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The following may have changed since you last wrote an article.

Why Categorize?

To assist in the proper functioning of the Devtome wiki for future growth, articles require categorizing. This is not hard to do and is in your best interests to do so, as it counts towards 10% of your word count. The available categories are at at the bottom of the page, under the “Most Recent” articles list.

Please take the time to categorize all new articles that you post. If you don’t do this it will take an admin time and effort to complete this, and as admins are quite busy behind the scenes, it is in everyone’s best interest if author’s do this as they go. In addition to your new articles, you should also go over all your previous articles and categorize them also, as you will be penalized up to 10% with your future word count if this isn’t completed.

How do I Categorize an Article?

Categories have two parts to them, there is the main category, such as “Commerce” which leads to other categories such as “Business”. But your article might fit into multiple categories. There is an example below but you should look at both of the listed pages to follow along with how categorization works. You can also look at “Page Source” to see how the categorizing is done, although that will be listed below.

For an example we will assume you have a page ready for categorizing. By looking at the list of categories at it could fit into several categories – it might fit in the “Commerce” category and the “Business” category of that. It might also fit into the “How To” category of the “Reference” category.

At a minimum, articles should be categorized to at least one category page. This would include the main category and the actual category it fits into. The example below is what you would include at the bottom of your article (if it’s business related). This will provide links to both of these pages. The main category “Commerce” branches out into many more categories, one of which is “Business”

 [[category:Commerce]]  |  [[category:Business]]

After adding the category tag at the bottom of the article, you no longer need to back link your article on the category page. As long as you have put a valid category at the bottom (with valid syntax) the Devtome script will file your article for you. You have now categorized your page.

Multiple Categories

Your article could well fit into several categories. Using the above example, it might also be a “How To” article, which would fit in the categories “Reference” and “How To”.

In this case you would add this to the bottom of your page.

 [[category:Commerce]]  |  [[category:Business]]  | [[category:Reference]]  |  [[category:How To]]

You have now categorized your page in two categories. If you feel that you could be in more categories, you can include them also.

New Categories

Please thoroughly peruse the existing categories to find ones that fit your article before you make a new one. If you notice that one is missing that you will be using often (such as if you write a lot about a certain theme), feel free to message Giftculturewriting here.

Thank You

Your assistance categorizing your articles enables Devtome to function better, saves considerable time on the part of admins, and increases your word count. But most importantly, it raises the standards of Devtome and portrays pages in a professional light.


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