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Does The Amazing Randi Possess And Display Extremely Powerful Psychic Abilities?



Magician and infamous skeptic debunker James Randi is an interesting fellow.

Like most skeptics of his ilk, he is undoubtedly atheist. He also is adamant that there is no such thing as psychic power of any kind. Here are just a few psychic or other-worldly related powers and effects that Randi denies exist:

Telepathy, telekinesis, poltergeist, clairvoyance, clairaudience, predictive dreaming, out of body experiences, near death experiences, aura readings, past life readings, past life regressions, ghosts, crop circles not made by hoaxers, automatic writing, mediumship, pendulum divination, energy healings, reiki, faith healings, pet psychics, tarot readings, psychometry, astrology, instrumental trans communication (ITC), UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), aliens, alien abductions, parallel universes, psychic surgery.

Let's look at each of these, some more thoroughly than others. A number of them overlap, but there definitely seems to be something to all of them, despite Mr.Randi's persistent, obstinate denial.

And yes, the writer of this article believes that Mr. Randi has and uses his own powerful psychic abilities, possibly not even consciously aware of what is going on.


Caught You Looking

Telepathy is the way people are in constant communication with each other and the world in general, without speaking, or usually even being aware of it. You demonstrate your telepathic powers when, suddenly, you are compelled to look up or turn your head and then lock in on someone who was looking right at you, who (usually) quickly and sheepishly averts her gaze.

Got Caught Looking

No doubt you've also been on the other side of this exchange, and people catch you looking at them. When I get caught looking, I think, “Damn, how'd she know I was looking?” Yet, when I catch someone looking, I never wonder how I knew. It just seems natural that I would know. I lot of times I can feel it, and so do you and so does Randi.

That is not to say that I always can feel it, and neither can you, and neither can Randi. Yet, we've all felt it and have confirmed it by looking to see someone staring at us.

A lot of these times, my eyes just look on their own, right into the eyes of the person looking at me, without me having first consciously perceived it. So much telepathic and psychic phenomena takes places beneath conscious awareness. Indeed, developing psychic abilities involves getting in touch with your subconscious mind.

Two To Tango

The telepathy isn't just being done by the person who catches the individual doing the staring. It's takes two to tango, baby. If they weren't sending out a signal, you wouldn't have felt it, or vice-versa.

Telepathic Examples From Daily Living

Have you had experiences when you think of someone you hadn't thought of in ages, and then they get in touch with shortly thereafter? Or how about times you were thinking of someone and they called you just as you were thinking about them?

How about you call them and they picked up the phone to call someone before it even rang, and they are pushing the keypad, not knowing you are on the line, and then you say their name and they ask you how you got on the phone before they heard it ring – because the person they were calling was you?

Or how about this one: You're having a conversation with someone, usually a close friend, and they basically answer your questions before you get a chance to ask them; or they change the subject to a topic you were just getting ready to bring up, and it keeps happening throughout the entire conversation, over and over again.

Has anybody ever asked you to guess something you really have no earthly idea of the answer, but your guess totally hit it on the head?

These are all examples of telepathy. It operates constantly, so it's really amusing when people smart enough to know better say it doesn't exist.

Wow What A Coincidence!

Of course, their answer is coincidence. Everything is coincidence to these people. I know from experience that amazing coincidences occur, but the interesting thing about them, is that they tend to show me there is meaning behind them, whereas to a denier, they are perceived as the lack of meaning to everything.

When you realize the sheer quantity of events that deniers like Randi pass off to coincidence, the mind boggles. You realize that there is nothing that could happen that he wouldn't explain away as coincidence, so suddenly, his offer of a million dollars if you can prove to him that psychic phenomena exists, doesn't mean so much.

Deny The Evidence Of Your Own Experience Much?

I do find it interesting how people can deny the evidence of their own experience. There is no doubt that everyone has had the types of experiences I outlined above. How can every single one of them be unrelated coincidence?

In the mind of a denier, it's easy to answer that. Since telepathy simply doesn't exist, they have to be coincidences. End of discussion. It would be like trying to present evidence of the reality of Santa Claus. To them, it's stupid to even have the conversation.1)

The Reason Why So Many Magicians Are Debunkers

Randi couldn't have possibly picked a better vocation than sleight of hand magic to help keep him entrenched in his mechanistic paradigm. He knows that things can seem magical and deny explanation, but it's all a facade. Since he knows how to trick you into believing you are watching him melt a spoon by barely stroking it with one finger, if he ever runs into someone who can really do that, he'll just think the other guy is doing the same thing he does.

And if the other guy ups the ante, and is known to bend keys that he never touches, like in the case of Uri Geller, and TV news reporters who were doing a story on him discover they can't get home because their car keys, that were in their pockets the whole time, are bent, Randi just assumes that the guy is extremely good because even he can't figure out how he did the sleight of hand.

By the way, that's an example of telekinesis, the second term from the list I posted above: (Well discuss that, below.)


Telekinesis is the ability to move or bend an object without exerting physical force or motion. It seems that bending metal is easier than moving metal (or anything else), because it's hard to find anyone who claims to be able to move objects with her mind. Most of the stories of objects moving on their own, pertain to ghosts and poltergeists, or at least, people who seem to be doing it without conscious control.

Key & Spoon Bending

I remember in the mid 70s when Uri Geller came to town and the local TV stations covered his appearance. It really was reported that the incident happened and a few different news staff members had keys that never left their pockets, get bent, to the point of not being able to unlock or start their cars.2)

Is Everybody Lying?

There is another explanation that deniers will fall back on. It's the liar denial. Since keys can not be bent without being touched, then obviously Geller paid the TV news people to lie. Since, in this case, coincidence is just too far fetched even for debunkers, then it's a giant con with numerous staff members from 3 different TV stations all in on it.

By simply making the accusation of calling everyone a liar, as far as the denier is concerned, she has debunked the case of bent keys in the TV reporters pockets. Forget the fact that large numbers of people around the world have reported similars things happening to their keys.

Case closed. End of discussion. She knows she's right, because telekinesis doesn't exist. Only naive people who cling to childish magical thinking, believe in that.

In the meantime, incidents like this continue to happen from time to time, including spontaneously to skeptics, who then tend to have to open their minds, at least a bit, and have to admit that they might not know everything, and that the universe may indeed be different that they've been led to believe.3)

Will Randi Even Send Geller A Thank You Card?

It should be noted that Randi, pretty much, owes his notoriety to Geller. It was during the Geller international hysteria when people around the world were able to bend spoons with their own minds following Geller's instructions on TV, that Randi wrote a book espousing his debunking world view, using Geller's name in the title. He went on to have multiple guest appearances on Johnny Carson's Tonight show. Without riding Geller's coat tails, who knows if Randi would have achieved popularity?

Geller's story is certainly fascinating, and he seems to be able to generate public interest wherever he is. He certainly garnered a lot of attention when he claimed he affected a soccer game between England and Scotland from a helicopter, high above the stadium. Scotland was lined up to take a free kick and Geller claims he used his mind power to move the ball just before the kick. The video shows the ball moved a bit, and players are adamant that there was not enough wind to have moved the ball. Here's more on that story.

Perhaps it was some kind of freak wind that couldn't be felt by the players, and only was present at ground level. Maybe Geller, being the prankster showman he is (a quality that leads many skeptics to think he a 100% fraud), jumped on the opportunity for publicity. It's not this story that I hang my hat on Geller having real abilities. I just find it rather interesting.

An example of the kind of information that impresses me about Geller can be found here. Plus, when I was in my adolescence, I bent a spoon while he was on TV. It was not the kind where it's bent all the way back, but it was an actual bend that anyone could see, and it wasn't done by physical force, the way debunkers accuse us of doing.

I was hopeful it was the beginning of a new era in my life, but unfortunately, it was the only time I bent a spoon or any other object using mind power.


Originally considered to be a playful spirit that would hide things or even throw them around, poltergeist activity would later be suspected of being telekinesis done unconsciously by the (soon to be, or actual) teenager, who always seems to be around the action. Another possibility is that there is an entity involved, which establishes a connection to the young person. Researchers indicate there is usually some sort of turmoil or stress in the home.

Knock Knock Who's There? You Kids Better Quit Horsing Around!

It often starts with a knocking sound that is usually hard to trace, exactly where it is coming from. The adults in the house usually assume it's the kids playing games. Sometimes electrical or electronic equipment quits working and later works again. Lights may go out without anyone touching the switch.

Skeptics/deniers tend to believe that the psychic researchers who connected the dots to the adolescent, have yet to connect them all the way. They say that the child or children are hoaxing, as their parents may have initially thought when the phenomena started with knocking. If objects are purported to be flying through the air, skeptics say it has to be the child throwing the objects, even when people may be in the same room, but not looking at directly at them.

They don't have answers for how all these kids are making lights turn off and on, or the telephone ring with nobody on the line, and then stop working, intermittently, and the like.

In some of these cases, it could be kids having fun at the expense of their family, but it's difficult to fathom that would explain all of them, especially when there is so much going on that defies explanation, and when researchers have been called in and they are not able to find a normal cause.

The Enfield Poltergeist

As alluded to above, in some instances poltergeist activity seems to encompass a number of phenomena. For instance, there may be an adolescent and some telekinesis occurring, as well as the presence of a spirit entity that takes possession of the child. This seems to be what happened in the case of The Enfield Poltergeist.

In the Enfield case, it may be that the child was not responsible for any of the activity; meaning there may not have been any telekinesis coming unconsciously from her, and all the phenomena was brought forth by the entity. There were too many credible witnesses including journalists, police officers and psychic researchers to assume this was staged.

There was said to be numerous instances of levitation involving objects in the house as well as the 11 year old girl, and at least one instance reported of her personally teleporting to the next door neighbor's home. Teleporting is like what they do on Star Trek through advanced technology. They disappear in one place and simply reappear in another.

There were multiple teleportations of objects written about by the researchers. There are photographs of the girl, Janet, that are purported to be of her levitating, but appear to show her making impressive leaps with a highly animated face. This is not to say, for a fact, that she was not floating. Her face may have been animated because she was genuinely screaming or fearful. I'm just saying that the photos are not proof.

What I find most impressive about the case of The Enfield Poltergeist is the number of corroborating, credible witnesses, including a police officer who wrote and signed a report detailing how she examined a chair that moved. She confirmed that their was nothing connected to the chair by which it could have been pulled or pushed.

Numerous journalists routinely witnessed furniture that would move across the room. The girl would speak in a deep voice and identify herself as a man.

Playfair believes she should have gotten a sore throat, speaking in the gruff voice, carrying on conversations with the researchers for hours at a time, but she never had any vocal or throat issues. The main researcher, Guy Playfair wrote about this fascinating but nightmarish case that occurred in the late 70s, in his book, This House Is Haunted, in 1980.

Psychical Researchers Vs Skeptical Researchers

Playfair is a member of the Society For Psychical Research. Deniers like James Randi are members or founders of different skeptical societies. It dawns on me how interesting it would be if there was ever a person who would be allowed membership in both types of investigative groups.

From what I have seen, my guess is the a psychic research group would welcome someone who identifies herself as a skeptic researcher, but that the skeptical research groups would never allow a psychic researcher to become a member of their organization. This is, in my opinion, because the psychic researchers are interested in getting to the proverbial bottom of things, while skeptical researchers sole interest is in proving that their world view is correct, which is that life is mechanistic and chemical in nature, and in no way sourced from energy or spirit.

While I don't know the following for a fact, I would be fairly shocked if every member of the well known skeptic research groups is not a hardcore atheist. By that, I mean it would be shocking to me if any members were agnostic. I don't mean to insinuate that I believe it within the realm of possibility that a person who definitely believes in a Higher Power of any kind or consciousness independent of one's body would ever be welcome in such groups.

If this is the case, then I have to judge the ability of skeptic groups to arrive at the truth of matters to be severely hampered, because when you start out an investigation already knowing many of the parameters, including a list of impossibilities of your study's conclusion, your work is tainted from the get-go.

Skeptics Vs Debunkers? Nah, They're The Same Nowadays

That is the ultimate and humorous irony of all the skeptic groups. They should be honest and change their names to debunker groups. Their purpose is to debunk things they disagree with regardless of the facts; as opposed to taking an honest, skeptical look into topics and events. They take on an air of scientific superiority, yet they go into their studies already knowing what the results will not be.

For instance, let's say they are investigating a haunting. They may not know all the specifics that will be on their final report, but they are sure that there will be no inclusion of even the remotest possibility that any paranormal activity is responsible for any of the anomalies that the home owner is concerned about. They are starting off with an assumption, and it does not matter how much evidence they may come across, there is no way any paranormal possibility will be allowed. How, in any way, can that possibly be considered scientific?

Psychic research groups, on the other hand, often come to conclusions that the subjects of their studies did not experience supernatural events. They are able to reach such conclusions because they do not go into their research with nearly as many preconceived biases.

