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Déjà Vu

It is essentially the unsettling feeling which puts you in the qualms of anxiety at times. Whether or not the event has actually occurred in your past, you are mesmerized by the forces of nature. When you actually experience a Déjà vu, you have a blurry recollection of the events. When you decide to put some thought to it and get a proper explanation, you realize that you yourself are bemused by the eccentricities of the happening. It’s like you can’t be certain of the fact that it has actually happened or not. And not knowing that makes you uneasy. You just try harder and put some thought to whether something like that ever happened or not. Eventually, you surrender to the uncertainty of the thought and drop it completely.

When we think about what actually triggered this strange incident, we realize there is none. Essentially, there is no rationale behind it. It is not chemical. It is definitely not spiritual. It is what neurologists have defined a superimposition of some nerve cells which tend to create memories unaccounted for. But, as we all know, in science, a theory has so many corollaries that it can be declared null eventually. So to get to the bottom of any theory and to come to a truly logical and valid explanation is a tough job. So, some people said that there cannot be any memory generated if there is no input. As in case of Déjà vu, we definitely have no input of any memory that remotely resembles the incident of déjà vu. So the aforementioned theory was also declared null. Then someone claimed that it is god’s way of making his presence felt in this world. And the church and science brotherhoods clashed and are still unable to reach a verdict. Among the common masses, some believe one party, some believe the other. But, when you yourself have experienced it, when at times you have Goosebumps, you will realize that it was merely due to the fact that you hadn’t slept enough. Yes! Recent studies in many countries have turned up with this common explanation. They said that déjà vu doesn’t have any supernatural significance. It is rather an insomniac’ way of expressing himself to the world. But unfortunately, even this study found its unprecedented close when a church fanatic proved it otherwise. He didn’t sleep for a week straight on a liquid diet under medical supervision. But amazingly, he showed no signs of degeneration or more importantly - déjà vu, for which the whole experiment was conducted. Thus, till this day, we have no plausible explanation for what déjà vu really entails. Is it really a god’s way of putting himself out there in every man’s life or is it another one of sciences’ to-be-patented models. Whatever it is, it surely makes you believe that though man has come out as superior of all the species, he will always face situations which will surpass his veil of reason. Whether or not he wants to find a permanent solution for those situations, it lies in his capable hands.

When we come to find how many people have tried to be the one who has cracked the mystery of Déjà vu, we find that the count is in thousands. There are over 40 theories which elaborate the reason behind it. Amusingly, reincarnation is among them. When the world was busy evolving, in 1876 Emile coined the term for the first time. Having French roots and meaning- ‘already seen’, in today’s generation it means having precognitive experiences i.e. when someone gets the feeling what is going to happen next and it does. Many times, when a person is highly sedated or is under mental duress or is being hospitalized, he claims having déjà vu premonitions. What he doesn’t know is that he is experiencing post-illness delusions and it shouldn’t be mixed with the meaning of déjà vu. So it is pretty obvious that whatever his mind is cooking up, it is a result of the heavy antibiotic dosage or pills. It shouldn’t be confused with any déjà vu warning sign or something. The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of déjà vu is whether it has ever happened to us or not. And then the answer is imminent. We realize that we can’t remember any such situation where the symptoms of déjà vu may seem evident. But then how can we tell for certain? There is no memory to serve. Déjà vu is an immediate realization which will last for a period of 45 seconds or less. There is no chance for it to exceed this limit. It has been verified and checked in many examples all over the world. Its duration is surprisingly 30 seconds for most cases.

Moreover, when the topic of déjà vu is being discussed in public with your friends, you realize that it is a matter of time that everyone comes to terms with its actuality. Déjà vu eerily is a popularly felt event but its realization is amazingly slow. Many people don’t even come to know that they are experiencing a déjà vu and they carry on with their lives. They think it’s because they worked too hard in the office or due to stress management issues. This is mostly prevalent among people who are either recovering alcoholics or sexagenarians. It is so common in aged people that they have considered the fact of its existence fictional. But, it does exist in reality and has all the necessary characteristics to be in the miscellaneous category. But, there is a very less probability that man won’t find the reason of its existence. As history has been witness to many theorems, many equations and many events which have bemused a man’s mind, it has seen that eventually man comes to a solution. It does for sure. It has the capability to be his judge both at time of his progress and downfall. It will realize one day that everything in this world, be it an event or a happening, it will be rational and will have an effect on the world.

So déjà vu, in its many forms leaves us with none but one option- believing in the forces of nature. There is an entity which, beyond man’s comprehension, has its effects felt all over the world. It will no doubt be realized one day. It’s just a matter of time…


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