Devcoin Accomplishments

Since its inception in August 2011, Devcoin has supported a wide range of ideas and concepts. The project's aim has always been to reward any kind of Open Source work. Devcoin developers are not the only developers receiving Devcoins, and cryptocurrencies are not the only free open-source projects to benefit from Devcoin. In the early days of electronic currencies things started with the establishment of the required infrastructure, building on that with growing interest and utility, and more recently has catalysed shared human and tech resources into accelerating progress.

Devcoin is about collaboration so please highlight your own or others' notable Devcoin-enabled accomplishments in the forum and they'll be added to the timeline.



Development of Groupcoin - Groupcoin - Sourceforge
Groupcoin was the testing ground for Devcoin's innovative distribution and reward methods.

Devcoin Begins - Source code Updated code repository (under test)
Devcoin brought together Bitcoin's implementation with modifications enabling a wider purpose to support and proliferate Open Source.

Freenode IRC Channel - IRC Channel: #devcoin on

Introduction of a Modified Devcoin Blockchain Explorer - Devcoin Block Explorer
Abe is an open-source block chain browser developed for privacy, extensibility, trust and reliability.

Bounty funding to an early cryptocurrency exchange - Vircurex
Vircurex was one of the first exchanges facilitating the exchange of alternative currencies.

Development of an open-source Wiki - Devtome
Devtome was introduced as a central portal to promote sharing of work and ideas under Creative Commons.


Merged Mining Implementation - Merged Mining
Originally developed for Namecoin, merged mining enables Bitcoin miners to mine for Devcoins at the same time. Devcoin's unique receiver-file technicalities required changes and testing, with a successful result ensuring network security without additional hardware or computing power.

Directed Open Transactions funding - Open Transactions
The key Devcoin concept is that 90% of generation goes to a useful cause. Development was made with a blockchain because it offered a secure backend. Open Transactions offers a workable backup for Devcoin, and the developers were among the first to be added as regular developer recipients. A Devcoin grant was added to the Open Transactions Client for Grandmas bounty.

Implementation of an Open Transactions Exchange Server - Digitalis Open Transactions Server
Functioning as an exchange, the server offers opprtunities in markets for assets, bonds, commodities, cryptocoins, deeds and shares as well as Devcoin trading.

Bounty funding to a cryptocurrency stock exchange - Cryptostocks
Cryptostocks introduced the crowdfunding platform to digital currency businesses and investors (Bitcoin, Devcoin and Litecoin)

Funding for Devcoin promoting and financed companies - Galactic Milieu metagame
The Galactic Milieu is a metagame utilising various free open-source games as components (Crossfire RPG, Freeciv and Battle for Wesnoth). Open Transactions servers and cryptocurrencies are used to fund entities, gameplay and financing infrastrucure, with the aim of bringing in real revenue on top of cold storage currency reserves to support the project. Galactic Milieu


Devcoin web wallet - Coins Wallet - Drupal provided an online web wallet for non-generation coins. Devda is a Swiss Devcoin-based project, and the owner of the DVB Devcoin denominated security listed on Cryptostocks. Achievements include the Lancelot QCool element, compiling clients for the Raspberry Pi and Avalon Qcool element design. More recently it has contributed to funding of the RepRapMaker 3D printing cooperative, the Focus Fusion indiegogo crowd sourced project, and sponsoring Roboy’s Bitcoin logo.

Ongoing maintenance funding for cryprocurrency charting - Cryptocoincharts
Cryptocoincharts provides information on all cryptocurrencies and their exchanges.

Open-source Water cooling block schematics - Qcool fork - Github
Qcool Monoblock mining cooler fork with materials list and design note.

Devcoin android installation

Implementation of a Ripple gateway for Devcoin

Cryptocoin tickers

Devcoin faucet mod - Faucet

Devcoin on Reddit -

Devcoin graphics - Devcoin Gallery
Welcoming collaborations with graphic designers and artists.

Devtome Ratings introduced - Devtome Rater
Using community voting to improve vetting and rewards for shared writing.