Everybody Has Biases Except James Randi Clones

To be human is to have biases. Most members of psychic research groups in all likelihood don't deny the fact that they, indeed, have biases. On the other hand, talk to any debunker group, and you are much more likely than not to get nothing but denials when asking them about their biases.4)

Randi Exposes Psychic Researchers Biases

Randi did an experiment to show the world the reality of biases in psychic researchers. He hired a con man to fake certain paranormal abilities, to document the willingness of psychic researchers to be fooled. The project was a stunning success.

The psychic researchers believed in the genuineness of the phony psychic, and Randi's group had a great, “Gotcha,” moment. The truth is, it was a good lesson for the psychic researchers, but it ultimately was disingenuous on the part of Randi and his cohorts, who are interested only in winning arguments and getting people to believe in their world view.

Should Randi Have Been An Amazing Defense Lawyer?

What they did was an attempt to destroy the credibility of the paranormal researchers, so that anything they have ever documented in the past, or anything they will ever document in the future, will be tainted by the fact that they were fooled by the fraudster.

It is not entirely unlike destroying the credibility of a witness to a horrific murder. The witness may be alcoholic, for instance. The defense attorneys will bring witnesses to the stand to tell stories about the murder witness, that show how she has had moments of extreme intoxication.

One on occasion, she may have taken off her clothes while riding a child's tricycle through her neighborhood in pre dawn hours, shouting, “I'm Paul Revere. The red coats are coming. Betsy Ross, hurry up with that flag, Bitch!”

Upon hearing this, the jury, the judge, and the spectators, all have a good snicker, and suddenly, her testimony about the horrific event she witnessed, where three children were gruesomely murdered, is suddenly invalidated, despite the fact that she was not inebriated when she witnessed the events, or even if she had been sober for 20 years before the crime had taken place.

Like a defense attorney, debunkers have zero interest in letting people know the truth. They just want to affect the jury to get a favorable decision. In this case, the jury is the public, and the favorable decision is winning the argument and getting people to believe that they are right about everything, and anyone who disagrees with them is wrong, foolish, naive, silly, embarrassing and childish.

I realize my example is not an exact analogy and that Randi's ploy does show a weakness those researchers allowed in their observational and cognizant skills, but it doesn't invalidate everything that have ever done or will ever do. Moreover, the trick also inspires people to invalidate all psychic researchers entire life's work, even though it was only a limited number of researchers who were snared in the devious trap.

Being Closed Minded In The Name Of Science

Debunkers, by nature, are not scientific (despite non stop claims that they are.) They refuse to admit that they could be wrong. They don't fairly consider evidence if it doesn't fit into their paradigm. They don't give a fat rat's ass about the truth. They just want to win arguments, at any cost. They feel utterly superior to – and have nothing but disdain and contempt for – people with open minds.

Ironically, and incredibly, they delusionally believe they are open minded. Plus, while I don't have proof of this, I'm beginning to think they would pass a lie detector test by stating that their poop smells good and should be packaged and sold as potpourri.

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Predictive Dreaming


Clairvoyance has to do with seeing visions in your minds eye that relays information that accurately depicts information not available through the five senses. It might be information about the future, but it could also be data relating to the subject's past experience. “Remote viewing” is generally considered a form of clairvoyance.


Clairaudience is like clairvoyance, but instead of the seeing visions in the mind's eye, it's more like hearing things in the mind's ear.

Predictive Dreaming

Predictive Dreaming is self explanatory. Some people tend to have fairly (or maybe, semi) regular dreams that foretell events that later come true.

Any accurate information from any of the above three (or other psychic abilities, for that matter) are simply discarded by debunkers via a very limited handful of options. Coincidence, usually reigns supreme.

Aura Reading

Aura Readings are given by either genuine energy sensitives who have the ability to perceive the energy field around people, or by people who pretend to have that ability. Of course that's the same with any type of psychic reading. I just bring it up here as a reminder that the ratio of genuine psychics to fraudsters is huge, in favor of the phony balonies. At the same time I say that, I also believe that we are all psychic; that it is a part of our humanity – beyond that, our beingness. So which is it? Are most psychics frauds, or is everybody a psychic?

I think most people who charge money are fakes, but as sweeping a generalization as that sounds, I think it is not wrong for a genuine psychic to charge money. Getting paid for providing a genuine service, and for doing what you are good at does not suddenly become a bad thing when the field of work is spiritual in nature.

I also think that at various times in everyone's life, we all get information, or have feelings, from a source beyond our five senses that turns out to be right on the spot. However, just because those events happen to us sporadically, doesn't mean that we should tell people we have developed, or were born with, special gifts, and then charge money for giving people spiritual counsel.

My Personal Aura Experience

I have seen auras sporadically. I don't see the full scope that psychics report that can extend not just a few inches from the body, but a few feet. I also haven't seen colors. When I see them, they are a whitish glow around the person's head and shoulders.

There are certain settings where I have seen them the most. Classroom situations and courtrooms are two of the main settings I see them. When this happens, I can look at the entire room full of people and see them on everybody, or I can look at a single person and notice it, in particular, on her.

I have yet to figure out if the reason I'm sometimes able to see auras in these type of situations is because when I'm in them, I'm working on myself, getting my stuff together, and in a good frame of mind; or if it's because everybody is in that attitude. They may be emanating energy stronger than usual, which makes it easy for me to see. Both factors probably apply.

So, What Are They?

The aura is the energy field around living entities. We generally just think that people have them, but people who have the gift can often see them on animals, including the smallest of pets, as well as on plants and trees. When Shirley MacLaine had her first remembered out of body experience, she spoke about being able to see the aura on plants, not just people.

A lot of metaphysical literature tells us that auras don't so much emanate from our bodies, but rather, the other way around. That is to say, our bodies emanate from the energy field around them, (our auras.)

There are psychics who have the ability to tell things about people by the way their aura appears. Some even have the ability to help clean or clear an individual's aura, sometimes physically putting their hands through the subject's energy field, close to their head, neck, shoulders or arms.

Good For More Than A Laugh

As you can imagine, this is reason for great laughter from the debunker community. There would be snickers regarding the idea in general, but when the physical movements of actually using one's hands to fix the energy field, it's often too much to watch without making comments or bursting out laughing.

Sometimes, however, a fairly hardened skeptic will get a reading on a fluke, and it will be so accurate, it definitely gives the individual pause to wonder, to put it mildly. If the psychic has the ability to clear the aura, our skeptic may end up feeling better, or having a troubling emotion dissipate.

Have You Cracked Your Cosmic Egg Yet?

When that kind of thing happens to a skeptic, it is known as cracking the individual's cosmic egg, and it usually is the beginning of the state of being open minded, which frees the person to be able to really have a better grasp on the state of the world today.5)


Ghost is the term usually given to the discarnate entity who has decided to stick around on the earth plane, instead of transitioning to the etheric realm, often referred to as the between life state. Yes, the evidence for reincarnation is overwhelming.

Most ghosts are not of the same disposition as the entity that was evidently involved in the previously referenced, Enfield Poltergeist. Most hauntings are not malevolent in nature. The spirit or spirits generally do not wish to hurt or even scare the people whose space they are sharing.

That's not always the case, though. There are spirits who don't want anyone in their space, and they enjoy being threatening to humans to scare them away. It must speak to one of my too many character flaws, that I wish debunkers could personally experience the scarier type hauntings in their own homes. Why did the Enfield Poltergeist have to mess with that nice single parent family, when he could have had his fun with James Randi?

In many (if not most) hauntings, the spirits don't even know they are dead. They are often confused, hurt or angry that nobody is answering them when they try to make conversation. Many psychics specialize in working with these spirits and getting them to go to the other side, like Jennifer Love Hewitt's character in, The Ghost Whisperer. Is it said to be incredibly rewarding work.

Debunkers believe that all people who charge money for ghost whispering are despicable frauds of the lowest order. They may be right about most of them, but since debunkers deny the existence of ghosts, as well as survival of consciousness beyond death, they view every last one of them as conscious frauds.

Crop Circles

Crop Circles first got the notice of the some of the general public in the 1970s. They are areas within fields of crops that are flattened. Originally, there would just be a single circle. Many people felt it could be from a flying saucer that had landed.

In the 1980s the designs become amazing, intricate works of art, many times spanning the equivalent of two of three football fields. People started experimenting to see if they could duplicate the effects, using ropes and wood and other items.

A lot of these people are hoaxers who believe all crop circles are made by hoaxers. Yet many people who try to duplicate crop circles believe there are other worldly origins to them. They get involved in human made crop circles as a way of paying tribute to what they believe or the extra terrestrial, or extra dimensional authentic circle makers.

They Can't All Be Done By People

Of course the skeptic debunkers are adamant that all crop circles are human made, and will not consider other possibilities. However, it's really quite difficult to imagine that all of them are done by people. There are a number of reasons, including:

  • The sheer number of formations, which is, at least, in the five figure range since the 1970s
  • They are usually made overnight in areas that have no lighting
  • They often are so large and so intricate, that the idea of so many people working together in the dark, using flashlights, is just too unfathomable
  • There are magnetic and other anomalies in many of them. Often, electronic equipment, like digital cameras, won't work inside them. Compasses will behave erratically, and never point north. The crops grow differently in many of them that are considered real, than the way the crops grow in ones that are believed, or known to be human made
  • Many times people see small white orbs, the size of beach balls or smaller at night, and then wake up to discover a new crop circle

The single greatest aspect that prevents most open minded experts from calling it a hoax is the fact that it was captured by a hand held camera that is moving. It would have been too difficult to do special effects like that with hand held footage, in the allotted time frame, with video technology available at the time, (and possibly even with technology available today)

The student who took the video claimed to have camped out near the field hoping to capture some orbs or other UFO activity. He says he awoke at dawn and saw the orbs, and grabbed his video camera from his sleeping bag and started taping.

He showed up hours later at a pub where UFO enthusiasts hung out and excitedly showed people the video through the view finder in the camera. Many video experts say that it would have been impossible for him to have taped the crop circle that had appeared overnight, and then have the tape altered to place in the orbs of light.

Experts said they not found no evidence of special effects editing, but the fact that it wasn't on a tripod, made it a virtual impossibility to fake it, especially in such a short amount of time, with the equipment that was available at that time.

There was also the question of the crop circle. If the video tape was hoaxed, then did he also hoax the large crop circle? That would make him an incredibly busy, industrious, creative student with all kinds of mad skill and high tech, expensive video equipment.

It's a stretch no matter how you look at it, but add to that, the fact that the video wasn't on a tripod, which makes the hoaxing possibility virtually impossible, even with all the time in world, and it's apparent nobody would have possibly been able to do complete the project in that amount of time. (By the way, witnesses at the pub report that the guy didn't seem to be acting. He seemed to be genuinely ecstatic and ultra excited.}

As you can imagine, debunkers have video experts of their own that claim it was hoaxed. To this day, there is daily banter back and forth in regard to it being obviously hoaxed, or obviously genuine.

Years later, a guy came forward and said he was the guy who had done the video and it was a fake. National Geographic spotlighted him on a special program. This man is accused by many people of not being the same guy who originally taped it. A number of websites are devoted to the confession being a hoax, just as they is no shortage of sites saying the video was hoaxed.

The web page that is found in the following footnote presents what seems to be undeniable proof that the confession is a hoax. It focuses on the fact that the alleged confessing hoaxer is adamant that he used a tripod. Not only does the camera shake exactly like a hand held amateur video shakes, but when the researcher at the website in the footnote went to match up the shot, the only match there was, came from about a foot off the ground, which matches the original story, that the student was in his sleeping bag and taped it from the ground.6)

Same Old Song And Dance (Nothing To See Here)

The debunkers will tell you that the theory of anything other than human made crop circles has been debunked countless times and that it's ridiculous that weak minded people continue to believe in anything other than a bunch of college kids out for a good time are responsible for the countless thousands of such formations that have appeared around the world.

Whatever you do, don't bother them with aerial photographs of similar formations in snow, in the middle of nowhere with no foot prints leading to it. After all, the wind erased every single foot print, yet left the snow circle patterns undisturbed.

As usual, debunkers tell us there is nothing to see here folks. Keep moving. Quit wasting time. Get a life. There are no mysteries. Everything that exists is already known, and they have it all memorized, so just ask them if you are ever confused about anything, since they have all the answers, and they can save you from a lot of embarrassment.

Great Crop Circle Resource

Here is a really good look at crop circles. What is awesome about this is how you can get so much excellent information without having to devote a ton of time. The writer cuts to the chase.

There are a lot of good pictures as well. Be sure to click to get to page two and read about the various anomalies that are often found in genuine circles.

I like the stories he tells about debunkers doing their dirty work. In one instance, a video crew is trying to set up a Japanese researcher with a Randi-like gotcha moment. They asked him if the formation could be a natural phenomenon. He answers that it could not be explained by anything we know of naturally.

They then asked him if it could be hoaxed. He said, “Of course.” Yet, when they aired the show, they edited it so that he seemed to be answering, no, it could not be hoaxed. In so doing, they tried to discredit him so that people won't pay attention to his work, or believe anything he says. Despicable.


