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 =Devcoin Bounties= =Devcoin Bounties=
-*For any bounty where programming is required, the code must be open source. ​[http://​coinzen.org/​index.php/​topic,​150.0.html Click here for the official bounty thread on coinzen.]+*For any bounty where programming is required, the code must be open source. ​
-==Amazon Gift Card== +==No Active Bounties==
-9 shares for a business which sells an Amazon gift card in devcoins, 6 for the next, and 3 for the last. Also 2 shares for the first person who writes about a post at least 50 words long about buying the gift card from each business, and a one share award for [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=233997.msg2818002#​msg2818002 the second person].+
-==Block Explorer with Historical Value== +Please post to [[https://bitcointalk.org/​index.php?topic=233997.0]] if you have an idea or request ​for bounty.
-24 shares for a block chain explorer that displays the historical value of transactions,​ in USD, GBP, CNY, JPY, and EUR.  (i.e. the value of the transaction at the time it was sent) +
-==CryptoCurrency Convention Speaker== +
-For the speaker, all travel expenses will be paid for, provided they are under $1500, and the speaker will also get admission ​to the convention paid for, through generation devcoins. Whoever writes a speech and presentation (powerpoint,​ prezi, etc.) about devcoin, for the speaker, in turn gets 4 shares. The speaker and creator of the presentation can be the same [http://coinzen.org/​index.php/topic,150.msg34764.html#​msg34764 person]. See http://​cryptocurrencyconvention.com/ ​for more information.+
-*The tentative speaker is ko997 
-==Devcoin Armory Wallet== 
-30 shares for a devcoin armory wallet. It should be able to support all the features armory supports for bitcoin. If somebody requests to an armory dev to support devcoin, and the dev adds devcoin to armory, the armory dev who adds devcoin will get 30 shares, and the person who submitted the request to the dev will get [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=233997.msg4751305#​msg4751305 5 shares]. 
-==Devcoin ATM== 
-96 shares for a devcoin ATM, an additional 96 shares if the ATM is open source and running on an open source operating system. The ATM should look like an ATM and must be able to [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=233997.msg3956341#​msg3956341 hold cash securely]. Whoever convinces an existing ATM maker to add devcoin, in turn [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=233997.msg3966663#​msg3966663 gets 12 shares]. 
-==Devcoin Exchange Service== 
-36 shares for a devcoin to bitcoin exchange service in which you send DVC and the exchange sends out BTC without need for registration (we can charge a fee to subsidize it).  For example, you can send 0.1 BTC to the address shown on the service, and the service will send 1000000 DVC back to the address you used.  (since DVC and BTC addresses are interchangeable) 
-36 shares for a fully updated and working implementation of devcoin in Java, and an additional 12 shares for updating the Android wallet with the updated devcoinj. 
-==Devcoin Native Android Wallet== 
-24 shares for a second native devcoin android wallet. It must be a [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=233997.msg3681053#​msg3681053 native Android application]. ​ The first wallet was developed by sidhujag, and he received 48 shares for it. 
-==Devcoin Payment Processor== 
-40 shares for a professional-grade,​ secure payment processor for devcoin, like Coinbase or BitPay. ​ The quality of the service, if disputed, will be voted on by admins. ​ 12 shares for each business that starts using the payment processor, a 2/5 share bonus for the developer of the processor for each store that begins to use it, and a 2 share bonus for the person who persuaded the business to use the [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=233997.msg5019503#​msg5019503 processor]. 
-==Digital Autonomous Corporation== 
-48 shares for the first, and 24 shares for the second Digital Autonomous Corporation which fulfills the following criteria: 
-*The DAC is entirely self sustaining and entirely open source via github. 
-*The DAC has a wallet it has access to and it controls 
-*The DAC has a domain that is paid for by itself annually(from it's own wallet). 
-*The DAC has a hosting service that is paid for by itself monthly (from it's own wallet). 
-*The DAC's website does something in return for a payment (at the very least an entry on the website detailing the latest donations time/date and optional donor name eg: John Doe donated $xx.xx; or Anonymous donated Btc x.xxxxxx.). 
