Detroit, Michigan

There are two sides to Detroit, Michigan: dilapidated and hopeless or gem in the rough with a lot of work. The first view is promoting Detroit and the city that it once was and can be again. The second has a morbid outlook of death and decay. There is hope. Positive changes are happening but many more are needed in Detroit to make it what it has the potential to become again. Detroit is no longer a city that has been given up on. There is hope. Dan Gilbert is someone who believes in Detroit and is trying very hard to improve it. He founded Quicken Loans and moved their headquarters to Detroit in 2010. Gilbert is hoping to revitalize Detroit via his venture capital firm and founding various other businesses. Detroit is long overdue for some positive changes; it’s awesome to see someone taking such an interest in the city.

Books showcase the Detroit that once was. People can no longer go to the places of the past because they are rundown or gone. But, books have records, photographs, and memories of places that once were. They will never be gone from the minds and hearts of the people that experienced them. Now anyone can have those experiences by reading the books dedicated to Detroit. Sure, they cannot replace the real thing, but if every bit of history were to be preserved there would be no room to build, grow, and expand into the next century. In order to make a better future part of the past must be given up.

Detroit is already starting to move in the right direction. There is Cobo Center that brings people and commerce to Detroit, including the Detroit Auto Show that is a annual favorite to many. It’s a chance to see the latest and greatest in automobiles from various companies. There are other attractions that bring people too: The Detroit Institute of Arts, Greek Town, Tiger Stadium, Lions stadium, three different casinos, and many more places. There are some delicious restaurants that are hidden gems in Detroit, like Green Dot Stables and Parthanon. This is Detroit’s last chance to change before it reaches the point of no return. Action needs to be taken, and quickly.

Pictures of old Detroit are shockingly beautiful, the homes that once had so much charm and character are demolished or severely run down. This is senseless to me. They were in need of repair, some worse than others. The architecture and magnificence of them well makes up for a little remodeling. We don’t have those types of homes with such personality, dignity, and style anymore. Detroit needs more homes like the ones that were demolished to bring back that ambiance.

Detroit in some areas is in shambles. Detroit is beaten up and ripped apart. Glass broken, bits and pieces of it scattered about everywhere. People’s hopes, dreams…demolished. People shouldn’t be afraid for their lives. How did this once beautiful city because the 2nd most dangerous in the US? Just after it’s neighbor, Flint. Detroit can be fixed, but it will probably never be back to the old Detroit that it once was.

The city almost seems deserted in some areas. The people left or are in hiding. There is nothing to be proud of, nothing to glorify. Detroit is embarrassing. We let that beautiful city turn into a dump. When it started going down hill we did nothing about it. We turned our backs on the city and the people.

Some people never gave up. They would go annually to the Christmas tree lighting and go ice skating at Campus Marshes in the center of downtown. I went to my first tree lighting this year because of my friend Jessica. She loves Detroit. She goes there all the time, from cool quirky shops to awesome hole in the wall restaurants she finds awesome places.

It was always instilled in me from a young age to be careful, watch my surroundings, stay away from bad areas, and don’t go out alone. My parents always wanted me to not go to Detroit, especially alone. I believe to this day I have never gone to that city by myself. Mind you they feel the same way about me going to a shopping mall alone in Novi, which is in a nice city. They are aware of what could happen to someone when they least expect it. There are some evil people lurking out there in this world. My mom lived in Detroit before and had her apartment broken into. It’s a horrible gut wrenching feeling that no one should experience. They know things like that can happen anywhere at any time, but if there is a higher chance in certain areas then refrain from going there if at all possible. That’s their view, everyone’s is different.

There are lovers and haters of everything. People like my parents stay as far away from Detroit as they can and others like my friend Jessica love it to the point that it’s the place they hang out the most. Everyone makes their own choices on what feels right to them. But they should be given that right, if someone wants to go there they shouldn’t be fearful. If everyone just watched out for everyone else on this planet we could eliminate a lot of the awful things that happen.

There is hope. Detroit has proven that it can be fixed up and it’s already heading in a positive direction. There are things yet to be done. Re-energizing Detroit with commerce, jobs, and good hard working people is the answer. With lots of money, people, sweat, and hard work it can happen. We don’t have to let the city turn worse. We can bring it back to somewhere where people want to spend more than just a few days out of the year; a place to be proud of. Detroit can be a place we can live, eat, shop, and work. We can change Detroit.

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