(this page is far from finished, I will add to it over the next few months)

Devcoin has been around for over a year, even had some sales at $10 per coin. (The $10 Was a trading mistake and shouldnt be taken seriously, ie too few/many zeros while buying/selling)

The only reason that Devcoin doesn't remain at a constant value of $1+ is because of the lack of awareness. People need to be made aware of Devcoin in the world, and the best way to do that is simply sharing with and informing other people.

Everyone who REALLY wants Devcoins to go up in value, and get more attention. Simply buy Devcoins for more than they are currently worth, when you have extra money. Devcoin can help you make money, you can help others by buying coins back.

How to make people aware of Devcoin

  • Make YouTube videos telling people how Devcoin supports developers and independent artists.
  • Join and Create Devcoin websites and forums
  • Post about Devcoin and on Facebook and Twitter
  • Make videos and articles to help people with Vircurex & MCXNow
  • Sell things in exchange for Devcoins on Craigslist, Facebook, etc.
  • Offer Devcoins for items on Craigslist, Facebook, etc.
  • Make Devcoin Threads in the 'lounge' or 'off topic' areas of your favorite forums
  • Sell your music, art, etc for coins
  • Let friends who are artists, bands, etc know that they can get tips if they make a DVC wallet
  • Make everyone aware of all DVC price changes, up and down
  • Pay people DVC for taking surveys
  • Talk about the Devcoin Bounty on places like Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Make your own bounties (Pay people Devcoins for doing things)
  • Send emails to people telling them what DVC is
  • If you buy new mining equipment, give the old stuff away to someone who wants to mine DVC
  • Make Devcoin posters in your town (people like to wonder what a strange symbol means)
  • Make Banners for Devcoin websites and let people use them for free
  • Sell Devcoins on Craigslist, and Ebay
  • Accept Devcoin at your online or brick and mortar shop
  • When you buy DVC, buy them for more than they are worth. The more DVC are sold for, the more they go up in value
  • Plan/Suggest Devcoin events
  • Exchange Devcoins with your friends when you or they owe you money, or in other situations
  • Make a Devcoin fund, for something like a private island (and let people buy a plot of land) or a time share jet
  • Loan Devcoins to people
  • Gamble with Devcoins, play games online with friends and bet coin on outcomes
  • Make Devcoin stickers and put them places in public
  • Make a Devcoin bumper sticker on a custom stick shop website
  • Play “Freeciv
  • Offer people Devcoins simply for making a Devcoin wallet
  • Blog about Devcoins
  • Sponsor artists/bands etc, and pay them in Devcoin
  • Offer adspace on your website in exchange for Devcoins
  • Make videos telling people about
  • Write articles telling people about Devtome
  • Share Articles and videos about Devtome that others made
  • Post about Devcoin price jumps on: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Forums, etc.
  • Share slogans like “Devcoin, invest charitably” and tell people that can get coins for 1 penny or less each (for now)
  • Make videos showing people how to mine Devcoin
  • Write articles showing people how to mine Devcoin
  • Make Devcoin Block explorer
  • Use this link to direct traffic to your Devtome posts:
  • Loan Devcoins to people
  • Create Devcoin gambling games, ex: Double or nothing, Flip a coin, etc.
  • Post about Devcoin on Reddit
  • Sponsor people with your Devcoins, offer contracts and invest in people.
  • Submit your Devtome articles to Adwords
  • Buy & Sell Devcoins by email.
  • Create a coin that supports and is supported by the Devcoin Community
  • Make your own product and only accept Devcoins
  • Make funds for things like: Devcoin city, Devcoin island, etc.

Mining Devcoin

When you mine Devcoins it helps Devcoin become more valuable/known of by:

  • Putting more coins into circulation
  • Helping transactions go through faster
  • Earning you coins that you will be looking for a place to spend, or putting into the coin exchange market
  • Earning you coins that you can sell, and use your extra revenue to buy Devcoins
  • Earning you coins that you can give away
  • If you talk about your mining, it may make others want to mine


Sharing about Devcoin can help Devcoin by:

  • Letting people know about Devcoin
  • Making other YouTubers want to make Devcoin videos
  • Increase the market value of Devcoin (tell people they have been worth $10 before, they will be willing to make a $1 investment)
  • Earning you revenue through adsense that you can use to buy Devcoins, stimulating the Devcoin economy
  • Start discussions about Devcoin in the comments that could turn up in a Google search
  • If people share your video other places, it could start similar discussions

Creating Devcoin Websites

Creating a Devcoin website helps Devcoin by:

  • Allowing the possibility of a Devcoin shop
  • Making Devcoin discussion more available through Google
  • Possibly spark Devcoin events
  • Possibly spark new Devcoin ideas
  • Allows for Devcoin collaboration
  • Allows you to earn Devcoins that you can use to stimulate the Devcoin economy

Posting about Devtome

If you get on websites like Facebook, Twitter etc and talk about Devtome, you help Devcoin by:

  • Getting more people involved with and paid in Devcoin, which spreads the word
  • Getting more writers, making shares smaller, which makes people want to sell each DVC for more, which raises the value of DVC
  • Getting views, which generates advertising revenue, which gets writers paid more

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