Mediumship occurs when a person goes into a trance and a spirit will speak through them. Often times the voice and facial demeanor and expressions will change markedly, and it's hard to recognize the person.

Sometimes the spirit that comes through speaks eloquently and discusses the mysteries of life. Entire books and series of books have been written by these spirits dictating their prose to someone who records and transcribes the words.

Seth Speaks & Jane Roberts

One of the best examples is the medium, Jane Roberts, who was the vehicle for Seth to speak through. He referred to himself as a non physical personality no longer focused in physical reality – Or, as an energy, essence, personality.

Her first book about Seth was The Seth Material that had extensive quotes from Seth. Then the next book was taken entirely of Seth sessions. There were other books, including, The Nature Of Personal Reality. There was the novel based on the teachings of Seth, called, The Education of Oversoul Seven.

It was (and is) riveting material. It was fascinating how Seth could give readings to different people that Jane and her husband Robert Butts knew, and be able to accurately tell discuss specific things they were going through, that they had not shared with Rob or Jane, (or sometimes, anybody else in the world.)

Seth Warned Us About The Medical/Cancer Industry

Seth talked about things that seemed incredibly controversial that since then have become common knowledge to awakened individuals. For instance, he said that mammograms were causing way, way, way more cancer than they prevented, and that the medical industry was hurting and killing people with the way they go about dealing with cancer in general, not just mammograms.

Those of us who have looked at the evidence, in the 30 years since Seth clued us in, know he has been proven right. If this is news to you, then your question is, if it's proven, why are oncologists still doing everything the same, the short answer is, money. But really, that's a topic for another conversation.

Not Many Good Mediums These Days

I tend not to put much stock in most mediums or the spirits they are channeling. The information usually does not ring true to me the way it did with the Seth material. The word on the metaphysical street is that dark entities, who are part of the control grid have hijacked most of the mediums nowadays.

So now, even mediums who used to produce decent material, have become the mouth pieces for the forces behind the global cabal, and they are spreading misinformation. There is a lot of BS about things like Ashtar Command, the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation who are on their way to save us from the New World Order.7)

You Know It's Disinformation When The Message Is To Do Nothing

I do believe there is spiritual help occurring in the unseen realms, but it's the kind of help which aids humans when we decide to take responsibility for the mess the world is in and help ourselves. The messages most mediums are delivering these days is just sit back and relax. The cavalry is on it's way. There is nothing for us to do to get our nations and our planet back to sanity. It's all being done for us.

Interestingly, and perhaps ironically, Seth warned us that most mediums deliver bad quality data and we should be wary of them. He said that the reason he was able to get such high quality information out was Jane's ability as a medium to lock in on her target and keep everything else out. He spoke about that ability as if he was in awe of her.

Seth said not to believe anything he said, but to check it out and use our own judgement. He said that we all have our own Seth type guides who are in constant contact with us, especially in our dream state.

The Oversoul Concept And An Expanded Look At Reincarnation

He identified himself as Jane's higher self, and her future self, and confirmed that we all have a higher self/future self. That's the concept of the oversoul. The oversoul seeds itself out through time and even different realities. Jane was one of his seeds, so to speak.

So, in terms of reincarnation, it puts a twist on the concept. We like to say, I lived before as a such and such, but in Seth's view of reality, each individual is related, but different. We have access to their memories, because we are all a part of the same higher self. We are all part of each other.

Meet Your Counterparts

He calls each individual aspect of the oversoul, a counterpart.

Counterparts, in time, in the same space time continuum, are what we call reincarnations of the soul, but there are counterparts who are in other realities, parallel universes that are also part of the mix.

There may even be people on earth right now that are counterparts to us. Sometimes we meet them and feel an incredible closeness to them. I don't believe he said that everyone always has a counterpart in the same time frame, though, but it sure would be fascinating to know if we have any, and be able to meet them and see what part of the Oversoul mission they are taking on.

Now if this stuff is valid, and there is so much more to existence than we can even dream of, how silly are the James Randis of this world, who would have us believe that this world is all there is, and it's only solid, mechanical, chemical and transient; and that when we die, every vestige of our consciousness is done?

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is similar to being a vocal medium, but instead of communication being dispersed by the vocal cords, it comes from putting pen to paper and letting the hand write the words automatically. Just as there are gradients of quality in everything, some automatic writers offer nothing but drivel, while others offer keen insight into all type of subjects the person whose hand is writing has no knowledge about. The classic automatic writing is when the hand is operating totally independent of the mind.

The person whose hand is doing the writing is totally disconnected from the writing process. It might as well be Thing,8) from The Adams Family, doing the writing. The writer is usually just as surprised to saw what she wrote as anyone else is.

A Variation

A lot of times, though, the writer has an awareness of what she is writing as the words are flowing, even though she doesn't feel like it's her doing it, and, of course, it often deals with information the writer has no awareness of.

The writer feels like she is being dictated to, as opposed to the classic kind of automatic writing where it feels like Thing T. Thing, and she has no idea what's on the paper until she reads it when it's done.

Conversations With God Trilogy

The Conversations With God books, by Neale Donald Walsh, were done in this manner.

Jonathon Livingston Seagull

Jonathon Livingston Seagull was done is a similar way. Richard Bach said the story was just flowing through him, and he merely tried to write down the words that were being fed to him. At the half way point it stopped, and he never tried to finish it on his own.

Then one day, many years later, the story started coming to him, picking up exactly where he left off. He wrote it down, and the book was finished in two effortless sittings, although it spanned the course a quite a few years.

In case you're wondering, Illusions, which he wrote years later, was done the normal way.

God Calling

Interestingly, there is a devotional book, a favorite among many Christians, called, God Calling, which is written from automatic writing. This is ironic, because Christians tend to believe anything psychic in nature that is not directly discussed and endorsed in the Bible, is of the devil.

James Randi, of course, would scoff at both notions: First that automatic writing is real, and second that it could be of the devil. Atheist don't believe in satanic powers any more than they believe in divine or benevolent spiritual beings.

Pendulum Divination

Pendulum divination is what many people do when they are looking for answers to certain questions in their lives. They have a pendulum they keep exactly for this process. They have their own system, where if it swings one way, like back and forth, that means yes. If it swings in a circle, that means no.

It is usually considered a way to get in touch with a portion of yourself that has answers that you are not consciously in touch with. In that way, it's not unlike automatic writing, but it's much easier to get a pendulum to sway one way or another, than it is to get your hand to write by itself.

Some people swear by this process for helping them make life decisions of varying degrees of importance. Most people, I imagine, would not let that process help make up their mind. Randi, I'm confident, would probably rather be caught dead, as they say, than to ever try his hand at pendulum divination.

Energy Healing, Reiki, Faith Healing

Energy healing, reiki, faith healing, intercessory prayer and every other form of healing instigated by a person, directed to another person have a tremendous body of evidence for validity in the form of what the Randi's of the world refer to as, anecdotal evidence. To them, it doesn't matter if a million people can tell personal stories of being healed through prayer or directed energy from somebody. It simply doesn't count if it's not done in a laboratory setting, by scientists who don't believe in it.

Even if a study were to be successful, it would not count if scientists who don't believe in it, all around the world were not able to duplicate it. If indeed, that were to happen, then it would be evidence of the placebo effect, and there would be no inclination from the Randi types to delve into the power of placebo, so that more people could use it to heal themselves.

The Problem With Blending Science And Psychics

The problem with studying the realm of subtle energy, psychic abilities, is they are not usually amenable to such efforts. That doesn't mean they don't happen. It means they don't tend to happen under laboratory parameters.

In fact, they often require an open minded environment of belief, or at least a willingness to suspend disbelief, which is anathema to debunkers. I have no doubt that it's fairly common that when the people doing the documentation on the psychic research are hard and fast skeptics, it's setting the studies up for negative results.

Furthermore, if psychic efficacy studies are conducted by researchers who actually do believe, and hence, they get positive results, those results are thrown out, so to speak, in the minds of those who don't believe – simply based on the prima facie assumption that the study was flawed because there were believers involved.

That is how Randi and his ilk try to ignore studies that show homeopathy to be valid. They, seriously, discount all of them on the basis that there were actual homeopaths (GASP) involved in the studies.

That would be like disallowing medical research because doctors or other professionals in the pharmacological industry were involved. The debunkers have double standards like no group of people I've ever come across.

Kathryn Kuhlman And Edgar Cayce

Kathryn Kuhlman, who died in 1976, was possibly the most prolific of faith healers in modern history. She had thousands of success stories. There were people whose doctors could not explain what happened when their health took dramatic and sudden turns for the better, including untold numbers of patients for whom their doctors had said would die soon, but who went on to live long and healthy lives.

Edgar Cayce gave thousands of health readings along with advice on what to do. He was tremendously successful, not only in being able to diagnose people he never even met in person, but in helping nurture them to health. Never Cayce or Kuhlman had a 100% success rate, but who could possibly expect that? They did have a tremendous rate of success though, helping many people that medical science had given up on.

Some of the healings were so amazing, if you presented their cases to debunkers like Randi, all they would be able to do is call them hoaxers, but their turn around was too dramatic to give credit to the old faithful stand by of placebo.

For instance, a woman whose spine was twisted around (like if you put a sponge in your hand and wring it out), went to a Kathryn Kuhlman service and felt her spine untwist as she was sitting in her chair. She could stand up and walk perfectly and had perfect posture.

Her doctor freaked out saying it wasn't even possible to do that with surgery. She had before and after x-rays. The only way to deny it is to accuse the doctor and patient to be in on a conspiracy, complete with trick x-ray photography and a phony medical history, to make Kathryn Kuhlman look good.

There have been people, including professional investigative journalists, who set out to confirm their belief that she was a charlatan who ended up understanding and reporting that real and dramatic healings did take place in her evangelical meetings.

When people did get over symptoms for good, aka being healed, skeptics always would claim it was psychosomatic healing, yet these same skeptics never make the same claim when people are treated by doctors and get better. To be fair, though, there were investigations, that revealed that a lot of times people thought they were healed, only to discover later that they weren't.

Serious Researcher Reports Cases Of Fingers That Grew Back

Craig Keener discussed Kuhlman in his two volume set on Miracles. He found multiple cases where extraordinary, scientifically impossible things happened in front of many witnesses, like fingers that had been cut off, growing back.

As hard to believe as I find such things, I'm extremely open to hearing about it. I hope to get my hands on the volume that Keener broaches Kuhlman, so I may learn more about those events. How many witnesses were there? Why does he consider them credible? How many such events did he discover?

However, a hardened debunker like Mr. Randi, I'm quite sure wouldn't spend a second of his time reading about that. He just puts an offer out to give a million dollars to someone who can make a finger grow back, and when nobody does it in front of him, assumes that is proof that it can't happen. I'm not saying I'm it can happen, but I know that is not proof that it can't.9)

On the other hand, I strongly suspect that if somebody did grow a finger back before his eyes, Randi wouldn't give a penny away of that million dollars. He'd probably just say it was a very good magic trick. If you don't believe something is possible, and your only concern is being right, then all the evidence in the world isn't going to make a difference.

Pet Psychics

Pet psychics are people who have the ability to communicate with people's pets and relay information. Just like regular psychics, the fraud ratio has got to be heavily weighted in favor of the fraudsters. However, just because there are frauds doesn't mean there are no genuine ones.

Randi's answer to the notion of pet psychics would be, I'm sure, the same of his take on people psychics. He'd say they do cold readings that pump their subjects – the pet owners, not the pets, silly – for information, and take advantage of their desire to believe. He might add that that they simply give a lot of general information that would apply to anyone.

Indeed, skeptics will document psychics whom I believe have real gifts, giving readings where they do ask questions, and/or the information seems rather universal and could fit most people. Yet, I've noticed the skeptics, rather disingenuously, cherry pick their results.

For instance, they will watch the psychic giving incredibly detailed information that is blowing away the people they are reading, without asking questions. The degree of specificity could in no way be valid for anyone else but the person they are reading.

The skeptic will not acknowledge those readings, but instead, choose to focus only on ones that aren't are more general and rather lackluster. It's incredibly disingenuous, and again, it's totally motivated to simply sell their world view to the rest of us, as opposed to trying to figure out what's really going on.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot cards readings are ways to tell somebody what is happening around them and what is likely to happen in the future, and help them to make choices that will be helpful to them. I remember when I bought a deck and a book, I did a paint by numbers reading, so to speak, for myself and was pretty impressed with how the cards I drew accurately depicted aspects of my life that I was going through.

I then did some for a number of friends and got some good results as well. There is supposed to be a point in developing the ability to be a good tarot card reader where you go beyond what I refereed to as painting by numbers. That is, you intuitively discern information instead of just relying on what the book says every card means.

Diluted Returns And The Point Of Readings

I never got there, and I found that as I kept doing readings (primarily for myself), the accuracy tapered off. I think it's not the kind of thing you need to do every day for the same person, (including yourself.)

