If You Love Bitcoin or Devcoin, Send This To Everyone

I discovered a few things over the past few days, and thought I would share the info with you.

1. You can get INTEREST (Earn money for coins in the bank) on coins you deposit here https://mcxnow.com/exchange/DVC FOR ALMOST ANY COIN

2. You can earn FREE coins writing here http://www.devtome.com/doku.php PLEASE TELL STUDENTS THEY CAN POST HOMEWORK HERE FOR EXTRA MONEY ONCE IT GETS GRADED (so the teacher doesn't find it online and think they copied it, when the article is really theirs to start with)

any questions? ask here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=233997

You can trade those coins on MCXnow for BTC, and Bitcoins can be used to buy basically anything.

And if you go on amazon, and buy one of these headsets… http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008MR36FE/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=22UQHYGA6B63Q&coliid=I1F1YDGF19DIQF

You can earn free coins on that website just by talking into that headset and posting it to Devtome. Like telemarketing, but without bothering anyone, and talking about your own interests. (you could even just watch TV and talk about what you are watching) THIS IS THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ANYONE WITHOUT A JOB

SPREAD THE WORD!!!! & Devcoin is on the rise!!!

If you want to start accepting Devcoins at your business you can get a wallet address to use for accepting deposits at MCXnow.com, there is a link above. Make sure to post to all the Devcoin links in my message above (MCX and Bitcointalk), telling people that your business now accepts them. It will bring you traffic to your company.

Also, if you work the MCX market right (buy the right alt-coin at the right time), you can make money just like someone who day trades stocks. And if you do this quickly you can make some good money. As of now the Devcoin markets don't move much because no one was informed about their existence. So, you can go on MCXnow with Bitcoins, buy altcoins, then take those altcoins to Vircurex.com and buy cheap Devcoins (because the MCXnow and Vircurex Markets don't stabilize at the same time or rate). Then you can take those cheap Devcoins, and sell them for Bitcoins at a profit at MCXnow. You just have to use the right coin at the right time.

MCXnow also allows you to buy “stocks” by buying a coin on the site called “MCFee”. The more MCFees you have the more you get paid daily as the site makes money.

Part 2, For You, Not To Send

To the ancients, we lived in a world that was not separate from the world of the dead. Yes most pantheons had some form of “underworld” where “souls” went, but there has never been a time in history where humans didn't believe that people from the past were coming to the present to give them more power/ability.

Ex: Tribal Ancestor Worship, Egyptian Temples to Pharaohs & Healers, Catholic Saints, Asian Ancestor Worship etc.

And as my younger brother died recently, I feel a deep desire to do something great for the world, for him. The word “Posterity” basically means: Future Generations, but on a deeper level. So I am starting a brand, the brand will be called “For Posterity”. We won't be here to sell you shirts, or jeans, or even a lifestyle. The goal of “For Posterity” is simply to lay the groundwork “For Posterity” to be great. And this may not seem like it has anything to do with ancestors, but I will be bringing the future and the past together. Not by trying to be like the past, but by remembering the past.

As I am extremely poor right now, and am not going to ask for charity, I am going to do some research of my own to start “For Posterity”, I am not sure what all we will do, but for now I am going to do clinical research that has the ability to save people like my brother when I go public with it, and I will write a book that will make the next generation the most brilliant we have seen. I know it doesn't seem like there is much hope for the Beliebers and Lady Gaga fans, but I am trying my hardest.

First, here is the research that can benefit anyone that suffers head trauma, brain swelling and coma. http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/threads/696549-Endo-Cannabinoids-and-a-new-development

Here is the book I am writing for the next generation: http://www.devtome.com/doku.php?id=ancient_history_by_finshaggy_aka_hannibalimhotep

Here is The Global Marijuana Research Project, which is an extension of the research that can save patients similar to my brother: https://www.facebook.com/events/444960815625256

I will also teach people how to get their voice heard through social media, books and more. This thread will cover that.

I don't feel like my brothers gone, I feel like he beat me to the area that is better than life, and left me here to give other people (who want a long life) a shot at a longer life, while I wait to see him again.

I'm not Christian, I don't believe in heaven. I have some Hindu beliefs, but I do not believe in reincarnation in the way most people do.

I believe that he was never not alive, I believe life (as we see it) is the worst part of the universal cycles. And that when we die, we wake up and wonder “Why did I care about being alive?”

