Hindu's DO NOT believe that you die, then are born as a new creature. What they believe in is something like calories.

Hindu philosophy is something like chemistry, in that they believe “nothing is created or destroyed, it just changes”. Ex: The Hindu “God of Destruction” is Shiva… But even though Shiva is “The Destroyer” he is not a burden on the world. Shiva is a neccisary force, because without destruction, there is no room to create and no materials for creation. You MUST destroy something old to create something new ( ex: a tree becomes a book, it did not die, it just appeared as something new. Or a dictators government falling to a democracy, the government is gone but the country has not been lost to the people, and that dictators philosophy will rear its head again somewhere. A perfect representation of this can be found in the South Park cash for gold episode).

So, though in the Hindu sense, you are not lost and you are the source of life for the future. But that doesn't necessarily mean you get a new body, new brain, new

Nothing is lost, it just comes back in another form.

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    do you know of any beliefs from various religions about us BEFORE birth? What we are, or anything of the sort? (Hope my magic works :P)
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Actually, Egyptian's and Hindu's have systems of belief about this, but I can not begin to pretend I understand them yet. I am getting a book of the dead, as well as other Egyptian texts, and I will be reading some of the Vedas and some books about Shiva soon. So, maybe I can answer you better in the near future… But.

I have read the Rig Veda, and though it does not mention pre-life specifically for individuals, it does talk about the creation of the universe in birthing terms.

First, the creation myths in the Rig Veda (there are multiple, possibly for multiple aspects of creation, as the universe is vast and variable) start off with this theory, if you can call it a theory… But I like it… Paraphrased: “How the fuck should I know where humans come from, you know I'm a human right?” then it goes on to say “Maybe, there was a golden embryo, and it was fertilized by the god…” and it continues into a myth that says sex and the splitting of cells is similar to how the universe was created.

Then it goes on to say, “Maybe… There was nothing. Then there was one god, and he did something. And another god saw what he did, and wanted to do it as well. And this created the universe.”

And there is one more if I remember correctly, but I do not correctly remember what it is…

Again, I don't UNDERSTAND the Egyptian version yet, but here is the basis for it:

Akh- Like Ba and Ka, Akh is one of the 3 constituents of human identity. Akh is what leaves your body upon death (like a soul) and was represented by the crested Ibis (a bird).

Ba- Ba is present at the ceremonial heart weighing. When it was decided if a person was “good enough” (bad translation) during life. It was represented by a human head with wings.

Ka- Life Force/Personality/Self This is what would receive any offering given to you after death, something like a remnant of you that still co-operates in some Earthly activity.

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    I guess thats the biggest question in the world then :P Where did we come from. 

In terms of logic it couldn't ever make sense of how everything started. Even if we manage to explain the physical universe's existence I feel we can never understand the very origin of soul itself.
If as above so below (and vice versa) were right, then the very origin of any creation came from a sort of "Sperm and egg", from 2 different entities. Then where did those 2 come from? If they came from one, then where did the one come from? I guess you could say at first there was one, and the one was neither male nor female it was A-Sexual, could reproduce by itself.
1a. But still, the origins of this one is unknown, how it first came into being. 
1b. We were never meant to know the origins, or
2. In our current state, we can't possibly understand it. 
Actually maybe not...
A shot in the dark here but, in the "place" where soul originated the underlying theme is it is a place of timelessness. So if you think about where we came from in terms of time it can't ever make sense. 
If you say we always existed, in a way it answers the question, but I'm not satisfied with that lol. Is this what you call a paradox? I guess origin itself is a paradox…? Maybe my definition is off. I guess there is an answer out there, but until you transcend time and reach the timelessness place you can't understand it, too many unknown variables.
Sorry, doing a little freethinking here. 
It does go with the OP though ;P
If you gain any more knowledge on this hannibal be sure to post it :P I'll definitely be on that, very mind-expanding concept.

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1a. Don't conclude your search yet. The Egyptians actually have a fairly good explanation of universal creation, maybe it doesn't explain everything, but that doesn't mean the search is over… Now remember, this civilization lived 3,000 years ago.

They believed that “Ra” was the creator of the universe, and the way that he created the universe is unlike the christian god. “Ra” is meant to symbolize the force behind atomic light. “Ra” is “The thing that makes the sun burn”, “Ra” is “The thing that made the big bang” and the Big Bang theory is basically just Egyptian myth. They say that “Ra” existed in an almost non existent space. Then “Ra” the Big Bang, and that's it. I know it's not “a complete explanation” but these people figured this out 3,000 years ago.