Actually, I feel that's true about any type of reading. They shouldn't be done that often. The information you get can take time to process. If you receive insight and inspiration from them, use it in your life and see what results you get. Readings aren't parlor games. Don't keep jumping from one shiny object to the next. They are meant to help you live your life. You can't just focus on getting readings. You actually have to live your life. It seems obvious, but many people don't seem to understand.

My Friend Turned Out To Be A Natural

I remember when a friend of mine was trying his hand at tarot card reading. He really seemed to get intuitive flashes of information from the cards, unlike my experience with them.

He gave a reading to a woman he had never met before, and told her she would be having lower abdominal surgery soon. There was nothing in the book about that, so I don't know where that came from, but she said that, indeed, she was scheduled for a hysterectomy in just a few days.

I asked my friend how he knew, and he said she had drawn one of the sword cards, and he just got a picture in his head, of the sword cutting her like a scalpel in the lower abdomen, and the feeling was of a medical procedure, rather than a violent crime.

Hold On To Your Wallet

I think of all the psychic frauds though, they are probably most plentiful in tarot readings. If you pay money for the reading and the result is that the cards tell you someone is doing black magic against you, and you need that card reader to light a six foot candle and pray for you for the next 10 days straight for X amount of dollars, you'll hopefully realize what is going on.

In fact, any reading you get of any kind, including free readings that results in the instructions for more intense paid readings, is your cue to smile, thank your reader & leave. The best readings help you get into with the psychic counselor inside of you, so that you don't need to be read every time you are wondering what choices you should be making in your life.

No Soup For You

A good psychic will cut a person off who is becoming dependent on them. That is not the way spiritual counseling is supposed to work. The goal is to know thyself, and to thine own self be true.10)


Astrology is definitely one of the favorite topics of scorn for debunkers everywhere. A common complaint is the horoscopes in newspapers are so general, you could read any one of them and believe they were for you. The point is valid, and that is not really astrology, per se, because it's based only on the sun sign.

When you have a real, in depth reading done that includes your birth month, day, year and time, as well as your precise location, your reading is not generalized. Of course, not all astrologers are equally adept.

Science Says There's Something To It

A good astrologer can take your information and give you accurate feedback about your life. In fact, scientific studies by a number of researchers including Michel Gauquelin and, independently, Suitbert Ertel, have shown that astrologers can zone in on individuals avocations and interests, with such accuracy, it could never be done to that degree by chance.11)

Carl Jung studied the charts of nearly 500 married couples and find a certain astrological pattern shared between the more successful (long lasting) marriages to occur three times more than chance. Astrologers told him of the pattern that was least conducive to long marriages, and when they checked the charts of the longest lasting marriages, there were so few of those patterns among the couples, Jung calculated the odds of it happening by chance being 62 million to one.12)

An experiment that was done on the TV show, Unsolved Mysteries, where 20 charts were given to an esteemed astrology, Carolyn Reynolds, in order to get any information she could glean about those people. Unbeknownst to her, four of the charts belongs to serial killers. She actually identified those charts as possible serial killers, and gave specific information about each of them that turned out to be true.13)

A very similar experiment was done by different researchers, and a different highly respected astrologer, Edna Rowland. The results were also very similar.14)

A psychiatrist named Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson, M.D. discovered an astrological way to predict people who are likely candidates for dealing with mental illness, especially depression.15)

The Probable Debunker Perspective

A debunker would likely look at the studies that show there is something to astrology, and simply assume that there were flaws in the protocols. If she were to take the time to read any such studies, it would only be in hopes of finding a weak link she could try to attack in an effort to invalidate the results in peoples' minds.

The skeptic would have the conclusion of their response already written in her mind, before even looking at the evidence, much like the Warren commission and the 911 commission went about their respective work. Moreover, she would try to change the subject and get people to focus only on studies where astrology is purported to have failed to be affective in accurately discerning or predicting data.

That is very telling of how these people think. Even if there are studies where astrology was not shown to be effective, how does that in any way take away from studies where it was shown to have validity?

It's like doing follow up on Kathryn Kuhlman and finding people who didn't get healed, while totally ignoring all the instances where people were healed, as if they didn't happen. Or it's like saying Uri Geller wasn't able to bend a spoon on the Tonight Show, so all instances of thousands, if not tens of thousands of people bending spoons while watching him on TV didn't happen.16)


Psychometry is the ability to feel information about people from objects they have held or touched. Everything is energy. The world is comprised of atoms which have tiny energy particles spinning around in a relative large amount of space. No doubt, the particles themselves (protons, electrons and neutrons) are made almost entirely of energy.

The energy in our bodies contains an imprint of data that is available for reading by individuals (and technology) that has the ability to read it. When we touch objects, that are also energy, remnants of our imprint is transferred to the energy in the object.

You Can Learn To Do It

Someone who can read energy, can hold the object and decipher the data from the imprint remnants that were left in the object. In fact, you can develop that ability, at least to some extent, and probably to a good extent, by practicing.

You may be skeptical, but I'm speaking from experience. Not that I really developed it, but I had enough experience in one class session to realize it's for real. It was a psychic development class, and one of the nights was devoted to psychometry.

My Experience With Psychometry

People put personal items in a box. We made sure not to look at anybody while the items were being deposited. Interestingly, my hundred dollar bill teleported to another location and I was never able to find it. 17)

I did a total of four objects that night. There was only one that I was wrong about all my impressions. The idea is to hold the object and write down any impressions that come to mind. Yes, you can call these, “guesses.” That is the way developing various psychic skills works. The more you work at it, the more accurate your guesses become.

It's been many years, but if memory serves, for one object I saw a boat in my mind's eye. The owner of the object had a boat. For another one, I got the word, “impetuous.” I thought it meant, spur of the moment, but I wasn't even sure, but I was strong on the idea of impetuous, no matter if I was right about the definition or not.

I had the feeling that the owner of the object might not be impetuous, but even if that was the case, that word was relevant to the object, or the story of object in some way. It turned out that the teacher had brought it to class for the purpose of the psychometry exercise. It belonged to her husband.

I was told I was on the right track with my understanding of impetuous, which is exemplified in a hasty or impulsive decision, or an emotional reaction. I was completely off in terms of the owner of the object. The teacher's husband is the opposite of impetuous.

However, she said she bought it for him as a gift, and that word was a perfect description of the manner in which she bought it for him as it was totally impulsive. That fit very well into my feeling that it might not have been about the owner but was fitting for it anyway.

The other hit I got for the last item for me that night was the thought of an injured right leg. The woman who owned the object, pulled her leg out from behind her desk, that I had not seen previously, and revealed a bandaged right leg. I was blown away.

The Likely Debunker Response

The debunker response is to claim coincidence on the hits and point out that for each hit, I had 2 or 3 other guesses that were either misses, (or at best, stretches, to the point that I didn't consider them hits, myself.) What are you going to do with a person like that?

She could have a reaction like; “Wow, for the first attempt, you got some really interesting results. It seems like it was way more than chance. It would be something if your teacher is right and with practice you could get even more accurate. Life is interesting and filled with mysteries.”

But no, the skeptic just has to take the attitude that more hits than misses is total proof that she's right about everything, and there's nothing to be learned from this kind of exploration. It's foolish to waste your time on such drivel.


The way the debunkers handle UFO reports is they match up the most common mistakes people make when they misidentify a UFO with the particular vicinity the report is coming from. For instance, if it is near a swamp, they say the person saw swamp gas, a natural form of methane that sometimes spontaneously combusts into a gas ball. People certainly have mistaken such phenomena as UFOs.

If a planet was visible in the sky, and the report was from someone who was looking in the direction of the planet, the debunker automatically assumes it was the planet. There is quite a track record of people making that mistake.

If a blimp was known to be flying in the area, the skeptic says it was obviously the blimp. No doubt, many people have spotted a blimp and thought it was a UFO. I think you are starting to get the idea.

It doesn't matter if what the witnesses saw was nothing like what the debunker is attributing it to. The fact that people, in the past, have mistakenly misidentified so many perfectly explicable things as UFOs, is taken as proof that all UFO sightings fall into that category.

There are so many reports from multiple witnesses describing the same things, that are nothing like whatever the debunkers are trying to claim it is, it's silly to take the position that at least some UFO sightings are not simple cases of misidentification.

What Do Pilots, Cops, Military Officers & Astronauts Have In Common?

Many of the witnesses are just too damn credible to try to discredit as being unreliable. Many cops and military members, including high ranking officers, pilots and even astronauts have reported seeing UFOs.

Nuclear Sites

UFOs are fairly often seen over nuclear power plants, and probably even more often over nuclear silo sites. Sometimes fighter planes have been seen whizzing by not too long after witnesses first saw a UFO.

Experimental US Aircraft

Of course, many people say that many UFO sightings are experimental, high tech, secret government craft. That certainly seems to be the case with a lot of them. Possibly even most of them.

Breaking The Laws Of Our Understanding Of Physics

The question is, where did humans come up with the technology to create aircraft that completely defies our current understanding of aeronautics? These crafts are going at speeds far faster than jets. They often can stop on a dime, or make sudden turns that would burst a normal jet craft into pieces even if it could attain such speeds in the fist place.

If They Are Ours, Where'd We Get The Tech From?

Sometimes they simply vanish and then reappear in another place in the skyline. UFOlogists say that the only reason the government can build such crafts is because of crashed UFOs that were taken to secretive air force bases like Area 51 in Nevada and then reversed engineered.

They looked under the hood, so to speak, and figured out what made them tick. The story of Roswell is extremely well documented, despite debunker and government attempts to try to invalidate it. If you aren't familiar with the case, check this out when you get the chance.

There is also the matter of Jackie Gleason's ex wife who kept telling the story she said Jackie told her, about the time President Nixon took Jackie to an Air Force base to see the bodies of aliens found at a UFO crash site. Gleason was said to get thoroughly pissed off every time she told someone that story.18)

Alien Abductions

So many people have reported being abducted by aliens and then have taken lie detector tests and passed them, it's silly to simply deny there is information here that warrants our attention. Many of these people have been hypnotized and have recalled great detail that they had either repressed, or the aliens had repressed for them. They are telling the same or similar experiences.

Skeptics try to say that no testimony under hypnosis is ever accurate, but that's just not true. Countless crimes have been solved when witnesses are hypnotized and are able to recall information that leads to the criminal's arrest and conviction.

Thousands upon thousands of people have been able to recall events that were proven true, from the heightened memory that is accessible with hypnosis. Many people have even recalled their births, and virtually re experience it.

They later confirm with their mother details about the room they were born in and specific conversations that went on. It may be possible that someone has been hypnotized to believe something happened that didn't happen, but that in no way could possibly invalidate the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of times hypnosis has been proven to give people photographic recall of events.

As an experiment, a number of investigators whose books I have read, have tried to get alien abductees to change their story under hypnosis. In these experiments, the researchers changed their protocol, and made suggestions to the people under hypnosis.

In every instance, the hypnotic subjects did not take the bait, no matter how many times the researchers tried. Traditional hypnosis is much better at getting people to access the memories than it is in getting people to change their memories.

Could The Shadow Guvmint Be Hoaxing Alien Abductions?

I've heard the theory that the government is hoaxing people to believe they are being abducted. It seems like a stretch that no one would have caught them by now, and that every person who believes they are an abductee would be so utterly fooled.

I'm not sure if there is an iota of evidence to support this claim. My guess is that it comes from people who do not allow for the existence of other worldly beings, so it's the only possible explanation they can come up with, because they have looked at the evidence that something massive is going on, and they know they can not deny that.

I'm certainly open to looking at any evidence to this effect, though, in part, because I wouldn't put anything past the shadow government. Also, I just think it's important to be open to evidence.

What Would Randi Think?

Mr. Randi would have us believe that only delusional, and/or weak minded individuals who have a need to copycat on a trend in order to get attention and have some excitement in their lives claim to be abductees – many of whom delusionally believe it, and many of whom are totally hoaxing.

He probably could never believe the government is tricking people into believing they have been abducted. I don't know that, but I get the feeling that is just too, out there, for Mr. Randi. He's not exactly a big conspiracy guy: (Understatement of the decade.)

Debunkers Don't Buy Into Coincidence When It Works Against Them

Skeptics like to cite the fact that the alien abduction trend did not get started until TV shows came about that dealt with flying saucers and aliens. It's fascinating that if you ever cite correlating events as evidence of causation, skeptics will laugh in your face and tell you how utterly unscientific you are being to believe that just because one thing came before another thing, that it is what caused it. However, when it suits their purposes, then that's an exception.

It's also monumentally telling how they cite coincidence for everything under the sun that goes against their world view, yet if you tell them it's a mere coincidence that aliens first appeared in the movies before people reported alien abductions, suddenly coincidence is out of the question. Furthermore, if you dare to suggest that possibly the reason aliens first appeared in movies and TV was they had a mental connection with TV and movie writers, and inspired them to write stories about them, the debunkers just might pray that your sanity can be restored – (which is really saying a lot, because every last one of them is a hardcore atheist.)

These people don't believe in the telepathy they personally experience on a daily basis. How in the world could you ever expect them to consider the possibility of telepathy with aliens, even though virtually every abductee reports that is how they communicate?

