biome. But they will loot less ice if mined. They will be renewed during the winter if they weren't fuly smelt before.

Gathering Ice will be a daily routine as it can be the base filler in the diet but it also has uses implying long term preparation for the summer.

If the ice cubes are too far and if it is better to keep them for further use there is an alternative filler to the monster meat; the monster meat! Introducing the Bird Cage.

  • The Bird Cage

From the Structures tab. Requirements: The Alchemy Engine Materials: X6 gold nugget X2 Papyrus X2 seeds

The Payrus is obtained through Reeds on the refine tab. To obtain an eggs any kind of bird emprisoned in the Bird Cage must be fed with any sort of meat. (THis is another usefull way to recycle monster meat). Eggs are virtually never rotting if used in this way: Cook a rotting egg (not a rotten one) then fed the bird with it to obtain a fresh egg back.
The bird can replace the ice cube for the best filler in the game through eggs
Gather 4 Monster Meats cook 3 on the Fire Pit then feeds the bird in the Bird Cage. It will lay 3 eggs. The 3 eggs are now considered as fillers for the Crock Pot recipe ! 3 eggs + 1 Monster Meat = 1 Meatballs.
THe the bird cage effectively turn monster meat into meat balls !
Added to the spider farm it is the most efficient way to cook the sustainable meal day after day.

Special actions and materials only availaible during the winter

  • Collecting more Ice.

As ice is spawning in large quantites during the winter (around 4-5 Mini glaciers looting 3-4 ice each) from the Penguin camps it must be mined intensively as it is the part of the diet and also used to craft the almost mandatory structures and items during the Summer.
The Ice flingomatic which exctint fires caused by heat and refresh the plants requires X15 ice.
The Ice Cube which is the basic cooling item requires X10 items and must be renewed.

A stock of at least 100 ice sotred in the Ice box at the end of the winter is comfortable (and not counting Crock Pot purpose as it should be replaced by vegetables again then).
The good news is about the Ice box: Ice stored in in never smelt (Unlike most foods that still rot but slower).

  • Collecting the loots from the Mac Tusk farm.

See “The Mac Tusk farm” chapter above.
Mac Tusk will loot his items at a rather low percentage 25-30%. He respawns every 2-3 days and according to that can take a gound chunk of the character's activities during the winter. It's barely needed to gather more than 1 exemplar of each items. Depending on how far is the Base camp from Mac Tusj Igloo (see Future's sight spot) It will be more or less time and ressources consuming.
In the case a secondary camp is needed to reach Mac tusk (and unless a perfect farm is set which is unlikely). There is only few structures really needed.
The proxy camp must be set outside the reach of the spiders from the Mac Tusk farm, escpecially at dusk and night where they crawl far away from the nest.
A Fire Pit as the core of the base will help during the night(s). Some logs can be left there but preferably put in a chest. A Pitchfork will spare the logs. An ice box can be crafted but one of the few perks of the winter is the slower roting effect even when put on the inventory. usually a trip from the primary to the advanced camp with a pile of Meatballs will cover everything before startingroting. There is no need for a Lightning Rod either as the camp must only be visited during the winter (no rain, no lighting strikes).
An emergency Logsuit and Football helmet can also be stored in the Wooden Chest. If the character isn't used to face Mac Tusk and his party they can destroy the protections pretty fast. And that's almost all is needed. If a Walrus tusk is looted early in the winter the next trips to the farm will be even easier thank to the Walking Cane.

Preparing the spring and the summer

Once a good chunk of ice is gatherd, at least 1 walking Cane was crafted plus 1 Walrus tusk stored for later purpose and several Tam o'shanter earned, one will be able to prepare the next season if needed.

The "crafted" farms

As said previously crafted farms and advanced farm are not worth to build during the autumn. But by the end of the winter having some farm ready can be ok as the conditions during the spring will change its value. The temperature will raise again and it will rain a lot allowing faster crops groth and more harvesting during the same time.
The only purpose of a form is to go after the Dragon Fruit which will provide the highest value meal in the game restoring 75 hunger, 40 health and roting fairly slowly.
It's only superior to this build as it free 1 slot in the inventory… (Whereas healing salves X2 + Meatballs is needed for the same effect).
The dragon fruit will growth at random (like 5% chance) when a normal seed is planted in a farm (basic or advanced).
Then it can be “duplicated” by giving the Dragon druit to a bird emprisoned in a Bird Cage. The bird will release 1 or 2 Dragon Fruit Seeds allowing to go infinite with Dragon Fruits on the farms.
The only different action required from the daily routine is to gather a lot of Manure. Manure can be find near the Beefalos or “earned” when feeding a Pigmen with any vegetable. So prior to this a mini Pigmen village can be set in the camp before the end of the winter.

