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Devtome Improvements

Devtome can be improved in the following ways (based on Hunterbunter's post on Coinzen):

  • An easier way to add content
  • More natural indexing and categorization
  • Easy plagarism checker
  • Create an easier way to access desired content
  • Different content delivery

In each of the following sections, I will address each of the above points.

Easier Way to Add Content

Many people use Google Drive, so there could be a system in which when a Devtome writer shares an article with a specific email address, such as devtome-drive@gmail.com, on Google Drive, and the article could be instantly uploaded to Devtome. The system could also go the other way around, with Devtome articles uploaded to Drive for easy editing. Even better, Devtome could get Google apps for business and writers could receive username@devtome.com Google accounts. For example, if user x, a Devtome writer, writes a long novel and posts it onto Devtome, the novel will be synced with Google Drive, so that when user x logs into Google Apps for business as x@devtome.com, he or she can easily edit the novel, rather than having to do it in the editor on Devtome.

A Better Indexing System

Rather than having writers type “category:foo” at the bottom of each article, an automated script could pick up keywords in articles and automatically assign categories. It would take off a lot of work that the category admins would have to do, and most likely result in a more accurate categorization. There are many different categories, and having an automated script would also take away the problem of writers who have related articles categorizing their works in the categories that are synonyms. For example, one writer may categorize their article in “category:business”, while another may prefer “category:commerce”. This results in Devtome readers not being able to find what they want easily. Should they go to business or commerce to get an article on that topic

Easy Plagarism Checker

In the current system, admins have to copy and paste articles in a plagarism checker, and that process is time consuming and takes a lot of work. Since I believe Devtome articles are stored in .txt files, instead we could set a crontab to run once every week or fortnight, uploading the article files to http://www.plagscan.com/seesources/analyse.php or another website, and if the article sets off an alarm, we can investigate. An even better solution, honoring the “dev” portion of devcoin, is to have an open-source Devtome-specific plagarism checker, funded by a bounty, that can be hosted on Devtome.com and can have all the features article admins need to keep track of plagarism, such as percentage of an article copied, historical data on the writer, and the number of words copied.

Easier Way to Access Content

The Devtome categories, as I mentioned above, can be ambiguous, and finding content may be challenging. My proposed solution is to implement a wikipedia-style organization system, as seen here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal:Contents. Wikipedia has a specific content page, and you can choose from a selection of multiple, broad categories. They are: Reference, Culture, Geography, Health, History, Mathematics, Nature, People, Philosophy, Religion, Society, and Technology. The current Devtome “Topics” section on the start page is sort of like this, but some categories, such as “Sports” and “Recreation” could be merged into one. Also, article titles sometimes are misleading. For example, I recently rated an article titled Those Halcyon Days. I thought it would be a narrative or short story about “those halcyon days”, or maybe a brief history and etymology of the expression, but it was actually about the writer's experiences with drugs and how those days were “halcyon days”. A fix to this would be to also rate an article based on its relevance to its title.

Different Content Delivery

Devtome articles of a certain category could all be concatenated into one large ebook that could be available on the Kindle store for reading. Each category could have its own ebook, so readers could read Devtome:Sports or Devtome:Cryptocurrency. Also, a Devtome android or iOS app could be developed for mobile browsing.


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