Dogecar Makes it in to Nascar Game

Dogecoin's community, partially found in, sponsored a Nascar driver earlier this year by the name of Josh Wise. The total amount of money that was crowd funded was $55k, and he ended up placing 18th and winning $95k back (or almost two times the original investment). This was huge news for a group that happened to send a driver to Talladega on behalf of Dogecoin, and proved to be a very successful campaign. The idea behind it was that Nascar is popular, and if they could get a car sponsored and in the race, just by the nature of it being public it would help provide some more curiosity for the viewers as to what it was (and potentially bring on more community members and investors). Winning like this was just a bonus.

Now Dogecoin has gotten some even better news. Eutechnyx, the developers of Nascar '14, a video game, have confirmed that the Dogecoin skin will be available in one of their upcoming DLCs (which is downloadable content). This has put Dogecoin, and Josh Wise, as a permanent addition to history when it comes to Nascar, and adds on to the benefit of having sponsored the race.

This is the first time that any group has crowd sourced a driver like this, and it was all done voluntarily. The winnings from the race are going mostly to charity, and it has proven to be successful for Josh Wise as well. This entire campaign is proof that, through a community effort, anything is possible. Even sending a driver to Talladega to race on their behalf and bring in additional advertising! Congratulations goes out to Josh Wise and the /r/Dogecoin group for pulling this off. It was a perfect match between the two, and it was an awesome thing to see happen.



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