Parallel Universes

Parallel universes is the concept that there are other universes, not so much, “out there,” but that are basically sharing the same space. They are frequencies these universes (including our own) operate in. We don't see the other ones because we operate on a frequency that is tuned to our universe.

It is said in metaphysical literature that we have other selves, or aspects of ourselves, in those other universes. This has been in the esoteric literature for eons, but in recent decades, quantum physicists have postulated the possibility of this being true.19) It is rumored that a group of debunkers were seen recently petitioning law enforcement to Baker Act every quantum physicist who has gone on record stating that parallel universes may exist.

Out Of Body Experiences

Dreams Are A Form Of OBEs

Out of body experiences (OBE) are said to happen to each of us on a nightly basis. According to many experts on the subject, dreams are a form of OBE. When you recognize you are dreaming, it's called lucid dreaming. it is said to be an extremely powerful state to be in.

You can turn the dream into a classic out of body experience by deciding to visit your room where you are laying. I have gotten to the lucid dreaming stage more times than I can remember. I've yet to be able to look down and see my body, though. I tend to stay in the dreamscape.

Learning To Leave Your Body (Easier Said Than Done)

Some people have learned to produce OBEs virtually at will. Robert Monroe wrote about his efforts to learn this skill in the book, Journeys Out Of Body.20) There are different techniques, including rolling out which is similar to rolling out of bed. In this case, you are rolling your astral body or of your physical body.

Spontaneous Projections

Most OBEs are probably spontaneous. They are fairly common in surgeries. My grandmother had it happen to her. She floated above her body and the doctors and nurses. She felt the heat of the lights that were shining bright on her body. She decided she better get back in, so she did, and that was that.

If it happens to me, I hope I remember to go places. I want to go to where I have friends at, and witness something so I can later tell them I was there, and they can confirm that I witnessed what they were saying.

OBEs Obliterate Debunker's Paradigm

That has happened so many times, where people confirmed that the person out of body really witnessed their conversation, it is simply irrefutable that it happens. This alone, destroys the debunker's world view.

The atheist debunker paradigm is predicated upon the supposition that the physical world is all that exists. Therefore, our identities and abilities as humans are solely dependent on our bodies. In the debunker paradigm, we can not possibly have our personality or consciousness away from our body witnessing actual events and conversations that are occurring. It's just impossible.

Do not bother debunkers with the fact that it is done by people every day. They usually don't even want to discuss consciousness, but when they do, they are adamant that consciousness is a part of the chemical animating process of the body, which is dependent on the body. It is part of the body. It can't leave the body, and when the body dies, consciousness has to cease to exist.

Got it?

However, if there is a way for a person's consciousness to detach from her body, and go to different locations and witness events and conversations that are able to be confirmed, then it's game over for the debunker, atheistic world view. If they had the ability to be honest with themselves, they would admit it, and then get very excited that there is so much more to life than they dared to dream.

There is so much uncharted territory, and so much to understand, you would think that these “scientific” minds would be ablaze with giddy anticipation of what the future holds in terms of learning new shit. Yet, that's just not the way they roll.

What Could Make A Debunker Open Her Mind?

For all their lip service about honoring science they have allowed themselves to be blinded to the evidence that is all around them. It seems like the only way these people change is if something dramatic happens to them.

For instance, if they were to wake up and realize they are floating above their body, looking down upon it, and then they go places (just by thinking of other locations) and go through the process of witnessing events, which are later confirmed. Unfortunately, I'm sure a lot of them are so married to the idea of their infallibility, they wouldn't even allow themselves to admit what they experienced, to anyone, and they'd try not to admit it to themselves.

Near Death Experiences

Near death experiences (NDEs) are extremely special kinds of out of body experiences. In the early stages, sometimes they are similar to regular OBEs, in that the person sees her body and travels to different places here on earth, but at some point the experience segues into leaving this realm and going to spiritual realms.

Common Elements

Usually there is a tunnel that the person is drawn to, and enters. Then they see a white light, that gets brighter and brighter. As they go into the light, it is indescribably bright, and yet, it doesn't hurt their eyes like it would if they were in their physical body.

There are often loved ones who had died before them, joyfully wait for them, exuding such love toward them, the person can't even describe how good it feels. A fascinating thing has been documented in a number of NDEs.

One of the people who is waiting for the person was not known to be dead. They had just seen each other perhaps a day ago, but when the near death experiencer goes back to his body, he later learns that the person had in fact just died.

Again, this type of event has happened so many times, you have to feel a certain level of embarrassment for the debunking atheists like Randi who still cling to the notion that death is like sleeping without dreaming. It's actually sad, at the same time, the way an awakened person feels sad for friends who are intelligent enough to know better, but who are still partisan tools for some political organization.

The Being Of Light

Another common aspect of the near death experience is the Being of Light who takes the person under his wing, so to speak, sometimes showing her different sites, and answering questions, telepathically.

[By the way, many Christians report their Light Being as Jesus. If they are Catholic, they might see Mary. Some Buddhists see Buddha. Muslims often see Mohammed. Many times, the Being of Light does not seem to be a figure from the experiencer's religion, though. I don't know of any cases where a Muslim said their Being of Light was Jesus, or where a Christian identified him as Mohammed, etc.]

The Panoramic Life Review

When the experience includes the Panoramic Life Review, the Being of Light is usually at the person's side. making his presence felt. She sees her entire life in rapid succession, often with 360 perception of the scene. It's kind of like having eyes in the front, back and sides of your head.

Even though scenes fly by extremely fast, the person totally comprehends every scene, and does this from the emotional perspective of the people the person affected. Without exception, everyone who experiences (and recalls) this, judges herself extremely harshly.

We Get To Feel How We Made Others Feel

It seems that no matter how saintly a life someone may have lived, they see errors they made over the course of their lives where a harsh word or cold reaction had a negative effect on the people they were directed at. When they experience it from that person's point of view, they tend to feel deeply ashamed, even though most of us would gladly trade our life experiences for theirs.

Indeed, for the rest of us, who have not lived lives nearly so devoted to service to others, helping people to help themselves, but instead, were primarily motivated by service to self and the unconscious disregard for other people that comes with it, this Panoramic Life Review is an experience that leads to the individual being ready to cast herself in hell, voluntarily.

For those who have actively given their life to being evil and who have gotten off on hurting people as the life's modus operandi, this review process must be the most uncomfortable of all. Yet, regardless of the level of pain the person has caused other people, the Being Of Light always treats everyone the same.

We Feel Shame While The Being Of Light Gives Us Only Love

This Light Being (who is usually, but not always perceived as a male,) 21) has nothing but a love and forgiveness of indescribable proportions. The experiencer, who is often deeply ashamed and is ready to toss herself in hell, is often told that the important thing is to learn lessons from the review and not to judge herself harshly, but to change the things she is not happy with, because she is being the opportunity to go back and live a more meaningful life.

Millions Of NDEs

Going from data extrapolated from polls, millions of people have had a near death experience. The vast majority, have a lot in common with each other. If they were simple fantasies and dreams, as the debunkers like to claim, why would they be so similar? The skeptics say that it's because of the publicity that previous people got about their NDEs, but the reality is, before there was any publicity, people were experiencing the same things.

The Deluxe Version

A small percentage have experienced elements that others don't, like being taken to various settings, including a hall of records, or a council of 12 beings who help to counsel the person, or an amphitheater populated with thousands of beings sending energy to them. Some people get visions of future possibilities for earth events, a number of which have come true in the ensuing years.

The Affect Of NDEs

Perhaps the most common aspect of the NDE is the affect is has on the lives of those with experience them. Almost to a person, they feel like their life has a meaning on the level of which they never felt before. Indeed, many who never felt any kind of meaning in their lives come back with a profound sense of the importance of their day to day lives.

They realize they everyone is important and that there is meaning in all of our lives. We don't have to be in so-called powerful positions to be meaningful, and that – to borrow from a popular song in the '80s, everything counts in large amounts.22) A smile, an simple act of kindness, the willingness to have a conversation with a stranger, etc., has repercussions and an energetic ripple affect, the likes of which we can't even imagine.

Near death experiencers never fear death or have any mental block about the inevitable event coming closer with each day they live. Their relationships improve because they become better people. Though, in some cases, they end active relationships because they realize such relationships were not what they came to earth to experience.

Alcoholics and other drug addicts often come away from an NDE knowing they are done with imbibing, forever. Hardened criminals give up crime and live lives of service to others. Christians almost always relinquish their belief in the possibility of eternal damnation with no hope for redemption.

It seems that the vast majority of near death experiencers tend to find a deep contentment in life that makes them the envy of those around them. The Randis of this world would be lucky to have such an experience (despite the fact that they often are preceded by a painful, death causing experience.)

NDEs Turn Atheists Into Believers

Indeed many atheists have had them. As you might imagine, it's difficult to remain an atheist any longer. You can click the link on the following footnote to navigate to a page where you will find links to the stories of 16 former non believers who had NDEs. 23)

AJ Ayer

Perhaps the most famous atheist who had an NDE was Professor A.J. Ayer, from England, who had a series of public debates, often aired on radio or TV with various religious luminaries. Publicly, he spoke about a red light that was responsible for the government of the universe, and two creatures who had been put in charge of space.”

In his public statements, the furthest he would go was to say that his experience slightly weakened his resolve in the lack of an afterlife. However, according to his attending physician who spoke to him shortly after his heart started beating again following four minutes of not beating, Ayer said that he met a Divine Being, and that he would need to rewrite all his books.24)

Typical of someone who had been to the other side, his wife said he was certainly a nicer man for those 11 months of life he had following the experience. She said he was no longer as boastful and he started caring more for other people.

Perhaps especially telling is the fact that he reached out to his debate opponent from the 1949 radio broadcast, Father Frederick Copleston, a man that Ayer did not particularly like. They became the closest of friends during that final year of his life on earth, regularly meeting up at London’s Garrick Club for all kinds of discussions.

Anthony Flew

Another professor, Anthony Flew, also a famous British atheist, who like Ayer, was known to enjoy engaging in regular public debates on the existence of God, did not have a near death experience, but was converted after looking at the evidence of such experiences of others. He details his conversion in his book, There Is a God: How the World's Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind.25) Clearly, Flew did not worry about publicly “ruining” his reputation as a hard core atheist, like Ayer evidently had issues with.

Flew may deserve credit for being braver, but Ayer should still get a lot of respect. He could have simply said nothing, but he was willing to let people know that he could have been wrong his whole life.

Yet you really have to honor the memory of Flew (who crossed over in 2010.) He is a man who was willing to keep his mind open to point of being able to suspend disbelief enough to actually consider the evidence of the experiences people were having in their near death encounters.

What Would Randi Do?

Ultimately Flew had more concern about knowing the truth, than he had desire to prove himself right. And when he admitted he was wrong, he did it in grand fashion. (The book title alone is evidence of that.) I can't help but think that if Randi had an NDE, instead of sharing his experience to help people, there's a good possibility he wouldn't tell a soul because he wouldn't be able to admit he was so utterly wrong.

Woman Meets Dead Brother She Didn't Know She Had

I recently read about a documented NDE where the woman her brother on the other side. This was not only the first time she met him, it was the first time she knew of his existence. After being sent back to her body on earth, she asked her father, who confirmed the fact that he had kept that information from her all her life.

Do you wonder what debunkers have to say about things like this? Do you question if their public statements might be different than their private thoughts to themselves?

Doesn't something like this, when it's totally documented, have to give them pause to wonder, and at least think, “Hmmmm. That's actually interesting.”

Little Boy Meets Older Dead Sister He Didn't Know He Had

Then there is the case of four year old Colton Burpo, whose father, Todd, wrote about his journey to Heaven during an operation, the boy would go on to mention to his mom that she had a baby die in her tummy. Shocked, Sonja Burpo asked her little boy how he knew that, (since she was waiting for him to get a bit older to share that with him.) He said that he met his sister when he was in Heaven and she had told him.

The book that tells the story, Heaven Is For Real, was made into a Greg Kinear movie and released this year, 2014. It's not made up. Colton was crying to his babysitter one night that he missed his sister.

She took him to his older sister's room and he said, no, his other sister. The one who met in Heaven who died in him mother's tummy. When Todd and Sonja got home, the babysitter was freaked out, and asked if Sonja indeed had a miscarriage.

To any reasonable person, this is notable information that needs to be given much thought and respect. But what about the Amazing one? Could he be the crack in his cosmic egg?

Who am I kidding? To Randi, and people like him, none of this data is worthy of consideration. It's random coincidences and they don't mean one damn thing. In fact, you should be embarrassed at your weak minded state of being for even spending a single minute of your time thinking about things like this.

There are much more worthy things to do with your valuable time. You could be putting people down who actually believe there is Intelligence behind the design of creation.

Past Life Readings

Some psychics specialize in past life readings. Therefore, it can go without saying that many psychic frauds specialize in fraudulent past life readings. I apologize for sounding like a broken record, but I think it's important to maintain constant cognizance of the level of fraud that is attached to the psychic field.

