I feel as if our nation needs a new political party for the people who are on the fence… a party that is for both smaller government, and interested in better welfare for it's citizens. A party that can worry about American jobs and healthcare, WHILE support new forms of healthcare and allowing more foreigners into the country. A Party that can say legalize weed, AND say “That's what Jesus would do”. AND a party that is for gun LAWS and EDUCATION, but wants regular citizens to posses those weapons, with proper education and familiarity with some kind of weapon as a child into adulthood. And still make rules about more problematic criminals (felons) having guns, but also make it where felon means murderers, rapists, and heavy assailants.

The Current Problem

Right now there are republicans that believe that if everyone read the new testament, everyone could get along. I've read both the new and the old testament, and that simply is not true. Churches do help communities, but they are for people that are sad, or scared of the world, or feel like there is no other family. It also gets used to gain status in the community (very common now “Sunday Christians”). It is not a solution that will bring peace to the world. It's great to celebrate things like Jesus, but we need a new savior. The world is not at peace, we literally need to be searching for the next solution, instead of celebrating the one we found 2000 years ago.

And there are democrats that simply don't trust old republican white men because of what they have historically believed in. And it wasn't long ago those same white men were young and being insanely uncivil.

The Solution

There needs to be some form of pact signed to form a party in the middle of these two. Even the Crips and the Bloods found peace and signed a treaty with Tupac, are there really NO Democrats and Republicans that can agree enough to form a party that actually helps America?

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