Measures against the rain

It will rain a lot during the spring with a lightning strikes too. What will be needed is:

  • The Umbrella

From the Survival tab.
Requirement: The Science Machine.
Mats: X1 Pig Skin X2 Silk X6 Twigs.

The Umbrella will nullify the effects of the rain with most hats equiped (most of them providing a 20% reduction from wetness). This is a hand/tools slot. The Umbrella also provide a bit of overheating mitigation during the summer.

  • The Lightning Rod (if not done already).

Is now mandatory or fire distaster will occure (see setting the camp chapter).

Fighting against the Deerclops

This Giant is the “boss” spawning at the end of the winter (sometimes he doesn't). He has a High health damage and insanity aura. I advise to avoid it the first winter as he requires way to more preparation until the player is used to play.


This must be planed since the beggining. There is different ways to fight it leading to different supplies required.

  • The direct approach.

It means a 1v1 fight against the deerclops it can be done succesfuly only with a severe amount of stuff stored to prevent the damage. First some specs about a Deerclops:

Health: 2000
Damage: 75 - 150
Insanity aura: -400/min
Special: Has an AOE attack that will freeze the character if he is hit by.\

The deerclops is also ablo to destroy structures at a rapid rate. The deerclops will pop next to the character at the end of the winter so the charater must left his base ! Otherwise the deerclops will focus the structures first. Fortunately it is annoucing its coming with several hurls “heard from far away”.

The deerclops is a though opponent nothing to compare with. Even a Spider Queen is several folds easier to take down.
First it's resistance. 2000 hps are a lot and the minimal item required will be a Tentacle spike. Also some characters like wolfgang with a better dmg multiplier are more suited to fight a Deerclops than ohter (ie Wendy with her .75 who has in addition another big problem to be efficient against a Deerclops as we will see).
Some blow darts farmed from Mac tusk can help too. The easist upgrade to the tentacle spike is a fresh crafted Ham Bat as it deals more damage and doesn't cost a lot.

From the Fight tab:
requirement: Alchemy Engine
Materials: X1 Twigs X1 Pig Skin X2 Meat
Initial Damage: 59.5

The Ham Bat is rotting over time reducing its damage. It must be crafted (with the material gathered prior to this) once the Deerclops starts hurling.
The counterpart for it's ability to rot is unlimited swings available ! (like the walking Cane). It's even better agains a Deerclops as most of the rest of the equipement will be required to be crafted twice !

75 to 150 Damage. This is not a range it is the damage against a character and mobs. On this note Abigail is treated as a mob and will be dissmissed easily in a fight leaving Wendy with her X 0.75 damage multiplier. To mitigate its damage the log suit cant be avoided here:

Log Suit:
From the Fight Tab
Requirements: Science Machine
Materials: X8 Logs X2 Rope

It Must be crafted twice and stored in the invetory prior to fight. The deerclops will destroy the first suit so the durabity must be monitored during the fight and a switch must be made at some point preferably before the first one is destroyed. Only a little step back will be needed as the deerclops won't stay at close combat range pressuring the whole time (there is some “safe frames” as we can say).
The Log Suit is reducing the damage by 80%.

To complete the Log suit the Football Helmet must also be made (see earlier in this guide). allowing 95% damage mitigation when combined with the log suit. Two Football Helmets will be needed too.

The insanity aura. The charchter' gauge will be emptied within a minute while fighting a Deerclops “hands to hands”. Once it is done some “living nightmares” will spawn and attack the charcter rendering the fight even more difficult (barely impossible). The solution must be planned too. A stake of blue mushroom must be put in the inventory. WHen the gauge falls below 100 the character need to step back to eat some. Obviously the harder the character hit the lesser the duration of the fight leading to less mushroom needed. Healing Salves and Honey Poultice are welcome too.

the remote approach or trapping

There is a set of remote controlled or detonating on contact weapons available in this game allowing a trapping approach to kill (or doing the most damage prior to finish it) the Deerclops.
First it's is important to lend the last blow to obtain the deerclops' loots. The damage must be known and calculated when the trap is set.
To set a trap a clear are must be chosen and filled with the equivalent of land mines. Then the Deerclops can be pulled into it by the player.
Also most of the materials required to craft those weapons are related only to them. So it need it's own planning to gather them appart from the survival aspect of the game.