The financial advice I give to people who are considering paying for anything in the psychic genre is to treat it like option plays on the stock market. Yes, the reward can be incredibly vast when you hit a winner, but the risk level reality is that you are probably going to get a loser, and hence lose your money.

Why Bother?

The reason for getting a genuine past life reading is that we tend to repeat patterns in life. How many people do you know who keep doing the same thing, repeatedly, hoping for a different result? How about you? Are you there areas in life where you are repeating the same mistakes, finding it extremely difficult to learn your lesson?

Well, the sad truth is, if we don't learn the lesson before we die, we will come back again in another life, and we will need to learn that lesson before we can get on with the next one. If you've gone most of your life not learning a lesson, you should hurry up and move through it, so you don't come back next time, repeating the same grade in the school of life.

I outlined a ton of undeniable evidence of reincarnation, here. (It's undeniable to anyone willing to open their mind, that is.)

I tell the story of an amazing past life reading that instantaneously moved me to another era of my life, out of an era I had been wallowing in for 33 years. A depression I had been nuturing for all that time was getting so bad, something had to be done, so I tried a past life reading, and boy did I find a winner. You can read about that, here.

Past Life Regression

Accidental Discovery

Quite a few psychologists have stumbled upon the validity of past lives quite by accident. A helpful technique for patients and their mental health doctors to discover the original source of the patient's problem, is age regression.

It is done with the use of hypnosis. By giving the patient relaxation directions and telling them to recall an earlier time when an event occurred that was the impetus for the particular problem the patient is looking for help with, many times the patient is able to access memories of events they had forgotten about, or repressed.

An example of age regression therapy could be the case of a woman who is fearful around men and does not allow herself to get close with them. During hypnotic regression she uncovers repressed memories of a man sexually abusing her as a child. Often, the simple act of remembering the event makes a major breakthrough for the patient, in and of itself.

Typical Age Regression Therapy Suddenly Becomes Past Life Regression

What happens sometimes, though, is the therapist instructs the patient to recall an earlier time where an event occurred that is the source of her issue, and the patient remembers being a peasant in Rome, 1500 years ago.

A number of books have been written by psychologists who tell how this happened to them, and how they reacted, and what it led too. Every account I have read starts with the psychologist being shocked.

It Can't Be Real.. But As Long As Its Helpful...

Then she comes to the conclusion that it can't possibly be real, but it is obviously doing wonders for the patient. So the doctor continues with the therapy, allowing for the patient to come up with other lifetimes.

They presume that it's simply the working of the incredibly fascinating subconscious mind, writing stories to help the patient heal emotional wounds. Yet, the more they go on with the work, the more real everything seems.

Could This Be For Real?

They find so many details are involved in the memories, it becomes difficult to not accept the possibility that the patient might really be exploring past lives. The results are so dramatic, that some of the doctors, without yet believing in the reality of reincarnation, ask other patients if they would like to explore that type of therapy, without the need to believe in reincarnation.

The Proof Is In The Pudding And The Pudding Is Tasty

So more patients start recalling past lives, and the results, almost to a person, are profound, and usually much faster than any results that use to help patients attain, the old fashioned way. Usually, at some point, the psychologists start documenting information their patients are telling them, and checking known historical records that actually confirm the validity of the memories.

Sometimes, it just general information, like various cultural customs of people in different times and places. That alone, is quite interesting, because the patients had never known that information, although the skeptic would say, they were exposed to all of it before and didn't consciously remember it, but it was available for access via hypnosis.

As far as the change in the lives of the patients, the debunkers fall back on their favorite rationalizations; coincidence and placebo. What stops the skeptics in their tracks is when people recall the names and locations of the people whose lives they are remembering.

The Emperor Debunker's New Clothes

Many, many times, there are historical records that show these people actually lived in the times and locations the patients remembered. There are often very specific things about them that are also confirmed.

Really, I have no idea how people like Randi can take a superior attitude regarding the state of their mental acuity when they steadfastly ignore and rationalize away the mounting evidence indicating there are giant gaping holes in their paradigm. The level of denial is breathtaking.

Instrumental Trans Communication

Instrumental trans communication (ITC) involves the use of technology to speak with other worldly beings. There are reports of this spontaneously happening, and there are researchers who work in this area on a non spontaneous basis.

Phone Calls From The Dead

The book, Phone Calls From The Dead, by D. Scott Rogo & Raymond Bayless, tells of people who received phone calls from people who had died. If memory serves, (it's been a long time 26) since I read it), most of the calls were from people who had just died. It seems to be them reaching out to say goodbye.

As a side note; I just looked at the Amazon page for the book and saw that I have forgotten a section of the book devoted to phone calls between two still living people that are evidently made, that only the person receiving the call has any recollection of. The theory is posited that the caller made the call via psychic power that employed the use of the phone, because in each instance, the caller was intending to make the phone call, but never did.

I'm not sure why the authors felt these could not have been cases of forgetful memory, but it made me think of something that happened a couple days ago. I was calling customer service of a company I have a monthly order with. I asked the rep if I could change the auto ship date and add another product to it.

He said he had explained this to me before when I called when there was a problem with my bank card. I insisted that all our communication had been through email, and that I had never asked him in the emails about this issue. He was so sure that we had discussed this 2 weeks ago over the phone, it gave me the creeps. So who knows? Maybe I psychically rang him up on the company phone. I don't believe that to be the case, but it's funny that I happened to read about those kinds of purported phone calls.27)

Voices From Beyond The Telephone

Phone Calls From The Dead was written in 1979. If you guessed that it was the first book published on the topic of telephone conversations with departed individuals, you would be wrong. The first book beat the authors to it by a whooping 54 years!

Oscar d' Argonell, a researcher in Brazil, wrote, Voices From Beyond by Telephone. In the 1979 book, the purported other worldly calls were almost all one offs between different live people and different dead people. Most of them were very short. In the 1925 book, the alleged calls take place between one live person (the author) and multiple dead people, but they are longer calls and they are repeated calls.

I can't find the book, but would love to read it. One website said there are interesting explanations from the spirit collaborators who explain what they had to do the make the phone calls happen. Skeptics would probably say it shows what an idiot I am for having a desire to read the book. They would point out my desire to read it as evidence that I already believe the book is not a hoax and that I come up with my beliefs, opinions and understandings by buying into obvious hoaxes.

Their idea is that people like me aren't scientific in any sense of the word. Yet I propose that they are not scientific if they have already made up their minds that the book is a hoax, and therefore there is no reason to read it.

They would be incorrect to assume I have made a judgement on its authenticity one way or the other before reading it, and they would be incorrect to assume I would automatically judge it as authentic as soon as I read it, regardless of its contents.

What especially interests me is the book is said to have explanations from the other side explaining how the process works. I wonder if it is the same explanation the spirits from Timestream told the ITC group in the 80s and 90s.

Interestingly, in the 1979 book, the writers said that when the person knew the caller had died, the calls were all quite short. Either the line would “go dead” (pun intended) or the callee would often cut the call short, in a state of shock, sometimes enhanced by the fact that the individuals who were called could clearly recognize the deceased caller's voice, and the caller would often use a nickname they used to call the person. However, when the callee didn't know the caller had died, the calls would go on indefinitely, including one, for a half hour.

Phone Calls From The Deceased Konstantine Raudive

In the heyday of ITC research in the 1980s and the 1990s, multiple researchers had at least one phone call with Konstantine Raudive, a pioneer in spirit communication who had since passed on to the other side. No, they didn't have his number. He would call them.

Yes, I know how preposterous all this sounds. All I can say is, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”28)

Here is a recording of two “live” phone calls (between the deceased Raudive and and two ITC researchers on earth, and one voice message that Raudive left on the answering machine of a third researcher, some time in the 90s. In the 80's he was speaking to them through radios. The phone calls were the culmination of their continued efforts.

Journalists Sent To Debunk Them Confirmed Their Authenticity

When journalists in Germany wanted to witness what was going on in an ITC group that was claiming such extraordinary results, the group allowed them to document their work. The journalist were certain it was an elaborate hoax, but by the time they were done with their investigation, their report confirmed that it was real.

They were impressed with a lot of things, but perhaps the most impressive evidence to them was that the phone that received a number of phone calls that they documented, was on a line that the phone company confirmed had not received or made a single call. In Germany the phone company technology and records are more impeccable than anywhere in the world.

These ITC researchers who were loosely affiliated with other ITC researchers around they world. They comprised a group known as INIT, the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication. They kept in touch with each other, from their various locations on the planet, and they compared notes. Some of them would meet in person when it was possible for them to travel.

Famous ITC Researchers From The Other Side Of The Veil

Together they worked with spirits from the 4th dimension who comprised a group the spirits called, Timestream. There were some famous contributing members of Timestream including Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison, as well as Raudive.

The same people spirit personalities who were contacting researchers in the United States, were contacting the other researchers all around the world. Raudive, for instance, would end a conversation with the fact that he was going to call another researcher, and then he would call them, as promised.

Prank Calls From The Other Side - Who'd Of Guessed?

If this weren't incredible and yet bizarre enough, there was a lower level spirit who was capable of making calls, and he would impersonate Raudive. He would claim to be him, but he didn't sound like him. He would often cuss the researchers out.

It's been decades since I heard Mark Macy telling this on Art Bell's radio show, so I'm not sure of all the particulars, but I think they would ask Raudive about the impersonator and he would tell them to just hang up on him. That is just so surreal. One dead guy telling you to hang up on another dead guy.

If I'm a researcher, and I have someone pranking me with phone calls from the other side, even if they are filthy and negative, I'm not so sure it would be easy for me to just hang up.

External Voice Phenomena (EVP)

Raudive had been the leading researcher in the entry level ITC field, known as EVP, or external voice phenomena. It is the easiest way to break into ITC research. All you needed was a tape recorder. These days, a digital voice recorder is also good.

EVP is commonly used by ghost hunters who go to cemeteries. They turn on their audio recording devices and start asking questions. Then they are silent as they wait for a response. (Responses are not heard live.)

When they play the tape back they often hear voices, and sometimes they are directly answering the questions that were asked. This work does not have to be done in a graveyard. Many people get results doing it wherever they are, including in their homes.

Some people have to try this many times before they hear their first faint voice. I heard voices the very first time I tried. I'm not sure why, but I only did it maybe three times. The were faint to be sure and could not always be understand, but some were louder and clearer than others, and when I played those for friends, they heard the same thing.

The King Of EVP

So Konstantin Raudive was the king of EVP. He had 72,000 samples of EVP voice recordings by the time he went to the other side in 1974. In the 80s, when a group of ITC researchers in Germany (the country he lived and died in) were getting started, they figured that Raudive may very well be interested in continuing his work of bringing spirit communication with humans, but from his new perspective on the other side.

Sure enough, Raudive contacted them in the EVP work and instructed them to use different technology to help them to create new breakthroughs. He had folks on his side working with him, who also gave suggestions and instructions on technology to use and tweak in various ways.

Plausible Deniability

When the Reagan administration was committing treason (as all US Presidents in modern history have done, by the way) in the 80s by importing cocaine, running guns to murderous regimes, secretly bargaining for hostages, not to be released until after the elections, etc., etc.), his staff that was running the show would speak about giving Reagan plausible deniability. That meant to be as careful as they could to make it look like he didn't know what was going on.

The concept is key to people involved in keeping truth from seeing the light of day. It is a concept that debunkers owe a lot to. In their efforts to deny the existence of things that don't want to believe, they figure that all they have to do is come up with some plausible alternative explanation for the phenomena in question.

As long as they can get plausible deniablity, their work is done. So, in the case of EVP, their plausible deniability is that the voices are captured on various recording devices from radio broadcasts.

There you go. It's kind of hypothetically plausible, so now they can deny that the hundreds of thousands of voices, few, if any of which sound like anything you've ever heard on the radio, most, probably saying nonsense, are all from the signals of radio broadcasts that get captured on every kind of audio recording device that is ever created.

Never mind the fact that many times people hear voices of departed loved ones that sound very much like the person did when they were living. Never mind the fact that many time those loved ones with use a pet name for them and talk about something specific to their relationship.

If they can get people to buy into their plausible deniability alternative theories, they can prevent them from looking at the body of evidence. That is their ultimate goal, to keep you from looking at the evidence and making up your own mind. Trust them because they are the experts and have all the answers. Don't worry your pretty little head about anything. The debunking arbiters and gatekeepers of knowledge will tell all of us what is what.

Liars Liars Pants On Fires

They also spread complete lies in their brainwashing efforts. The make statements that are just 180 degrees the opposite of the facts. For instance, Raudive took the challenge of some recording engineers to try to speak with spirits in a room that was shielded from the penetration of outside signals from radio, television and the like.

He was not allowed to use his own recording devices. He was not even allowed to touch the recording equipment that was used. He was only allowed to speak into the microphone. He spoke for 18 minutes. Upon playing the tape back, the engineers freaked the hell out because of preponderance of spirit voices that they heard.

It was more than Raudive had ever gotten on a single recording. A lot more. It seems that it might have been the fact that the room was protected from other signals, allowed the spirit voices to get through a lot more than usual.