Growing numbers of part Devcoin-funded merchants and businesses - - Spend Devcoins


Updated Devcoin client (undergoing merged-mining tests) Code report

New Devcoin Web Site -

Python exchange trading bot

New Devcoin Forum -

SMF Forum Mod - Price Ticker

SMF Forum Mod - Troll Blocking

Devcoin User Payment Parsing and Countdown Timers - Devcoin User and Round info

Trading charts with background ticker - DVCUSD Chart

Devcoin Videos
What is Devcoin?
An Introduction to Devcoin
Devcoin, The Ethical Cryptocurrency

Devcoin Android Wallet (to be implemented on completion of new client tests)

SMF Forum Mod - Adding Moderators

Marketing Campaigns to get more Developers and Writers involved
An Interview with Devcoin DVC Founder UnthinkingBit – Sponsoring Open Source Work Worldwide, 3D Printing, Space Travel And More
Bitcoin Alternative Devcoin Enjoys Massive Community Growth Launching Custom Coded Forum
Devcoin (DVC) At its Highest Dollar Value Yet – Continues To Make the World A Better Place

Devcoin Funded Open-Source Merged Mining Pool - Blisterpool
The Bitcoin-Devcoin Pool BlisterPool is a 110% Bitcoin Merged Mining Pool, that rewards miners with Devcoin.

SMF Two-Way Forum Email with White List and Challenge Response Mod
SMF incoming email capability to be installed with DVC payment mod

SMF Forum - Vote Module
To be installed with DVC payment mod

Web Wallet and Scripts - Cryptopayer
With Auth script, 2FA script, Unit Tests and Front End UI
Devcoin Open Web Wallet Configuration
Devcoin Open Web Wallet Unit Tests

Extra Payout Mining Pool Tool - Blisterpool
This tool calculates the total value of alt-coins merge mined based on market prices, and calculates the proportional payout per bitcoin mining address as reported by a running p2pool node. It gives prices in terms of each alt-currency that the server merge-mines, as well as in bitcoins, so the miner can be paid in whichever coin is appropriate for the pool operator/miner.

News and information site with project information - Devcoin Project
Devcoin Projects provides regular news and links to projects at various stages of development, with a monthly news subscription service and chatrooms.

Devcoin Auction Site - Devcoin Auctions
The Devcoin Auctions business provides a service where users can buy labeled consumer products. It's aligned to the goals of Devcoin but in tune to financial results to ensure self-sustaininability, while also giving people jobs as well as using profits to buy Devcoins and build a Community Fund. This will then be used to fund other open-source projects that the community deems fit for its contribution. Affiliate link

New Insight Devcoin Blockchain Explorer - Devcoinblockexplorer
Insight is an open-source Devcoin (Bitcoin) blockchain explorer with complete REST and websocket APIs that can be used for writing web wallets and other apps that need more advanced blockchain queries than provided by devcoind RPC.

P2Pool Donation Tool - P2P Donate
The tool helps promote a decentralized network by encouraging p2pool mining, and should also offset some of the variance as well as providing a greater return than using centralized pools.

In Progress


Devcoin Community Fund
A non-blockchain portal for the community to collaborate, advertise work and services, and pool resources. A DVCBank built on the Cyclos online payment system offers one possibility.

Gaming applications

Open-Source Wiki

Contributors on Devtome receive Devcoins for writing, written design and documentation, lyrics, screenplays and more. Plus a share of advertising revenue. Works range from Anthropology to the Arts, and from Poetry to Programming. The long term goal is a self-sustaining repository of knowledge and creativity, with minimal barriers or gatekeeping under CC BY-SA 3.0. Google Analytics was introduced to Devtome on June 26, 2013.




127 Writers
In the final payment round (one month) of 2013; 66,308 people visited Devtome viewing 149,417 pages. Out of those visitors, 82.37% are new visitors. 4,388,938 weighted word count.


195 Writers
In the latest payment round (one month); 57,674 people visited Devtome viewing 429,154 pages. Out of those visitors, 94.26% are new visitors. 9,205,455 weighted word count.

Devtome Writers Award promoting and encouraging excellence in writing with an open public vote. DVC prizes in an online writing competition and a showcase for work; hopefully the first of many.

Developer & Project Funding

Devcoin funds open-source projects with bounties for accomplishments and regular payments for collaborative and sole developers; supporting developers when they develop, not if they don't. Current developer lists can be found here and here:

DevelCuy (Software, GPL v3.0): Founder of and Drupal developer.
Project Homepage: The Ophal Project - Drupal developer - develCuy development history

Emfox.Zhou (Software, GPL v2): Developer of Pcmanx-gtk2, a Telnet BBS client.
Project Homepage: Home Page - Pcmanx-gtk2 Forum

Picaflor Azul (Software, GPL): Developer of free zen cart templates.
Project Homepage: Free zen cart templates by Picaflor Azul.

