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What is Devcoin?

Devcoin is an ethically inspired cryptocurrency created in 2011 to support open source projects by programmers, hardware developers, writers, musicians, painters, graphic artists and filmmakers worldwide.

What is Devcoin's purpose?

The purpose of Devcoin is to give money to open source developers for their work in as fair a manner as possible. Devcoin is the only currency that is expressly made to compensate people for their open source and creative commons work.

Where can I find more information?

On the official Devcoin homepage. The new Devcoin Project site also brings together lots of useful references including a regular News Roundup.

Is Devcoin proprietary software?

No, Devcoin is 100% free, open source software.

Where can I get a Devcoin wallet?

Please see the Devcoin Wallet page on to download a Devcoin wallet for your operating system.

Where can I find support for Devcoin?

Visit the Devcoin Forum where someone will gladly provide you with assistance.

What is Open Source?

Open source is a model of open access and redistribution of time, work and information through collaboration. For more information on the benefits of free culture licenses:

What is Devcoin's motto?

From the many, one
From one, the source

What projects is Devcoin currently supporting?

Bitcoin-Qt, Open Transactions, Dot-BIT, P2Pool, Pcmanx-gtk2 and a growing number of active developments. For more information on regular project recipients please see the current bitcoin and devcoin share lists, and the devtome writers list. For example, Round 32 writers.


How are Devcoins created?

Devcoins are merge mined with Bitcoin, meaning Bitcoin miners can also mine for Devcoins at the same time without additional hardware or computing power.

Which algorithm does Devcoin use?

Devcoin uses the SHA-256 algorithm.

How many Devcoins are there per mined block?

There are 50,000 coins per block, of which 90% goes to funding open source projects. 5,000 are given to miners, those with computational power who keep the network secure. 45,000 are given to the people distributing Devcoins to writers and contributors, and the Devcoins then go to project recipients.

How many Devcoins are in existence, and how many will there be?

There is no hard cap to the total number of Devcoins. As long as Devcoin exists, the annual increase of DVC will be approximately 2.6 billion DVC. The amount of Devcoins issued each year is fixed and therefore the annual inflation rate will decrease over time. The inflation rate is negligible compared to the potential value increase associated with cryptocurrencies in the years ahead.

This ensures that support is sustainable. Longer-term projects and investment can be funded and the generation pays for ongoing development, which increases revenue. The currency base and economy evolves with the ideas of developers, investors and supporters.

Please see Generation Rate and The Value of Devcoin for more information.

How can I mine Devcoins?

To merge mine Devcoins, you must join a pool such as Blisterpool or Bitparking:
Blisterpool Bitcoin-Devcoin Pool with bonus Devcoin Bitparking Merge Mining Pool

You can also mine Devcoins as a secondary chain with P2Pool:

Where can I look up a Devcoin address and its balance?

You may view statistics about the Devcoin blockchain as well as individual addresses at one of several Devcoin Block Explorers including and

Are there any transaction fees?

Devcoin has a minimal fee on all transactions, regardless of size. This was incorporated to keep the network flowing efficiently. A small fee eliminates blockchain spam and bloat by making it unprofitable, addressing a problem suffered by some other digital currencies.

Where can I view more analytical information about Devcoin, such as the current payout round, earnings and payouts?

The following pages contain a large amount of analytical and statistical Devcoin information:
Current Payment Round
Round Earnings, Payouts and Distribution Information
Devtome Page Views
Devtome Analytics
Devtome Earnings Per Word


How much is a Devcoin worth?

Like any currency or commodity, Devcoin's value fluctuates. View a 15 minute DVC/USD chart here, or see the DVC price ticker at the bottom of the Devcoin Homepage.

Where can I buy Devcoins?

Devcoins may be purchased at the following exchanges:

What can I buy with Devcoins?

Please see the Spend Devcoins page for a list of merchants and services that accept Devcoin.

How does purchasing Devcoin help open source developers and writers?

