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Dogecoin Makes Exodus From Cryptsy

Due to the issues with the way the popular exchange Cryptsy is run, Dogecoin users have been making an exodus away from the site. This was announced a day or so ago on Reddit and has been continuing since then. This is a pretty big deal, considering Dogecoin is by far one of the most traded coins right now and is the one that has been picking up the most steam as of lately (due to their low cost, the fun factor, and the fact that most people are aware of the meme “doge”). When it comes to running a profitable exchange, the biggest thing is to keep the volume coming. This is what Dogecoin has been bringing to Cryptsy for a while now, but people are getting upset with the site, its massive amounts of lag (or lost transactions), etc. While many people have tried to push people in to using other exchanges for quite some time, this seems to be the first time it is actually working.

Where Do We Go Now?

The big question now is where to go. Most people were handling their Dogecoin on Cryptsy for so long that they are not aware of the other alternatives. Well, as of right now it appears the push is towards Vircurex, which has proven itself to be a trustable platform in the past. While it may not look as awesome, it does work well and as far as I am aware there have been no lost transactions or major lag issues. Especially not recurring ones.

Another exchange to look in to is mcxNOW. As of right now, they do not have Dogecoin listed, but Realsolid (the owner of the exchange) stated yesterday that in around a week Dogecoin should be added, along with possibly other coins. From his past this could be anywhere from a day to a few months (especially being that he claimed to be adding Dogecoin a few weeks ago), but if it is added this is by far the best bet for Dogecoin trading.

We will likely see more exchanges pop up as time goes on and crypto currencies gain some more transaction as a whole, but for now it is a good idea to stick with the tried and true ones. Sadly, Cryptsy keeps falling behind more and more, despite the potential the site would have if the owner would deal with its ongoing problems. Ignoring them is only going to continue making them lose more people (traders and volume), dragging the site down in to the ground.

While the coin can still be traded there, it is highly recommended to move them to one of the other reputable sites for the time being (at this point just being Vircurex, until the time comes when and if mcxNOW actually adds it to their site as well).


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