Finishing Touches for Devtome Writers

Once you've been contacted by me first, I will refer you to this page. If you stumble across this page, it may provide you with an idea of what to expect once you've been contacted by me.

So you've written a few articles and you have over 1000 words. Now you'd like to be included in the earnings that your writing can generate. And then you look at the payouts and wonder how others are earning more.

  1. Be sure you've read for great tips on organizing your material.
  2. Web wallets won't work for your payouts. Make sure your admin knows your correct Devcoin address for the wallet on your computer. If you don't know who your admin is, send me a PM (my address is at the bottom of this page) and I'll find out for you. The admin will take your username and your DVC address and make sure it's included in the earnings list. Be sure to include your bitcointalk username and your Devtome username so we have a way to contact you quickly.
  3. Double-check that your client DVC address matches the DVC address under “Tips” on your Devtome page. It has to match.
  4. Include a signature block on your Devtome page with the address to your BTC profile:

Consider Devtome as a Info Blog

Payouts are calculated with a few factors in mind. Devtome writers can increase their earnings based on popularity. For example, if you have 1000 words and no one visits your page, you are only credited with 750 words. But that can be improved! Advertise your post. Tweet a link to it. Post a link to your social sites. Put it on Pinterest or Digg or Delicious or, yes, even market your material in banners or text campaigns. If you generate views, that 1000 word article on spatulas in sub-Saharan Africa can be worth as much as 1500 words. Just for telling people about it.

Tighten up the Layout

The most common areas for improvement that I've noticed are listed below. To enhance your post for readability, ratings and for earnings purposes, please consider the following bits based on Syntax page and Advanced Syntax page:

1. Be sure to use the footnote code. This wiki function creates a very professional footnote option and it automatically adds numbering. Look for this entry on the Devtome syntax page:


Add a footnote using double parentheses.1)

((Such as this))

2. Add a category to the bottom of your page. This will help index your pages and also figures into your payouts. You can view available categories here Look for this entry on the Devtome syntax page:


Mark your articles with categories by using the syntax


If you add a category and it appears red when you view it, then it doesn't formally exist and will count against you in the payouts. Incidentally, anything in red on your Devtome page also indicates something is wrong. Usually, that happens with improperly formatted links.

3. Remember to add a second line between paragraphs. It will help the look of your layout and increase the likelihood of a better rating.

4. Use heading tags. By adding those tags described on the syntax page, you'll auto-generate a nice Table of Contents that will help readers navigate your text.

5. Before submitting your article, you might like to paste it into a Google Docs word program to check the spelling. This is only a suggestion, but good grammar and spelling will only help you!

6. Check you work for plagiarism. If you know you've quoted someone, that's great, but give them credit and include it in a footnote at the relevant place.

Earnings and Finding Payout Information

You can see a dynamically updated page here: Devcoin Countdown Clock , which lists round details and submission deadlines. If you enter your username in the “User Payments by Round” and enter a round, you will see your earnings for that period.

If you want to see a breakdown of your devtome stats for a round, click the devtome stats link after you've found yourself, or enter your details here .


1. At the time I write this, we're about to enter earnings on Round 30. This page gives the times that the rounds end:

You'll have to look at your Devcoin client on your computer to see which block we're currently on.

2. Check the following page:

You'll see these files:

devtome_23.csv 	maintenance 	6 months ago
devtome_24.csv 	maintenance 	5 months ago
devtome_25.csv 	maintenance 	4 months ago
devtome_26.csv 	maintenance 	3 months ago
devtome_27.csv 	maintenance 	2 months ago
devtome_28.csv 	maintenance 	a month ago
devtome_29.csv 	maintenance 	4 days ago

That last one is the current round ending soon. It lists all the names on that round's earnings.

3. More about earnings can be found here:

My Info

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm here to help and if I don't know the answer, I'll do my best to find out for you or point you to an informative Devtome entry.


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