I've been playing with Excel and importing various exchange information into them so I can determine good arbitrage possibilities.

One solution I finally settled on is as follows:

  1. In Excel (I use the most recent Office) click on Data on the toolbar.
  2. On the left, click “From Web” and enter the URL of an exchange. I've not been able to import some sites, like Coinex (no DVC, but a good example) and mcxNOW (now dead to DVC). Every other DVC exchange that I know of works fine (cryptsy, crypto-trade, cryptocoincharts, vircurex). Cycle through the prompts you're given.
  3. To organize, choose an empty cell and use the following formulas:
  • a. To retrieve the ticker symbol “=LEFT(Cryptsy!A15,3)” [LEFT tells Excel to start from the left of the cell in tab “Cryptsy” starting in cell A15 and responds with the first 3 characters.]
  • b. To retrieve text from the middle “=MID('BTC-e'!A24,5,3)” [Here I'm reading a mid character, from sheet BTC-e, cell A24, starting with the 5th digit, returning 3 characters. BTC-e data pulls differently than Cryptsy and Coinex.]
  • c. To retrieve the last price “=RIGHT(Cryptsy!A15,10)” [Returns the leftmost 10 characters.]

This first image is the raw data from an import of Coins-e information. But in order to use comparisons, we have to split the information into separate cells.


This screenshot shows BTC-e data after I've split it using the formulas described above. Much easier to work with!


After adding the formulas, cut and paste them into a different tab. I just created tabs for the exchanges and then BTC, LTC, DVC, etc. The reason is that when you refresh your data, anything else on that sheet will be purged. So that's why you see my examples above with tab names instead of just cell names.

After doing the above steps, you can see all the prices in a convenient location representing the different exchanges at a glance. You can set refresh to auto or manual. You *can* save it as an html or pdf output, but it won't keep your formulas.

Let me know, or update this wiki, if you are able to determine more helpful guidance.

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