Devtome Glossary

Learn all the Devtome jargon you need to become a real writer!


The people that remove all the bad articles and keep Devtome spam free! If you see one of them on the forums, send them a “thank you” PM!


An article that you wrote which was based off another article. It doesn't matter how original it is, as long as it has some of the original article left, it's collated. It is worth 0.3 times as much as “Original” work.


An ethical concurrency. 90% of all generated coins go to writers and open source developers.


The name of the program in which writers submit quality work in order to earn devcoins.

Image Syntax

Images are posted on devtome like this:

[[image link|{{image link}}]]


Your original work! It can be anything, from bad vampire fiction to a rant about privatized health insurance.

Receiver Files

The files which tell you how many words you have written, weighted for collated, etc. Experienced writers check this file everyday. The are updated daily here: (Earnings Per Word)

If you are outside of devtome, click here:

"The Thread"

The official Devcoin thread on This is where most of the devcoin discussion happens! You can find it here:


The king of devcoin. Unthinkingbit created devcoin and is the reason why devtome is here!


The page in which you reference all your work and have your coin address.


Someone who writes on devtome. When you publish your first article, you become an official devtome writer!


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