D-Girl 2 Episode 7

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D-girl is the seventh episode of the second season of The Sopranos. This episode is largely focused around Christopher Moltisante and his attempts to break into the film business. This episode also follows Tony Soprano’s son AJ and his obsession with the meaning of life and death.

Episode Recap


Christopher’s screenplay

Christopher meets his cousin Greg’s fiance Amy, an associate of Jon Favreau, while out to dinner. Amy invites him to the set of one of Favreau’s movies. Christopher meets Favreau at the movie set and has lunch with him and Amy. Favreau tells Christopher that he is interested in doing a mafia movie and would like input on the realism of the mobster lifestyle. Christopher sees a disfigured woman and tells a story about how his mobster friend found she was a transsexual one night while they were fooling around and burned her with acid.

Christopher meets Amy at a hotel where they discuss his screenplay and end up having sex. Later, Christopher and Favreau have a meeting where Christopher shows him his gun jokingly and Favreau appears intimidated by Christopher.

Amy and Christopher meet and have sex for a second time. Amy becomes upset when she remembers she is cheating on her fiance. Christopher finds Favreau’s script and discovers that Favreau used the story that Christopher had divulged to him earlier. He becomes enraged and tells Amy that the story needs to be cut from the script. After looking for Favreau, Christopher confronts Amy again. She informs him that she is leaving town. She tells him that his script isn’t good enough and that having sex with him was a mistake. Christopher calls Amy a “D-girl”, Amy curses back and leaves.

Later, Christopher meets Tony, Carmela, and Adriana for dinner. He is noticeably upset and ends up ranting and storming out of the restaurant. Adriana begins to cry and tells Tony and Carmela about Christopher’s screenplay.

At AJ’s confirmation, Tony tells Christopher that if he leaves the house not to come back and that if he stays, Tony will assume he decided to get his act together. Tony implies that Christopher stop screenwriting or they will have a problem. Christopher thinks alone outside for a moment and walks back in the house.

Problems with AJ

AJ takes Carmela’s car out for a joyride with friends and sideswipes another car. When questioned by his parents, AJ starts quoting Nietzsche and claiming “God is dead”, which trouble his parents. AJ goes on about how he doesn’t see the point of getting confirmed. Tony asks Pussy to speak to AJ and talk some sense into him. Also, Tony tells his therapist, Dr. Melfi, about AJ’s recent antics and Dr. Melfi explains that questioning life is a normal part of adolescent development.

Pussy takes AJ to the batting cages with him and Pussy’s son where Pussy tries to explain to AJ how to grow up and get confirmed and make his parents happy. AJ doesn’t seem to listen. Pussy’s son Matt tells AJ that Nietzsche was just crazy. At AJ’s confirmation, Tony and Carmela catch AJ and his friends in the garage smoking marijuana and are disgusted with him.

Pussy and the wire

Big Pussy, one of Tony’s most trusted capos, is still seen to be cooperating with the FBI. The FBI wants Pussy to wear a wire to AJ’s confirmation. Pussy is hesitant about the idea but Skip, Pussy’s FBI liaison, informs Pussy of the charges against him if he doesn’t cooperate.

Pussy is seen getting ready for AJ’s confirmation in his bathroom, contemplating wearing the wire. He is clearly distraught with the idea and gets in a fight with his wife, which his son Matt breaks up. At AJ’s confirmation, Pussy talks to AJ about him smoking marijuana. Pussy tells AJ that Tony is a good father is a great man while the FBI listens in. He seems visibly shaken up about betraying Tony by being an FBI informant. Pussy is seen later crying uncontrollably in the bathroom.

Special Occurrences

Janeane Garofalo and Jon Favreau both make cameo appearances as themselves.


The song played over the end credits is “Vedi, Maria” by Emma Shaplin

Other songs played in this episode:

  • “Swing Town” by the Steve Miller Band,
  • “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac,
  • “Tasty Pudding” by Chet Baker,
  • “Shaolin Satellite” by Thievery Corporation, and
  • “Voulez-Vous?” by Arling & Cameron


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