-*The DAC's website contains a short explanation of what it is and what it does, plus a link to the github project. 
-*In good faith, the author agrees to have the DAC run for at least 5 years after payment of the bounty, IF the DAC can pay for itself in that time - (of course this is unenforceable,​ but the DAC should "​live"​ so long as it has funds to do so. 
-More information [http://​coinzen.org/​index.php/​topic,​150.msg18140.html#​msg18140 here]. 
-==Exchange and Marketplace== 
-9 shares for a second devcoin exchange and marketplace,​ sort of like bitmit except you can deposit bitcoin or litecoin and trade them for devcoin, then 9 for the third one. Any reasonable devcoin exchange gets the bounty, for example adding it to the tagcoin exchange would [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=233997.msg3681115#​msg3681115 get the bounty]. 
-==Extra Payout Tool== 
-24 shares for an extra payout mining pool tool, 12 shares for the second. The tool is to implement paying out more than 100% to people merged-mining using p2pool with bitcoin as primary chain and devcoin as one of potentially many (currently about seven or eight or so) [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=34586.msg2002691#​msg2002691 secondary chains]. For more information,​ message Markm through the bitcointalk forum. 
-==First Mined Block Using Sidhujag'​s Daemon== 
-24 shares to the pool which mines the first devcoin block with Sidhujag'​s [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=233997.msg5008690#​msg5008690 daemon]. ​ The daemon can be downloaded and compiled at https://​github.com/​sidhujag/​devcoin. 
-The forum bounty requires programming,​ changing the Simple Machines Forum (SMF) code, it can not be accomplished just by making a forum and changing settings. The features mentioned below are for all users, not just forum administrators. 
-1) The proposed forum mod for bounty should be final (more or less), completed and ready for install as a standard SMF package for forum version 2.0.6 (this forum version) or higher, which can be safely installed and uninstalled using the built-in SMF package manager. 
-2) Any modifications should be subject to forum perfomance impact review. It shouldn'​t ruin forum perfomance, say, by using hundred of millions of sql requests in the loops etc. 
-3) Any modifications should be subject to security issues review. It shouldn'​t create backdoors, for example sensitive information as plain text in resulting html. 
-The coding is the hard part of this bounty, if the programmer makes the forum with someone who runs a forum, I suggest a split of 3/4 for coding and 1/4 for hosting. Whoever gets the first bounty must add code if anyone else develops another forum improvement listed below. 
-48 shares for automatic vote counting of public 0-99 range votes, Shattienator is working on this. 
-Novacadian has email working on his server, so the rest is a payment for him. Another 48 shares (without extra devcoins) for challenge response, when an email comes in which is from an address not on my whitelist (which would include contacts and people I've emailed before), the sender would get a message saying they could pay say 30 cents in a cryptocurrency to send an email to me. This would stop spam, and part of the money would go to maintaining the forum. 
-A payment of 24 shares to Tenthirtyone for a link generated from [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=233997.msg3789341#​msg3789341 a post title]. If he does not do this by April 13, this will become an open bounty. 
-==Gift Card== 
-12 shares for selling a gift card, phone card, or another kind of card if there is any, in devcoins. This would be for the first five different kinds of card, after that it would be 6 shares for the next five different kinds of card. Amazon, Visa, Barnes and Noble are already [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=233997.msg3729283#​msg3729283 available in devcoins]. Also 2 shares for the first person who writes about a post at least 50 words long about buying the gift card from each business, and a one share award for the second person. 
