Do You Really Need a Real Estate Agent?

A lot of people out there think that they can buy and sell homes without the assistance of a professional real estate agent. They are correct, they can. However, that is not the wisest choice. It is prudent to consider everything a real estate agent does for their client, not solely the amount of money the agent receives in the end. Real estate agents do numerous tasks: keep current on local real estate happenings, market the property, fill out lots of paper work, assist clients by educating them in the process, negotiate the best deal for their client, research, fact find, and so much more.

Seller’s agents represent just that, the sellers. They do not represent your best interest as the buyer. You need a realtor to represent you, give their loyalty 100% to you, and work for what’s in your best interest. Anything you tell the seller’s agent when they are not your own agent will be relayed back to the buyers so be careful of any sensitive information you might disclose.

Buyer’s agents are essential. In many cases their services are essentially free because their commission is split with the seller’s so the buyer isn’t actually paying more for their assistance. Buyer’s agents are able to access past data of areas and of the home for sale to make a more educated offering. They can recommend a bidding strategy that is based off of comparable properties nearby.

Real estate agents have access to the MLS, which is the multiple listing service. This allows agents to send the most up-to-date lists of properties that meet their client’s unique specifications on what they want in their future home. Agents are also able to list homes for sale on here as well, to get your home the best chance of being sold. This tool also lets us do a CMA, which is a comparative market analysis. This allows us to recommend the best price for a specific property based on comparables in the area. This gives the basis for your bidding or listing strategy. Working with an agent allows you to focus on your life, work, and family. When you find a home that you want to see, instead of waiting for the Sunday open house you can ask your agent for a private showing at your convenience due to the ability of your agent to use the lock box combination to gain access to the home. This is not available to you without an agent.

Buyer’s agents do more than just show a client a home for sale. There is so much involved when purchasing a home. Purchasing a home is probably the largest investment people will make in their lives. Is that something that you really want to not consult an expert on? I think not. People are busy with work, family, and just keeping up their lives. They don’t have time to become an expert on real estate too. Hire a professional to assist you in the biggest purchase of your life. You won’t regret it. Need real estate assistance? Contact me at:


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