Many open source developers do not get a significant amount of money for their work; therefore they can only develop their projects in their spare time.

Devcoins provide an income for everyone who wants to work, even if they live in an area with more job seekers than jobs. With Devcoin, anyone who wants to earn some income is able to do so - anyone who does good work will get some Devcoins.

By buying and using Devcoins, you financially assist developers and give the world more open source software, books, music, art, and movies. Devcoin helps to enable universal open source funding and grow the potential for interaction, shared production and progress.

Are there other ways to earn Devcoins besides mining and purchasing them?

Yes, in fact, Devcoin's main purpose is to fund open source projects and writing. Participants in the Devcoin economy earn Devcoins in proportion to their work and development. Earnings are paid in rounds, which are in groups of 4,000 blocks. In each round developers and writers receive 180,000,000 Devcoins.

Devcoin considers funding open source projects of all types, so if you know of a project that needs funding, please apply using the contact details here or visit the Devcoin Forum.

Current Devcoin bounties can be seen on Devtome, including a longer term bounty funding framework.

The Devtome Wiki allows you to earn Devcoins by writing.


What is Devtome?

Devtome is a rapidly growing, open source wiki where the contributors earn Devcoins by writing. Devtome pays writers directly, so you can write about what you want, when you want, from anywhere in the world.

How can I contribute to Devtome?

You can participate in Devtome by writing, and use your earnings for tangible goods and services with basic internet literacy. Everyone has knowledge or wisdom they could share to better the world, and Devtome is the perfect platform for that.

Where can I get more information on Devtome?

Devtome For Beginners is a more in depth look at the process and benefits of publishing on Devtome.
Devtome Earnings For the Layperson is a handy guide to understanding how to use Devcoins.
How Devtome share payouts work gives a short and simple explanation.

Can I write in any language?

Devtome is English only but people can offer to translate where existing foreign language articles can be improved on, or where various sources are brought together as collated and the origins are made clear. Devcoin is about open-source, which means copyright matters. You can only translate your own work.

Future multi-language capacity will require a large number of administrators to proceed properly and fairly. It will take time to build that capability and required resources in other languages. With time and growth, anything is possible.

What about Artists and Musicians?

There is interest in other creative forms by all types of developers. For art, music and film in particular, free is not the same as open-source. Open-source requires artists to release the model, layers, or components. People have to be able to tweak it, change it, and adjust it without necessarily going back to the originator. That can't be done with a complied or locked product without having all the constituent bits that make it up.

Music and art, musicians and artists, face this challenge, and we hope they will be included in the future. In the meantime music lyrics and film scripts can be rewarded as writings on Devtome.


How do I install a Wallet?

See the Devcoin Wallet page to download a Devcoin wallet for your operating system.

When you have it installed, enter a strong password or passphrase. A passphrase should be something that you can remember but hasn't come from a song or literary work. The wallet.dat file is your 'key' to your Devcoins in the blockchain. You will want to copy this file to at least two memory cards or USB sticks for backup.

For Windows 7 operating systems go to My Computer > C Drive > Users > YourName > AppData > Roaming > Devcoin and copy your wallet.dat file.
For Windows 8 operating systems click on “Start” and type “%AppData%” and then go to Roaming > Devcoin and copy your wallet.dat file.

Most initial wallet problems can be resolved by checking that devcoin.exe isn't being blocked by your firewall, or running the file as administrator, or ensuring it's not already open but minimised in the tray.

How can I learn more and get help?

You can learn more on the Devcoin and Devtome pages of the wiki.

Don’t be shy. Ask questions on the Devcoin Forum or the Devcoin thread on the Bitcoin Talk forums. The community will assist with information, resources and support.

How can get involved and help Devcoin?

Earn, Invest, Mine, Use Devcoins, and join the community.

Devcoin is more than just a currency; it's the next step in open source funding, electronic money and payments. You can help to grow the project by hiring and trading in Devcoins and spreading the concept.
Ideas are the currency of tomorrow. Welcome to the future.

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