Websites to help you get connected to people around you and around the world:

http://www.meetup.com/find/ http://socialmediaclub.org/

Websites to keep you updated or connecting with others:

  • Care2
  • CaringBridge
  • DailyStrength
  • DXY.cn
  • Reddit
  • Technorati
  • PostRank.com
  • Itunes Podcasts
  • Read Wired Magazine and Blogs occasionally
  • Blogger
  • Delicious
  • Facebook
  • FriendFeed
  • Friendster
  • hi5
  • Identi.ca
  • StatusNet
  • LinkedIn
  • LiveJournal
  • Mashable
  • MySpace
  • Plaxo
  • Plurk
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • WordPress.com
  • Xanga
  • 43 Things
  • Academia.edu
  • Audimated.com
  • Bebo
  • BlackPlanet
  • Blauk
  • Blogster
  • Bolt.com
  • Busuu
  • Buzznet
  • Classmates.com
  • Cloob
  • CouchSurfing
  • Cross.tv
  • Crunchyroll
  • Cyworld
  • DailyBooth
  • deviantART
  • Diaspora (social network)
  • DontStayIn
  • Elftown
  • English, baby!
  • Epernicus
  • eToro
  • Ravelinks
  • Experience Project
  • Exploroo
  • Faces.com
  • FilmAffinity
  • Filmow
  • Flixster
  • Flickr
  • Focus.com
  • Formspring
  • Fotki
  • Fotolog
  • Foursquare
  • Friendica
  • Friends Reunited
  • Frühstückstreff
  • Fuelmyblog
  • FullCircle
  • Gaia Online
  • GamerDNA
  • Gapyear.com
  • Gather.com
  • Geni.com
  • GetGlue
  • Goodreads
  • Goodwizz
  • Google+
  • GovLoop
  • Habbo
  • Hospitality Club
  • Hotlist
  • HR.com
  • Hyves
  • Ibibo
  • Indaba Music
  • italki.com
  • Itsmy
  • Kiwibox
  • Lafango
  • LaiBhaari
  • Last.fm
  • LibraryThing
  • Lifeknot
  • LinkExpats
  • Listography
  • Livemocha
  • Makeoutclub
  • MEETin
  • Meettheboss
  • MillatFacebook
  • mixi
  • MocoSpace
  • MOG
  • MouthShut.com
  • Mubi
  • MyHeritage
  • MyLife
  • My Opera
  • Nasza-klasa.pl
  • Netlog
  • Nexopia
  • Odnoklassniki
  • Open Diary
  • Orkut
  • Pinterest
  • Playfire
  • Playlist.com
  • Quechup
  • Raptr
  • Renren
  • ReverbNation.com
  • ScienceStage
  • Shelfari
  • Sina Weibo
  • Skoob
  • Skyrock
  • SocialVibe
  • Sonico.com
  • Spaces
  • StudiVZ
  • Students Circle Network
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tagged
  • Talkbiznow
  • Taltopia
  • Taringa!
  • TeachStreet
  • TravBuddy.com
  • Travellerspoint
  • tribe.net
  • Tumblr
  • Tylted
  • Vkontakte
  • Vampirefreaks.com
  • Viadeo
  • Virb
  • Vox
  • Wattpad
  • WAYN
  • We Heart It
  • Wellwer
  • Wepolls.com
  • Wer-kennt-wen
  • weRead
  • Wiser.org
  • Wooxie
  • WriteAPrisoner.com
  • XING
  • Xt3
  • Yammer
  • Yelp, Inc.
  • Zoo.gr
  • Zooppa

Attend Social Media Conferences, Seminars and Conventions. Even if you already know a lot, you can meet people and learn more.

And when you are bored, go through questions on Yahoo answers to think of subjects to blog about, or so that you can answer people's questions and get credit and noticed.


  • 1. Blog at least once a week, if not 5x a week
  • 2. Make sure to have tons of blog posts that are 200 words or less, with a picture included
  • 3. Invite other people like friends and random other bloggers to make a post on your blog
  • 4. Make a Podcast
  • 5. Advertise your podcast on your blog, and at the end of your podcast give people a link to your blog. Also, get your Podcasts made into written form (maybe using Dragon software) and post them to your blog.
  • 6. Promote blog comments by asking questions at the end of posts, and having small contests.
  • 7. Blog on Weekends
  • 8. Have a plan that goes beyond today, tomorrow, this week, this month, and even this year. But make sure your plan is not too rigid, and is flexible enough to roll with the punches.
  • 9. Create a daily calendar for online activity, and eventually a routine. Eventually you will be checking a few websites per hour, each website once or twice a day. And you will cover far more ground than you could by hanging out on 1-5 websites all day.
  • 10. Focus on your goals, do not become too obsessed with a new technology that does not propel you forward.
  • 11. Create a brand, it takes some people 27 glances to recognize a brand coherently. Try to be more recognizable and substantial than the others.
  • 12. Pay attention to what is earning money and bringing traffic to your blog. Do not focus on “being cool”.
  • 13. Promote other people's projects, products and causes. Such as Facebook events, groups and pages.
  • 14. Provide opportunities for many people to come together and collaborate on projects. People enjoy being part of a group.
  • 15. Bring new people to the websites and groups that your frequent.
  • 16. Create a “catch phrase” that fits on Twitter, make sure it answers the question “What do you do?”
  • 17. Create PDF documents and share them for free on Amazon
  • 18. Share quotes from your fans
  • 19. Share customers testimonials
  • 20. Blog a list of positive things people have said about you, your business and your product
  • 21. Create Youtube videos and put them on your website
  • 22. Offer live chat on Skype through your website or blog
  • 23. Create forum threads or Facebook groups/pages about your product


