DNA Mutations and Repair

There are many things that have gone overboard in the modern day society. It is easily ignored that most of the people you see in public, daily, are being distracted by technology, religion, government, and unnecessary holidays. This takes away the part of us that is human, the important part of us that is Natural, animal, not barbaric (as most of the human species believes animals to be,) rather intuitive and immerse in our surroundings. Within the walls of the mind, heart and soul lay the answers to what I believe has been stripped of the brains structure. Through the Process of Mutation, DNA is always changing. This could be because DNA is one of the most powerful and adaptable parts of our essence. If the Mind, Heart and Soul are trained improperly, the possible outcomes can be devastating. Just look at what’s happening around us (wars, famine, death, murder, rape; the list goes on and on.) As individuals, we can have quantum leaps of understanding or move just inches at a time, the choice is ours. A great way to begin the journey of, repairing ones DNA, is by decalcifying the pineal gland. It has got to be one of the most important things a person can do to help keep an open and positive mind set. Adopting a new life style of eating is another great idea when thinking about purifying your thoughts and repairing your DNA which includes the entirety of your body (organs, bones, aura, soul, etc.) This purifies not only your physical being but your spiritual being, as well. Meditation is another key objective when starting to observe one’s self and the world around them. These are all ways to further beneficial DNA Mutations and retract harmful DNA Mutations. With a little bit of work every day one can change their entire reality. A full understanding can happen in mere seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, or even years. As stated before, the choice is ours to make.

When learning about a specific topic, it’s beneficial to also learn about the topics opposite. For example, if you want to learn about the effects of Anti-Gravity on the body. It would be in ones best interest to also learn about the effects of gravity on the body. Therefore, instead of making a bias observation, you allow yourself a more complete and full understanding of that which you wish to acquire. That being said, this is not here to preach facts. This here; is not telling you want to think. It is showing you a direction to look and asking what YOU see. The greatest teacher of all shows the student where to look, not what to see.

Mutation in the DNA can prove to be helpful, hurtful, or even harmless. How do mutations work and occur anyway? Based on where the mutation occurs, two main categories can be determined. The first mutation location being Somatic Mutations, which take place in cells that are non-reproductive, this means a Somatic Mutation is not inherited through genetics (Reproductive Cells.) Since normal body cells can usually compensate for the Somatic Mutation in other cells, many of the mutations show no obvious effect on the organism. However, the opposite is also true, even the slightest mutation can cause dramatic effects to an organism. For example, Cancer is a Somatic Mutation that allows a cell to reproduce uncontrollably. The next mutation location is a Germ-Line Mutation. These happen in reproductive cells, meaning these mutations will be passed down the genetics.

The location of the mutation is important to know before individualizing the mutations into certain groups. Of course, there are countless mutations and even more to be unveiled, but there are basic records of common mutations that are more recognized today in the medical and scientific fields. There are seven basic ways a mutation happens, Substitution, Insertion, Deletion, Missense, Nonsense, Frame-Shift and Repeat Expansion Mutation. Substitution, is basically when one base is traded for another. Sickle Cell Anemia, is caused by the “substitution” trait in a gene. Insertion is the addition of either a singular or whole sequence of DNA

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Decalcifying your pineal has got to be one of the most important things a person can do. Now when trying to learn about anything out there, it’s beneficial to first learn about its opposite. What makes our pineal gland calcify in the first place?

The length of the nucleotide affected, determines which category a mutation will fall under. Gene Level Mutations can be defined as nucleotides with short stretch changes. The name itself, Gene Level Mutation, was chosen simply because these mutations specifically affect genes that make available important information for many different useful molecules, which include proteins. The physical traits of an organism can be affected from the mutation in these molecules. On the other hand, long stretch changes in DNA (which can vary from numerous genes or even a full chromosome.) are called Chromosomal Mutations. Usually an organism with a Chromosomal Mutation is majorly affected.

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