Different Generations

I am not that old at all, but I do see how much of a difference it is from back in my parents generation to my generation. Back in my parents generation a lot of things were just not tolerated, like the way I see children talking to their parents now a days. I could walk in a store and see a child acting spoiled and being very disrespectful to his or her parents. I would see them ask for something and the parent would say no, then that's when the child begins his or her temper tantrum. They would began to cry and scream, and on some occasions I would see the child even go as far as begin hitting the parent. I would just think to myself, I would not let that child do any of the things he or she is doing.

A lot of people think that punishing a child by spanking him or her is inhuman, but in certain situations the child does deserve to be disciplined one way or another. As bad as these children act out, it's like they won't understand anything else other than that. I personally don't like to see kids get a whooping, but there should be a line drawn as to how far you allow the child to go. They don't pay any bills, but yet they want to be picky as in what they want to eat and how they want to be treated. Back in my parents day children would not dare even murmur anything disrespectful or even anything talking back to the parent, because they would get popped in their mouths if they let it come out.

I would see shows all the time, old shows that is that shows how creative and active kids were back in the day. I would see them on the street double dutching or jumping rope and a lot of them playing basketball. Now a days its only a certain places you would go and you would see kids being active. I understand that this is a different day and age, and crime seems to have everyone a little shaken up and everything, but we shouldn't let that sense of scare control our lives. You can still be a little active with your kids if you have any, don't just let them sit at home all day playing games. It is more to life than that and life will just pass them by if they are just stranded at the house. Not only that but you want your kids to live a long healthy life as well, so that should be an enough reason for you wanting to spend a little time with them on some days of the week.

I am not putting everyone in the same boat here, I do see parents out with there kids at a park or taking them to an amusement park or some other place where they can enjoy themselves at and I really do respect that. I love seeing parents out with their kids having fun and just good old fashioned enjoying life. I know that a lot of parents could have a lack of energy from having to work long hours, so all they want to do is go home and go to sleep. That is very understandable, but even if you have to spend time with your kids once a week on the weekend, they will very much cherish that moment. I see a large young age group of kids talking about wanting a job, because they see there parents always talking about bills and such. That is not what a young kid should even be thinking at the age of 12, but on another note at least they are being prepared for the real world but I just think they should be thinking about school and enjoying life a little bit more before bills.

Don't get me wrong it is nothing wrong at all for parents to teach their kids responsibility at a young age, It's just that they should also tell them about cherishing every moment as well. I used to write off every time I heard an older person tell me “ You better not do this or that, because your gonna pay for it when you get older”. And by golly, when I got older I did see where they were coming from and all it did was make me laugh, being that I remember them telling me that. When I was young, I grew up in a pretty low income house hold, I saw my parents were not happy and I always had the heart to see them happy. It hurt me when we would be at home and the lights were off, I just wanted to cry a lot of the times. I was always trying to figure out how I can make money so they wouldn't have to worry about taking care of me, and they could just take the extra money and pay bills and buy the things they wanted to buy for themselves.

I always had headaches when I was younger, I would always have to go to the doctor and get ex rays done on my head and they would find nothing. Then they started to see that it was because of stress, they couldn't understand how a boy at my age was stressing so much. I got my first job when I was 13 years old, I was working at a baseball stadium picking up peanuts and cleaning out the box offices. I know your thinking how did I get a job at 13, well my auntie knew the man and he pulled some strings. I was so happy when I got that job, I was making my own money and getting a check for it as well.

I was so happy when I would be able to go to the mall and buy my mom a dress or a pair of shoes, or buy my dad a pair of shoes or cologne. It put a smile on my face that I was able to do for them for a change, I couldn't wait to see the smiles on their faces when I presented them with a gift. And no, I didn't just do it on holidays or on their birthdays, I did it just because I wanted to show them that I love and appreciate all the things they did for me. I respect my mom and father and will continue to show them how much I care for them, and that is how our generation should be.

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