One of the Raudive recordings that is up on YouTube had a commenter who said something to the effect of, “Sorry, Believers, to burst your bubble, but Raudive only did one recording in controlled conditions that blocked out radio signals and he was unable to get a single voice.”

These people are ruthless liars, like Obama (or whatever puppet happens to be installed at the moment) being part of funding Al Qaeda, the group they claim attacked the USA on 9/11/01, while saying that we all need to have our genitals groped, our babies' diapers peeked into, or have radiation naked body pictures taken before flying because they are so dedicated to stopping terrorism. It's time to call bullshit on people who pretend to have our best interests, but are only interested in their own agendas.29)

Spiricom Device

One of the ITC researchers, George Meek, following spirit instructions, came up with the Spiricom which made voices from the other side, louder and more clear. When he died, he continued the work from that side, and the he was able to speak to earth friends through his Spiricom device.

Meek was not the only one. A number of ITC researchers died and went on to continue their work on the other side. They would make contact with their friends still in 3D earthly existence. Can you imagine how that must feel like?

A Break In The Action

Sadly, egos and jealousy got involved. There was infighting in the ITC community. People who were not getting spectacular results started claiming that the only ones who were getting the good stuff, were faking it. This caused a lot of bad feelings to be reciprocated upon the accusers.

As this was happening, the results were dwindling. In at least one of the last significant ITC communications received by any members of this group, it was explained that the Timestream spirit group could not deal with the fighting, because the contact field that makes such communication possible can not be maintained in such conditions. Higher emotions have to dominate.

If there is infighting, unfair accusations of hoaxing and the negative reactions that come with that, or resentment, jealously, pettiness, etc., it stops the very process that allows for the bridge between the dimensions.

The rift between the researchers started when some of them were adamant that they needed skeptical scientists to confirm their results, while other members said that they shouldn't try to force it, but continue to keep getting the kind of amazing results they had been achieving.

One group went ahead and brought in debunking minded scientists, who told them there is no way any of this is real and they should demand stricter controls on the work of the other ITC researchers, because only a lack of controls (which allowed for hoaxing) could explain their phenomenal results.

This particular group of ITC researchers had not been getting the more spectacular results, so they were happy to put it out there that there must be hoaxing going on among members who were getting the good stuff.

Those Damn Randis (And Why I Should Just Get Over Them)

How utterly fitting it is that Randi minded people succeeded in bringing the incredible ITC results to a virtual standstill. I suppose I am not helping matters by being so resentful of those types of people of which Randi is the perfect archetype. I just wish for truth to reign supreme, instead of particular groups versions of truth, so I find it difficult to not be resentful of people who act like they are warriors for truth when, in fact, they are anything but.

Mark Macy, the single most well known ITC researcher in the North America, believes that ITC work will resume when people can get past the negative emotions. It's been since 2000 since the big stuff has stopped happening.

If the work was nothing but hoaxes, as the debunkers claim, it's strange that all the hoaxers would stop at once. Debunkers could try to grasp at straws explaining this one. They could say that the hoaxers were being called out, so they stopped to avoid embarrassment, but the fact is, all ITC researchers were constantly being, “called out,” as hoaxers, on a daily basis. That didn't stop them, and it never will.

If they can get those results again, they will and they will publish them and not care about the accusations of those who refuse to look at the evidence with open minds. Nobody knows how long it will be to see the kind of ITC results that were last seen throughout the 90s. Some people believe it will never come again. A lot of others say, never say never.

In the meantime there is a ton of truly fascinating and compelling ITC results published online that are available for your perusal. Some of the most important data is from ethereal beings, who said they never were incarnated here in bodies, but they have been watching the development of humanity for thousands of years.

Among the different technologies that were used to bridge the spirit and physical realms were, radios, TVs, audio tape recorders, video tape recorders, fax machines, phone answering machines, telephones, computers that were not hooked up to the Internet, and other sundry devices, including inventions like the Spiricom. This footnote30) is a link that goes to a page with audio clips of Meek's earthly colleague on the Spiricom, Bill O'Neil, working with their spiritual collegue on the other side, Dr. George Jeffries Mueller, tweaking the device. (I had, and then lost, a YouTube video URL of an audio clip of O'Neil speaking with Meek via the Spiricom after Meek has crossed over. I'll post it if I can find it.)

Mark Macy, (one of the people who got to have a number of live phone calls with Raudive, the longest lasting 15 minutes), wrote about this amazing time of research and its sad ending, in his book, Miracles In The Storm.31)

Macy has an older website and a newer one on the subject of ITC. The older, classic one is found via the link in this footnote.32) For the newer one, a good starting point is linked in this footnote.33)

A Psychic Surgeon Plus Two Other Amazing Acquaintances Of Shirley MacLaine

There is so much fraud in psychic surgery that I had pretty much ruled it out as having any validity. Its history stems largely from third world countries like the Philippines. The “psychic surgeon” is said to stick his hand inside the patient's body and pull out impurities and toxic substances that should not be there.

Fakery has been caught on camera, where the “doctor” had a phony thumb tip that stored blood (or a liquid that is supposed to be blood), or even where they hide a balloon with blood and chicken innards. The surgery is always performed in soft area of the gut, where it's easier for someone to make it look like fingers are reaching into a person's body.

The skeptics want to know, if the person has a brain tumor, for instance, why do they operate on the gut. The answer they get is that they are taking out impurities in the gut area that affect the workings of the entire body. They don't know if what they do for any particular person will in and of itself heal them, but it gives their body a better chance of being able to heal itself when they take those impurities out.

Less Than One Person Has Ever Died On A Psychic Surgeon's Table

They say no regular surgeon guarantees what they do is going to solve their patient's issues either, but unlike traditional surgeons, they do not have their patients sign waivers that say they are aware they could die from the surgery. In every country in the world, patients die on operating room tables who would not have died at that time if they were not being operated on.

They do have a point. In fact, any time there has been a work stoppage of doctors, the mortality (death) rate goes down in the part of the world with the doctor work stoppage, mainly due to the fact that patients aren't dying in surgery. Kanye West's mother died in her surgical quest to get bigger boobies.34)

The field of psychic surgery is, indeed, thoroughly rife and utterly replete, with frauds. Yet, there are people who pose as medical doctors who are total frauds as well. That doesn't mean that real medical doctors don't exist. Thanks to the Randi's out there, I had become aware of the frauds in the psychic surgery field to the point of believing they all are phonies.

The reason I changed my mind to where I now believe that this is just like most psychic services, and there is a small percentage of practitioners who are the real deal, but most are frauds, is because of the psychic surgery practitioner that Shirley MacLaine wrote about in her book, Going Within.

Actually, there are three people she highlights in that book, that I would be remiss not to include them in this article. In addition to the psychic surgeon, one is a psychic artist, and one, well, I guess you could call him a psychic performance artist.

He has bright lights that emanate out of his hands, if memory serves. She spoke of watching him light up a hillside with an incredibly impressive display of what I might refer to as personal fireworks.

Luis Antonio Gasparetto, Artist Medium

The artist is a medium who is said to channel a number of famous artists who have died. When he is in trance he can paint just like they did.35) In fact, MacLaine said that when you take his paintings to art experts, they think it is original art from the painter he was channeling when he painted it.

If that isn't amazing enough, he can paint with either hand with the same results. He doesn't even use brushes. Now I really should get a copy of the book to confirm this, because what I”m about to say sounds ridiculous, and I'm wondering if I”m remembering correctly.

He can paint two paintings at once, in the style of two different famous dead painters, implicating that he's channeling both artists at one time. But wait! There's more! If you call in the next 10 minutes, he can paint with his feet.

Indeed, if I'm remembering this correctly, he can paint 4 paintings at once, in the style of four different artists with the same results, in that each painting looks like original paintings from each artist.36)

I just Googled: “shirley maclaine going within artist who can paint with feet,” and I got to an online version of the book where the artist, Luis Antonio Gasparetto is doing exactly what I remembered.

Well, not exactly. What was I thinking? Four limbs and four different paintings and artists? Nope, (at least not while Shirley was with him.) The feet were both controlled by Rembrandt, while the left hand was Monet and the right hand, none other than Picasso. There were only three paintings completed in that 12 minutes session. Boy, do I feel foolish.

Maurico Panniset, Light Healer

The self contained light show guy is covered in the next chapter (14). His name is Maurico Panniset. I had forgotten, he was a healer, and he used the lights for healing. Lighting up hillsides was just a side benefit. Now I really do feel like a fool.

She tells of the healing session she got from Mauricio and how he repeatedly sent flashes of electricity into her body that lit up every room in her house each time he did it. She had assumed that the room she was in was the only room lighting up, but afterwards, other people who were in the house told here it was if it there were no walls in her home, the way that all the rooms lit up each time.

He went to take a pee and left the door open. She could see the stream of urine, and it was like light. He went outside and lit up her yard and the surrounding area like it was daytime.

Alex Orbito, Psychic Surgeon

Chapter 15 deals with Alex Orbito. I just found some videos of him doing his work and they differ dramatically from the videos of magician debunkers who mimic what the fraudulent psychic surgeons do.37)

It certainly looks as if the hole opens up and you're looking into a pool of blood. He pokes his hand into the gut and goes past his wrist. It made me close my eyes a number of times. I have seen magicians do a lot of stuff, especially on TV that appears to be real, so I can't say for certain that the videos prove anything.

The thing is, all three of these guys, have been studied, numerous times by scientists. Every time, the results are the same. There is no sign of fakery. Every time, the people doing the research confirm what they do as showing no signs of fraud, and every time, the researchers say they simply can't understand it.

Orbito Goes To Court

Once in a court of law, I believe it was in Italy in the early 80s, Orbito was accused of fraud. Twice hie offered to perform his brand of surgery in front of the judges. Both times, they refused. I find that very telling. Many people don't want to look at the evidence, period.

In my opinion, he should have offered to perform it on the judges. Even though they wouldn't have done it, it would have been something if they had. It's one thing to see it and wonder if the subject is wearing some kind of prop disguised as her body, as a sort of magician's assistant. It would be another thing altogether to see the gaping hole in your own abdomen while watching Orbito's hands reaching deep inside you. By the way, MacLaine says you don't feel pain when he's in there, but you do feel pressure.

I couldn't find out what happened to the court case. I imagine he was not charged with anything. He never guarantees anybody they will be healed, although they often are. When he charges money, it's not very much.

Even authorities who assume he's a fraud admit he isn't hurting anyone.38) In a round about way they admit that he helps some of his customers. They say that everyone who is healed, is healing themselves due to the power of suggestion, the placebo effect. (But, of course, they don't actually discuss the impressive number of people who have been healed, some of whom were brought back from the brink of death's door.)

Oh Canada

In 2005, he was arrested in Canada when hundreds of people started flowing in and out of his hotel room. Without advertising, word of mouth got around that he was offering his service for $100.

I was able to find a number of websites that told of his arrest and how psychic surgery has been proven to be fraudulent with balloons filled with animal blood and chicken liver that the practitioners hide in the palms of their hands. These websites make it seem like he has been caught doing that, which is not the case. Of all the websites I found telling of his arrest, none of them bothered to mention what came of the case.

I had to go to an Orbito family website, to read that it was thrown out of court on a lack of evidence. How typical of debunkers. They could have easily mentioned that fact, even if they chose to talk about how wrong they think it was of the court, but no. They would rather have you think he was found guilty so they consciously choose not to tell the truth; a lie by omission.

The Tangled Webs Debunkers Love To Weave

I wouldn't put it past Randi, or a person like him, to find video of fake psychic surgery, post it online, and point out where it's phony. At the same time, I could see them look at Orbito's videos and decide they look too real, and simply refuse to show them. Or even worse, while refusing to show his video, use a video of a fake one while talking about Orbito, to put it in your mind that is what Orbito is like, or to even try to make you think the video of the fraudster is Orbito, himself.

Of course they wouldn't directly say that, but they would do it in such a way that if you're not paying attention, it would be easy to misperceive. You might say that I have a penchant for creating straw men by making things up that I, “could see,” them doing, and then criticize the debunkers for the straw men in my imagination. I realize the criticism I risk with such statements, but the truth is, I have seen these people do these things time and time again.

It's exactly how they operate. They truly are not interested in helping people discover truth, on their own terms. Debunkers stack the deck in their favor, and only want people to see and think about things that lead them to the same conclusions they have made. They are kings of deception and omission through the manipulation of information.

I like how MacLaine mentions in chapter 15 of Going Within, the Orbito chapter, that the debunker magicians (can you say, James Randi?), seem to be making a living by calling people phony, many of whom have genuine gifts. Furthermore, she says, while the debunkers claim to be helping to protect people from their own stupidity, they are more often, preventing people from realizing the greater truths of what life has to offer. I concur. They claim to be refusing to allow us go back to the dark ages, when they are actually keeping us in the dark age we have yet to transcend.