1b. Maybe we weren't meant to know, but we can try to.

2. True, we can't understand what really makes light happen yet. E=MC2 is even just a theory, and it doesn't explain everything. It just says that mass becomes light, becomes mass.

About souls living outside this dimension before coming here… Have you read “Enders Game” or the books after it?

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    1. Never even heard of the books >.< 

Keeping a list of books to look into though when I get out of my black hole of a living situation lol, I'll add that to it.

2. Question: Do you believe in some kind of conspiracy to keep us ignorant here?
I mean, if we were so open minded and knowledgeable back then, it really makes me want to sit here and cry in the realization of the direction we've taken. (The Price is Right is playing behind me with my family so sucked into it, while I'm sitting here on DI forums trying to get a grasp of life. Puts a surreal kind of feeling on you when you realize how far we've fallen.)
I guess you wouldn't be here on DIF if you didn't believe something was wrong here ;P
3. How do you think we got to this situation? It seems we were slowly climbing the ladder of realization back then, and all the sudden we just fell off, hit our head, and don't even remember there was a ladder lol. 
4. Don't have to answer but would love to hear your thoughts on it. Sorry for going off topic OP. Last time I swear ;P

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1. Well, Ender's Game is for kids. But the books after aren't, they are much more full of philosophy. But it is good to read book 1, so that you know why Ender feels the way he does about the universe and alien species.

But anyways. I think it is book 3… I'll tell the short and sweet version. He has an AI friend that lives in a bluetooth in his ear (doesn't say bluetooth, but that's what it is), and she loves him, because he basically created her by challenging her with such intelligence as a child. So, I think the problem was that he needed to travel long distances, but the only way to do that is to go light speed. So while he doesn't age, he could get somewhere and by the time he is there the person that needed help is dead. So the AI bot finds this way to travel without space or time. She explains that since she has been connected to the internet, she has gone further and their is now something she is connected to that is like a spiderweb between all the planets. Ender (or maybe it was a little girl on Earth) talks to a Shaman type person, and the Shaman speaks of the spider web and says there is a “spider” god which can travel between places. And the AI bot has now basically become that spider god.

But anyways, she takes Ender out of the universe and into the other place. But in the other place there are these entities, they are “us”. But they are EVERYTHING. It's like, a empty soul blob waiting for identity. So, when a baby is created in a mothers stomach one of these things rushes to go be a part of it, because they can't wait for a chance to become something.

But while Ender is there, he has memories of his dead brother, and one of the entities grabs that, as well as another memory (I forget what) and brings them to reality when they come back. But the beings are as Ender remembers them, not as they actually were. And it all causes all sorts of problems, because ender is getting old, and it turns out he is being shared within all three beings.

2. I don't think it is so much a “conspiracy” to keep us stupid, as much as it is the fact that we were brainwashed by the words used in the 1700's. United=Militant or For Sale, not happy society. And they didn't get everyone to join the union on fair terms. George Washington and his friends signed that shit, not all of America. Then they made a flag that LITERALLY said “Join or Die”… Remember the snake that is cut into 13 pieces on a flag? That was a scare tactic our founding fathers used. They told us that if even a SINGLE colony didn't do what they said, ALL colonists would die.

AND not only were we brainwashed back then, but we continue to not look into our own pasts, while enjoying conversations about our own daily activity or gossip. Stuff that really doesn't matter.

3. I am currently studying this, but I have a theory. Polytheism was science… We were studying nature, society and human interaction. Then, there was a movement in Egypt where one of the groups decided that the others weren't even really that relevant, and their god was the true god (but they failed to recognize that the other “gods”/studies were partially responsible for everything as well)… I think this is kind of like the Facebook phenomenon. All other forums, IMs, etc are “obsolete” and people aren't focusing on their studies because of the line of communication that is open.

Now, I need to do more research, but I do know that this god that was “chosen” above the others is Aten and literally replaced the god “Amen”, hence the end of our prayers (Amen means “the hidden one” ). They went through all of Amen's temples, and replaced the symbol for his name for the symbol for “Aten”. And the man that did it was named “Amenhotep” which means “Amen is happy/satisfied” and he literally changed his name.

Now back to the theory part, I think Aten was the god of some form of social behavior. And the people that worshiped him must have believed that their social behavior was better than all the others (Facebook phenomenon). Then they started killing all the other religions after a few hundred years.

4. I don't mind at all. I love talking about this stuff.

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