DiabloD3 (Software, GPL): Founder of DiabloMiner, a Java GPU miner.
Project Homepage: DiabloMiner Thread - DiabloMiner

Emery (Software, GPL): Founder of Tulpenmanie, a program for cross-exchange speculation.
Project Homepage: Tulpenmanie Thread - Tulpenmanie

FellowTraveler (Software, LAGPL 3): Founder of Open Transactions, a solid, easy-to-use, financial crypto and digital cash library.
Project Homepage: Open-Transactions Wiki

Forrestv (Software, GPL v3): Developer of P2Pool, a decentralized Bitcoin mining pool implementation.
Project Homepage: P2Pool - P2Pool Thread

Fuzzybear (Software, MIT): Peercoin Block Explorer and other Peercoin ported applications
Project Homepage: Peercointalk Block Explorer - Peercointalk Wallet

Gweedo (Software, CC BY-SA 3.0): Developer of Devtome, the open source, Devcoin earning wiki.
Project Homepage: Devtome

Jackjack (Software, Public domain): Founder of Pywallet, a python script for managing wallets and keys.
Project Homepage: Pywallet Thread - Pywallet Github

Jasinlee (Hardware and Software related to PCB, MIT): Aura Open source PCB to be used on any ASIC. Designed to handle a wide range of voltage so it can easily be modified to match any upcoming ASICs.
Project Homepage: Aura Miner - Universalish PCB Project

John Smith (Software, MIT): Founder of Bitcoin-Qt, an alternative GUI for the original bitcoin client based on Qt4.
Project Homepage: Bitcoin-Qt - Bitcoin-Qt Thread

John Tobey (Software, AGPL): Founder of Abe, the open source block chain browser.
Project Homepage: Bitcoin - Abe - Abe Thread

Jratcliff63367 (Software, MIT): A minimal blockchain parser, Hierarchical Convex Decomposition Library : HACD and general open source code snippets.
Project Homepage: Parser - HCD Library - General open source

Khal - (Bitcoin Identity) (Wiki, not defined yet): Founder of the Dot-BIT Project wiki, a wiki about a decentralized, open DNS system based on the bitcoin technology.
Project Homepage: Dot-BIT Project - Dot-BIT Project Thread

Knotwork (Software, MIT): Founder of Galactic Milieu and developer of Devcoin.
Project Homepage: Galactic Milieu - Devcoin Thread - Knotwork github

Linlin (Hardware and Software related to PCB, MIT): Aura Open source PCB to be used on any ASIC. Designed to handle a wide range of voltage so it can easily be modified to match any upcoming ASICs.
Project Homepage: Aura Miner - Universalish PCB Project

Luke-Jr (Software, various incl MIT): Spesmilo core developer
Project Homepage: Spesmilo - Bitcoin development branches

Marcus_of_Augustus (Software, LAGPL 3): Developer of Open Transactions, a solid, easy-to-use, financial crypto and digital cash library.
Project Homepage: Open-Transactions Wiki

Matt Corallo (Software, MIT): Developer of private key encryption, UPnP and general bitcoin developer.
Project Homepage: Wallet Private Key Encryption - Wallet Private Key Encryption Thread

M0mchil (Software, Public Domain): Founder of Poclbm (PyOpenCL bitcoin miner), a python OpenCL bitcoin miner.
Project Homepage: Poclbm Sources - Poclbm Thread

Rsnel (Software, MIT): Developer of the low memory version of I0coin.
Project Homepage: Latest I0coin - I0coin Resurrection Thread

Sidhujag (Software, MIT): Maxcoin QT5 Windows wallet.
Project Homepage: Max-Coin - Devcoin - Devcoin Android

Ssm2017 (Software, GPL): Founder of Coins Wallet, a drupal module GUI wallet system used with a devcoin daemon.
Project Homepage: Coins Wallet

Unthinkingbit (Software, MIT): Founder of Devcoin and Charity.
Project Homepage: Devcoin Thread - Charity

Getting Involved

For more information about how you can join the project via Bounties, Developing or Writing:

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