Denial, Anger, Acceptance Season 1 Episode 3

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Episode Recap

the-sopranos-s01.jpg Junior’s Not Happy

Brendan Filone and Christopher return a stolen truck full of suits. Still, Junior Soprano is still not pleased with them. He talks with Mikey Palmice about options for sending them a message. Junior also starts to share Mickey’s frustration with Tony Soprano.

Tony takes a job at the behest of Silvio Dante to assist a hotel owner, Shlomo Teittleman. Teittleman, a Hasidic Jew has a problem with his son-in-law who will not agree to a divorce without being given half the family business. Tony is offered 25 percent of the business if he can convince the son-in-law to divorce without compensation.

Even though Hesh Rabkin, a friend of Tony’s, warns him from dealing with Hasidic Jews, Tony takes the job anyways. Silvio and Paulie Gualtieri harass the son-in-law, but he proves very tough to convince. Claiming that his death would only bring spiritual upset to the Teittleman family, he challenges them to kill him. The son-in-law compares his situation to the Roman empire attack on Jews centuries ago in Massad. After a brutally long-siege, the Jews chose mass suicide over becoming slaves.

Turning into a Monster

With their normal threatening tactics of persuasion ineffective, Silvio and Paulie call Tony, interrupting him during an extramarital visit to a woman, Irina. Tony, annoyed by having to leave Irina, meets the son-in-law and after questioning he is also unable to change his mind. Finally, Tony grudgingly seeks advice from his friend Hesh. Hesh suggests that castration would be worse to the son-in-law than death. With the new threat in hand, Tony is finally able to convince the son-in-law to divorce without compensation. When Tony then seeks his payment from Shlomo, he is refused his 25 percent, being offered a cash payout instead. Shlomo appears upset that physical violence and harassment were used to persuade his son-in-law. When Tony is insistent on receiving his 25 percent, Sholmo states that he has created a “golem” – or a Frankenstein.

Tony goes to therapy and discusses with his psychiatrist the cancer afflicting Jackie Aprile, the acting boss. When Dr. Melfi points out Tony’s negative thinking, he storms out. He accuses her of trying to mess with his mind and thinking. He then goes to visit Jackie in the hospital, returning later with a dancer from Bada Bing club dressed in a nurses’ costume to cheer him up. However, on a third visit Tony finds that Jackie’s health is deteriorating, and thus he is unable to talk business. When discussing this in a cynical, opportunistic manner with Dr. Melfi, she asks him if he feels like a monster, as he displays no sympathetic feelings for the dying cancer patient. This reinforces the theme of Tony turning into a monster.

Between Old Friends

Carmela hosts a charity auction at her home. She hires old friends Charmaine and Artie Bucco to cater the event. Artie is still suffering from waiting for insurance money after his restaurant burnt down. During the event, Charmaine is insulted by Carmela when she gestures to her old friend in the same manner she used with a maid. Charmaine reveals that she once slept with tony back in the 1980s before they were married. She says she chose the better man in Artie.

High Speed, Low Speed

Meadow and Hunter are stressed out and tired as they study for the SATs and prepare for a choir recital, which will both occur on the same day. They ask Christopher and Brendan to get them speed. Neither want to supply them, fearing Tony. But Adriana convinces Christopher that it is better he is their dealer than somebody else. He agrees to provide it to them just once and without Tony’s knowledge.

Juniors makes a visit to Livia’s nursing home to discuss his dissatisfaction with Christopher and Brendan, as well as Tony. Livia states her fondness for Christopher, who might only need a scolding, but is more ambivalent about Brendan. Junior thanks her for her sage advice. Junior arranges for the Russian Mafia to pretend to almost execute Christopher. Brendan is shot in the head while taking a bath. He is hot by Junior’s goon Mickey Palmice. The scene is intercut by scenes of Meadow’s recital as the choir sings a lullaby.

Special Occurrences

This episode introducing Rosalie Aprile, the wife of the cancer-ridden boss Jackie. She is nursing him and is friendly with Carmela. The Hassidic Jewish hotel owner, Hillel Teittleman is also a new character. The death of Brendan Filone on the orders of Uncle Junior was a notable event. The song during the ending credits is “Complicated Shadows” by Elvis Costello.


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