Delineating Meditation

There are many different kinds of meditation. Here I want to talk about a kind I am seeking to practice, and don’t do often enough. It’s a delineating kind of meditation, I feel.

It functions somewhat like Motoko’s cyber lobby, if you are familiar with the analogy. You exist in a space where all that you are and all that you seek becomes tangible, and you can experiment with different methods, different plans of action to gain what you seek. For those naturally good at organising and time management, it still has benefits in that it allows you to cycle through your potential modes of being much faster, and of course, if you like, you can create the aesthetic in your mind that indeed, you are in an alternate reality functioning as a cyber lobby. You can look at pictures and get all minority report with it if you are skilled at visualisation even.

So why am I talking about this?

It’s the kind of thing they never teach you in school. How to actually manage your time, your self, your being. They like to drive home that you will need skills like time management, prioritising, etc. They will never tell you how to actually do it, aside from a set of rigid techniques you can find in any throwaway self-help book. Of course, this kind of meditation, especially at the visualisation level is borderline extreme, so I would never expect it to be taught in school, but due to the status quo, I feel borderline extreme techniques are required to advocate and assist real progress Again, not necessarily in school; but children should at the very least be exposed to these ideas, because the norm and all that comes with it is exactly why there is so much disenchantment toward reality, especially in school. Not knowing about things like the likelihood of alien life in the nearest corners of our universe and all the potentials that come with it are what stop children from becoming astronomers, rocket scientists, before it’s ‘too late’.

To end with a dramatic point, ask yourself why you think the idea of the Renaissance Man is essentially dead, a term used to refer to individuals who only emulate a period of yesteryear, rather than an ongoing and encouraged phenomenon. Why is it that to be a Renaissance Man you have to couple yourself with ideas like ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘breaking the mould’.

I did some math this morning. If I wanted to become an effective philosopher, novellist, artist and musician in the capacities I wanted to pursue them, I would have to dedicate an hour and fourty five minutes to pursuing these passions every day. For some, an hour and fourty five minutes is far, far too expensive.

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