A list of the arsenal available:

  • Gunpowder:

From the Science Tab
Requirements: The Alchemy Engine
Materials: X1 Charcoal X1 Nitre X1 Rotten Egg
Spec: 200 damage\

The nitre is obtained through mining basic boulders, charcoal through setting trees on fire mostly and rotten eggs by layin eggs on the ground for some duration.
The damage is huge ! But instead of the other land mine type it won't trigger on contact but only when ignited and with a delay. To light it on fire safely a fire staff can be used. The fire staff can be found at several location or can be crafted.

  • The fire Staff

From the Magic Tab
requirement: Shadow manipulator
materials: X2 Nightmare fuel X1 Red Gem X1 Spear

The materials are quite easy to find. The red Gem is often found while digging graves. AS it is the case for the nightmare fuel but with a lesser rate. The nightmare fuel can also be found during a full moon while hamering “Pig Head” or “Merm Head”. Pig Head are found 100% of the time per 4 around a Tomb Stone. It can also be found in the marsh (land of Merms). Merm head can be found in the Pig village. Another way to loot nightmare fuel it too run below 40% sanity on purpose as it will turn the rabbits into Beardling. A beardling can be slayed in the invetory looting then nightmare fuel , Monster Meat or Bread hair instead of the usual Morsel.

The requirement is more difficult to reach as didn't even speak about it yet. The Shadow manipulator is a high Tier “tech machine” (magic station here)as the Science Machine or the Alchemy Engine. It even need another not mentioned lower tier machine to be crafted. The Prestihatitator .

  • The Prestihatitator

From The Magic Tab
requirement: The Science Machine Materials: X4 Rabbit (alive) X4 Boards X1 Top Hat
Spec: Allow additional crafting recipes.

So as the Alchemy Engine is not required it's considered as another branch of the tech tree. It is the magic branch with it's own recipe and tiers ( this one being Tier 1 ). The Prestihatitator is an efficient way to recycle an used Top Hat (with not much duration left). It also required X4 alive Rabbits. As one Rabbit is taking one slot in the inventory some room must be made. Also the four Rabbits must be captured quickly as they will starve to death if left too long in the inventory (there is the same color chart as rotting food).

In this exemple the Prestihatitator is only needed as a requirement for the tier 2 magic station; the Shadow Manipulator needed itself to compete the gunpowder + craft fire staff tactic against the Deerclops.

  • Shadow Manipulator

From the Magic tab
Requirements: Prestihatitator
Materials: X7 Nightmare fuel X3 Living Log X1 Purple Gem.

This is the final tier of magic stations needed to gain acces to the fire staff recipe. As far as its component goes the Nightmare fuel is already covered. The living log can be looted from killing a Treeguard a Birchnut Treeguardor by lamberjacking a “Tottaly normal tree” found in the evergreen forest usually (The tree with a humand face). The purple gem can be found easily by taking down a Bishop from the Chess patch.

The rotten eggs can be gathered ath the end of the winter on the ice patch left by the penguins. But it will be too late. Another way is too let rots some eggs on the ground. To obtain some eggs easily a bird emprisoned in a bird cage is needed.

  • The Bird Cage

From the Structures tab.
Requirements: The Alchemy Engine
Materials: X6 gold nugget X2 Papyrus X2 seeds

The Payrus is obtained through Reeds on the refine tab. TO obtain an eggs any kind of bird emprisoned in the Bird Cage must be fed with any sort of meat. (THis is another usefull way to recycle monster meat). Eggs are virtually never rotting if used in this way: Cook a rotting egg (not a rotten one) then fed the bird with it to obtain a fresh egg back.

Land mine type weapons

We are now entering in the land mine type section. Those are triggering on contact.

  • Toot Trap

From the Fight Tab
requirements: The Alchemy Engine
Materials: X1 Hound's Tooth X1 Rope X1 Log

It has 10 uses it deals 60 damages and need to be reseted. It' s better to gather them against a deerclops but again a regular mob like Beefalos it can be reseted on will. The trap remains neutral ! The mob won't turn agressive to the character using it. It's fairly cheap. Hound't Tooth are obtainable when the Hound pack is attacking the character. Otherwise just go to a desert biome near a Hound's ile of bones (it's den).

