Delayed Gratification

I was recently in a store and a little girl was begging a man whom I assume to be her dad for a doll. The man told her to be patient. The little girl started to cry and the man gave her the doll. The girl held the doll for probably 30 seconds and threw it to the ground tired of holding it. This is an example of instant gratification. My son loves pizza. Every Friday he wakes up excited, because it is pizza day at school. He only eats pizza on Friday’s unless it’s a special occasion. When he comes home from school on Friday’s he describes how good the pizza was that he had and always says that he can’t wait till next Friday so that he can have pizza again. This is an example of delayed gratification.

The principle of delayed gratification is something that we can apply for almost everything in our lives. The rarer a particular thing is, and the more we wait for the pleasure of finally getting it, the more enjoyable it is when we receive it. I have found that a lot of people can’t wait for the greater delayed reward and chooses the instant reward instead. Almost every pleasure that you can possibly think of is available to you at any particular moment. Want to watch a television show? It’s available to you by a click of a mouse. Want to try some Chinese food? You can order it for instant delivery through any 24hour food establishment. I recently wanted to purchase a new smooth jazz album late at night without going to the store. I simple found it on iTunes and purchased it online. This has become a time of instant pleasures. Anything you want is provided instantly for your pleasure. You control when you want something and if you want to wait for something bigger and better. It doesn’t hurt to sometimes ask the following question. Why would you wait instead of receiving the instant rewards? My answer to this question is; To maximize your own pleasure and happiness. I have found that if you wait a long while to get an object that you wanted to buy and then get it, waiting to get it makes you appreciate it more, which will make you take better care of it. I have also found that waiting gives you full satisfaction and no guilt. The pleasure that you receive when you finally buy that object after all the wait and efforts is heavily increased. The wait also makes sure that there is no guilt afterwards for making an instant decision to purchase the thing right away without rethinking it. This guilt would have made it hard for you to enjoy the pleasure fully if you had bought the object instantly. The last benefit I found in delayed gratification is that it gives you strength. When you find something that you really want, you tend to do whatever it takes to make that happen and this will make you stronger inside and give you strength to do what needs to be done. For your passion people tend to make every sacrifice that they have to and wait for it as long as it takes.

Everyone needs to find out the ways to control their self-desires. Delayed gratification does just that. It helps develop the ability to control your desires instead of allowing the desires to control your actions. My advice is to keep yourself motivated and make your way towards the greater rewards and when you get there you will realize that the wait and anticipation was worth it all along.


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