Logo's must be simple, so that they can be recognized at ANY size. Plan on having business card, flyers, website banners, and even pens & billboards with your company name. If you are not a professional, seek out a professional or use something like colored pencil to create your first logo, so that people don't judge it as harshly (since there are tons very professional Graphic Designers). But seek out a professional Graphic designer as soon as possible.

Distinguish Your Content:

If everyone else blogs 3-4x a week, you should blog EVERY day. If people are making 5 minute videos, make a bunch of 1 minute videos, and one 20 minute video. If they post in the morning, post in the morning, and at night.

Don't worry about not having the best equipment, if you make lots of videos with a shitty camera, or a book sized blog that only took a week. Maybe you can start getting recognized for those things, and as you grow you will be able to continue making money and growing views in a way that is easy for you. Since it will become known as “your style”.

FREQUENT FORUMS. Even if you aren't a member of any forums right now (most of you are, since DavidIcke.com is a forum, but if you aren't you should join THIS forum). I know it doesn't “seem” as useful as facebook, and doesn't “seem” as interesting as Facebook, but I promise that forum posts will (in the long run) get more views, and replies than ANY post on a blog or facebook. And while on forums, do not just reply to other people's threads, start threads about stuff you are interested in knowing more about, or stuff you have a great deal of knowledge about.

Try to make your “benefits” long term. If you offer a diet for people to lose weight, make sure you aren't offering something that will change as soon as they go back to a more regular eating schedule and lifestyle. Try to give people advice that sticks, even when they don't return to your posts.

As you get more successful, do not distance yourself from “the public”.

Make sure your content is EASY TO SHARE.

When you create a thread on a forum, put it on Blogger. When you create a blog, copy and paste it to make a new a forum thread. And take both of those and post them on Reddit somewhere.

Also, don't forget Facebook, copy and paste your posts on Facebook. And DO NOT underestimate Facebook groups. Some of these groups are SPECIFIC to your topic, and have over 5,000 members. That is a huge advantage to anyone.

If you post pictures one a a time on your blog, also mass upload your entire photo album to photobucket and Google+ so that they are all in multiple places, with multiple resolutions.

Offer an RSS link so that people can constantly share your information to their twitters and other social media outlets.

Use websites like Dlvr.it so that you can have RSS feeds posting your posts on all of YOUR social media outlets (ex: it will share links to your blog posts on Twitter)

Tell people how they can use YOUR RSS link to keep their twitter constantly going.

Create a meme that is somehow related to you, your product, or your company.


Join the free Google online phone service, or get an app like Text+ for your phone. Then have a phone number posted online that people can contact. Make sure only to add your number after important information, so that people that just finished reading will be calling you most instead of trolls.

Make sure that nearly or EVERY page is available from the front page of your website, and add a search function. Also, offer this link somewhere for customers who want to do deeper searches.



Make sure your name does not have numbers after it, and make sure the website is available. Make sure your name is not too similar to other brands in the same industry and make sure that you do not make your name too locally significant, unless your local slang can be understood across cultures and countries.

As soon as you create your brand, make sure you have something interesting behind it. Do something that will leave people wanting more, or that will make them want to come back to make sure they don't forget any of the information. Or wait until you have a good grouping of videos, or a very viral picture or video. Make sure that the first thing you associate with your brand will last forever, or at least into the next generation. Make sure to be general enough to give yourself room to evolve and grow, don't make your goals to specific too soon.

Be hard or impossible to duplicate. Present information that other people will find hard to refute, or possible even hard to find any information about at all. If people can't easily steal your work and add their own twist to it, then anyone copying you will just be helping you through mimicry, since your post is just as informative and was online first.

Also, create a name so unique, that if someone tries to copy you, it will be extremely obvious to anyone viewing (customers). If at all possible, try to reserve the variations for yourself.

Make sure your name is not too hard to pronounce for anyone, make sure your name doesn't make fun of you in other languages.

Do not try too hard to make your name reflect your business. Eventually you will create the idea of your company in people's minds whenever they hear it, so it is not necessary to (for example) name your jewelry “The Jeweler's” you can call it “Stephanie's”

If you CAN declare what you are without trying to hard, do. (for example) you can name your video game shop “First Person Shopper”.

Don't try too hard to make your company fit an acronym. If you MUST have an acronym, use it as the name of a large project and not the actual company. You want people to hear the REAL name of your company.