  • Bee Mine

From the Fight Tab
Requirements: The Science Machine
Materials: X1 Boards X1Flint X4 Bees (alive)

As it was the case for the Prestihatitator, gathering 4 bees will require 4 empty slots in the inventory. On top of that any mob captured alive can be “stored” in a chest but it will starve as fast as it was in the character's inventory. The Bug net is required. Try to pick lone bees far away from the hive because once one is captured ther other ones from the inside and outside of the same hive will turn red and attack the character. A captured killer bee is not suitable to fill the recipes requiring bees (not 100% sure). Just wait and repeat the process the killer bees will turn back to workers eventually. The hunt is easier if several bee hives are near each other as a captured worker is only “triggering” the other bees from its hive.
The bee mine can be triggered by any mob except insects.
As the deerclops uses an AOE attack the bee mines are less efficient against him.

The full ranged approach

Using regular blow darts to fight a deerclops must be the safest and less complicated tactic to take him down.

  • Blow Dart

From the Fight Table
Requirements: The Science Machine
Materials: X1 Hound's Tooth X1 Azure Feather X2 Cut Reeds

The Hound's Tooth was already covered above, the Cut Reeds are found in the swamp biome and the Azure feathers will need captured Snow birds thanks to the Bird Trap. The Snow Birds are coming alongside winter.
The damage is 100 (affected by damage multiplier from character's stats). 20 Is required to kill a Deerclops. It can be stacked up to 20 units within a slot. Mac Tusk is also looting ready to use Blow Darts with a decent rate.

  • Bird Trap

From the Survival Tab
Requirements: The Science Machine
Materials: X3 Twigs 4X Silk

Bait suchs as seeds, fruits or meat can be put on top of the trap but I usually never use them. Enventually a bird will be trapped. If the rate is not fast enough build several traps instead of putting baits on top of them.
To obtain the required Azure feather the Snow bird must be slayed in the inventory through tigh clicking into it. The drop rate is 50%.

The mixed approach

The azure feathers can be hard to gather in a short amount of time. So there is another approach mixing several strategies to save some time.
Craft two sets of Log Suit, Football Helmet and Spears (or better).Also several healing salves just in case.
Craft some tooth traps and set them on the ground (9-10). The field must be set at a remote location at a secondary camp if possible because the Deerclops will destroy every crafted structure in its paths (but the traps) and continue doing so even if the structures are pretty far away from the others.
Farm intesively Mac Tusk duting the whole winter to loot several Blow Darts (4-5).
crafting a walking Cane prior to the fight is also a great perk ! The Deerclops is running as fast or a little but faster than the character if he is not equiping the Walking Cane. With it he will be able to outrun it and shot “easy” Blow darts.
Once the Deerclops starts hurling go near the field of Tooth Traps he will spawn near it. Start attacking it with the blow darts switching to the Walking Cane every hit leading it into the tooth traps. The tooth Traps may won't trigger efficiently but the idea is to deal 1000 damage to him before fighting at close combat range. Once it's done go after it with the melee weapon, the Log Suit and the Football Helmet equiped and with the second set in the inventory. He will freeze the character some times but he won't take any serious damage till both protections are up. The most important will be to monitor the duration of those items ! Once one run low it must be switched with the one in the inventory. By doing this the character will be able to hit the Deerclops non-stop (or eveytime he isn't frozen). By doing this he will be taken down eventually.

The reward

While the Deerclops can be forsaken at a remote location of the map (he will disappear eventually) Its loot is a great incentive to kill him.
X amount of meat
1X Deerclops Eyeball.

Required to craft:

  • The Eyebrella.

From the Dress Tab.
Requirements: The Alchemy Engine.
Materials: X1 Deerclops Eyeball X4 Bones Shards X15 Twigs.

The Bone Shards are usually obtained by smashing a skeleton with the hammer (X2). There is alaways a skeleton at the bottom of every Cave's entry. There is some skeletons placed randomly on the map with their loots. In the Desert biome there is more animal's skeletons looting the same Shard. They are found around the Hound Mounds. The Hound Mound (Hounds' den in the Desert) is also looting Bone Shards when smashed.
The Eyebrella is the highest tier protection against water and heat in the game. It will nullify the effect of the rain by itself (it's a head slot). And will delay the effect of the heat up to 4 minutes. It also provides a full protection against lightning strikes.
As multiples Eyeballs are not obtenable using the sewing kit will be needed to repair the one crafted.
Killing the Deerclops is making the spring and the summer easier through the Eyebrella.

The wetness gauge is diminushing thanks to the Eyebrella only.

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