Voluntary Article Voting System


Attention ! Please take care that the identifiers like item1 must not contain space characters !

Instead of a space use an underline if needed (i.e. item_1).

5 Star Rating

This delivers a picture of 5 stars and radio buttons below to rate. The rating will be counted and stored to a file.

The code base is picked up from PHP, 5 Star Rating System
(using hReview) as mentioned within forum post Rating plugin.



This delivers up/down thumbs to vote for a certain topic.


Rater Statistic

Flam & Loleg asked for a statistic feature to see a list of all raters of a site sorted by highest rate. This is now implemented and the following syntax will deliver it (see also Examples). There are no more parameter necessary. From “Adora Belle” onwards the list can be sorted by click on column header.


The list layout can be customized within style.css


The following line contains all parameter and possible values:

{(rater>id=1|name=item1|type=rate/vote/stat|trace=user/ip|end=09/25/10 / 25.09.2011|tracedetails=0/1|headline=on/off)})}

Following parameters: id — mandatory, unique — an id to differ between the rate/vote name — mandatory, unique — usually the item name what will be voted/rated type — mandatory — defines of rate, vote or stat use case trace — optional — can be set to user or ip, where user is to be preferred for closed wikis end — optional — defines the end date of the rate/vote action, can be any valid date expression tracedetails — optional — can be 0 or 1 and defines if the rate or vote details will be displayed ( vote + tracedetails will display real user name or its ip ⇒ be carefully with this combination) headline — optional — can be on or off to show or hide the headline of the rating (if not set it is set to on - works only for the type “rate”) It is allowed to place more than one rate/vote function into the same page but I dont know about the performance impacts if you will place there hundreds.

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