MacLaine Didn't Trust The Videos Any More Than Randi

MacLaine said she saw Orbito's videos, but because she is in the movies, by profession, she knows full well what special effects departments can do. That's why she wanted to meet the man in person and witness it with her own eyes, and found herself contemplating having him work on her body.

She wasn't committed to having him work on her, though her daughter Sascha was having back issues, so she opted to give him a go. Sascha felt better right away, but Orbito said if the pain was karma related, it would come back and she would need to work it out by aligning herself with God.

Both Hands Wrist Deep In A Movie Star (Say What?)

MacLaine set up another appointment for a friend of hers, who is a spiritual acupuncturist to meet up with her and Obito, presumably so they both could be worked on by him. She talks about how eery it was to see his hands, wrist deep in her friend's abdomen, all the while her friend was talking to her.

When it was her time, she almost chickened out, but went ahead with it. It was quite an experience for her to see both of his hands dig into her midsection, down to his wrists. After he completed his work, the skin fused together, with barely a mark. Then she went to the bathroom, sat on the tub and sobbed, not from pain, but basically from having her mind blown.

Encore Performance But With An Audience

She tells of how she wanted to share this with other people so they would know what was possible. So she arranged a demonstration for another date, and invited a lot of witnesses to see him operate on her.

Just before he was going to get into the trance state that he works in, he took MacLaine aside and told her that there was someone putting out such negative energy, it would not be good if the person is there when he is doing his work.

So Shirley spoke to the people assembled, and basically told them the same thing he had just said to her. She asked if anyone was having issues with it, and was just feeling extremely negative, or close minded, to please leave.

Oh Shirley!!!

With that, two people left and Orbito said everything would be fine then. So he did his thing, and when he opened a gaping hole in her and stuck his hands in there, people were shocked and transfixed. One woman said, “Oh Shirley!”

So now, when I think of Randi's offer of a million dollars to anyone who can prove psychic powers exist, I have to think that any of those three people MacLaine introduced us to, would fit the bill. They have all been vetted by scientists and researchers.

Why doesn't he pick one of them, give it to them and announce he was proven wrong? Here are two thoughts I have about this.

1) Since he's the decider, he'll simply rationalize all three of these guys' abilities away. He's not about to give away a million dollars. It's his contest and he sets the rules and makes the decisions.

2) He doesn't say he'll give it to people who have been vetted by research. He says he will award it to people that prove their ability TO HIM. And therein lies the rub.

Randi The Powerful Psychic

It seems to me that Randi has psychic power. He uses it on other psychics to prevent them from using the psi in his presence. A number of people with energy sensitive gifts have said that their abilities simply shut down when they were with him.

So I'm thinking the possibility is very likely that none of these guys could perform in his presence. I think of Seth whose constant theme was that we create our personal reality with our thoughts and beliefs. Randi's beliefs seem to be so strong that he creates a world where psychic powers can not be demonstrated in his presence.

Maybe that explains why debunkers who purportedly try to duplicate positive test results showing the efficacy of homeopathy say they achieve only negative results. They have gone so far as to say that the only homeopathic tests that count are the ones that are conducted by people who don't believe in homeopathy.39)

You have to wonder what might have happened if the two people in the room for MacLaine's psychic surgery had not left. I remember thinking that perhaps something would have gone wrong and she could have been hurt, but upon second thought, perhaps it's more likely that Orbito would simply not have been able to perform.

I think about Uri Geller being unable to bend spoons on Johnny Carson. Carson had been having Randi on, calling Geller out by name as a fraud. Randi is said to have worked with the show's producers to put safeguards in place to prevent Geller from doing tricks. Perhaps what he did was poison the staff and the host to the point of creating a state of energy where Geller's abilities would not work.

The Bible has multiple quotes from Jesus saying, “Your faith has healed you.”

Many psychics stress the importance of having a conducive environment. Lab settings and/or being among people who believe you are a scoundrel is not a conducive environment by any stretch of the imagination.

I imagine that Orbito usually doesn't have people watching him who are detractors. I know he has sessions where he works on hundreds of people in succession at a time, including politicians and movers & shakers from the surrounding regions. The energy is positive and hopeful, not negative and harshly judgmental.

Orbito says he takes out negative stress clots and negative thought forms. Many people are healed from various forms of illness and symptoms. He has no problem doing what he does in those conditions, but if Randi happened to show up, I wouldn't be surprised if he'd put a damper on the whole thing and ruin it for everyone.

Concluding Thoughts

The truth is that year in and year out, Orbito has been vetted in various hospitals and clinics around the world. They don't know how he does it, but he does it. The research is extremely impressive. In the following footnote is a partial list of hospitals and doctors who have vetted Orbito, oftentimes, much to their dismay, if not, chagrin. There is also a partial list of documentaries that he took part in, or that were exclusively about him.40)

If some traditional medical practitioner and procedure had the level of research that Oribito has had done on his work, it would be more than enough for Randi to accept it as scientific proof. However, since it involves something Randi doesn't want to believe, he simply acts as if it doesn't exist.

He uses the fact that his group offers a million dollar prize to anyone who can demonstrate psi (psychic phenomena) as some kind of admission that nobody has ever demonstrated it, which is nonsense. For just one example, Orbito has not only demonstrated it, but has had many skeptical (not debunker) doctors admit that they had to change their assessment of him after they got to study him in person.41)

If Orbito allowed Randi to witness his work, and if Orbito was unable to be successful in Randi's presence, that would not mean that the hundreds of thousands of times he succeeded before, didn't happen. However in the closed minded, imaginary world of Randi, that is exactly what it would mean. In Randi's universe, it would be a confirmation that all the scientists and doctors who are on record validating Orbito's ability were either fooled or part of the elaborate hoax.

It's difficult to even know how to respond to that kind of thinking. Imagine if Randi were to go to Kennedy space center for the first time to personally witness a rocket lift off. Let's not kill anyone in this thought exercise. Let's make it an unhumanned 42) satellite.

Upon lift off, it goes up only a little way before suddenly doing all kinds of flips and then flies into the ground. By Randi's thinking, he could claim that all the successful lift offs of rockets were frauds, because the one time a rocket tried to lift off in his presence, it was a spectacular failure.

Hoping My Feeling Is Totally Off Here

I have one more thought about Randi. I hope it's not true. A part of me wonders if he's putting on an act, and he knows full well that psychic powers are real, and he knows he has them, because he is a satanist who practices the blood sacrifice of human babies. (Please don't think that people with natural psychic gifts have gotten them in this manner. Unfortunately though, some people receive their power through dark forces.)

Like I said, I sure hope it's not true, and I have no evidence of that. He just gives me a such a dark creepy feeling, I can't help but wonder.

It's the same feeling I get about Dick Cheney. I have read the literature that talks about Cheney enjoying sexually assaulting, beating and killing people on his “hunting trips.”43) I hope Randi's faults aren't on that level. I pray that Randi is just incredibly closed minded, rather than incredibly sick minded.

Jung Said It Best

For all the Randis of the world, I'd like to leave them with this quote from Carl Jung:

“I shall not commit the fashionable mistake of declaring everything I cannot explain as a fraud”.

Paranormal | Science | Reviews

1) I, on the other hand, don't believe in Santa, but if you think you have evidence, I'll take a look at it.
2) It's important to note that illusion magic is one of the talents that Geller has in his repetoire, so it's not unfair to presume that he, indeed, might be bending spoons in the magician's trick way Randi does. If that is what is going on, you'd have to suspect some kind of trickery or conspiratorial collusion with the keys said to be bent in the pockets of the news reporters. The problem with that is, he has a solid track record of these kinds of events happening around the world. Check out this article:
4) That's speculation on my part, based on personal conversations with skeptic/debunkers.
5) That often comes with a wave of shock that can be somewhat to severely disorienting. It is crucial for the newly awakened individual not to focus entirely on 3D problems, but look to spiritual solutions.
7) If this passage just cause a cartoon bubble with triple question marks to appear over your head, this is going to seem really out there to you, but here goes… When I say the control grid, I'm speaking of the way we are controlled in the 3 dimension world. Yet, the control starts in the spiritual world from which the physical realm is created – Or more correctly, from which the physical realm is in a state of constant creation. The elite cabal that is forming a one world government and causing the collapse of governments and institutions and bleeding the assets of the people to the banker controllers, are the people who give the political leaders of the world their marching orders. But they get their marching orders from dark spiritual entities. Many have direct conscious contact during satanic sacrifices. Others are possessed and are like empty shells, like John Kerry appears to be, and like Obama, increasingly, is appearing to be. At this point, dark spirits have pushed out most of the positive entities who were speaking through mediums. The message they are bring us is that it's true that the world has been taken over by dark forces, but we are not to worry because the good guys are coming to save us, and all we need to do is sit back and enjoy.
8) (Full name, Thing T. Thing – The T. stood for Thing.
9) I recall reading a quote from Seth that said it is impossible in this version of reality we are in (this “probability”), to grow an arm or a leg back. I wonder if he didn't mention fingers, because it is, indeed possible. Even though I do tend to take on faith that there is tremendous validity to his material, I don't just accept it all as fact. I don't believe any single source or book has all the answers or is totally true.
10) One of the things I liked about Shirley MacLaine when she got into psychic spiritual stuff in the 80s, there were some women she noticed who would also show up at her events. They would fly across the country to be sure not to miss her appearances. MacLaine took them aside and cut them off, because they were missing the point of what she was trying to help people with.
16) I know. I know. They totally warped their spoons by lightly rubbing on it with their finger tips, like he told them to do, not knowing their own strength or being able to tell it was their finger muscles. And all the watches that started working were just a matter of shaking the watch, even though they had been shaken and played with those very watches 100 times before, to no avail. And the people whose spoons were bent in the kitchen drawer never actually happened, or if they did, it was all practical jokes by family members who never told the members they were being punked, years and decades later, even on their death beds. Forget the fact that it doesn't make sense to punk someone without the payoff of telling them they were punked. Whatever you say, Bud.
17) They say a joke isn't funny if you have to explain it, but anyway, here it is: In this imaginary scenario, I put a hundred dollar bill in the box for someone to do a reading on me, but one of the students stole it. I am so naive, that I assumed the only way it could be missing is due to some psi phenomenon. In fact, the person who stole it might have suggested that is what happened, and I bought it. I don't know if I”m the only one who finds that amusing, but it gives me the giggles.
21) Sometimes the experiencer says gender wasn't perceived at all, and rarely the perception is that of a female
26) Going on 35 years
27) I will say though, that I had been considering making the phone call two weeks ago.
28) Shakespeare's Hamlet
29) I understand that the particular YouTube commenter might have read the BS he was disseminating and believed it. Nonetheless, some debunker started the lie, and other debunkers are quick to spread it without investigating for confirmation.
34) I wonder if that prevented a single woman from getting fake titties. I wonder if it prevented a single man from pressuring the woman he allegedly loves from getting them. I'd like to think it has and that she didn't die in vain, Did I just say that? A death from most cosmetic surgery is the very definition of dying in vain, (vain being another form of the word, vanity.) But, I mean, if at least some women have reacted to her death by choosing not to have their chests butchered, then her death wouldn't be for naught.
35) Well, not just like they did. He uses no brushes or other instruments other than his own appendages. Also, he paints his works in mere minutes… for instance, as few as 3.
36) He doesn't do duplicates of the artists' renderings they did while incarnated on earth. He paints other images, in what ends up to appear to be their style.
38) They say if a severely sick person doesn't seek medical treatment because of him, then there could be some indirect damage, but the more profound truth is, even if he has no affect on the person from either his treatment or the placebo affect from his treatment, the more people who stay away from doctors and their usually needless drugs and surgeries, the better they will do, overall. Medical procedures are only actually needed about 5% of the time. 95% of them time, they just make people worse while making the medical industry money.
39) Tellingly, they don't insist that the only pharmaceutical studies that count are ones conducted by people who say that drugs are harmful toxins and who are fed up with the criminal fraud that runs rampant in big pharma research, for which pharmaceutical corporations have been fined billions of dollars.
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41) A debunker doctor would simply say he's a fraud, despite the fact he could find no evidence of it. Debunkers already know the outcome of their “research” before they go into it. Real skeptics, allow for the evidence to lead them to their conclusions.
42) The currently grammatically incorrect, but gender inclusive way of saying, unmanned.
43) The first time I read about this, the victim mentioned his oversized penis. I hoped that it would later be revealed he is hung like a hamster, so I'd know the accusation wasn't true, but it became talked about in the news that a picture of him on a magazine cover showed the outline of his member through his pants, and it's huge. Later I read about how he was seen taking a woman to go hunting, but he returned without her. Then there was the little matter of the lawyer that he shot in the face while hunting, and the lawyer held a press conference in which he apologized to Cheney. Then I saw an interview in which Wolf Blitzer actually questioned him hard on policy issues for once in his life, and Cheney seemed to give him a veiled threat, at which point Blitzer backed down. Recently, Rand Paul questioned Cheney's patriotism, only to come back like a day later talking about what an incredibly patriotic man Cheney is. I have read other reports about Cheney doing dark, despicable things on his hunting trips.

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