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Devcoin is one of the original SHA-256 coins that is merge mined wiith bitcoin, not using any additional computational power. Devcoin was created to help fund open source projects and creative commons licensed literary works. With devcoin, 90% of the mined profits go to recipients who have contributed towards devcoin bounties, open source projects, and writers who publish their work under Creative Commons Licensing here at Participants in the devcoin economy earn devcoins in proportion to their project development. Writers earn devcoins by writing, developers earn devcoins by developing.

How Devcoin Works

The concept is similar to bitcoin. With bitcoin, transactions are processed in blocks, approximately one every 10 minutes. There is a reward to the miners (those with computational power) each time a block is solved. With bitcoin this is how currency comes into existence, and the reward stays with the miners. Devcoin was created for several reasons, one of which is that the developers who worked on bitcoin and various other open source projects often receive very little compensation.

With devcoin, the number of coins generated per bloock is a lot higher at 50,000 coins. Of that 5,000 remain with the miner, and 45,000 coins go to recipients of devcoin projects. Receiver files are used to load the addresses for payment into the mining operation. This is the first use of receiver files in cryptocurrency, and is a primary Devcoin innovation. Earnings are paid in rounds, which are in groups of blocks.

A round is 4000 blocks. It's important to look at your devcoin client to see at which block you are currently at in order to know when the round finishes and when you will receive earnings. Each round developers and writers get 180,000,000 devcoins. The number of shares is divided into 180,000,000 to come up with the value per share. This fluctuates depending upon how much work is generated by contributors.

Devcoin is the first cryptocurrency that is expressly made to compensate people for their open source and creative commons work.

What Can I Do With Devcoins?

Bounties are available for software and hardware developers, these are worth many shares depending upon the bounty. For writers, each 1000 words you write you will receive one share. Payments are done in rounds. A round is 4000 blocks (approximately a month). During a round 180,000,000 devcoins are distributed via the receiver files to recipients. Payments are spread out over the next round, depending upon how much work you have done. To determine how much each share is worth, the total number of shares, which varies each round, is divided into 180,000,000. As an example, if there are 600 shares, each share would be worth 180,000,000/600, which equals 300,000 devcoins per share.

This is an innovation in the world. Never before has anything like Devcoins existed. With Devtome, anyone anywhere can earn money if they have the desire and motivation, and can write in grammatically correct English. You can write about anything.

How Do I Get Started?

First you need to download an electronic wallet. Select a wallet download for your operating system from the left side bar. Run it after installing – it could take several hours or days to catch up with where the “blockchain” is at. Make sure you encrypt your wallet (enter a passphrase) and don’t forget your passphrase. Don’t make a simple one, make it hard to crack, and always keep at least one back up copy of your wallet.dat file on a USB stick or hard drive in case your computer fails!

You will require an account at as writers accounts are created manually. Join the main devcoin thread at Next step is to write. Keep on writing, do it consistently as it takes a couple months to start coming in and you want it to keep coming in.

What Can I Do With Devcoins?

You can buy silver and gold, products that support traditional culture in South America, books, electronics, and more. There are check outs such as coin payments that allow web sites to use devcoins as currency, so this is just getting going! New stores are literally being added weekly. Click here to see the directory of stores that use coin payments as their check out solution. All these stores have the ability to accept devcoins if they choose. Just ask them if they will accept devcoins if they don't already.

You can tip people and companies that are doing work that you admire. This directly supports innovation and motivation.

You can also invest in stocks and earn weekly dividends, and you can trade them for bitcoins or litecoins on several exchanges.

Why Should I Do This?

Everybody has some useful knowledge that you could share to the world. Devtome will immortalize your work and you can share your knowledge, skills, wisdom, or experience.

How Do I Create a Page on Devtome?

Once you are set up as a user, go to

On the top of the page, click on “Create this page”

In your text box, place this below

*[[:Your Article Here]] - Source: Collated 
*[[:Your Article Here]] - Source: Original 

www.yourwebsitethatreferstodevtome.ifyouhaveone (optional and should point to to earn a fractional marketing share)


link to your bitcointalk signature which has a link to to get a fractional marketing share


Coin Address: hsghs55gf……….

Once you have your user page set up, to create an article page write this (this example is for an original article)

*[[:Your Article Here]] - Source: Original 

Once you have done that, save your page and click on that link. Create that page as you did your user page (link at top of page - create page). The edit box will appear, place your text in it and save. Edit as needed to get the correct formatting, text appearance, and of course for grammar.

Devcoin Projects and Bounties - Creating the Future

There are bounties for projects that arise to meet the needs of the devcoin community. There are also bounties for projects that are listed on Cryptostocks. To learn about the bounties or to submit an open source project, go to Cryptostocks.

Spend Devcoin

With the recent introduction of a devcoin checkout, there are sure to be many more places to spend devcoins coming soon. You can incorporate this checkout in your own website, go to This allows you to accept bitcoin, litecoin, devcoin, and about 20 other altcoins. Check it out!

Buy Devcoin

If you wish to support developers, hardware engineers, and writers, you acquire and trade devcoins at these exchanges.

Devtome has experienced rapid growth in both word count, article diversity, and number and background of its authors. All of the work is published under the Creative Commons Licensing. Visit devtome stats to view the cumulative weighted word count.


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