Make sure that when you post, you are furthering yourself. Make posts that outline goals, teach people things, and discuss developments.

  • Post about your values and what you represent.
  • Post about what you offer
  • post about the business you are involved in
  • Post about why your brand is unique
  • Post about what makes your brand distinct
  • Post about what you do better than anyone else
  • Post about who loves doing business with you
  • Ask questions, so that you can learn more, and people can come to your posts to learn more
  • Post on other people's threads, websites, blogs, videos, groups, etc Answer their questions, or just talk.

Have a listening strategy, make sure people can always contact you about everything, in one way or another.

Attach Yourself to Quality Control Campaigns

If there is someone that is angry with a company, and they are posting on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Help them, even if they aren't getting much attention. As long as their complaint is legitimate, and is something your company believes in providing customers, you can get new customers and maybe even create partnerships through these campaigns, while helping people who would have otherwise gone unheard.

Contribute to Wikis (Like Wikipedia and Devtome) and create your own Wikis. And create Wikis for your own website, not on other wikis, I mean on your own website about the things your company does and the people in your company.

Use websites like Ubertor.com to find employees to answer phones and process orders.

Use websites like Yammer to meet other companies.

VoIP, Google Voice, Line2.com, Skype, GoToMeeting to keep your company and the people connected.

Google Docs.

Appeal to people with:

  • Games
  • Home Experiments
  • Home Research
  • Contests
  • Video chat rooms
  • Video radio shows
  • Interactive Podcasts
  • Educational Podcasts
  • Using Games like Minecraft & WoW.
  • Creating Street Teams
  • Offering Publishing for Brochures, Books, Contests, etc
  • Start Conventions
  • Create Festivals
  • Work with protests that are working towards the same missions
  • Work with charities that are working towards the same missions
  • Allow customers to suggest the future directions of your company
  • Support other people and companies that have similar ideas (ex: invite your friends list to their Facebook event, or *defend someone in a forum post)
  • Blog about other companies, especially small ones
  • Review other websites on review websites and leave comments when it is available
  • Create Video Testimonials of Companies and People You support
  • When you find something cool that benefits you online, send a link to people and they will appreciate it.
  • Share uncommon information with as many people as possible, keeping secrets is not necessary
  • Support other people's dreams
  • Offer REAL deals
  • Offer employees and trusted customers codes that offers money off at checkout and money in the employees paycheck.
  • Share the Social Media accounts of people who support you
  • Don't be too critical online, worry more about building you and yours, than destroying others
  • If someone criticizes you, just use it as a chance to talk about your brand and educate people
  • Know your audience, don't go to a political forum talking about Horror Movies, this will help you gain credibility
  • Keep Promises
  • Offer a place for customer testimonials to be seen and for testimonials when sending customers conformation emails
  • Ask people to send pictures of themselves and a product of yours and send it in
  • Offer opportunities with your brand
  • Make peace in online discussion
  • Google yourself and your brand every once in a while, and respond to posts you never noticed before
  • If selling a product, offer the customer a chance to reply to an email in regards to their experience with the product, and let them know their comments may be shared on your site
  • Make promises and state goals, then accomplish them

Get a smartphone with a Data plan

If you do not have a smart phone, get one. Droid is better than Iphone until I phone invents something ACTUALLY new. Not just a different size, shape and speed.

Being able to post a current event that you witnessed first hand is critical, if you want to become recognized in the world of social media. You will need to think like a news reporter. When you hear gunshots, don't run away, more than likely the shooter will shoot then pocket the gun, or throw it and run. So if you can get a video of people's reaction, without reacting yourself, you will have an advantage. If you see a group of cop cars going somewhere, see where that somewhere is. If someone is pulled over on the side of the road, see if it looks like anyone is being harassed or profiled. Help the little guy, and don't be scared. And being able to post these things as soon as they happen is critical for anyone that wants to be the first on the scene, so a data plan is necessary.

Get a laptop, so that you can have computing power anywhere.

Get a video camera that uploads directly to YouTube. And make sure you have at least an average quality zoom. Do not worry about getting a “high end” video camera, worry about getting a camera that allows for quick editing and convenient internet postage.

Get a webcam, talking to a camera and putting it on YouTube can help people feel closer to you, and sometimes saying an idea out loud helps it get across better than it ever could have been in a written blog.

Get a digital camera, and take pictures at events. Having a “higher” (not too high) mega pixel is kind of important, but what matters most is quality during zoom and ability to zoom. Zoom beats mega pixel any day. And taking pictures of customers and people at events is a great way to get people excited about a brand.

Get a good microphone, it will come in handy one way or another. You can make pod-casts, record interviews and more. It will also help any random videos on the street become more professional.

Get Boingo once you have the resources, and are out and about more. This way you can access WiFi internet basically anywhere.

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