-==Linux Makefiles== 
-1 share each for makefiles for devcoin optimized for the following Linux flavors: 
-* Mint 
-* Debian 
-* CentOS 
-* Fedora 
-==MiniMetalMaker Purchase== 
-This is for purchasing a MiniMetalPrinter,​ it is not a development bounty. Devcoiners (anyone who has ever received devcoins from generation) in total can get up to 2 x 1,000$ [http://​www.indiegogo.com/​projects/​minimetalmaker-a-small-3d-printer-that-fabricates-with-precious-metal-clay/​contributions/​new?​perk_amt=1000&​perk_id=1498954 Assembled MMM with Clay], plus up to 4 x 750$ [http://​www.indiegogo.com/​projects/​minimetalmaker-a-small-3d-printer-that-fabricates-with-precious-metal-clay/​contributions/​new?​perk_amt=750&​perk_id=1498938 full kits with parts]. Only one printer or kit per person, the maximum possible total take from generation is 5,000$. Anyone who has ever received devcoins from generation can contribute through Indiegogo [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=233997.msg3608017#​msg3608017 with their name_devcoin]. 
-==Mining Business== 
-Five shares for a [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=34586.msg1220943#​msg1220943 devcoin mining business]. 
-==Non Mining Business== 
-Three shares for a [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=34586.msg1259997;​topicseen#​msg1259997 devcoin non mining business]. 
-==Open Transactions Client (for Grandmas)== 
-[https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=34586.msg1380818;​topicseen#​msg1380818 96 generation share addition] to the 195 bitcoins pledged for the [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=34586.msg1339346#​msg1339346 Open Transactions Client (for Grandmas)] bounty. 
-To boost devcoin purchases, there is a [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=34586.msg1768291#​msg1768291 pool bounty]. The devcoins can be sent to the miners, or it can be a charity pool which sends devcoins divided equally to the developers on the [[bitcoin share list]]. 
-It could be a new pool, or a collaboration with an existing pool. If sent to developers, the developers must get at least 0.2% of the gross in devcoins. If sent to miners, the miners must get at least 0.2% more devcoins than they would from merge mining, for example if merge mining gets 0.2% of the value as devcoins, a pool would have to send 0.4% of the gross to the miners, forcing it to convert at least 0.2% of the gross to devcoins. The devcoins can be from merged mining and/or from earnings converted to devcoin. The pool operator must explain where the devcoins come from, and if they are bought on an exchange how the exchange rate is calculated. 
-Paying devcoins worth a total of at least 0.02 BTC, at the [https://​vircurex.com/​ vircurex] exchange rate, gets half the bounty rounded up. If the pool is still paying out devcoins a month later, it will get the remainder of the bounty. 
-Because there are going to be more than a hundred generation shares paid out this round, we can afford to increase the bounty to 64 generation shares for the first pool, shared equally among the developers, 56 for the second, then 48, 40, 32, 24, 16, and finally 8. 
-==Seed Node== 
-2/5 of a share for a [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=34586.msg1936217#​msg1936217 devcoin seed node]. 
-24 shares for an open source toy. If people suggest a particular toy that they want, and there are no objections, then a 48 share bounty [https://​bitcointalk.org/​index.php?​topic=233997.msg3856011#​msg3856011 could be offered]. 
-==Toy Review== 
-6 shares each to print out and review Smeagol'​s toy.  The files for the model can be found [http://​github.com/​Smeagol-Gollum/​Towers-of-Cryptocurrency here]. ​ The post must be at least [http://​coinzen.org/​index.php/​topic,​150.msg34386.html#​msg34386 100 words]. 
-==Transaction Push== 
-12 shares for a site that can create hex transaction to be sent out over the Devcoin network using only a privkey of an address and the desired amount to be sent.  The site must also be able to push the transaction onto the devcoin network. ​ 8 shares for the [[http://​coinzen.org/​index.php/​topic,​150.msg12814/​topicseen.html#​msg12814|second site.]] 
-To see an example of a transaction-creating site, see https://​www.strongcoin.com/​en/​blog/​the_easiest_way_to_create_secure_offline_bitcoin_transactions\\ 
-To see an example of a transaction-sending site, see http://​blockchain.info/​pushtx 
-==Pending Bounties== 
-*DevGallery,​ a platform to pay artists for their work 
-*Market Fund for stability and to fund startups (tentative) 
-*Paying for [email protected],​ on team DVC 
-*Block Explorer displaying historical value of coins 
-*VertVerser-type system, but with Devcoin 
 =Categories= =Categories=
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